Item ID Description Sold
1APhiladelphia Contributionship Reproduction Fire Mark of Bulau 6. Wood Shield Back - odd shape with clasped hands attached. According to the Seller, this Mark Hung on the Wall of Carpenters Hall for Over 30 Years. 16 3/4x1255
2TRoyal Insurance Company. Reproduction Fire Mark of B891. Composite Material. Green Background. Gold Lettering, border and design with Royal on Red background. 11 1/2x9 5/8.10
3YSun Fire Mark Reproduction of Bulau 552. Lead. 33
4DUnited Firemens Insurance Company. Reproduction Fire Mark of Bulau 310. Heavy Cast Iron. 11 3/4x9 1/4.20
5BBStates Insurance Company of Des Moines, Iowa. Advertising Match Holder. 4 5/8x3 1/4. Dark Blue Background with Red Border and White Lettering. Says: Insures Against Fire, Lightning, Cyclone & Tornado - above the striker. On the side says: The Best is the Cheapest. 55
6EAugusta Insurance & Banking Company. State of Georgia. One Dollar and Two Dollar Currency. The 2 Dollar Bill is dated Dec 10, 1861. 50
7EWestern Exchange Fire & Marine Insurance Co. 3 - Five Dollar Bearer Notes (dated November 2nd, 1857) and 2 - Three Dollar Notes (dated Nov. 2nd 1857). 20
8EFrank Leslies Illustrated Newspaper. New York. 6 pages. Each page is 15 1/2x10 5/8. Two pages are dated August 26 1865. The other 4 pages are dated Dec 30, 1865. Inside the one from Dec 30th, it folds open to make one large page and there are pictures of the New Fire Department for New York. Pass
9GMinimax Fire Extinguisher. Water Type. Manufactured 1951. Heavy. About 29 inches long by 8 inches at widest diameter. 70
10FFGalvanized Fire Bucket. Paint has started to wear off but F I R E is still very visible. 5
11RInsurance Company of North America Reproduction Fire Mark of Bulau 47. Cast Iron. Oval. Very Heavy. 8 1/2x11 1/8. The Back has in Raised Letters - Facsimile of Ins. Co. of N.A. Fire Mark Issued in 1830. 35
12GG1930 Official Auto Trail Guide of Michigan. Presented by Citizens Mutual Automobile IInsurance Company. Very good condition for age. 2
13GGCitizens Mutual Auto Insurance Co. Howell, Michigan. Advertising Mirror. Dark Blue, Mustard and Cream background with White Lettering. Mirror on reverse side in good condition. 8
14EBrass Nozzle. 14 7/8 long. 2 3/8 diameter at biggest section. 22
15RCharleston Fire Insurance Company, Reproduction Fire Mark of Bulau 81. Cast Iron. On back says: Historic Charleston Reproduction by John Wright. 9x7 1/2.40
16YBook: The British Fire Mark Book - 1680 to 1879. by Brian Wright. 30
17ZNational Board of Underwriters Pressure Gauge. Brass. Measuring 4 inches across and 2 inches high. 15
18ZGleason and Bailey Advertising Paper Flier. Makers of Fire Engines and Equipment. These were given out to encourage people to order their catalog. circa 1860s or 1870s. 3 1/2x5 3/4. 30
19ZAetna Insurance Company Leather Presentation Copy dated 1919. 100 year history. 6x9 with 260 pages including pictures. 20
20ZPeter Stuyvesent Statute. Cast Metal. Advertising for the Stuveysant Insurance Company. 5 1/4 highx3 1/2 across base. Old. 20
21SFidelity & Casualty Company. Guarantee Bond. Covers the employer, The First National Bank, in the amount of $5000 against theft by the employee, George Dunning. May 4, 1886 to May 4, 1887.2
22SGerman American Insurance Company Virginia Insurance Policy. December 4, 1906 to December 4, 1907. Also included with the Policy is a Letter to Dr. A. F. Kerr (the assured) from the Insurance Agency (Taylor & Perry) dated December 10, 1906. Both policy and letter have no rips or tears and are in very good condition. 6
23SHartford Fire Insurance Company policy. Fire & Transportation Automobile Policy. Covers a 1918 Franklin Roadster. August 9th 1922 to August 9th 1923. 4
24STravelers Insurance Company. Insurance Certificate of Policy Period Extension of Owners, Landlords and Tenants Public Liability Policy. March 5, 1927 to March 5, 1928. 2
25BFulton Insurance Company, New York. Plaque. Dark Brown Composite Wood. 13 1/2x11.7
26CGreat American Insurance Company, New York. Sign. Solid Wood Backing with Black Oval Plaque attached. 15 7/8x14. Small damage on right side edge of black plaque10
27XPhoenix Assurance Company. Reproduction Fire Mark of Bulau 676. 10 1/2x7 7/8. Heavy. 15
28UBostons Engine 38 - A self-propelled Amoskeag Steamer. Picture in a black frame. 8 5/8x6 5/8.7
29ONorthwest Fire and Marine Insurance Company Glass Paperweight. In addition to Company Name etched on bottom is: Compliments of on top and Portland Oregon on the bottom. 50
