Item ID Description Sold
1HTexas Fire Insurance Co. Paperweight. Lettering says "Will Insure You Against Fire, Lightning and Tornado." "General Office, Waco, Texas." Chip on Edge. See next Picture55
1HThe Texas Fire Insurance Co. Glass Paperweight. Picture showing Chip in Edge. 55
2HFire Association of Philadelphia. Wood Stationery Box. Logo on Lid and Both Ends. Length is 16", Width is 10 1/2 Inches, Height is 10 inches. Picture One 40
2HFire Association of Philadelphia Wood Stationery Box. Picture 3. Top has Crack. 40
2HFire Association of Philadelphia Wood Box. Picture of Open Box. 16 x 10 1/2 x 10. Picture 2. 40
3RMutual Assurance Company. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. Reproduction Fire Mark of Bulau B38 (known as the Green Tree). Repainted. Reviewed by Auction Verification Committee in 2017. Determined to be a Reproduction. Reasons: Lots of Grinding with Pieces of Iron on Edge. Red Rust on Front. Uneven Thickness. Old Casting Circle of Reverse. At the Small Measurement of this Issue. Older Mark but not Authentic. 25
4KFacsimile of Application for Insurance by General Robert E. Lee in 1859 for Insurance with The Hartford Fire. The Application Covered his Home and Barn (known as the Mansion House) in Arlington, Virginia. Signed and Dated October 17, 1859. Pass
5USecurity National Insurance. Plaque. Dallas, Texas. Sign fixed to Wood Backing. 10
6EGulf Insurance Company Plaque. Dallas, Texas. Founded 1925. Wood Backing with Black Lucite Material and Lettering. Map of Texas in Middle. Edging of Gulf Insurance Plaque has "damage" Pass
7CMobile Fire Department Insurance Company. Mobile, Alabama. Reproduction Fire Mark of B395. Oval. Composite Material. 11 1/8 x 7 3/4. Red Fireman's Hat Raised. "M F D I Co" Raised Slightly on Black Background. 35
8KSolid Wood Fireman Sign. Sticker on Back says Yorkraft Inc., York, Pennsylvania. 23 inches tall x 9 3/8 inches wide. Firemen in Middle with EVER ALERT on Top and Valiant Hose No. 2 on Bottom. 10
9CKnife. Silver. On both sides is Fire Department Emblem in Red with Picture Two Firefighters and Fire Truck Fighting a Fire. Also Original Composite Wood Presentation Case Included. Knife is 6 1/2 x 1 1/4. Pass
10EFire Association of Philadelphia. Reproduction Fire Mark. Cast Iron. Reviewed by Verification Committee in 2017. Determined to be a Reproduction because there is no Water with a Flat "A". 15
11DPennsylvania Fire Insurance Company. Philadelphia. Advertising Paper Clip. 20
12MMPeter Stuyvesant Insurance Co. Metal Desktop Figure. 5 inches tallPass
13GGSmall Fire Framed Print Showing Firefighter Carrying Woman from Building. Bottom of Print says "Presented by the FMC to Commemorate the Joint Meeting with the FMCA. London April 1979." 6 3/4 x 5 3/8. Pass
14DEight Fire Fighting Appliances "Cards" - a series of 50 - Issued by John Player and Sons. Great Britain and London. (Photo shows 7 but found one more - there are 8). Back of Each Card has Details for the Truck or Pumper. Pass
15RReproduction Fire Mark of The Baltimore Equitable Society. Cast Iron. Repainted. Reviewed by Verification Committee and determined to be a Reproduction for the following reason: No Casting Number on Reverse. Note - this is probably an Old Mark but Casting not done on behalf of the Insurance Company for their Policyholders. 35
16PThe American Fire Insurance Company of Philadelphia. Ink Blotter. Big for a Blotter - 9 1/2 x 4 7/8. Top Shows A. D. 1810. Bottom Shows Assets, January 1st, 1885 as $768,xxx. No Bends or Rips in Blotter but there is Ink Stains on Blotter - used for its intended purpose in the distance past. Pass
17LLFire Marks Booklet by John Vince. 32 Pages. Copyright 1973. Booklet Addresses only British Marks. Pass
18KKAssociated Firemen's Insurance Company. Baltimore, Maryland. Reproduction Fire Mark to B166. Reviewed by Verification Committee Several Years ago and determined to be a Reproduction. Looks like Old Iron but it is not an authentic B166. 24
19JThe California Insurance Company. San Francisco. Small Booklet. 2 5/8 x 5 1/4. 1911 Calendar and Date Book. Good Condition for its Age. Some Darkening Stains on Front and Back. 2
20CBelt Buckle. Brass. America's Heroe's Fire Department. Raised Etched Lettering and Horses and Fire Equipment. At Bottom is "Boston." Pass
