Item ID Description Sold
1GSalop Fire Office. Shrewsbury, England. Reproduction Fire Mark BU669. Heavy Metal. 7 3/8x7.20
2NUnited Firemens Insurance Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Reproduction Fire Mark of BU315. Determined to be Reproduction by Verification Committee.10
3JInsurance Company of North America Reproduction of Bulau 47. Cast Iron - VERY Heavy. On back is etched - Facsimile of Insurance Company of North America Fire Mark Issued in 1830. 1975 Replica. 11 1/2x8 1/2.20
4CHome Insurance Company. New Haven, Connecticut. 1859-1871. Fire Mark determined to be Reproduction by Verification Committee. Cast Iron. Heavy for its Size. Roped Border, Lettering and Scene all Raised. 8 1/8x5 3/4160
5CFire Association of Philadelphia. Pressed Wood Shield with Reproduction FA Fire Mark.25
6HMutual Insurance Company, Charleston, South Carolina. Reproducton Fire Mark of Bulau 62. by John Wright. Heavy Metal. Oval. 9 3/8x7 5/8.51
7ZAdvertising Brush. Eagle Star British Dominions Insurance Company. Assets Exceed 12,000,000 pounds. Very good condition.45
8HFiremans Insurance Company Reproduction Fire Mark of BU117. Cast Iron. Very Heavy. 14 7/8x13 1/8.30
9JBrass Fire Nozzle. 12 5/8 inches high. Very Heavy.25
10JLiverpool and London and Globe Insurance Company. Brass Door Plaque. Name of Charles N. Drake at the Top. Can be removed. 10 7/8x5 1/25
11JYork Mutual Insurance Company of Maine. Oval Insurance Sign. Very Heavy. On back is note that says Maine-made product, Southport, Maine. 18x12 1/2. Bright Colors - very nice looking.35
12KBook. The British Fire Mark. 1680-1879. By Brian Wright. Published 1982. 480 pages.25
13YLicensed Victuallers and General Fire and Life Insurance Company. Reproduction of BU870 (an authentic one is in the Live Auction). Metal. Cluster of Grapes Raised on Convex Oval.20
14YButtons. Gold Color. Each Button has Raised Lettering that says "Fire Department" and Trumpet or Trumpets in middle. 5 buttons - 2 small (5.8 inch diameter), 3 bigger (1 inch diameter). Never Opened. St. Francis Hook and Ladder Society, San Francisco, California on cardboard holding buttons.5
15ZNorwich Union Fire Insurance Society. Advertising Paperweight. Red Background (some missing) with Gold Lettering and White behind FIRE and NORWICH.Pass
16ZAdvertising Knife Holder. The Franklin Fire Insurance Company of Philadelphia Raised Lettering on Front. Metal with Pewter Color. 3 inches long.50
17AABelt Bucket. Hands Clasped. Metal with Silver Finish. Circa 1976 by Bergamot Brass Works.Pass
18AASign. Made from Lucite? F.E. Wills Insurance Agency. Drive Safely, We Want You as a Customer. Companion Piece to AA19. Clear on Top with Black on Bottom. The Clear has Some of the detail painted on front (like the Gold) and some painted on the back (like the Turquoise and Peach) No Paint Missing. 14 1/4x9 3/4. Unusual.5
19AASign. Made from Lucite? F. E. Wills Insurance Agency - Drive Safely, We Want You as a Customer. 14 1/8x9 3/4. Clear on Top with Black on Bottom. Some of the Colors (like the orange) is painted on reverse side and some of the Colors are painted on front (like Gold). No Chipped Paint. Unusal.5
20XSix Matchbox- Models of Yesteryear - Fire Trucks. Some of the pieces are off the Trucks but consignor believes they are all there - just match to the right truck.32
