Item ID Description Sold
1SLiberty Bell Advertising Paperweight. Indemnity Insurance Company of North America. 3 3/8 high.15
2QPaper Weight. Franklin Fire Insurance Company of Philadelphia. Heavy Metal. Raised Picture of Benjamin Franklin on Front. Back says "Greetings to the Poor Richard Club from the Franklin Fire Insurance Co. Elbridge G. Snow, President. January 17, 1920." 3 inch diameter20
3INOT FOR SALE. ITEM PULLED FROM AUCTION BY OWNER. Duchess County Fire, Marine and Life Insurance. Poughkeepsie, New York. 1814-1906. Similar to BU82V Heavy Cast Iron. 9 inch diameter. Mounting tab bolted to top. Pulled from 2012 Live Auction. Determined to be a Novelty Piece by Verification Committee.N/A
4DBaltimore Equitable Society. Baltimore, Maryland. Reproduction Fire Mark of BU57. Heavy Cast Iron. 10x9/3/4. Determined to be Reproduction by 2014 Auction Verification Committee. Detachable Wood Back is 11 5/8x14. Can be shipped without wood back, if you want. Hole in Mark done a long time ago - maybe by the maker to help mark appear authentic.36
5AAddendums to Footprints of Insurance. Volumes One, Two and Three.35
6ZHome Insurance Company - 60th Anniversary Bronze Paperweight from 1913. 3 inches in diameter. About 1/8 inch thick with three rounded legs on bottom. Nice item.17
7JCornwells Fire Co., 1. 1915. Serving Area from the Philadelphia City Line to the Neshaminy Creek Bordering Bristol Township. Fire Mark issued to Celebrate their 60th Anniversary in 1975. Includes Booklet on the Cornwells - attached to back of Red Backing. Metal. Heavy. 8 1/4x10 1/213
8QAdvertising Mirror. Fire Association of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Fire and Marine Insurance Co., Reliance Insurance Co., and Victory Insurance Co.Four American Companies with a Service Record.45
9DAssociated Firemens Insurance Company. Baltimore, Maryland. Reproduction Fire Mark to BU166. Cast Iron.. Very Heavy 11 3/4x9 3/8. Determined to be repro at 2014 Auction by Verification Committee.60
10TShelbyville Mutual Fire Insurance Co. Shelbyville, Illinois. Advertising Indoor or Outdoor Thermometer. No Wear.2
11ABritish Fire Mark 1680-1879. Book. by Brian Wright. 480 Pages. Published 1982.30
12KFiremens Insurance Company. Baltimore, Maryland. Reproduction of BU117. Very Heavy Metal. 13 1/4x11 3/4.Gold Lettering and Red Hand Pump.30
13SINA Reproduction Mark.. New York, New York. Reproduction Mark of BU51. Metal .Raised Eagle with INA at top and 1794 at bottom. 11 1/4x8 5/8. Heavy.35
14YFiremans Fund Ins. Co. S.F. Reproduction Fire Mark. Metal. 8x5. Lettering and Fire Hydrant and Hose Raised. Four Corners Raised.34
15CCAshtray. Excelsior Insurance Co of NY, Syracuse, NY. Syracuse China. 5 1/4 inch diameter. Issued for 25th Anniversary in 1950. Excellent Condition.Pass
16CCNew York Plate Glass Insurance Company Paperweight. 3 inch diameter. Celluloid with Mirrored Bottom. Black Lettering and Scene of Brooklyn Bridge and NYC Skyline on Off-White Background. MFG is American Art Works. Good Condition.15
17YFireman's Ribbon. W.V.F.A. Fireman's Muster and Gala Day. July 26, 1924. Ribbon is Worn.1
18YFire Department Buttons from the New York Fire House. With Red Jewelry-type Box. 6 small buttons (1/2 inch diameter) and 6 larger buttons (5/8 inch diameter).8
19YSun Insurance Company Paperweight. Appears to be made from Sandstone. 5 inch diameter. Sun and Rays are Raised.10
20SShur-Stop For Fire Holder with Grenade A lot of the Red Color is missing on Grenade. Holder is in very good condition.10
