Item ID Description Sold
1BBFire Box Sign- Painted tin, shield shaped sign mounted in a building to advise occupants how to use fire alarm box. About 8.5 each way at the widest points. Unusual item.160
2YSign. Shape of Illinois. Metal. Grey Background with Silver Self-border. Raised Silver Tree Stump, Hatchet and 1876. 17 5/78x11 5/8.45
3DFiremen's Insurance Company. Baltimore, Maryland. 1825-1904. Reproduction Fire Mark of B117. VERY Heavy Cast Iron. 14 1/2x12/7/8. Determined to be Reproduction by Auction Verification Committee in 2009. Pulled from Auction
4ZAssociated Firemen's Insurance Company. Reproduction Fire Mark of B166. Metal. 10 7/8x8 5/8.15
5KFire Engine Miniature. 1922 Ahrens-Fox R-K-4. Die-cast Model Fire Engine with Original Wood Base. Made by Precision Models for the Franklin Mint. Fire truck is 8x2 1/2. 2 1/2 inches high.10
6RServing Tray. Old Fire Apparatus in middle with the words "fire" on sides of tray. Pass
7WMutual Assurance Company. Reproduction Fire Mark of B40. (Squatty Green Tree). 8 1/8x8 1/2. Cast Iron. Heavy. Determined to be Reproduction by Auction Lot Verification Committee.Pulled from Auction
8QFiremark Reproduction Fire Mark. Oval Made from Composite Material. Back has sticker from Walter E. Lee.8 5/8x10 3/8. Lettering and Border and Emblem are Raised.4
9EEPaper Weight in the Shape of a Badger. On one side says "Badger Mutual" Other side says "Fire Insurance Co." Writing is Raised. Metal with Brown Coloring. Heavy for its Size. 3 5/8x2 1/4. 2 inches tall. Red in picture is from the camera - not on the Badger itself. 18
10DDKnife. Franklin Fire Insurance Co. 3/4x3 inches. Great Advertising Knife with Two Blades and a Nail too. No Breaks or Damage, and with Hanging Loop. 50
11XKemper Insurance. December 1928. Framed Christmas Print of a Pencil Drawing. Framed in a very nice Wood Frame. 2 3/4x10 1/8. Wood Frame has a depth of 1 inch.7
12FFINA. Thick Glass Tall Vase. Heavy. Light Blue Color. "INA" in blue oval, "1792-1967" etched on front. "From Hecksher & Son Succsrs. Copenhagen" etched on the back. 15 inches tall. 3 3/12 inch diameter at widest point - but tapered to 3 inches at top and bottom.10
13BUnited Firemen's Insurance Company. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Reproduction Fire Mark. Cast Iron. Back of Mark has "Wilton" Inscribed. 11 1/8x8 3/4. Heavy.16
14AAPlaque. First in the Hearts of His Countrymen. 1732-1932. George Washington Bust in Middle. Lettering and Bust Raised. Back says "Copyright 1931 by Automobile Mutual Insurance Company of America." Made by Gorman Co.10
15IPhoenix Assurance Co of New York. Plaque. Very Brightly Colored with Blue Background and Gold Rim. Phoenix Rising from the Ashes in Various Colors. Composite Material. Heavy for its Size. 10 1/4x8 3/4.25
16EBook. Signs of Insurance. The Insurance Industry "Bible" for Collectors of Old Insurance Company Signs. By Edward Tufts and Lynne Leopold-Sharp. Published 1991. 148 pages.15
17ZFidelity-Phenix Fire Insurance Company. New York. Sign. Heavy Tin. Unframed. Black Etched Lettering. Etched Picture of Old Automobile. 13 5/8x9 1/2 25
18OFire Fighting Collar Tabs. 4
19EGreat Central Insurance Company Agency Plaque. Wood front with Great Central Shield in the middle. Back is Hard Cardboard Material. 13x12. 1/4 inch thick. Some scratches on the wood and shield. Pass
20BBState Farm Sign- 10.5 x 15.5 company issued two sided sign depicting two different signs from the 1920s and 1930s70
20BBReverse Side of State Farm Sign 70
21QNorthwest Fire & Marine Insurance Co. Paperweight. Clear Glass with Etched Bottom. Complements of; Portland, Oregon.70
22KOld Fire Fighting Spanner Wrench.used to Tighten or Loosen the Couplings on Fire Hose. 14 inches long.4