21KCharleston Fire Insurance Company. Reproduction Fire Mark. Iron. Back of Mark says "Historic Charleston Reproductions by John Wright" 9 7 3/4.20
22KKAutofyr Stop. Grenade with Original Holder. Full so we are not able to ship this item. Bidder needs to arrange for someone to pick up and deliver item. Pass
23DFire Hose House #5. Sign. White with Red Lettering. Porcelain Pass
24EEShur-Stop Grenade and Holder. Liquid still in Grenade. Pass
25EJim Beam Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Collector Decanter. Fire Chief C.F.D. 2 Seater Red Fire Engine. 14 3/4 inches long x 6 3/4 tall x 7 inches wide. 10
26DFire Truck Pumper Raised on Black Metal. Reproduction Fire Mark. 9 5/8 x 9 1/8. 25
27IPaperweight. Est. 1836. Northern Insurance Company. Fire, Life. Capital L3000000. 15
28RBaltimore Equitable Society. Baltimore, Maryland. Reproduction Fire Mark of B57. Cast Iron. Repainted. Determined by Verification Committee to be a Reproduction because: Top & Sides of Edges are not Smooth and Irregular. No Detail on Finger Nails, esp. on Bottom, Red Rust in Hollow of Hands. Mark is Old but not 19th Century. 35
29CThe Franklin Fire, Philadelphia. Advertising Knife. One Hundred Year Anniversary. Front of Knife shows Name of Insurance Company and Years 1829 - 1929. Back also shows The Franklin Fire Insurance Company of Philadelphia (no years on this side).Pass
30CGamewell Turtle Gong. 6 inches in diameter. Wood base on bottom was added.50
31USun Insurance Company. Old Burl wood Plaque. Odd Shape. Sun Emblem, Lettering and Edging are Raised. 15
32MMFiremen and Fire Engines Stamps, Little Golden Book, 1959. 18 pages15
33LRepublic Insurance Company. Dallas, Texas. Agency Plaque. Burwood. 13 1/4 10 3/4. 15
34DRoad Transport & General Insurance Company Limited. Sign. Black Background with White, Green, or Yellow Lettering. Yellow with Green House. 18 1/2 x 12. 35
35GGIllinois rules, Rates and Premiums for Insuring of Automobiles. Published by National Automobile Underwriters Association, New York, N.Y. Covers Autos from 1937 to 1949. Has Lots of Interesting Facts on These Vehicles (many I have never heard of) including Factory Advertised Price and Other Items to Rate the Specific Vehicle Model. 64 pages. Very Good Condition except for a slight water spot on back cover. Pass
36GUnited Fireman's Insurance Company, Philadelphia. Reproduction Fire Mark of Bulau 310. Cast Iron. 11 3/8 x 8 7/9. Reviewed by ALVC in 2017 and determined to be a Reproduction. 29
37ISun Insurance Office Calendar Book from 1893. 7 pages. Heavy Cardboard on Front and Back. Back has "Sun" with 16 Rays. Inside Sun says "Calendar 1893". At top and bottom are the days and months of the year from January to December. Inside Front Page lists Offices, Directors and Assets of Company. Inside Back Page lists Postal and Other Useful Information. Very Good Condition for its Age. 7 Paper pages. Pass
38ISun Fire Office. British 12 page Book. Made from Heavy Cardboard. Inside Front Page Lists Offices, Lines of Insurance Coverage, List of Directors and Assets/Liabilities/Total. Inside Back of Book shows Calendar for 1915 and Postal Rates and Other Useful Information. Paper pages in middle are unused but some stains do to age. Each page has "Sun Fire Office" at Top. 10
39RThe Philadelphia Contributionship. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Reproduction Fire Mark of Bulau 13. Unmounted Lead Clasped Hands of the Type issued about 1815. Reviewed by the Auction Verification Committee in 2017. Owner advised that it was a Reproduction and the ALVC agreed with that assessment. Vintage but not Original Hands from 1813. 15
40EOld Fire Marks Used by Insurance Company of North America. Sign. Composite Material to Appear to Look Like Wood. Four Fire Marks - one on each Edge of Sign Raised. Lettering is also raised. 20 3/8 x 12 1/2.25
41YUnited States Fire Insurance Co., Western Department. Freeport, Illinois. Policy Ledger Book. 16 x 10 1/2. Pages are Empty inside Book. Pass
42LLGerman Fire Marks. Hardbound Book. by William Evenden. Published 1989. 361 Pages. THE Reference Guide for German Fire Marks. 15
43MMMetal Steam Engine pencil sharpener, about 3” long12