21SMatch Box Holder. Advertising Piece for Royal Exchange. Close Picture to Fire Mark B635 on one side. On other side is Lettering that looks to be Greek. Also writing on edge in Greek. 1 1/2x2 1/852
21SReverse Side of Match Box Holder with Greek Lettering. Can anyone read it?52
22KDry Powder Fire Extinguishing Compound. Phoenix Fire Appliance Co. New York City, New York Manufacturers. Price $3.00. Patented April 25, 1899. Full.11
23PConemaugh Valley Mutual Insurance Company. 1877. Reproduction Fire Mark. Metal. 10 1/2x8 1/440
24PHome Insurance New York. Reproduction Fire Mark of BU235. Mounted on Original Wood Plaque. 10x7 1/8.20
25UNew York Life Insurance Company Savings Bank in shape of Book. 3 1/8x4 1/4x1 inch thick. On Front is Month and Date that can be changed daily. On back says "Prepare Today for Tomorrow." Has original key that opens bank and changes date.20
26SFire Police Pin. 2 1/4x1 1/460
27SMutual Assurance Company for insuring houses, Philadelphia. Reproduction Fire Mark of BU37. 10 3/4x7 1/4 Heavy Metal.20
28SAdvertising Piece. Front has BU83 Reproduction of Fire Association of Philadelphia Fire Mark. Back says "Reliance Insurance Companies." 1 3/8x2.1
29SPhiladelphia Contributionship Reproduction Fire Mark. Very Heavy Metal. Black Background with Gold Hands and Numbers. 11x7 1/215
30SMirror set up to be hung. On outside of mirror is Black Metal with Red Raised Lettering that says T of R, F D. and Fire Hydrant and Ladder.Pass
31SFire Helmet Napkin Holder - Brass. Heavy. You might not be able to tell from the picture but it is three dimension. Niece Piece. 5 1/4 tall in back x6 inches x 2 1/4 inches wide.26
32BPhiladelphia Contributionship Pamphlet. 228th Annual Report 1980. 36 pages. Many pictures of marks, fire items.3
33ZHome Insurance Company Pocket Knife. 3" long closed - Knife Blade and Scissors. No Writing on Back. Company Name Cast into Front.45
34Z1948 First Day Cover Honoring the 300th Anniversary of Volunteer Firemen. Cachet with Ben Franklin and 4 - 3 cent stamps showing Fire Apparatus and Peter Stuyvesant Who Organized the First Volunteer Firemen in America.12
35Z1885 Ticket to the Annual Picnic of the "Harmony S.F.E. Co." at Lincoln Park. Think this is from Springfield, Illinois and the Reference "S.F.E. Co" is for Springfield Fire Engine Company. Heavy Orange Card Measuring approximately 3"x5". Very Nice Condition.15
36SToy Fire Pumper Truck. Small. 2 1/4 long by 1 1/8 high. Tootsie Toy - Chicago.2
37SSmall Presto C B Fire Extinguisher. Merlite Industries. 5 1/2 inches long. Label is totally in tact on front of extinguisher but seller has taped it on.5
38QAdvertising Letter Opener. Lion Bonding & Surety Co. Omaha. Brass.5
39SNational Liberty Insurance Company Framed Advertising Piece. Wood Frame. Looks to have been framed a long time. Glass over front. Paper advertising is wavy inside the frame and small brown water stains on bottom left and bottom right. 18 1/2x12 3/85
40K1889 Journal. Hardbound. Looks to be the Filing Fees for Annual Statements, Taxes on Premiums and Certificates of Authority for Agencies for the Year 1889. Each page has a different insurance company listed. Very interesting.10
41KTwo pieces of Paper Advertising. First is Page 10 and 11 of Article on Max Klein - Fires (and Firefighting). Other is Yellowed copy of The Antique Trader - Dubuque, Iowa dated August 31, 1971 on Mark or Burn - The Story of Early Fire Insurance. No rips or stains on either.3
42LFootprints of Assurance Book. By Alwin Bulau. Published 1953. Original Dust Cover also.23