23BBottle Opener. Brass Color - probably metal.. Picture 4 1/4x2 1/85
24JHartford Fire Ins. Co. Advertising Ruler. Dark Green. Top says Losses Paid $82,000,000 along with other writing. Pass
25OAmerican Fire-Marks Booklet. Fire-Marks of American Fire Insurance Companies. By Harrold E. Gillingham. Copyrighted 1914. Philadelphia. Signed by Author on 22 Nov 1914. 40 pages. 8
26QMillers Mutual Fire Insurance Assn of Ill. Paperweight. 50th Anniversary. 1877 - 1927. Company Assets and Surplus Information on Back. 2 1/4 inch hexagon.12
27KPetrolex Fire Extinguisher. Copper. Reed and Campbell, London. 13 inches tall x 5 1/8 inch diameter. Heavy.100
28CMutual Assurance Company. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Reproduction Fire Mark of B39. Very Heavy Cast Iron. 12 1/8x8 1/4. Determined by the Auction Verification Committee to be a Reproduction.28
29KClear Grenade with Holder. Fyr-Chief, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 9 inches tall. Grenade is full. 10
30QPaper Clip. London Assurance Corporation. Advertising. 2 3/4 x 2 1/4. 8
31LDruggists Mutual Plaque. 11 1/4x11. Composite Material. Heavy for its size. 11
32JIowa Fire Insurance Company, Waterloo, Iowa. Advertising Calendar. No Calendar. Made by National Art Works Mfgs. 12 1/4x8. Heavy Cardboard Back that was bent at one time. But it does not show on the front. Black Background with Silver or Grey lettering and Design. Pass
33DDMill Mutual Tin Sign. 4x6, Plain on Back. $500 Reward. Mutual Fire Prevention Bureau. Chicago, Illinois. Original Mounting Holes Top and Bottom. 25
34TSprinkler Head. Grinnell Duraspeed F950 etched on head. 5
35TSprinkler Head. Amber Liquid still in middle. Mather & Flatt. Made in England. 3 1.2 inches tall. Top of Head is etched with writing. Can made out "Spray" "Open" "Dent"5
36TSprinkler Head. On Bottom is stom writing. Can Read "1983 Res. Sprink. Also has "cSc" in two different spots on Head. 5
37FFAmerican Fire Marks. Pamphlet. 10 pages including pages that open and show the entire original INA collection and how their fire marks were displayed on the wall. No publishing date but old. 8
38BFramed Picture of the Lafayette "Philadelphia Style" Hand Engine. 1849 Period. Beautifully Framed. 23 3/.4x20.21
39DDElkhart Brass Advertising Paper Clip. Indiana Fire Extinguisher Maker. 2 1/2x2 1/2. Makers Mark on back. Great Working Condition. 25
40KTravelers Insurance Company of Hartford, Conn. Paper Sign. Capital $500,000. Insures against Loss of Life by ACCIDENTS of every description. 20x15 7/8. Still on Original Clear Wrapping. No rips or discoloring but it is wavy due to the years of being in the wrapping. Probably need to take wrapping off and flatten to remove "waves". Signed as Lith. of Major & Knapp, 449 Broadway, New York at bottom. 50
41WBook. Footprints of Assurance. The "Bible" for Collectors of Fire Marks. Published 1953 by Alwin Bulau. 319 pages.15
42WSoft-bound Booklet. Wisconsin Stories. The Great Peshtigo Fire. By Reverend Peter Pernin. Copyright 1971. 29 pages.Pass
43QAdvertising Mirror. Maryland Casualty Company. Midwest Territorial Conference, April 5 to April 7, 1959. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 3 1/4 in diameter.2
44XInsurance Lady Pin. Old. 3 7/8x1 5/8. "Insurance" is Curved in Block Letters. "Lady" is in Cursive. Sparkle "diamonds" inside the Letters. None are missing. 36
45KNiagara Fire Insurance Company. Safety Fund Policy against loss by Fire to Dwelling near Cocheston, New York. Policy Term from 16th day of October 1882 to 16th day of October 1885. Extremely good condition for its age. No rips . 3
46ZBritish Fire Mark 1680-1879. by Brian Wright. Published in 1982. The "Bible" for British Fire Marks. 480 pages. 20