44DBrass Oval Advertising Piece. Replica of the Eagle from the Insurance Company of North America. Has 4 Screws on the Back that do NOT show on the Front. Heavy with Etched Eagle. 11 1/4 x 9 1/2. Pass
45NHandbook of Insurance. by Clyde Crobaugh. Published by Prentice-Hall in 1931. 1413 pages. Hardbound Book. Pass
46CTexaco Fire Chief Gasoline Temperature Sign. Fire Hat on Bottom. Dalmatian Dogs on Sign. Circa 2000. 5
47BBMetal Fire Department Item. Background is Red with Raised Lettering in the Natural Metal Coloring. Lettering Says "FD" in Middle. Around the 4 sides, says "Emergency" "Member" "First Aid" "Weedsport". Weedsport is a City in New York. 7
48KUnion Fire Insurance Company. Lincoln, Nebraska. Standard Fire Policy. March 3rd, 1933 to March 3, 1934. Covering Loss or Damage by Fire. Pass
49OF.I Co. Reproduction Fire Mark. Cast Iron. Reviewed by Verification Committee in 2017 and determined to be a reproduction. Reasons: No Tab on Back, Red Rust on Front and Back, Ground Edges, Poor Casting on Details. 13 1/4 x 11 3/4.13
50HGlass Paperweight. Compliments of Houston Fire and Marine Insurance Company. Houston, Texas. Picture of Sam Houston on Front. 30
51UTown and Country Insurance Company. Plaque. Home Office, Oklahoma City. Solid Wood Piece with White Insert. Square. 9 13/16 x 9 13/16.Pass
52DVintage Calling Card/Business Card. A. P. Leshure. Chief Engineer Fire Department. Springfield, Mass. Protected in a Gold Glass Frame 25
53LLInsurance Company Automobile Tags. Reference Booklet by Robert Shea and Al Wills. Copyright 1988. 44 Pages. 5
54IILondon & Lancashire, London England. Fire Reproduction Fire Mark of B927. Shield Shape. 8 3/4 x 8 3/8. Heavy Lead. Pass
55KNote Pads. 1 for Great American Insurance Company, Newark, N. J. 1 for Home Insurance Company, New York. 1 for Franklin Fire Insurance Company, Philadelphia. Total of 3 Note Pads. Pass
56MMAetna 100th anniversary book. One Hundred Years of Fire Insurance. 1819-1919. 260 pages. Very nice condition20
57GDruggists Mutual Insurance Plaque. Made by Walter E. Lee Inc. Heavy for its Size. 11 x 11 1/4. Lettering and Emblem Raised. Pass
58YBrass Sign. 5 x 7. Burglary and Hold Up!. This Bank is Insured in Royal Indemnity Company. $100.00 Reward will be paid for the Arrest followed by the Conviction of any persons robbing or attempting to rob this bank. Red Shield. Lettering is Etched Black. 15
59LRoyal-Globe Insurance Hard Hat. White Hard Plastic. Royal-Globe Sticker on Front. Pass
60EReproduction Fire Mark of the Mutual Assurance (Green Tree). Cast Iron Green Tree on Shield-Shaped Wood. Reviewed by the Auction Verification Committee and Determined to be Reproduction. They Stated that there is "no such thing as a cast iron tree."10
61PInk Blotters - 5 for one price. Group Consists of: Agricultural Insurance Co., Liverpool & London & Globe Ins. Co., Illinois Mutual Fire Insurance, Phoenix Insurance, and Fidelity-Phenix Fire Insurance Co. All 5 in very good condition with no rips, tears or stains. Pass
62DUnframed Reprint of Currier and Ives Lithograph. The American Fireman, "Facing the Enemy" and "Prompt to the Rescue." Original Litho is from 1858. Pass
63DGold Seal Fire Extinguisher. Full - Never Opened. Good Condition except for bend around arm of Statue of Liberty. Manufactured for the Pioneer Reserve Mutual Fire Insurance Co., Detroit, Mich. Price on Extinguisher is $3.00.Pass
64FFBlack Leather Black Booklet. Outside Cover says: Northland Mutual Life Company. Pages are not numbered but probably 40+. Inside Fire Page says: Instructions to Agents, Occupational Ratings, Premiums, Tables. Northland Mutual Life Company, Rockford, Illinois. July 1936. This is Rate Book No. 35. Very Good Condition for Age. Looks like whomever was assigned Book No. 35 in 1936 did not sell much life insurance. Pass
65FFOld Fire Marks Booklet by W. Emmert Swigart. Penn Mutual Fire Insurance Co., West Chester, PA. 15 Pages. 3
66CUnion Assurance Society. London, England. Oval. Heavy Copper. Reproduction of a Firemen's Arm Badge. 8 1/4x7 1/8. 10