21FAmerican Insurance Group Paper Weight. 100th Anniversary. 1846 - 1946. Heavy Metal.25
22JFire Chief Wood Sign. 19x6 3/8Pass
23KFire Association of Philadelphia. Reproduction Fire Mark. 10 7/8x6 7/8. Cast Iron.10
24CContinental Fire Insurance Company. Paperweight. Shows Assets of $7,216,895.25. Picture of Home Office Building with Horse and Buggies in the Front.2 5/8x4.3
25CAmerican National Fire Insurance Company. 1914 - 1939. Twenty-Fifth Anniversary. Columbus, Ohio. Paperweight. Mirror on Reverse Side. 4 inches in diameter.10
26CUnited Firemens Insurance Company, Nashville, Tennessee. Reproduction Fire Mark (determined to be repro last year by Verification Committee). Cast Iron. Center is Concave with Hydrant and U F I Co. Raised. Very Heavy for its Size. 10 1/8x7.76
27CPhoenix Assurance Company. 150th Anniversary. 1732 - 1932. Heavy Metal Pen Holder with place for name plate. 5 inches tall x6 3/4 inches long.18
28CHuntingdon Valley Plaque with Fire Engine. Heavy composite material. 11 1/2 x11.10
29AInsurors Indemnity & Insurance Company. Tulsa, Oklahoma. Plaque. Pressed Wood. Dark Brown with Gold Lettering. 10 1/2x13 1/2.2
30JSun Insurance Office signed agency Contract with Walter Mosenthal of New Jersey to act as Agent. Wood Frame. Dated Second day of June, 1927. 26 1/2x21 1/2 including Frame5
31PAddendum to Foot Prints of Assurance by FMCA. Volume One.30
32PAmerican Fire Marks. The Insurance Company of North American Collection. Soft-covered Book. 133 pages. 2nd Printing 19632
33PHunnemans Amazing Fire Engine Soft-cover Book. by Edward Tufts. Signed by author to original owner 1995. Book on the Hunneman History. 143 pages15
34PSoftbound Book. Catalog of Insurance Company Advertising Signs from 1800 - 1940. Published by the Fire Mark Circle of the Americas 1983. 62 pages20
35KWhite Mug with Black Fire Helmet as Lid. Phila. Fire Dept. 240th Anniversary 1976. Union Fire Co. 1736. Benjamin Franklin Founder. 8 3/4 inches tall.5
36PPhenix Insurance Company Dwelling House Policy. No Tears or Rips. Pink Paper. Covering Loss or Damage by Fire or Lightning for one year from 21st day of October 1893 at noon to the 21st day of October, 1894. Property located in City of Rock Island, Ill.8
37PBooklet. Insurance Company Automobile Tags. by Robert Shea and Albert Wills. Copyright 1988. 44 pages.18
38GFiremans Shaving Mug.Pass
39QHome Insurance Company. New York. 1853 - Home - 1913. Paperweight. Round. Brass. 3 inches diameter.20
40BBBook. An Illustrated Handbook of Fire Apparatus - with emphasis on 19th century American pieces. By George Anne Daly and John Robrecht. 127 pages. Copyright 1972. DONATED BY C. BUERGER. ALL PROCEEDS TO FMCA. 3
41BBFire Marks and Business Equipment of The Mutual Assurance Company. by Anthony N.B. Garvan and Carol A. Wojtowicz. 51 pages. Reprinted 1977. DONATED BY C. BUERGER. ALL PROCEEDS TO FMCA.12
42KContinental Insurance CompanyStock Certificate. Thirty Dollars of the Invested Profits. Issued July 9th, 1868.10
43BBBaltimore Fire Marks, A Short Introduction. Pamphlet. Printed September 1989. 20 pages. DONATED BY C. BUERGER. ALL PROCEEDS TO FMCA.12