47BBFire Engine Candy Container- 5 miniature glass fire engine with space on the bottom that originally held candy20
48KGrenade. Fire Stopper. Small Blue Glass, Full, with original top. Red Holder. Manufacturer is Out-o-Matic from Denver, Colorado. No Writing on either Grenada or Holder. Grenade is 4 inches high. 50
49NRanger Insurance Plaque. 9 7/8x8. 3/4 inches wide. 5
50KFire Chief Miniature Red Die-Cast Model. Made by Franklin Mint. 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air. 1:24 scale. 8 1/4 inches long. 12
51RGrenade Box with 6 full grenades inside. See other picture for outside of box. Pass
51RGrenade Box - Outside Picture of Box when closed. Pass
52KPresto C B Fire Extinguisher. 9 3/4 long. Original Sticker on Extinguisher but coming off and some portion is missing. Pass
53FFHARTFORD Sign. Original Wood Frame with Large Raised Gold Lettering. Black background (reminds me what they used for old ceilings). Some of the Gold paint is some of the lettering. 26 x 8 1/4 inches.30
54PRoyal Insurance Company. Brass Paper Holder. 1845-1945 One Hundredth Anniversary. Paper appears to be original. Very Heavy for Size. 9 3/4x6 1/4. 55
55KFire Grenade Box Container. Contains 2 original Red Grenades. Outside of Box says "For Fire" Original Strap but One Side is no connected to box. 10
56OCeramic Tile Reproduction of an original tile design. On Raised Wood Board designed for Tile Display. 7 x5. Wood Base is 3/4 inches high. 12
57DDFire Insurance Company Wooden Rulers. Springfield Insurance Co; Fireman's Fund Insurance Co; Standard Fire Insurance Co.; Two are 12" and One is 15". Nice Graphics Front and Back. 5
58BBLeacock Fire Dept. Topper- 4.5 x 10 metal tag topper for the Leacock Fire Department. Mounted to top of tag.25
59XSix miniature fire marks encased in a clear holder. 3 3/8x3 1/4.25
60XHanger. Replica of Philadelphia Contributionship Fire Mark. 4x4. 10
61EManual for the Investigation of Automobile Fires. By National Automobile Theft Bureau, Pacific Coast Division. San Francisco, California. Published 1947. 5 5/8x3 1/2. Soft-bound. Pass
62BBFire Axe Holder- 7 x 3.5 cast brass Fire Axe holder.60
63XHartford Insurance Company. Advertising Lighter. Stag is Incased Inside the Clear Desktop Lighter. Gold Stag and Lighter. Lucite Material. 3 3/8x1 7/8x1 7/8.40
64SFire Pin. Copper Color "1" with Ladder. 1 1/4 x 1 1/2. 110
65DDClothing or Shoe Brush. Ambulance Service. Lee L. Curtis & Co, Olney, IL. 2x7 3/4. All Original and Slightly Used. Pass
66FFTime Tried and Fire Tested SIGN. Original Wood Frame with Silver Raised Lettering and Black Background. Background looks like the old material used for ceilings. 25 1/4x6 1/4. Some old damage to wood30
67FPamphlet. Gateway Heritage. Quarterly Journal of the Missouri Historical Society - St. Louis, Missouri. Summer 1982. 49 pages. Includes Article on "Signs of Protection: Collecting Fire Marks and Fire Signs" by Morton Werner. 2
68QMaryland Casualty Company. Advertising Paperweight. Two-sided, no mirror. 2 3/8 in diameter. 2
69SHome Mutual Insurance. Reproduction Fire Mark of B161. St. Louis, Missouri. Metal. Very Heavy for its Size. 6 5/8x9 1/4. Green on front and back with Raised Gold Border, Lettering and Hands. 6
70QCentral Manufacturers Mutual Insurance Company. Van Wert, Ohio. Plaque. Burwood. Lettering, Building and Border Raised. 11 1/4x7 1/4.10
71LFire Association of Philadelphia Reproduction Fire Mark. Lightweight Metal. 10 5/8x6 3/4.10
72JConductors Protective Assurance Company. Detroit, Michigan. Policy. Issued August 27th 1909. Indemnity for Loss of Position cause by Discharge, Pension, Old Age or Permanent Disability. Precursor to Unemployment Insurance???Pass
73JConcordia Fire Insurance Co. of Milwaukee, Wis. Covering Produce Store for $1000. 7th day of May 1921 to 7th day of May 1922. Pass