67NNThe Architectural Surveys. 1784-1794, Volume 1. Book. Papers of the Mutual Assurance Company. Anthony N.B. Garvan, General Editor, 1976. In original box. 331 pages 12 inches tall x 9 1/2 inches wide x 1 1/4 inches. Contains the insurance surveys for a large sampling of the company's first ten years of policies. Each policy reviewed has a large readable picture of the original handwritten survey, along with information about the insured and lists subsequent policyholders. Book's Prologue reviews the early years of the company. Pass
68LLFire Marks, A Short Introduction. With Particular Reference to Those Issued by Royal Assurance in the Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries. Booklet. 10 Pages. Published by GRE - Guardian Royal Exchange Assurance. Also, Separate 3 page Pamphlet on GRE Fire Engines - Published 1982. 6
69HHome Insurance Reproduction Fire Mark on Wood. Agency Plaque. 9 5/8 x 6 3/4. 10
70DVintage Fire Pin. Very Good Condition except for Fading of Picture. Top Says: 31st Annual Convention, Pennsylvania State Firemen's Assn. Fire Items in Middle. Second Says: Altoona, The Horseshoe Bend. Third Says: October 4 - 8, Delegate, 1910. Fourth Has: Faded Picture with Firemen Seated/Standing. Around Edge of Picture Says: Altoona First Board of Fire Dept. Pin is 6 1/8 inches long. Pass
71CPaper Magazine Advertising for National Board of Fire Underwriters. January 7, 1957. Pass
72BAgency of the Liverpool & London & Globs Insurance Company. Sign. Brass. Heavy for its Size. 9 1/8 x 14 1/2. Brass Raised Lettering on Black Background. 20
73KRed Comet Fire Grenade. Full. Sticker is still on Grenade but has some damage around Comet Name and a little damage at the bottom middle. Holder also says Red Comet Littleton Colo USA. No Shipping Available since Grenade is full. Possible to arrange delivery to your area - contact Auction Chair. Pass
74JFireman's Fund Insurance Company of San Francisco. 1915 Calendar. Back of Booklet has List of Assets, Re-Ins. Reserves and Net Surplus for Years of 1908 - 1915. Small Booklet - 2 1/8 x 5 5/8. 5
75HFireman's Parade Pin and Ribbon. Top says "Committee". Ribbon Says "Annual Convention Texas Firemen's Assn, Oleburn" Bottom Badge has various Fire Items in Middle. Damage to Ribbon - it is in Three Parts. Pass
76BRoyal Insurance Company Reproduction Fire Mark of B891. Aluminum Casting. Original Colors of Red, Gold and Green. 9 5/8 x 11 3/4. 10
77UNational Fire of Hartford. Hartford, Connecticut. Reverse Glass. Number 249 from Sign Book. Front is cracked. Lettering is Faded. 17 W x 22 H. 3 inch frame. 5
78IBritish Advertising Calendar for 1908. From the Sun Fire Office, London. Heavy Cardboard. 13 1/8 x 9 Paper Calendar at Bottom Right - 1/2 page for February 1908 and 1/2 Page for September to December 1908. Stains on Right Side at the Top. 18
79IBritish Calendar from 1914. Sun Fire Office, London. On Heavy Cardboard. 13 1/4 x 9 1/8. Very Good Condition. Pass
80LLInsurance Company Pins. 29 Pins on black velvet mat with wood frame. Pins should be pre-1988 since Seller received these from a friend at that time. Xerox copy comes with this item identifying some of the pins. Sample of pins: in the Middle (biggest pin) is a Fireman's Fund that says Christmas Greetings 1914. Firemen's Fund pins just below to right and left side. $ Pin is unknown so you get to do the research. Pass
81LLInsurance Company Pins. Vintage. Most will be pre-1988 since seller received them from original owner then. 32 Pins on this black velvet board with wood frame. Xerox copy of pins with them identified comes with this item. For example - first row on left starts with Hartford, Phoenix of London, Blue Goose. Pass
82D1926 Protected by Clementon A.A. Fire Company. Shield Shape. 2 5/8 long x 2 1/4 Wide. 30
83EFramed Picture titled "Modern Fire Fighting Apparatus. Atlantic Hose Carriage No. 1 of Brooklyn, N.Y. Period 1855" Picture was Created Especially for National Union Fire Insurance Co. from Authentic Rare Old Prints and Engravings. 23 5/8 x 19 3/4 including frame. Beautiful Framing too. 30
84MMAdvertising Scissors- Aetna Insurance Company of Hartford.33
85GGMutual Fire Insurance Co Advertising Piece. Oven Cover. It Says "Keep Fire in Its Place. The Mutual Fire Insurance Co. Chestertown Maryland." 4
86KFireman's Brass Nozzle. 12 inches long x 3 1/2 inch diameter at largest part of nozzle. Bottom of Nozzle has "Powhatan" Engraved at Bottom of Nozzle. 12