44KTravelers Insurance Company. Receipt of Payment for Premium for Policies from December 22, 1917 to December 22, 1918 and December 22, 1918 to December 22, 1919. Two Receipts.1
45BBFire Marks, A Short Introduction. Pamphlet - Particular Reference to the Royal Exchange Assurance. 10 pages 1 page insert. Published 1981. DONATED BY C. BUERGER. ALL PROCEEDS TO FMCA.2
46bbAt The Sign of the Hand-In-Hand. Pamphlet. "An Account of Divers things chiefly concerning Insurance before and after th eWar for American Independence."Copyright, 1926. 48 pages. DONATED BY C. BUERGER. ALL PROCEEDS TO FMCA.7
47bbBook. Badges of Extinction. 18th and 19th Century Badges of Insurance Office Firemen. By Brian Henham and Brian Sharp. 104 pages. Copyright 1989. Signed by Brian Henham. DONATED BY C. BUERGER. ALL PROCEEDS TO FMCA.20
48ULiverpool & London & Globe Ins. Co. Ink Blotter.1
49VTip Tray. A Century of Professionalism. 1897-1997. Silver Plated. English Emblem in the Middle. 4 inch diameter.Pass
50KFireen Fire Extingusher. Red Background with Black Lettering. 12 inches high. Never Opened.8
51CPaper Weight. Ohio Farmers Insruance Company 1848 - 1948. Brass. 5 inch diameter.40
52CThermometer. Advertising for Frankford Mutual Fire Insurance Company. 4510-14 Frankford Ave. Frankford, Phila. Wood. 8 1/2x2 1/4.27
53MBankers and Shippers Insurance Company of New York. Burwood Plaque. Shield Shaped. 13x11 1/2.20
54RSt. Paul Fire and Marine Communique. Copyright 1991. 23 pages. Fire Marks on Front. And, Article on pages 12 - 15.Pass
55RBook. Fire Engines Firefighters. The Men, Equipment and Machines, from Colonial Days to the Present. By Paul Ditzel. Copyright 1976. 256 pages.5
56RBooklet. American Fire Mark Rarity Guide. by Edward Tufts. 26 pages.27
57RBooklet. Philadelphia Fire Marks. By Al Wills and Robert Shea and Edward Tufts. A FMCA Publication. 52 pages.27
58RBooklet. Fire Marks of Hartford, CT. Prepared as a Guide for Members of the FMCA. By Bob Shea, Tom Tye and Al Wills. 15 pages.7
59RNational Fire Insurance Company of Hartford. Brass Small Sign. 10x5.30
60IStory of the Norwich Fire Marks. Pamphlet. 37 pages. Published 1994Pass
61IFootprints of Assurance Book. The Bible of Fire Marks. Published 1953 by Home Insurance Company. 319 pages. Very good condition.20
62JPrint of Fire Engine No. 1 in Front of the Engine House in Brooklyn, New York. Copy of Painting in Oil by Christian Mayr done in 1837. Framed with Wood Frame. 15 1/2x13 1/4.10
63KFirex Sentinel. Red Metal Container with 3 Red Fire Grenades.17
64KGlass Grenade - clear with Holder. Full. No Decal. Grenade is 6 1/2 inches tall.9
65FAetna Paperweight with Mirror on reverse side. Dill and Dill, All Forms of Insurance. Fort Wayne 2, Indiana. Telephone A-1110. 3 1/2 inch diameter.12
66FState Farm Life, Bloomington, Illinois Paperweight. Metal. On back says TRhanks $100 Billion 1986. 3 3/8x3 3/41
67FQuincy Mutual Paperweight in the Shape of a Pool Cue Ball. 2 inches high.10
68FSun Insurance Office Plaque. Burwood. 10 7/8x11 7/8.5
69JFire Helmet Shaped Pen Holder and Paperweight. Brass. 4 3/4x 3 1/2. No Pen.5
70JCast Iron "towel" Holder with United Fireman's Replica Fire Mark. 3 1/2 tall x4 inch wide.11
71JPaperweight. The North River Insurance Company. Once Hundredth Anniversary. 1822 - 1922. Brass. 4 inch diameter.26