43KTwo Letters on The Lancashire Insurance Company of Manchester England Letterhead. Stationery is 5 3/8x8 1/2. One is dated Feb 8th 1887 and other is February 5th 1887.Pass
44BAmerican Fire Marks. Soft-Bound Book. The Insurance Company of North America Collection. Published by INA, Philadelphia, 1933. 133 pages.10
45KMatted but not Framed Picture of New York - the Destruction by Fire of the Richmond Hotel and St James Hall at Buffalo. March 18th. From Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, Protected with Plastic Cover. 17 1/4 x12 with matting.6
46KMutual Life Insurance Company of New York. Still sewed shut on top and bottom. Left side shows Calendar for 1884 and January through June for 1886. Right side shows July 1 to 13. Last page shows September 22 to 30. Looks to be Ink Blotter for Top of Desk and you just tear off each two weeks. But this was never used. Brown spot on front of Calendar/Blotter but no rips. Amazing for its age.4
47KInsurance Company of North America Advertisement from Saturday Evening Post. 1947. Clear Plastic Cover on Cardboard so it does not get bent or damaged.Pass
48GBook. A History of the Salem Fire Department. By Edward Tufts. Signed by Author. Published 1975. 71 pages.12
49GInsurance Company Automobile Tags. Pamphlet. by Robert Shea and Albert Wills. Copyright 1988. 44 pages.8
50GFire Marks and Business Equipment of the Mutual Assurance Company. Booklet. By Anthony Garvan and Carol Wojtowicz. Published 1977. 51 pages.8
51YSun Insurance Advertising Piece. Paperweight? Tabletop Item? Irregular Shape. Dark Metal. Picture of Sun on Front with Words "Oldest in the World - 1710". On Back is "Western Department, Chicago. Sun Insurance Office. 1710 - of London - 1911." 6 5/8x3 7/8.70
52QRed Fire Helmet - made out of cast iron(?). Heavy. 6 inches long x 3 inches high.15
53GSigns of Insurance. Book. by Edward Tufts and Lynne Leopold-Sharp. Published 1991. 148 pages.21
54CHartford Insurance Company. Standard Fire Insurance Policy. Covering Tenant Dwelling in Bonham, Texas. Expires December 12, 1897.3
55BBooklet. How an 18th Century Insurance Idea Saves Money for Pennsylvania Homeowners Today. A Message from the Philadelphia Contributionship. 17 pages.2
56BBook. The Historical Collection of the Insurance Company of North America. by M. J. McCosker. Lots of Pictures and Text. Foldout of INA Collection of Fire Marks. Published 1945. Hardback. 176 pages.7
57BBook. As You Pass By by Kenneth Holcomb Denshee. Copyright1982. History of NYC from a Firefighter perspective. Pictures and Text. Hardback. 277 pages.10
58NGlen Falls Insurance Company Calendar. January 1906. Framed. On back is information on the Rescue of Major Israel Putnam near Glens Falls, New York, A.D. 1738.10
59NBook. The First Hundred. Germantown Mutual Fire. Privately Printed by the Company. History of Germantown Mutual 1843-1943. Copyright 1943. 63 pages.25
60NFarmers Fire Insurance Company, York, PA. Pewter? Plate. 10 1/4 inch diameter. Made by the Wilton-Columbia, PA company. Heavy.5
61SBrass Fire Nozzle. 15 inches long. Indented on bottom is 2 1/2. Akron Brass Mfg. Co., Inc. Heavy.25
62BBPaper Weight in the Shape of a Badger. On one side says "Badger Mutual" Other side says "Insurance Co." Writing is Raised. Metal with Brown or Gold Coloring. Heavy for its Size. 3 5/8x2 1/4. 2 inches tall.21
63DDHardware Mutual Insurance Company Plaque. Hornet Steam Fire Engine Company No. 1. 1866. Metal. 11 3/4x7 1/4. Gold Raised Lettering, Raised Red with Gold Fire Nozzle and Raised White Hornet Nest. Black Background35