74FBook. An American Portrait. by William Barton Marsh. History of The American Insurance Group 1846 - 1946. Copyright 1946. 64 pages.3
75EDog Advertising for American Interstate Insurance Corp. 7 1/2 inches tall. Heavy Plastic Material.5
76QBook. Business Interruption Insurance. by Henry Klein. Copyright 1950. 313 pages.5
77XWestfield Group (Ohio Farmers Insurance) Old Man on the Fence Statue. Reward for 25 years of Agency Service. Heavy. 12 3/4x8 1/4. 20
78BBFramed Fireman Cards- 5 x 7 frame with two smaller illustrations by Currier and Ives from the American Fireman series.Pass
79KFiremen's Insurance Company. Dwelling Policy on Home and Barn in Wahoo, Nebraska. From 1st of July 1931 to 1st of July 1932. Premium is $23.92. Very Good Condition. No Rips or Discolor.Pass
80QAdvertising Mirror. H. Dalmar & Co. Telephone Wabash 3805. Mirror on reverse side. 3 1/2 inch in diameter.18
81BToy. Miniature Fire Engine. Metal. 8 inches long x5 inches high. 7
82XOld Fire Marks. Pamphlet. by W. Emmert Swigart. Reprinted from Bulletin of the Historical Society of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. April, 1946 15 pages2
83AAddendum to Footprints of Assurance, Volume 3. by FMCA. 3
84XPlaque 1908 F.W. No. 1 Upper Dublin Township, Pennsylvania.. Designed by our own Nick a replica "Fire Mark". Created to Raise Funds for the Fire Department. 10 5.8x10 1/2. Metal. Black Background. Raised Border and Lettering. Some of the Gold still on Lettering. Replica of the First Motorized Fire Apparatus of the Fire Company in 1908. Raised in Red with White Wheels.7
85BBFidelity & Casualty Notary Sign- 4.25 x 8.75 Notary Public sign by The Fidelity and Casualty Company.Pass
86KGerman National Insurance Company. Policy. Covering against Fire for One Thousand. Occupied as a Dwelling and Wagon Repair Shop in Village of Washingtonville, New York. From 4th day of October 1906 to 4th day of October 1907. Very good Condition. No rips. 10
87QAetna Life Insurance Company. Accident Department. Hartford, Connecticut. Paper Ledger.Marker. Bottom says: "Place this edge firmly on the Ticket so as to cover all Coupons not sold, and tear by drawing the paper toward you." No writing on reverse side. 9 5/8x2 1/2.12
88FVolunteer Firefighters of Louisville, Kentucky. Booklet. By David Winges. Published 1992. Firefighting History of Louisville, Kentucky. 107 pages. 2
89RSign. Member Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Ass'n. Inc. POSTED. Tin. White Lettering with Blue Background .50
90ZHope Mutual Insurance. Reproduction Fire Mark of B286. Metal. Red Background with Raised Gold Lettering and Anchor. 9 1/4x8 3/8.10
91FPhenix Insurance Company. Insurance Policy. Covers dwelling house in City of Rock Island, Ill. against Loss or Damage by Fire to the amount of Six Hundred Dollars. Premium $5.50. Policy period: 21st day of October 1873 at 12 o'clock to 21st day of October 1874 at 12 o'clock noon. 2
92FCertificate of Membership. Knights of the Globe Mutual Benefit Association. Issued 8th day of February A.D. 1900. Premium was $5.00 for $2000 coverage in the amount of death of Frank P. Smith (hand written on the policy). Beneficiary is his wifePass
93FIntercontinentale Compagnia di Assicurazioni & Riassicurazioni. Insurance Insurance Policy, Certificate of Insurance and Bill of Lading. (stapled together) Intercontinentale Compagnia di Assicurazioni & Riassicurazioni. Written in Italian. Covering Case of 400 Marble Table Tops shipped to Philadelphia. Date Stamped Sep 25 1963. Pass
94LReproduction Fire Mark. Similar to an INA Eagle Mark.. Lightweight Metal. Black Background with Raised Gold Lettering and Eagle. Back signed The Artcaster. 10 3/4x8 1/2.4