72AABook. An American Portrait. The American Insurance Group. 1846 - 1946. Coyright 1946. Inscribed inside the cover to B.C. Vitt. Aug. 8th 1946. 64 pages.3
73MHope Mutual. St. Louis. Reproducton Fire Mark. Lightweight Material. 8 3/4x8.5
74MThe Monarch Insurance Company of Ohio. Burwood Plaque/Sign. 13x9 3/4. Wood Crack on Top Right Side. Not noticable unless close.7
75MUnited States Fire Insurance Company. Burwood Plaque/Sign. Shield Shape. 13 3/4x11 3/4.7
76MReproduction Fire Mark of the Philadelphia Contributionship. Leightweight Material. Black with Gold Hands. No Thumbs. 8 1/4x8. By The Art Lancaster. Harleysville PA.5
77KAssociated Firemens Insurance Company Reproduction Fire Mark of BU166. Cast Iron. Heavy. Oval. 11 1/2x9 1/8.25
78KThree Miniature Fire Marks - Reproductons - on Solid Wood Board.Pass
79MReproduction Fire Mark of the Green Tree. Lightweight Metal. By The Artcaster. Harleysville, PA. 10x7 5/8x15
80ODixie Fire Insurance Company. Greensboro, North Carolina. Ink Blotter. 4x9 1/25
81KHartford Fire Insurance Company. Policy. January 15, 1922 to January 15, 1927. Covers the peril of Fire on the Frame building on the North Side of Second Street, Hancocks Bridge, New Jersey.1
82OCaledonian Insurance Co. of Scotland. Ink Blotter. 9 1/2x4.2
83TNational Liberty Insurance Company of America. Advertising Thermometer. 5 inches squared at bottom. 4 inches high at top.37
84OMetropolitan Casualty Insurance Co of New York. Plate Glass Policy. May 20, 1923 to May 20, 1924.1
85OTravelers Insurance Company. Certificate of Policy Period Extension of Owners, Landlords and Tenants Public Liability Policy. March 5, 1928 to March 5, 1929.1
86OAetna Life Insurance Company, Hartford, Conn. General Liability Policy. Policy Period is December 20, 1922 to December 20, 1923. Pink Paper.1
87OAdvertising Ink Blotter. Casualty Company of America.4
88OPhoenix Insurance Company of Hartford, Conn. Standard Fire Insurance Policy. Policy Period June 2, 1911 to June 2, 1912 for Damage by Fire.2
89KAmerican Fire Department Box that originally contained a puzzle of a fire truck. Only thing remaining is the box and brochure by Milton Bradley Co. circa 1970.Pass
90YCeramic Plate. The Fire Mark Circle 1934 - 1994. Mustard Color Glazing wtih Dark Brown Lettering. Fire Mark of the Friendly Society (BU512) in the Center of Plate. On back says 1 of 25.17
91BBook. Things Phoenix 1782-1982. Phoenix Assurance Bicentenary. 80 pages.10
92BBook. Historical Collection of Insurance Company of North America. 1792-1967. by M.J. McCosker. Published 1967. 213 pages.7
93BSoft Back Book. Laughter at Lloyd's by H.M. Bateman. 20 pages.1
94BBook. Cincinnati Equitable Insurance Company. Oldest Fire Insurance Company West of the Alleghenies. by Clyde Park. Published 1954. 196 pages.2
95KKansas City Life Insurance Co., Kansas City, Missouri. Advertising Pencil. Brass. Tip pulls off to Reveal Pencil. Eraser at End. 4 inches long.6
96KAvon in Shape of Fire Alarm Box. Spicy After Shave. Empty. 5 inches high.3
97KToy Fire Truck. Made by Matchbox. Model YFE06. 5 inches long.3
98DHanover Insurance Company. New York. Company Plaque. Wood. 13 1/4x11 1/47
99EWe Protect You Sign. Solid Wood. with Reproduction of Westminister Fire Mark BU577. 16x13 1/2. Heavy.15