64BBThe Hartford Firemen's Helmet. All White except for Company Lettering and Emblem which is Black. Thick Plastic. 11 5/8 long x9 1/8 wide x 6 1/2 tallPass
65BBRoyal-Globe Insurance. Plaque. Heavy Plastic. World Globe is Extremely Raised. 9x12 1/88
66YFiremens Insurance Company Paperweight. The back has the emblem and says 1855 - 1955. Commemorating our One Hundredth Anniversary. 3 inch diameter.15
67KFor Fire Shur-Stop Kit. Metal Container that holds 6 Grenades. Only three are still there. International Fire Equipment Corporation. Very good condition for age.20
67KPicture of Shur Stop Kit Container opened.20
68KSheet Music. Matted (not framed). The Midnight Fire Alarm. March & Two Step. Copyright MCMVII. Nice Matting.17
69KFramed Picture. Fire Protection Art: Number 2. The Bettmann Archive. 16 5/813 5/8. Very nicely matted.7
70CPolicy. North American Accident Insurance Company. Blindness Policy. Policy is issued from 5th day of May 1927 and covers during the natural life of the Insured. Application is part of the policy.5
71QBrass Colored Plaque. Metal. Northwestern Fire and Marine Insurance Company. This Agency has Represented with Distinction since 1932. 9 1/4x6 3/8.18
72QManhattan Fire and Marine Insurance Company. Burwood Plaque. 12 1/2x11 7/8. Minor brown color missing from top left.10
73QGlens Falls Indemnity Company. Glens Falls, New York. Burwood Plaque. 18 1/4x11 1/2.40
74QManufacturers Casualty Insurance Company. Philadelphia. Burwood Plaque. 13 1/2x10 1/2.10
75USign. Your Faithful Insurance Man. Thick Pressed Board. Someone a long time ago scratched in "WO" in front of "man" so it looks like "woman" close up. Can be touched up with paint or leave as is. 19 7/8x5.10
76DPicture of Horses and Fire Engine. Taken from old Magazine. By Fred Pegram.Pass
77ECardinal Casualty Company. Plaque for hanging or table top display. 8x8. White Shiny Material with Gold Metal Thin Frame.Pass
78BBFire Association of Philadelphia Reproduction Fire Mark. Metal. 10 1/2x6 3/4.23
79SGlass Grenade with Red Comet Fire Extinguisher holder dated 1949.8
80SLetter Opener. Lucite Handle. Writing only on one side. It says "Happy Birthday. "R. Loving Cover Insurance Agency."2
81SLetter Opener. One Side says "Commemorative of a Golden Business Anniversary 1874.August.1924. Continuous Personal Service. Frank Stevens, Esq." Other Side says "Agency of Frank Stevens Co. Insurance. Real Estate. Securities. 46 Montgomery Street. Jersey City, N.J."2
82CCMaryland Casualty Company Paperweight. 2 1/2 inch diameter. Weighted Metal. Top and Bottom identical showing company name, lines written and shield logo. Good to Very Good Condition.8
83CCGerman American Insurance Company Paper Clip. 2 1/3x2 1/2. Aluminum. Front says "Compliments of German American Ins. Company, New York. " Back has Picture of German American Building, NY, NY. Fair Condition.6
84CCPaperweight. Mount Joy Insurance Co., Mount Joy, Pennsylvania. 2 5/8x4 1/8 in clear glass with blue and yellow company logo at center. Issued for company centennial, 1855-1955. Good condition. 5
85SOtsego & Chemical Mutual Fire Insurance Companies of Burlington Flats, N.Y. Lightweight Simulated Wood. 13x8 1/4. Wood Grain Background with Gold Lettering and Picture. Picture of Old Fire Engine with Red, Blue and White Color too.40
86QAdvertising Mirror. Henry Holland. Aviation Insurance Specialist and General Insurance Lines. Seneca 8115-6-7-8. 401 Genesee Bldg., Buffalo, N.Y. 3 3/8 diameter.5