87ESigns of Insurance Book. THE Reference Book for Insurance Sign Collectors. by Edward Tufts and Lynne Leopold-Sharp. Published by the Fire Mark Circle of the Americas, 1991. Hardbound. 148 Pages. 25
88RUnion Fire Insurance Company. Nashville, Tennessee. Reproduction Fire Mark of B429. Cast Iron. Repainted. Determined to be Repro by Auction Verification Committee in 2017. Reasons: No Points on Top; Too Heavy. 20
89YNorwich Union Fire Insurance Society. Fiftieth Anniversary as Agents Advertising Plaque. Presented to John Enk on March 7th 1933. Heavy. Shield Shape. Solid Wood. 14 inches x 17 1/8.20
90CFireman's Tool. Combo Fire Hydrant/Spanner Wrench. Red Painted Metal. 16 inches long Etched on Metal are "2", "M", "1 5/8". Pass
91EEFootprints of Assurance. Hardbound Book. by Alwin Bulau. Published 1953. 319 Pages. The Bible for American and many Foreign Fire Marks. Pass
92KKFire Engine Bedspread by Bates. 96" x 84" (fits queen or double). Red and Green on Cream Color. Fire Trucks, Boots, Nozzles and Plugs. Excellent Condition. See next picture for another view12
92KKFire Engine Bedspread. Second View. Very Unique. 12
93MMFireman's All-Purpose Hydrant Wrench. Pass
94DVintage Fire Chief's "Eagle & Five Trumpets" brass insignia mounted on wooden plaque. Pass
95JStandard Fire Insurance Tables. 1894 - 1904. Financial Condition and Business of American and Foreign Fire Insurance Companies for Ten Years ending Dec. 31 1903. Published by the Standard Publishing Company. Boston, Mass.1
96LLBritish Fire Mark 1680-1879 Book. by Brian Wright. Hardbound Book. Published 1982. 480 Pages. 15
97DPrint with Wood Frame. Reprint of Currier & Ives Lithograph of The Great Fire at Chicago, Oct. 8, 1871. 12 x 16 7/8. Pass
98CMiniature Eagle Insurance Fire Mark with I.N.A. and 1792. Made into a Bottle Opener. Metal Material with Brass Color. 4 3/8 inches long x 2 1/4 inches wide. 3
99PAmerican Insurance Company of Boston, Mass. Ink Blotter. Very Good Condition. Pass
100UUnited States Fire Insurance Company. Agency Plaque. Burwood Material. 13 3/8 x 13 5/8. 10
101CFiremen Dress Hat with Captain's insignia on Front. The Buttons on each side says "Trenton F D." Circa Mid-20th Century. Pass
102DRoyal Insurance Company of Liverpool. Perpetual Insurance Policy. First Written April 20, 1886. Cancelled 9/11/37. Transferred to other assureds many times in the years between.Pass
102DPolicy opened up showing list of people to whom transferred. Policy is on Heavy Paper. Covers the Dwelling at No. 2025 North 19th Street, 28th Ward, Phila, PA. Pass
103UContinental Insurance Sign. Original Plastic Frame. Sign is ? Material.5
104LLFire Marks Plaque Advertising Piece from Transamerica Insurance. 8 Miniature Fire Marks with White Circle in Middle and Blue Lettering. On Wood Base. 5 3/4 x 6. Includes Reference Material on Each Mark from Transamerica Insurance Services 20
105DThe Saturday Evening Post from February 22, 1937. Cover Page and Pages 2, 3 and 4. Seller indicates also Union Fire CL Alarm. Unable to Verify that Information.Pass
106KFour Unframed Copies of Fire Prints in Color. Presented in a Portfolio by Protection Mutual Insurance Company. The Four Prints are: Chicago Fire of 1871; Destruction of New York's Crystal Palace in 1858; San Francisco Waterfront Fire in 1851; Burning of Barnum's Museum in 1865. The Paper with these Prints indicate that the original black and white etchings were converted into aquatint-type wash drawings by a skilled Chicago water Colorist, Martin C. Gardner. 10
107KTwo Advertising Envelopes. One Envelope is from Aetna Life and Aetna Casualty and Surety. Postmarked Little Rock, 1924 and has 2 cent stamp. The Second Envelope is from Allmand and Williams Insurance Agents and is Postmarked from Baltimore Sept. 21 (no year indicated). Has 3 cent stamp.Pass
108CMug. Inter'l Assoc. Fire Fighters 20th Convention. Sept. 5 - 9, 1950. Milwaukee, Wis. Gold Lettering and Gold Top and Bottom of the Mug. Very Good Condition for its Age. 3
109FFTwo Booklets. 1: The Story of the Norwich Fire Marks. 37 pages. 2: Norwich Fire Marks & Plates. By Ernest Felce. 11 pages. Pass
110LLCatalog of Insurance Company Advertising Signs from 1800 - 1940. Soft Bound Book. Published by the Fire Mark Circle in 1983. 62 pages. 6