100LAdvertising Paper Clip. Compliments of German American Insurance Company. New York. 3 inches tall10
101CMillers Mutual Fire Insurance Assn of Ill. Paperweight. 50th Anniversary. 1877 - 1927. Alton, Illinois. On back says "Total Cash Assets Over $1,650,000. Surplus over $925,000.30
102CComplete Insurance Service. Agent for Insurance Co. of North America. Small Brass Sign. 4 1/2x9.18
103QThe Home Insurance Company. New York. In the Middle is "1853" "Home" "1913" Heavy Metal Paperweight. 3 inches in diameter.Duplicate of Lot 39
104KUnited Firemans Insurance Company Reproduction Fire Mark. Oval. Cast Iron. Heavy. 11 1/8x8 5/8.10
105ZPresentation Gavel. Engraved Plate says "Presented to Fire Marshal. Lloyd G. Ryan. Preident. Fire Marshals Assn of. North America. N.C. Fire Marshals Staff. N.C.P.D. Arson Squad. May 15, 1973." On Gavel is "Fire Marshal. Lloyd G. Ryan. May 15, 1973." with original box.Pass
106QLetter Opener. Robert E. Fabian. Real Estate, Insurance. 1707 N. Fifteenth Street, Philadelphia. Same Writing on Reverse Side.2
107QLetter Opener. Brass. Arthur K. King. The Travelers. Chestnut 8100. Northing on Reverse Side.1
108QLetter Opener. Also 6 inch Ruler. Brass. Plan Your Future Income With J. Atkins Parker, mgr. Provident Mutual Life. GA 3890.Pass
109QGlass Mug. 18th Annual Convention Oct. 4-7 1990. Gift from FMCA Convention. Toledo/Van Wert. 3 3/4 inches high.1
110JCornwells Fire Co. 1. 1915 Plaque. Fire Engine in Middle. The Artcaster 19438 on back. 10 3/8x8 3/85
111JFire Association of Philadelphia. Reproduction Fire Mark. 10 3/4x6 7/8.10
112JFarmers Mutual, Flemington, New Jersey. 1856. Plaque. Armetale - Pewter like. Made by Wilton. 11 inches in diameter. On back says Limited Edition 331 of 500. Heavy.4
113KWashington Fire Insurance Co. of New York. Insurance Policy. Loss by Fire. 10th day of July 1872 to 10th day of July 1873. No Rips. No discoloration. Great Condition.12
114KContinental Insurance Company Policy. Safety Fund Policy. Fire Policy. First September 1884 to First September 1887. No rips, discloration. Great Condition for its age.7
115KAdvertising Calendar. E. S. Olson Insurance Agency. Duluth, Minn. Gold background with Black Lettering. 15x10.2
116ZHartford Insurance Company Playing Cards with Case. On Front "N.A.I.W. 16th Annual Convention. Philadelphia 1967. Hartford Fire Insurance Group.6
117ERoyal Exchange Assurance. Reproduction Fire Mark of BU625 - BU631.. Metal. 7 1/8x6 1/8.Pass
118AABook. Securing Our Heritage - A Canadian Review. Published by Reed, Shaw & McNaught. 28 pages. No publication date found.Pass
119AAThe Andover Companies - 1828. Plate. Armetale Material - Like Pewter on Outside. Ceramic Circular on Bottom with List of Companies and their dates they began. Made by Wilton Companies. 11 inch diameter.4
120KHartford Fire Ins. Co. Chartered 1810 Reproduction Fire Mark of BU71. On Back says "An authentic Reproduction of the Hartford Fire Mark First Issued circa 1840." Tin. 5x 9 1/8.15
121KPresto Co3 Fire Extinguisher. Stops Fire in One Second. Price $2.00. Presto Chemical Co., Chicago, Ill. Paper torn in back. 7 1/8 tallx3 1/2 diameter.4
122K2 - Columbus Life and General Insurance Treasury Notes for 25 cents and 75 cents. Believe it is reproduction.40