87AMiniature Fire Mark of Philadelphia Contributionship. Mark is 2 7/8x1 7/8. Comes with original box and written information on the real Fire Mark.7
88YFiremans Fund Insurance Company Ink Blotter.2
89DDReliance Insurance Company Plaque. Hard Plastic. 7 1/2x10 5/8. Replica of Fire Association of Philadelphia FA fire marks. Black Plastic with Raised Gold Lettering, Fire Hydrant and Water. Green Raised Grass. Small section of plastic is gone from bottom of plaque. 4
90RSign. Great American Indemnity Co. N.Y. Tin Circular Plaque on Wood Backing. White on Blue.No Show
91AALeather Fire Bucket. Metal at top with stamping on two sides and bottom of bucket. Does not appear to be used as real bucket - just made to look like fire bucket.40
92BBNiagara Sprinkler Head. 3 inches tall x2 inches x 1 3/4 inches.4
93ZFireman Pin. 1.25" Pin Back Button Showing a Fireman with "Fireman's Celebration" Written Around the Border.2
94ZChildren's Book about Wallace-Glasgow's Immortal Fire Dog. Paperback, approximately 6"x8". 24 Well Illustrated Pages. Printed in 1963.2
95ZContinental Insurance Company. Unused Calendar from 1912. Measures approximately 8x10 and depicts a scene entitled "We Have Met the Enemy and They are Ours". Full Calendar Pad with Original Cover. Nice Shape for Age.Pass
96NFour 6 inch Advertising Wood Rulers. 1. Great American Insurance Company. 2. Perkiomen Valley Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Collegeville, Penna. 3 and 4. Donegal & Coney Mutual Fire Ins. Co., Mariette, PA. All 4 have writing on the reverse side.14
97NSpinning Wheel Antiques. Pamphlet. October 1963 edition. Fire Marks on front. 35 pages.5
98NGreen Tree Key Chain. The Mark is encased in Lucite 2 1/4x1.1
99NKey Chain. Copper Color. Lincoln Head Penny dated 1965 (not real) on one side; Back side says A Simple Payment for Perpetual Insurance. Mutual Assurance Company. The Green Tree. Philadelphia 1784. 1 1/2 diameter7
100NGreat American Insurance Company. New York. Incorporated 1872. Wood Ruler.5
101QPaperweight Advertising for Northern Assurance Company Fire, Life. Estd 1836. Capital L3,000,000. Lettering is Red or Black.21
102HNorth River Insurance Company of New York. Crum & Forster Insurance Company. Plaque. Composite Material. 13 7/8x12.12
103HWestchester Fire Insurance Company of New York. Crum and Forster Manager. Plaque. Burwood. 13 3/4x11 3/4. Crack in Wood Bottom Left plus some loss of brown color above. Plus small loss of brown color top right.10
104GPhenix Insurance Company. 3 Pieces of Paper Advertising. Policy dated 21st day of October 1875 covering dwelling in Rock Island, Ill. 2 Premium Receipts for Above Policy Payment. One is Dated 21st day of October 1875 and second is Dated 21st Day of October, 2878.6
105GIllinois Agricultural Mutual Insurance Company. Auto Insurance Policy covering 1934 Ford Sedan in Amboy, Illinois. Liability Limit is $1,000.2
106TPaperweight. Advertising. American States Life. 1977. $2 Billion in Force. On Reverse Side is a list of milestone dates for in force premiums.Pass
107AHand in Hand. Hard-Bound Book. The story of the Hand in Hand Fire and Life Insurance Society 1696-1996. by Brian Henham.30
108YShaking Hands. Clay with Blue and Brown Glaze on Front. 4 5/8x2 1/4.15
109CCU.S.F.G. Paperweight. 3 1/2 inch diameter. Bronze. Issued in 1946 for Company 50th Anniversary. Top has Company Name and Logo of Eagle, Shield and Ships Wheel. Fair Condition with Hole Drilled in Top.10