95DDPawtucket Mutual Fire Ins. Co., Allentown, Pennsylvania. Blotters. Four total with Color Graphics of a Hobo and His Adventures. One has Slight Use on Back, the Others do not. 3 1/2x6Pass
96BSign. Your Independent Insurance Agent "Serves You First." Original Wood Frame with Glass Protecting Oval with Lettering. BACK of sign has crack in glass. Does NOT show through to front, unless you hold it up to the light. 13 5/8x13 5/8.4
97KGrenade and Red Comet Container. This one is full - but can't get it open to see inside. Bright Red. 9 1/4x5.Pass
98KGrenade Container. Grey. No Grenade inside. Red Comet Automatic Safety Spray Fire control System Holder. 9 1/2x5. Pass
99RHome Insurance Company of New York. Two Trade Cards - one dated 1879 and the other dated 1880. These are like postcards. 5
100MAmerican Fire Marks. The Insurance Company of North America Collection. Softbound Book. 133 pages. Published 1933. Top Left of Front is ripped. But all parts are there.10
101ZHartford Fire Ins. Co. Chartered 1810. Reproduction Fire Mark of B71. Heavy Metal. 9 3/4x5 7/8. 1/4 inch thick. Metal is all Black with Raised Border and Lettering in Gold. The Lettering appears to be repainted. Not Fine Lettering. 5
102WPamphlet. Journal of the Fire Mark Circle (UK). 1984. Golden Jubilee Edition 1934-84 42 pagesPass
103QRockwood Insurance Co. 1957. Pewter like Material. Plate. Made by Wilton. Columbia PA. 10 3/4 inch diameter. 3
104EAustin Mutual Insurance Companies. Minneapolis, Minnesota. Plaque. Burwood. Shield Shape. 11 3/4x10 1/8. Dark Wood color background with medium wood color as border and light wood color for Eagle Medallion. Raised Lettering and Medallion. 8
105QDe Soto Rural Fire Protection Ass'n. Fire Tag. Exp. July 1, 1979. 29 Years of Service. De Soto, MO. Lightweight Tin. 3 1/2x6 1/2. Blue Background with Raised White Lettering.2
106KGuardene Fire Extinguisher. Copper. Manufacturer is Pyrene Manufacturing Company. Heavy. 15
107KFire Extinguisher. Stainless Steel - Silver. American LaFrance Water Type Fire Extinguisher. 15
108AVolunteer Firemen's Accident Policy Advertising Piece from St. Paul Insurance Companies. edition date 6-63. Folded 6 page brochure. Interesting cover. 2
109LGermantown Mutual Fire Reproduction. Composite Metal. Back says "The Artcaster FM8 Harleysville PA 19438". 10 3/8x7 3/8. Black Background with Raised Gold Lettering. Hands are Raised, Red and Gold.10
110ZLumbermen's Insurance Company Reproduction Fire Mark of B442. Metal. 9x8 3/8. Black Mark with Red Lettering. 5
111KLondon Fire Brigade Toy. By Days Gone. Made in England by Llado. 3 1/4 inches long.Pass
112XWestern Insurance Company of Aurora, Illinois. Insurance Policy. Covers Dwelling for Fire for three years from the 13th day of April 1896 to 13th day of April 1899. Property Value $500. Property located in City of Batavia, Illinois. Very good condition for age. No rips.2
113XOhio Farmers Insurance Company Insurance Policy. Le Roy, Ohio. 3 year policy from 11th day of April 1907 to 11th day of April 1910. Covering the Farm for Fire and Lightning. Very good condition. No rips or tears. 3
114BBGolden Book- Five Little Firemen-7 x 8 book with a 1948 copyright.10
115PNote Holder. Northwestern Fire & Marine Insurance Co. Minneapolis, Minnesota. 50th Anniversary. 1899 - 1949. Brass. 8 1/2x4.No Show
116XSmall Wood Sign that says "INSURANCE". 11 1/2X3. 1 1/2 inches deep. Solid Wood. Front of Sign is indented with Gold Lettering that is Raised. The word INSURANCE appears to be hand carved.5
117WEnjine!-Enjine!. A Story of Fire Kenneth Holcomb Dunshee. Soft-Bound Book. Published by Home Insurance Company 1939. 64 pages10