123PPamphlet. Connecticut Fire Ins. Co., Hartford, CT. 100th Anniversary 1850-1950. 6 pages.1
124PEagle Point Fire Insurance Company Policy. Covering Dwelling and Barn and Furniture and Hay and Livestock against Loss or Damage by Fire or Lightning to Home in Bloomer, Wisconsin. 18 day of Oct 1912 to 18 day of Oct 1917. Good condition but some rips at the folds.1
125PThe Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Bradford, Lee County, Illinois. Insurance Policy covering Dwelling House, Barn, and other items. Loss by Fire and Loss or Damage by Lightning.1
126PPamphlet. An Act to Incorporate the Washington Insurance Comany of Philadelphia. Passed April 19th, 1838. Printed 1838. 8 pages.6
127PFire Association of Philadelphia Policy. Covers House, Household Goods, Barn and Contents from June 11, 1942 to June 11, 1945 located at 620 East Main Street, Amboy, Illinois. Covers the Perils of Fire and Windstorm.6
128PUnited Firemens Insurance Company of Philadelphia. Perpetual Policy. Covering Brick Building at Philadelphia, Penna. Policy issued Eighteenth day of November, 1884. Covers the Peril of Fire. Attached as part of the policy is a Ledger with the Dates of Transfer of the Policy with listings from June 27, 1885 - first listing - to August 28, 1922 as last listing. Attached to front of policy is endorsement adding coverage for the Peril of Lightning and covering from October 8, 1923 to October 8, 1924. Good condition - some yellowing of paper.12
129PWestchester Fire Insurance Company Policy. Covers Loss or Damage by Fire to House and Household Furniture, etc. in Rock Island, Ill. Expires Aug 19th 1885. Good condition. No Rips.8
130JInsured Home New York. Reproduction Fire Mark on Solid Wood. 10x7 for Wood Backing. Fire Mark is 8x5 1/4.10
131JBritish Oak Insurance Co., Ltd Agency Plaque/Sign. Lightweight Tin on Pressed Board. 6x92
132KBuffalo Better-Built Fire Extinguisher. Copper with painted metal casing. Manufactured by Buffalo Fire Appliance Corporation, Buffalo, Ohio. No. C-46863413
133KPenn Fire Insurance Company Reproduction Fire Mark of BU149. Metal. 8 1/4x8 1/825
134KTetco Junior Fire Extinguisher. Metal?? Container. 5 3/4 tall x2 5/8 diameter.10
135KMaryland Casualty Company Small Paperweight. 2 1/2 inch diameter. Reverse side says "Waterloo Insurance Agency, 515 Lafayette Street, Waterloo, Iowa."8
136KRed Glass Grenade with Original Holder. Full. Red Comet Fire Extinguisher Sticker on Grenade. 9 1/2 inches tall with Holder.8
137KLittle Fireman Bubble Bath. Bath Tub Ring Extinguisher. Red with White Lettering and Top. In Shape of Fire Extinguisher. 5 5/8 tall.5
138KPamphlet. Old Fire Marks by W. Emmert Swigart. Printing April, 1946. 15 pages.2
139KBook. Martinique Flood of Fire and Burning Rain. The Greatest Horror of Modern Times. By General Samuel A McAlister and Col. Louis Ayme. Copyright, 1902. 512 pages.3
140KBook. Our National Calamity of Fire, Flood and Tornado. by Logan Marshall. Published 1913. 352 pages.5
141MOhio Farmers Companies. Plaque. Original Wood Frame. Sign has Light Blue and Dark Blue Background with Gold Lettering. Company Emblem and Date in White. 15x62