110CCPaperweight. The Real Estate Title Insurance & Trust Co of Philadelphia. 2 1/2x4 inches in Bronze. Issued in 1926 Showing Liberty Bell and Top of Independence Hall. Bottom has four feet. Excellent Condition.50
111CCPaperweight. Provident Mutual Life Insurance Co of Philadelphia. 3 1/2 inch diameter. Bronze. Issued 1928. Top has Company Home Office Building and "Founded 1865" Bottom has Airplane View of New Home Office Building. MFG: Whitehead-Hoag. Very Good Condition.20
112CCPaperweight. Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. 3 inch diameter. Bronze showing President Ecker commemorating his meetings with Field Force 1954-1956. MFG: Medalic Art Co., NY Very Good Condition.5
113CCElevator Inspection Notice Sign. General Accident Fire and Life Assurance Corp. 9x4 1/2 inches. Brass Sign with Brass Lettering on Black Background. Very Good Condition.15
114WAutomobile Insuirance Policy. Grain Dealers National Mutual Fire Insurance AND Lumbermens Mutual Casualty Company. Covering 1932 Plymouth Sedan from July 7th 1939 to July 7, 1940 in Hennepin, Minnesota. Also endorsement adding Comprehensive and Original Policy Jacket.1
115SSign. Agricultural Insurance Company. Watertown, N.Y. Sign is Made of Burwood. Brass Top for Hanging - original to sign. Lettering is Brass except bottom lettering is small red. All lettering is raised. Also have back piece that allows sign to sit on table. 17 7/8x8 1/2.10
116QAdvertising Mirror. Fire and Marine Underwriters of the Automobile Insurance Company of Hartford Conn. Phone 6-5432.30
117QBrass Metal Plaque with Red Background. Highland Park. F. C. No. 1. Member 1941. 3 7/8x1 7/88
118KBingo Its Out Fire Extinguisher. by A.A. Maillett Co. New York, N.Y. Price $1.50. Full. 7 inches tall. Very good condition - no rips20
119PLorillard New York. Reproduction Fire Mark of BU211. Metal. Oval. 9x6 5/8.16
120WQueen Insurance Co of America Perpetual Calendar. Brass with Black overlay at top. Calendar is Red with White Numbers and Lettering. 18 x 12.35
121GAutomobile Policy. County Mutual Casualty Company. Covers 1950 Willys in Amboy, Illinois. Effective November 20, 1949 - continuous until cancelled.Pass
122QHartford Fire Ins. Co., Chartered 1810. Belt Buckle. Brass Color. Lettering is Raised. 3 1/2x2 3/16.5
123QAtlas Assurance Co. Ltd. Knife. No Blades. Reverse Side says The Manchester Assurance Co., Lettering and Pictures are Raised on Both Sides.10
124QBrass Pin. Vigilant Steam & Chemical Fire Engine Co. No. 1. York, PA. Penn State Firemens' Ass'n. York, 1911. Writing is Raised and Written Around Edge of Pin. In Middle is Raised Emblems with White Flame or Flower. 1 3/8x2 5/8.15
125QPaperweight. Pennsylvania Fire Insurance Co., Philadelphia, PA. 3x4.11
126FReproduction Fire Mark of Sun Insurance Office BU530 Mark. 7x6 5/8.10
127BBook. Historical Collection of the Insurance Company of North America. by M. J. McCosker. Fire Artifacts and Fire Marks. Published 1945.10
128BCatalog of Insurance Company Advertising Signs fro 1800 - 1940. Soft-Bound Book. by FMCA 1983. 62 pages.9
129KSulphuric Acid Childs Fire Extinguisher. 1 oz Line. Utica, N.Y. All of the above Etched on the Bottle. 6 inches tall. No chips or cracks. Empty.15
130JReproduction of Lead Fire Mark for Phoenix Assurance Company. Lightweight Composite Material. Separate Plaque identifying this as a Replica of Lead Mark #5310
131YPlate. The Fire Mark Circle - 60th Anniversary. 1934 - 1994. English Bone China Plate. Gold rim. 4 1/2 inch diameter.17