118ZCommercial Union Assurance Company Large Circular Sign. Composite Material. Heavy. Back looks to be Plaster of Paris. 20 inches in diameter. 1 1/4 inch thick. Lettering in Raised Gold. Emblem is Raised and Multi Color. Brown Background Color with Gold. Raised Border. 40
119KBook. Centennial. July 4th Statue of Liberty Commemorative Book presented by Continental Insurance Company. 1886-1986. Copyright 1986. 112 pages. 4
120DDBlotters. Set of 5. WM C. Phillips. Real Estate Brokers, "Insure with Security", Insurance of All Kinds. Langhorne, PA. 3 3/4x9. All Unused. Each Lady is Showing a Different Type of Sporting Event. Pass
121BBFire Siren Toy- 1933- Cardboard and metal 4 pipe shaped toy. When blown a siren like sound comes out. Nice graphics80
122XPhiladelphia Contributionship Reproduction Fire Mark. Heavy Metal. 10 3/4x7 3/8. Hands and No. 906 has some Gold Paint Remaining25
123LPreferred Mutual 1896. Plaque. Composite Metal. 10 7/8x8. Black Background with Gold Raised Lettering. Raised Eagle at Top. 10
124AVarious pins, tie tack key holders. Several from FMCA, St. Paul. Also USF&G, Cigna. 10 items. All for one price. Shipping cost will be very low.2
125OStockholms Stads Brandforsakringskontor. Pamphlet. 1972. Written in Swedish. 18 pages. See Bulau 1699Pass
126KAvon "The Red Sentinel" Talc and After Shave in a Fire Truck Hard Plastic Decanter. 10 1/2x2 5/8. 2 1/4 inches high. Talc in the back and after shave in the front of Fire Truck. Pass
127E16 Old Post Cards. Yankee Clipper Sailing Cards from Fireman's Fund. Circa 1972. 5
128RGulf Insurance Co Plaque. Pressed Wood. 6
129EOsigurao Filijala Dubrovnik. Agency Plaque. Croatia. Solid Wood Backing with Light Blue small Plastic sign and gold heavy sticker on bottom. All original. 10 1/8x8. Wood is 1/2 thick. Pass
130EInk Blotter. Concordia Fire Insurance Co. Milwaukee, Wis.Pass
131Q2 Letter Openers. One has Ruler too on front and back. Insurance Agency Advertising. 7
132KBrass Nozzle. Very Heavy. 5 inches long. American-LaFrance-Foamite Corp. Elmira, N.Y. U.S.A. Model 4 E etched on Nozzle. 17
133FIllinois Casualty Company. Small Tip Tray. Curved Black Glass with Company Lettering in Gold. 6 3/4x5.Pass
134SSignevierist Newsletters - Box of Past Copies. Appears to be from 2003 to 2011. 5
135LNationwide Mutual Fire Ins. Co. Plaque. Composite Metal. 11x9.25
136APaperweight. Miniature of Philadelphia Contributionship Fire Mark. 3x1 7/8. With Original Box and Information on the Real Fire Mark. 3
137QPaperweight. Marine National Exchange Bank of Milwaukee. 100th Anniversary. Back has 1839 - 1939. Wisconsin Marine & Fire Insurance Co 1839 - along with other company names. Bottom says "consolidated as Marine National Exchange Bank of Milwaukee 1930". 6
138BBFire Alarm Box Telephone- 15 tall x 9 wide plastic fire alarm box. When opened, it contains a touchtone phone. Made to function if so desired15
139KPaper Items. Letters from 5 different Insurance Carriers. Oldest is Aug. 24, 1918 and the Newest is October 14th, 1929. Companies are: Union Indemnity Company, National Surety Company; Fidelity and Deposit Company of Maryland; United States Fidelity and Guaranty Company; American Surety Company. Sold together for one price. Pass
140KThree Acid Glass Bottles. Two have "Acid Line" etched on the Bottle. The third as line with 3 Gallon Size etched on Bottle. 4
141KCobalt Blue Mug. Silver Lake Vol. Fire Co., Inc. Fire Engine on Reverse Side. 3
142YUnited States Fidelity & Guaranty Co. Paper Picture with Frame. We Will Bond You. Morrill & Danforth, General Agents 77 N. Main Street, Concord, New Hampshire at bottom right. Calendar at bottom middle and Company advertisement at bottom left. Damage to Bottom Left of Sign. Appears to be Yellowed but not sure if that was the color originally. Some damage to Top by word "Bond." Can't determine what Year. But, it does say "Capital Paid in Cash $1,650,500 and Total Resources $2,999,938.48" so old. Cover is not glass - it is plastic. Would really look nice if reframed and covered with glass. 22