30EBrown Glass Fire Extinguisher Container made from a Mold. No Liquid. Original Stopper. 12 sided. Bottom says Carrona. 11 3/4x 2 1/8.17
31EAutoFyrStop Co. Grenade Bottle. Clear with liquid still inside. Comes with Metal Holder for Fire Alarm Extinguisher. Both Metal Holder and Grenade Bottle have original stickers from AutoFyrStop Co. Large size. Glass is about 8 3/8 long. About 5 inches wide. 11
32EDuel Glass Grenades - one red (with liquid), one white (no liquid and small hole at very bottom where liquid escaped). Original red holder with Shur Stop etched in middle. Glass Grenades are each approx. 5 1/2 longx4 inches wide. Pass
33EERoyal Reproduction Fire Mark. Tin. 12x9. Pass
34EEWestern Reproduction Fire Mark of Bulau 1150. Tin. 10x6 3/4. 25
35AAMassachusetts Mutual Accident Association. 1893-1908. A unique piece of insurance history. This type of identification badge/tag was worn on a person's suspenders. By telegraphing the number "90153" to the insurance company, the unconscious/dead individual could be identified, help secured and family notified. Used by over a dozen Boston accident insurance companies from the 1880s to the early 1920s. NO SHOW - Hopefully Next Year. No Show
36AWood Miniature. Replica of Bulau 155/156. Montgomery County Mutual Fire Insurance Company. 7 5/8x3 7/8. Painted Black on Front. 50
37TSun Insurance Company. Reproduction Fire Mark. Metal. 9x7 3/4.10
38TUnion and Rhine Insurance Company. Berlin, Germany. Reproduction fire mark of E144A9 3/4x6 7/8. Made by Walter E. Lee Company. Pass
39THartford Fire Insurance Company. Reproduction Fire Mark of Bulau 71. Composite Material. Black with Gold Lettering. 5 1/2x9 1/2.Pass
40FFire Association of Philadelphia Reproduction Fire Mark of Bulau 86-93. 10 3/8x6 5/8. Convex. Back has Fire Assn. of Phila. 3780 engraved on back. Not Cast Iron. 10
41FHome Mutual Reproduction Fire Mark. Repro of Bulau 162. Very Heavy Metal. 9x6 1/2.15
42ZState Farm Insurance Auto Tag/Badge/Bumper Emblem. New Old stock circa 1946-1953. 20
43FUnited Firemens Insurance Company Reproduction Fire Mark of Bulau 313 - 317. 8 1/2x11. Engraved on back is Union Fire Ins. Co. 1800 - 3790. Not Cast Iron. 15
44FLiberty Insurance Auto Tag/Badge. Mounted on Wood Base. Base is 6 1/4x4 3/8.15
45FBrass Nozzle. Huge and Heavy. 10 3/4 long. 3 1/4 diameter of nozzle at big end - 4 7/8 long when you add the brass grips to the measurement. No markings. 25
46EAmerican Fire Engines. Book. by Hans Halberstadt. Published 1993. 192 pages. 12
47ENew York Fire Department - Examination Questions. 2 Books Vol. 1 and Vol 2. by J. W. Heffernan. Vol. 1 and 2 - Published 1929.Pass
48EFootprints of Assurance Book. by Alwin Bulau. The Bible for the fire mark collector. Published in 1953.30
49EGerman Fire Marks Book by William Evenden. Published 1989. 361 pages. 70
50EAmerican Fire Engines, Since 1900. Book. by Walter McCall. Published 1976. pages are not numbered but there are many. 15
51YKent Fire Insurance Company. Reproduction Fire Mark. Lead. 33
52AFire Association of Philadelphia Reproduction Miniature Fire Mark of Bulau 83-93. Attached to Thick Wood Piece. 4 7/8x3 1/2. - fire mark is 1 1/4x2 3/8,25
53AStar Insurance Company Memo Pad Paper Holder. Fiftieth Anniversary. 1896 - 1946. Brass. Original Paper in Paper Holder. 20
54ABean Bag Advertising Piece. The Franklin Fire Insurance Company. Lombard 4583 written on both sides. Dark Green with Gold Lettering. 3 1/2x2 3/4. Very good condition for age - no rips. 25
55AParcel Post Insurance Small Sign. Brass. Insurance co. of North America. Capital $4,000,000. 4 3/8x8 7/8.75
56AHome Insurance Paperweight. Heavy Glass. Front says: Insured - Home - New York. Reverse Side Says: Presented to Paul H. Kuntz in recognition of Twenty Five Years Continuous Service The Home Insurance Company. December 15, 1965. Original Case Included. 30
57ANorfolk Mutual Fire Ins. Co. Letter Opener. Dedham, Mass. Reverse Side says: Norfold Mutual Fire Ins. Co. One-Hundredth Anniversary. 1825 - Dedham, Mass - 1925. 11
58AGreat American Insurance Company, New York. Advertising Mirror. Fiftieth Anniversary. 1872 Capital $1,000,000 -$1922 Capital $10,000,000. Mirror on Back. 17
59AFiremans Fund Ins. Co. Paperweight. Metal. On back says: A Leader in Dwelling Fire since 1863 (with Firemans Fund Emblem on top). 3 3/8x2 5/8. 15