132SPaper Weight. New Jersey Fire Insurance Company. Newark, New Jersey. 2 1/2x4. Brass Colored Metal. Heavy for its size.15
133KFireman's Hose. A lot of it. All rolled up. 12 1/2 diameter roll. Nozzle is 2 1/2 diameter. Very good condition. Heavy.Pass
134BBOld Republic Plaque. Metal. 7 3/4x10 1/4.28
135ZOld Fireman Print Showing "Engine Used in Great Chicago Fire - 1871". Print is very detailed and on very heavy paper. Give away of the National Union Insurance Companies.6
136ZOld Fireman Print Showing "The Lafayette 'Philadelphia' Style 1849 Period." Print is very detailed and on very heavy paper. Give away of the National Union Insurance Companies. This Print appears to depict two fire brigades fighting, possibly over the fire hydrant in the bottom right.Pass
137ZOld Fireman Print showing "Metropolitan Style Engine. 1897-1913 Period". Print is very detailed and on very heavy paper. Give away of the National Union Insurance Companies. Horse Drawn Steamer, led by a Dalmatian Heading to a Fire.Pass
138POld Framed Picture. 14 1/4x9. Picture Shows Fire Hose Being Pulled by many Men in Stripped Tops. Watching them are people in Circa 19th Century Attire. Black Frame with Glass to Protect Picture.30
139PMetal Plaque in Brass Color. Eagle at Top with FIRE below the Eagle. Brass Bugles at Bottom. 4 3/4x3 5/8. Heavy for its size.16
140BBFire Insurance Pocket Index for 1882. 57 pages. Inside is the Statistics of the Condition and Business for American and Foreign Fire Insurance Companies for Five Years ending December 31,1881. Back Coverage says Boston Underwriters. Composed of the Eliot Insurance Company, Firemen's Fire Ins. Co and Washington F&M ins. Co of Boston. Annual Statement for January 1882. Also Summary of Assets.7
141BBHardback Booklet. Best's Key Ratings with Comparative Underwriting and Financial Exhibit. 1912. 111 pages.25
142KThree Advertising Pieces from John Hancock Insurance. John Adams, printed 1923. Flag of the United States, printed 1927. Constitution of the United States, printed 1938. Each 4 1/2x6.3
143FBrass Colored Advertising Cabin Door Plate. Lloyds of London. Vessel Insurance Policy. "This Vessel is the Property of the Californian Steamship Company of Panama. Insured Fully - Sleep Well. 10x3 3/420
144DGreat American Indemnity Company New York. Small Sign. Tin with Original Wood Frame. Slightly Raised Lettering. Looks to be Green Background with Red Lettering. 14 1/4x824
145FSign. Agent to the County Fire Office and Provident Life Office. Brass. Indented Lettering. No Frame. 15 7/8x10. Heavy for its size.31
146MDwelling Fire Insurance Policy. Farmers Fire Insurance Company. Covering Dwellings on Premises at 417 West Philadelphia. York, Pennsylvania. November 15, 1886 to November 15, 1889. No tears or rips.4
147MBuffalo German Insurance Co. of Buffalo, N.Y. Insurance Policy with Jacket. Standard Fire Policy covering a Pipe Organ and all attachments in church building in Peoria, Illinois. Policy period is 24th day of June 1892 to 24th day of June 1895. Water Marks and Tears where folded.5
148MAmerican Fire Mark Rarity Guide by Edward Tufts. Published by FMCA in 1981. 26 pages.9
149MPhiladelphia Fire Marks. Pamphlet. By Albert Wills and Robert Shea. A FMCA Publication.13
150MFiremarks and Fire Memorabilia from the E. Nugent Linaker Collection and other properties. Illustrated Catalogue Monday 17 November 1986. 36 pages5
151SSign. Thick Cardboard. National Union Fire Insurance Co. of Pittsburg, Pa. 15 1/4x10 3/8. Aging Stains. Damage to Upper Left, Lower Right and very minor to Upper Right. Crease in lower middle left by Baby and Mother's Left Arm.4