143HFulton Insurance Company. New York. Burlwood Sign. Raised White Lettering, Raised Gold Emblem of Ship - the Clermont. Brown Wood Background with Raised Border. 13 1/2x11 1/48
144XZurich Insurance Stuffed Animals. 5 items. Most are about 8 to 9 inches high. Advertising Items. 2
145KSmall Framed Paper Picture. Old Rock Marion Engine 9. New York. 10 1/8x8 1/8 including frame.Pass
146QUnited States Fire Insurance Company. Agency Plaque. Made to look like wood. Lettering and Medallions are Raised. 13 7/8x12.11
147YCapper's Farmer Protective Service . Sign. This Farm Protected. Thieves Beware. Tin. 13 3/4x8. Red Background with Black on Bottom. White or Red or Black Lettering. 20
148BNational Fire Protection Association Inspection Manual. Hardback Book. Small Size 6 5/8x4 1/2. Published 1959. 315 pages.2
149ZBook. The Historical Collection of Insurance Company of North America. 1792-1967. Hardbound. Published 1967. by M.J. McCosker. 213 pages. 5
150KPamphlet. Romance of the Insurance Business as Disclosed Through Ancient Fire Marks. by Elmer Bonstin. 11 pages. Copy of Address delivered to meeting of Fire Underwriters Association of the Pacific. February 5, 1936. 2
151QAetna Insurance Company. Advertising Piece. Plastic Dump Truck on top of Stone Base.Pass
152FMt. Carroll Mutual Fire Insurance Company. Policy. Fire and Lightning Coverage on Farm in Amboy, Illinois. Total Insurance $300. Effective date is 29th day of April 1, 1946 to 29th day of April 1951. Premium $1.50Pass
153FThree Individual Letters. 1. Illinois Agricultural Mutual Insurance dated March 26, 1935. 2. Mutual Casualty Company of Chicago. No date of letter. But in the text of the letter the date of December 31, 1929 is typed. 3. Mutual Plate Glass Insurance Co., Shelby, Ohio. Dated October 20th, 1924. All three letters are typed. No Rips on the three.Pass
154SValiant Hose No.2. 10 5/8x5 3/4. Composite Material. Very Heavy for its Size. Black Background with Gold Raised Lettering. Fireman with Bugle in Red and Black. Raised.11
155HNew Zealand Insurance Company, Limited. Head Office for the United States - San Francisco, California. Since 1875. Agency Sign. 13 1/2x5 1/2. 1/2 inch deep. Wood back with Lucite material for Insurance Company information. 5
156HPearl Assurance Company Limited Advertising Piece. Heavy Cardboard Back with Cardboard piece to allow it to stand up on a table. But, not ever used. 14 x8 3/4. Hand Stamped on Back - Made in England. 5
157HFireman's Fund American Insurance Companies. Sign. Hard Plastic material on front with Heavy Cardboard Backing. 13 1/8x8 3/4. Frameless. 5
158EMug. Maybrook, N.Y. Fire Department. 65th Anniversary. July 14, 1979.4
159YEconomy Fire and Casualty Company Plaque. Freeport, Illinois. 13 1/2x11 7/8. Self-framed with Wood around outside. Some scratching of the wood, especially at top. Plaque inside in silver and black. Crease at bottom right of plaque. Pass
160YOld Fire Marks Used by Insurance Company of North America. Plaque/Sign. 20 1/2x12 1/2. Composite Material. Dark Brown with pictures of 4 of the Fire Marks in Relief. Marks and Lettering Raised. No Frame. 5
161YThe Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States. Farm Loans. Plaque. Heavy Cardboard Material. 10x9 7/8. Damage on Top Right where top layer of plaque has come off. Pass
162BBook. Historical Collection of the Insurance Company of North America. by M.J. McCosker. Published Philadelphia, 1945. 176 pages. 8
163QInsurance Agency Advertising Letter Opener and Ruler. Frank G. Taylor. Phone 738. Salem, Ill.1