111DFiremen Tool for Fire Hydrant - possibly New York City Fire Department. Metal. Front Has "NYC" Raised. Back has Corcraft 92-93 Etched on Tool. 17 1/4 inches longPass
112KBook. Biography of a Business 1792 - 1942 Insurance Company of North America. by Marquis James. Hardbound Book. Copyright 1942. 431 Pages.Pass
113WMiniature Reproduction Fire Mark of the Green Tree. Oval. Composite Material. 3 x 2 7/8. Pass
114VMiniature Reproduction Fire Mark of Fire Association of Philadelphia. 3 1/4 x 2 1/4. Oval. Composite Material. Pass
115KBoston Fire Alarm System and Related Matters. Pamphlet by William Werner, April 1, 1965. 49 pages. Covering Research about the Methods of Fire Alarm Transmission. Pass
116DRound Automatic Sprinkler Company of America. Collection to Sprinklers. Metal. 10 inch diameter. An identification plate that was mounted over the pipe that supplied water to a sprinkler system on an industrial building-It identified this connection to the fire department as the place to pump into.Pass
117EEagle Plaque. Metal Material with Black Front. 16 3/4 long x 7 1/2 tall9
118DFire Hydrant Paperweight. Solid Brass. 7 inches high x 4 inches wide. 35
119CFunny Fire Item. Wood Plaque that says "In Case of Fire Raise This Flap." If you Open the Flap, Slightly Smaller Wood Piece says "Not Now Stupid! In Case of Fire" 8 7/8 x 4 1/4 for larger front piece. 3
120JJFire Association of Philadelphia Reproduction Fire Mark. Oval. Composite Material. 10 1/2 x6 3/410
121UInsurance by The Hartford. Sign. Plexiglass Front on Wood. Hartford Stag with Company Lettering.2
122CAvon Fire Alarm Box. Contains Pre-Shave Lotion. Never Opened. Includes Original Box. Box is also Interesting Since it has Scene of Firemen in Old Fire Truck. 4
123GGAETNA Company Plaque. Solid Wood Back with Hard Plastic. Orange with Large Indented White Lettering. 10 inches Square. 4
124KPeerless Insurance Company. Keene, New Hampshire. Wood. 10 5/8 x 15 3/8. 7
125CPaper Advertising for Massachusetts Mutual from 1956. Norman Rockwell Sketch. Pass
126LLGrange Insurance Group Pamphlet. 8 pages. Issued in April 1994 for their Centennial Year. Pass
127MMMulti-purpose Desk tool from Home Insurance Co’s 50th Anniversary in 1903. Letter Opener, Cigar Cutter and Pipe Tamp.30
128DDBadges of Extinction - the 18th and 19th Century Badges of Insurance Office Firemen. Hardbound Book. By Brian Henham and Brian Sharp. Published 1989. Fire Badges worn by their Watermen. This book records the story of the early days of fire protection as well as give a detailed raissonne for each and every fire badge remaining extant at the present time. 104 pages. UK information only. 15
129BRoyal Insurance Company. Policy. Covering for Loss or Damage by Fire to Two Buildings at 30 and 32 Manor Road, Great Cooby, near Liverpool. Policy Period: 28th day of April 1910 to 24th day of June 1911. Very good condition for its age - no rips or tears. Pass
130CSalop Fire Office. Shrewsbury, England. Reproduction Fire Mark. Heavy Lead. 7 1/8 x 7 7/8. Pass
131YThe Home Insurance Company New York. Plaque. Oval. Burwood Material. 12 inches in Diameter. Lettering and Borders are all Raised. 10
132TFireman Collector "Doll". Byers Choice, Ltd. The Carolers. 13 3/4 inches tall. 5
133GGBeer Mug. Etched with "FMCA '92." Given to Members who attended the 1992 FMCA Convention. Very Nice Quality Mug. 2
134EPostcard. From Chicago Historical Society. Showing the Sheet Music "Pity the Homeless or Burnt Out". Pass
135FFVarious Papers on the History of Insurance Companies. All Paper. 1. Baltimore Equitable Society - 7 pages. 2. St. Paul Fire & Marine - 5 pages. The Maryland - 6 pages. Badger Mutual - 2 pages. INA - 13 pages. Various Other Insurance Companies - 1 page each. Good Reference Material.2
136AASprinkler Head with Attachment. Etched on the Sprinkler is Grinnell Duraspeed4
137MMFire Dog children’s book, 1951, 28 pages. Pass
138KRoyal Insurance Company Insurance Policy - Private Motor Vehicle Comprehensive Policy. British Insurance Policy. Dated 10th Day of April 1913 to 10th Day of April 1914. Covering a 1913 Lanchester. Pass
139KBook. If There Were No Losses by Thomas Caldecot Chubb. The Story of Chubb & Son from its Founding in 1882 Until 1957. Published by Chubb & Son in 1957. Hardbound. 93 Pages5