152QHartford Fire Insurance Co. Chartered 1810. Belt Buckle. Brass Color.6
153QPaperweight. Atlas Assurance Company Limited. 150th Anniversary. 1808-1958. 3 1/4x3 1/4.3
154DAt The Sign of the Hand-in-Hand. Pamphlet. 47 pages. Printed and Published by the Office of the Philadelphia Contributionship. Copyright 1926.5
155DFire Picture on Paper. 9 3/4x6 5/8. bottom right says Gies & Co. Buffalo, N.Y.6
156DFire Marks of the United Firemens Insurance Company of Philadelphia. Pamphlet prepared by FMCA. 14 pages.2
157MGroupe des Assurances Nationales. Paris, France. Modern Sign. In 1967 three companies merged and formed GAN. Tin. 10 5/8x8 5/8.4
158OPicture. 12 1/2x9 5/8. Framed with Glass Front. Picture appears to be a copy of the illustration done in 1806 by W.H. Tyne of London. Foreman and members of the fire brigade of the Sun Fire Office, circa 1808. Some spots on inside of glass.Pass
159OPicture. 12 1/2x9 5/8. Framed with Glass. Copy of The brigades of the Phoenix Fire Office, County Fire Office and the Westminster Fire Office shown racing to the scene of a fire in London. Original print is dated September 1, 1808.8
160YMiniature F A Fire Mark. Paperweight. Metal 3x2 inches.7
161VEMC Insurance Companies Advertising Piece. Small Container with Lid. Bottom says M Ware China. 4x4 1/4 with lid.Pass
162VHartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Co. Green Ice Scraper. Very Sturdy. 1
163VHot/Cold Advertising Bag from EMC Insurance Companies. 9 1/4x9 3/8.Pass
164FLafayette Life Insurance Company. Lafayette, Indiana. Agency Sign. Looks to be Heavy Paper with Gold Inlay then Red Hard Plastic Overlay so Gold shows through. 14 7/8x8 7/8. A Little Worn.9
165FSecurity Insurance Co. of New Haven. Automobile Insurance. Tin Sign. 10x14.Black Lettering with Green Classic Vehicle. No Frame.26
166GAuto Insurance Policy. Mid-West Automobile Underwriters. Preeport, Illinois. Covering 1935 Dodge in Shannon, Illinois. Policy effective date is Jan. 29, 1939.2
167GFarm Insurance Policy. Burritt Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Winnebago County, Illinois. Effective July 14th 1958 to July 14th 1963.Pass
168RNottingham and Derbyshire Fire and Life Assurance Company. Nottingham, England. Reproduction Fire Mark of B871 Cast Lead 8x10 1/4 No Colors.7
169DDBaltimore Equitable Society Reproduction Fire Mark of Bulau 58. Lightweight Metal. Gold Lettering, Hands and Edge. All Raised.8 3/4x8 1/4.Made by Walter E. Lee, Inc. Huntington Valley PA.23
170VEMC Insurance Company Advertising Piece. Green Apple. It is Soft and Squeezable.1
171FFidelity-Phenix Fire Insurance Company of New York. 1910 - 1959. Portion of Sign Number 133.3 from original reverse glass sign that had been damaged. Brass multi-colored company emblem with indented brass lettering. 10 3/8x11.22
172FNorthwestern National Insurance Company of Milwaukee. Part of Sign Number 281 var. Brass portion of sign that was removed from damaged sign and saved. 11 1/4x17 3/4.6
173FContinental Fire Insurance Sign. Tin. Yellow Background with Black Lettering and Red around some of the lettering. 23 1/8x11 7/850
174MPamphlet from Baltimore Equitable Insurance. Hand in Hand with Maryland for 200 Years. 1794-1994. 19 pages.7
175MHand in Hand Booklet. International Journal of the Commercial Union Assurance Company. May, 1979. Has Fire Marks on Front and Back, and pages 18 - 24 Article on the Marks of Fire. 37 total pages.3