164KOld Fire Marks. Booklet. By W. Emmert Swigart. 15 pages. Reprinted by Penn Mutual Fire Insurance Co. April 1945.3
165LRepublic Insurance Group. Since 1903. Dallas, Texas. Plaque. Composite Metal. Black Background with Gold border and Raised Lettering. Texas Flags in Center. 9
166ERural Insurance Companies of Wisconsin. Agency Sign. Very unique sign. Made from old barn board. At the top, the Lettering is burned into the wood. There is an "R" at the top. Not sure about the rest. At the bottom is a plaque - their "Statement of Policies & Objectives" 15 1/2x10 3/8. In business since 1934 but only in Wisconsin. 25
167VInsurance Company Automobile Tags. Booklet. by Robert Shea and Albert Wills. Sponsored by the FMCA. Copyright 1988. 44 pages. 3
168VTwo Pieces. 1. Fire Marks by Brian Sharp. Pamphlet, Reprinted 1980. 7 pages. 2. A Fire in the House by Brian Wright. A dramatic accont of fire which destroyed the Houses of Parliament in October 1834. Pamphlet. Copyright 1986. 12 pages. 10
169FFPamphlet. The Museum. Fall, 1968. Fires and Firefighters of Newark. Including many old black/white pictures. 27 pages. Pass
170ZGreat American Indemnity Company. New York. Sign. Brass. 14 1/8x8. Brass Color with Black Line around Border. Lettering in Black. All Black Color is Etched in Brass Sign. Some damage on right side. Line - might be scratched. But, it looks like it will come off or reduce the "line"15
171KSalisbury's Book of Historic Orange County. New York. Hard-bound Book. 276 pages. Lots of Pictures. Pass
172YUnderwriters Service Corp. Sign and Thermometer. Motor Car Indemnity Exch. and United Indemnity Exch. 30 No. La Salle St., Chicago, Ill. Tin. Dark Green Background with Yellow Lettering and Thermometer. Phone number is Main 1210. 19x12 7/8. 45
173KBook. Horrors of Tornado Flood and Fire. Hardbound Book. by Frederick E. Drinker. Copyright 1918.304 pages. 15
174KPoster. Heavy Paper. 23 3/8 wide x36 inches long. The Chicago Fire 1871 in middle Pictures of Old Pumpers, Steamers, Ladders and Trucks around the sides. Pass
175YAmerican Manufacturers Mutual Insurance Company. Plaque. 15 7/8x5 3/4. 1/2 inch thick. Black Painted Wood Back with Lucite? Plaque on top. Light Blue with Gold and Black. Made together as one piece. 5
176ZTwo Postal Cards with 1 cent stamp part of the post card. Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance of the Town of Sugar Creek, Wisconsin. Both are announcing the Annual Meeting - one for the year 1885 and the other for the year 1886. Both Postal Cards are in very good condition for their age.Pass
177HOregon Mutual Insurance. Plaque. Wood with Fancy Shaped Border. Metal Sign in Middle with Black Lettering. 14x10. Sticker on Back with Dave's Trophy Shop. McMinnville OR 97128.5
178YLiquor Bottle. Order of the Blue Goose. Jim Beam Collector Bottle. Empty. 11 5/8 tall by 6 7/8 wide. 5
179FFPamphlet. A Shopper's Guide to Homeowners' Insurance. Published by the Pennsylvania Insurance Department. 1974. 14 pages. Pass
180FFPamphlet: A Shopper's Guide to Pennsylvania Automobile Insurance. 26 pages. Prepared by Pennsylvania Insurance Department. April, 1972. Pass
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184FFOld Advertising Ad from 1949. National Board of Fire Underwriters. "Framed" on Hard Paper. 13 1/4 x 10 3/8. 3
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186FFDwelling Valuator. Circa 1973 from The American Appraisal Company. Given to Agents by the American States Insurance. Hard Plastic Outside with pullout inside. Both sides of Hard Plastic has information for Replacement Cost estimator. Interesting that a Bathroom with 3 fixtures was $650 value; finished basement was $3 per sq. ft. Oh my, how prices have changed. 2
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