142FTwo Pieces of Paper. 1. Litchfield Mutual Fire Insurance Company Application. Covering a Dwelling and Barn for 3 years for $1000 from Oct 13, 185?. 2. Sheet of paper stating by insured that the articles or commodities known as Flutes Fifiy LB manufactured by J. Firth L Hall...during the period commencing on the first day of September 4, 1862 and ending on the 30th day of September, 1862 and 31st day of October as made, been removed, carried...from the premises where manufactured... Dated at Litchfield this 4th day of November 1862.7
143FLitchfield Mutual Fire Insurance Company Policy. Three Year policy from 1 day of Aug 1894 to 1 day of Augu 1897, at noon. Against direct loss or damage by fire. Covers House, Furniture and Clothing, Barn Hay, Grain on locaton in application on file. Very good condition. No tears. Small Stain on Front of Policy. No other discoloring on either pages of policy.12
144ISmall Metal Holder. 2 1/2x1 3/4. Front says Telegraph this Number 167449 to the Loyal Protective Insurance Co. Boson, Mass. They Will Notify My Friends. On Back says To Identify Me Follow Instructions on the Other Side.2
145KSpanner Wrench used by firemen to connect/disconnect the couplings where lengths of fire house are joined. Heavy Metal.12
146KSpanner Wrench used by firemen for the fire hose. After a fire, the hose had to be taken apart to roll them up and dry them out. The wrench would be used to slide over the lugs to provide leverage to loosen or tighten the couplings. Heavy Metal.4
147ESecurity Insurance Company of New Haven. New Haven, Connecticut. 1873-1965. Variant of 348 in Sign Book. Brown Solid Wood with Gold Lettering outlined in Red. No Frame. 24x1510
148ESign. Invincible Policies Limited. London. Tin. Green and Black Background with Yellow, White, Green and Red Lettering. 20x9 3/835
149KYellow Mug Shaped as a Fire Hydrant with a Lid. O.C.V.F.A. Annual Convention. 1981. Orange County, Chester, N.Y. 7 inches tall.3
150KGlass Mug. Independence Fire Co. South Blooming Grove Fire District. Blooming Grove, N.Y. 1st Anniversary 1974. 6 1/4 inches tall.2
151ENotary Public Small Sign. Bonded by United States Fkidelity and Guaranty Co., Baltimore, MD. 8 x 3 1/4.14
152EBaltimore Equitable Society Reproduction Fire Mark of BU61. On back of Mark is William Spencer, Rancocas Wood, N.J. 8 7/8x9 1/2.20
153SBlack Framed Picture. Poughkeepsies Phoenix Hose No. 1. 8 7/8x6 3/4. 3
154SFramed Picture of Baltimores Chemical Fire Engine. 8 7/8x6 7/8.3
155KFramed and Matted Picture of Burning Building - Barnums American Museum. Fire Protection Art. Number 4. The Bettmann Archive. 13 5/8x16 5/8 including frame. Nicely Framed Picture.10
156KFramed and Matted Picture - Fire Protection Art: Number 3. The Bettmann Archive. Picture of Building Burning. Very Nicely Framed. 16 5/8x13 3/4 including frame.10
157KMonell Engine Co. By-Laws.Washington, New York. 1917.3
158KInsurance Company Ledger of all their policies issued. First entry is Nov 25, 1852. Last entry is December 28, 1860. Appears to be an Ohio Insurance Company. VERY good condition for its age. 11 3/4x18 3/8. Ledger is 2 3/4 inches deep. Very heavy.15
159CPaperweight. The Insurance Co. of the State of Pennsylvania. 1794. Heavy. Pewter or Pewter-like Material. 3 5/8 inches in diameter.32
160TPaperweight. Northern Assurance Company Fire, Life. Capital 3,000,000. DONATED BY P. FABER TO FMCA. ALL PROCEEDS TO FMCA.40