140KFirex Small Sign. Authorized Dealer. FIREX Sentinel Fire Extinguisher. Aluminum. Red Background with Grey (Aluminum) Lettering. 5
141CAtlantic Mutual Fire Insurance Co. of Savannah. Frederick Wessels, Vice President and Treasurer. Looks Like a Business Card but it is Wrapped around a Heavy Something (maybe a block or metal. It has never been opened. On back is a date stamp of Jul 3 1931. Very Interesting Piece.25
142FHartford Fire Insurance Co. Sign. Live Stock Shipped to Market in this Truck is Insured Against Death and Crippling. Tin. Yellow Background with Black Raised Lettering and Stag at the Top Left of Sign. Some Bends in the Tin on the Left Side of the Sign. 23 1/4 x 11 1/8. No Frame.5
143LAmerican Fore Loyalty Group Insurance Companies. Agency Plaque. 13 1/2 x 8 1/4. 3
144KTwo Continental Insurance Company Policies. Both Standard Fire Policies. One Expired August 29, 1909 and the other Expired October 3, 1912. Pass
145LLThe Sun Insurance Office. Hardbound Book. by P.G.M Dickson. The History of Two and a half Centuries of British Insurance. Published 1960. 324 Pages. Pass
146DDetroit Board of Fire Commissioners Cardboard Advertising Sign for Fire Prevention Week. Oct. 9 - 15. Brightly Colored. Detroit Fire Helmet in Middle. 25
147UGreat Central Insurance Company. Home Office Peoria, Illinois. Agency Plaque. Wood with Brass Insert. Raised Insurance Company Lettering and Lighthouse 3
148LNational-Ben Franklin Fire Insurance Co of Pittsburgh, Pa. Sign. Back has a Sticker. "This is a Crystoglas Sign. Manufactured by the Whitehead and Hoag Co, Newark, N.J." 7 7/8 x 14 7/8. Dark Blue Background with Recessed Gold Lettering 7
149KOrange County Firemen In-Service. Orange County, New York. Hardbound Book. Published June 1976. 172 pages.Pass
150HAdvertising Letter Openers. Three for one price. 1. Brass. A. R. Smith Agency. Tonkawa, Okla. 2. Brass. Mutual Fire Insurance Agency of Louisville, Incorporated. JA 4618; WA 4801. Starks Building. 3. Plastic. Rigg Insurance Managers, Inc. Fort Worth, Texas 76102. WATS - 1-800-772-590630
151HMillers National Insurance Co., Chicago Compass. Metal. 3 1/2 diameter. Small Letters says "Patented Noisom Compass".10
152DFire Department Card from 1912. Encased in Framed Glass Case. Front has Picture of Fire Fighter with Fire Items. Back Says "Christmas Greeting and all Good Wishes" Emerson The Clothier Hatter & Outfitter. Corner 3rd and West Main Sta. Pass
153EEmployers Reinsurance Corporation. 1914 - 1964 Advertising Paperweight. Back Side has Nice Raised Figures in Relief. Says "Pioneers of the Past and of the Future". 6
154DDMiniature Fire Mark - with two hooks below - Associated Firemen's Insurance Company. Black Metal. 4 1/4 x 4.3
155KYorkshire Insurance Company. Head Office: York. England. Two Policies - One is a Workers Compensation Policy - June 4, 1911 to June 4, 1912. And the other is a Domestic Servants' Policy. May 15, 1917 to May 15, 1918. Pass
156GGDruggists Capital Stock Fire Insurance Co. Advertising Mirror/Paperweight. The American Druggists Fire Insurance Co. Home Office Cincinnati Ohio on One Side. Mirror on the Other Side. 5
157LLNew Amsterdam Casualty Company. Company Seal Machine. In Business from 1898 - 1966. The company seal is a tool used to stamp or emboss a company's important documents in order to show the document is certified by, and agreed upon by, the Board of Directors of the company. The company seal contains the company's name, its year of incorporation and the state in which the company was filed. Pass
158CCThree Postcards of Original Fire Engines. Post Cards appear to be from the Friendship Veterans Fire Engine Company, Alexandria, Virginia. Postcards have never been mailed and no writing on them.Pass
159CTwo Old Wood Rulers. 1. Fireman's Fund Insurance Company. Milton, Pennsylvania Agent. 2. R. C. Bowman & Co, Inc. Salem, VA. 2
160YBoston Insurance Company. Plaque/Sign. Encased in Lucite Material. 13 1/8 x 9. Made by Crown Plastics, Boston. 3
161NGlossary of Insurance and Risk Management Terms. Third Edition. Published by International Risk Management Institute. May 1983. 212 Pages5
162CAmerican Fore Insurance Group. Pacific Department. Given out at the Dedication of the New Building in San Francisco, April 1957. Brass Color. Heavy for its Size. 2 3/4 inches round. 2
163HWest Licking Fire District. Inspector Fire Badge. West Licking County, Ohio. 15
164MMHope Hose Co., Manheim PA Centennial Celebration button with ribbons- 191210
165HFriendswood Vol Fire Department. Texas House Tags. Three for one price. 1975, 1978 and 1979. Friendswood is in the Houston Area. 2
166FFGlen Falls Insurance Company, Glen Falls, New York. Brass Paper Holder. Raised Etching of Company Name and 100th Anniversary 1849 - 1949 on Top. 10 x 6.6
167KA Century of Achievement. Hardbound Book. Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Company Story from 1849 - 1949. 66 pages. 4
168CPaper Advertising from Hartford Fire Insurance from 1959. Pass
169KReliance Insurance Company Reproduction of the Fire Association of Philadelphia Fire Mark. Composite Material - not Heavy. 10 1/2 x 7 1/2. Sticker on Back says Made by Kirby-Cogeshall-Steinau Co. Milwaukee, Wis.4
170KFour Insurance Company Letters. Two from United States Fidelity and Guaranty. One was written June 12, 1918 and Second was written July 17, 1917. Third letter is from Fidelity and Deposit Company of Maryland. Letter is dated January 31st, 1920. Fourth Letter is from American Surety Company and dated May 26, 1916. All in very good condition for their age.Pass
171MMCelluloid Travelers Pencil Cap/ ClipPass
172UNotary Public Sign. Bonded by Trinity Universal Insurance Company. Dallas, Texas. Lightweight Brass. Black Background with Brass Lettering. 8 3/4 x 3 3/420
173EAetna Insurance. Tip Tray/Advertising Piece. British Open 1975 Carnoustie, Scotland. Pass
174FMaryland Casualty Company. Advertising Paperweight. 2 3/4 diameter. Same Printing and Designs on Both Sides. Pass
175FFTwo Paper Items. 1 is the booklet: Firefighting Museum of the Home Insurance Company. 16 pages. 2 is the 11 page Booklet: Romance of the Insurance Business as Disclosed Through Ancient Fire Marks. by Elmer Bonstin. Pass
176CWhite Ashtray with Various Fire Items in the Middle. Very Striking. 5
177FFFranklin & Fires Pamphlet. Copyright 1906. Reprinted 1922. Booklet by Philadelphia Contributionship Regarding Benjamin Franklin's Interest in Protecting Citizens of Philadelphia from Fires. 18 pages. 3
178SPrudential Insurance Company Advertising Piece. Bust of George Washington made out of Metal. Wording at Bottom of Front Side says: I do not keep money to look at. G Washington. 6 inches tall x 2 1/2 x 3 3/4.22
179JMaryland Casualty Company Ink Blotters. Six for one price. 1. March 1948; 2. April 1948; 3. May 1947; 4. June 1947; 5. July 1947; August 1947. Pass
180JDeerbrook Insurance Company Plaque. Wood Back (original to Plaque) with Plaque - White Background, Gold Border, Black and Blue Lettering with Blue Triangle Pass
181KDe Soto Rural Fire Protection Service, De Soto, MO. 5 House Tags for the years 1976, 1979, 1980, 1982 and 1982. Five Pieces for One Amount. 40
182YNorthern Assurance Company of America. Company Plaque. Member of the Employers' Group of Insurance Companies. Wood Plaque. 14 1/4 x 10 3/4. Looks to be from the 1950's - 1960's. Anyone know for sure?Pass
183EContinental Insurance Companies. Advertising Piece. Continental Soldier Encased in Lucite. 3 1/3x2 1/2. 2
184CNo Fires Please. Cassette Tape with Original Box. Starting Buddy Hackett and Hugh O'Brian. Produced by Castle Films. Box is 5 1/8 x 5 1/8. 3
185FFAt The Sign of the Hand-in-Hand Pamphlet. Copyright 1926, Reprinted 1935. 48 Pages. Information on some of the Highlights of its History and Describing some of the Things on View in its Museum in Philadelphia. 2
186KThe Cumberland Mutual Fire Insurance Company Booklet. Covering the Period from 1844 to 1969. 48 pages. 2
187MFireman's Fund Various Items. Stickers, Napkins, Golf Tees, Key Chain.Pass
188MBank. Republic National Life Insurance Company. Dallas, Texas. 3 1/2 x 4 1/2. Calendar and Coin Bank. Key Included. Pass
189KThe Romance of Firefighting. Hardbound Book. By Robert P. Hotman. Published 1956. 209 Pages. Over 300 Pictures. 6
190MBritish Fire Marks Advertising Calendar for 1972. Pass
191GGMillers Mutual Ashtray/Tip Tray. 75th Anniversary. 1877 - 1952. Gold Color with Indented Lettering. 4 inch diameter. 4