60AInk Well and Stand (one piece) with Pen Holder. Inkwell says The Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Company, Ltd. At bottom of stand says: 1848 - 75 Years in the U.S.A. - 1923. Brass. 25
61APaperweight. The Franklin Fire Insurance of Philadelphia - 1829 on front with picture of Benjamin Franklin. On back is: Greetings to the Poor Richard Club from the Franklin Fire Insurance Co, Elbridge G. Snow., President. January 17, 1920. Copper Color Metal. Heavy for its size. 20
62GCentury of Achievement, 1849-1949. In Which the Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Company recounts the Story of a Century of Constant Devotion to Protection against Loss by Fire and Other Perils. Published 1949. 66 pages. 20
63PHistorical Collection of Insurance Company of North America. 1792-1967. Book. by M.J. McCosker. Published 1967. 213 pages. 8
64OLitchfield Mutual Fire Insurance Co Insurance Policy. Litchfield, Conn. Covers the peril of Fire only. Policy Period is October 29, 1870 to October 29, 1873. No tears or rips. Very good condition for age. 4
65OFarm Insurance written in the Continental Insurance Company. Sign. Pressed Board with Silver Sticker covering the entire front. 10 1/4x8 1/47
66OHail Insurance Sign. Henry Clay Fire Insurance Company. Wood Frame. 14 5/8x11 5/820
67GCincinnati Equitable Insurance Company. Book. by Clyde Park. Published 1954. 196 pages. 5
68GSigns of Insurance Book. by Edward Tufts and Lynne Leopold-Sharp. Published 1991 by the Fire Mark Circle of the Americas. Out of Print Now. 40
69GColor Prints of Early American Fire Engines. With original packaging. 8 prints 8 3/8x5 1/2. Not Framed. On bottom of each print is Copyright 1952 by Autoprints, N.Y.8
70GFire Engines Firefighters Book. Men, Equipment and Machines from Colonial Days to the Present. By Paul Ditzel. Published 1976. 256 pages. Very good condition. Original price $19.95.5
71GPhiladelphia Contributionship 230th Annual Report 1982. Pamphlet. 32 pages. 2
72GEnjine Enjine A Story of Fire Protection. Soft Covered Book. Published 1980 for the Home Insurance Company. Lots of pictures of old fire engines and fire marks. 66 pages.5
73OMaryland Casualty Company. Advertising Mirror. McManus & Company, Inc. Hartford, Conn. Phone No. 2-2201 - 2-2202. Mirror on Back. 4
74OMutual Life Insurance Company of New York. Advertising Mirror. Company Name and First in America in Black with Building on Gold Background. Mirror on Reverse Side. Pass
75YPaperback Book. Feuer-Versichert. Book on German Fire Marks in German. By William Evenden. 1984. And Shire Album10
76ANorthern Assurance Co., Ltd of London. Tip Tray or Ashtray. Brass. 100th Anniversary 1836 - 1936. In the Middle says Have You Thought of The Northern ToDay. Around the outside are Northern fire marks and pumpers. 5 inch diameter.45
77AFranklin Fire Insurance Company Plaque. Pressed Wood. 12 1/4x9 1/415
78DDNorwich Union Fire Insurance Society Limited Burlwood Plaque. 13x11 3/4. Some damage to bottom right of plaque. Pass
79AHartford Fire Insurance Company Small Sign. Brass. Top has Hartford Emblem - the Stag. Bottom says: This Agency has Represented the Hartford Fire Insurance Company with Distinction since 1909. 8 7/8x6 1/8.20
80OLitchfield Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Litchfield, Conn. One Page Application dwelling and furniture covering the peril of fire only. Dated May 15, 1856. No rips or tears. Very good condition for its age. 3
81HFarm Bureau Auto Tag/Badge. Southern Insurance. 37
82HMilwaukee Auto Tag Badge. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 30
83EHarmonia Fire Insurance Company. Stock Certificate. Buffalo, New York. Five Shares of Capital Stock. Dated Twenty Second day of August, 1930. Pass
84ETwo paper items. 1. Germania Fire Insurance Company Letterhead - dated May 16, 1887. 2. Aldred Neafie Agency Stamp - dated 4-7-1887 - sent with Commercial Union Assurance Policy #100708. See other picture for reverse side. Pass
84EPicture of Letter sent with Commercial Union Assurance Co. policy. 1887. Both paper items in this lot.Pass
85EThe Boston Globe. A Century of New England News Photos. Published September 10, 1978. 79 pages. Softbound. The front and back cover is a picture of "Firemen speed through Bostons old Scollay Square to an 1894 fire, as depicted in Globe illustration printed on New England first newspaper color press." 3
86EEFarmers Mutual Auto Tag. Tin. 4 1/2x3. 20
87EPyrene Heavy Duty Type Fire Extinguisher by FYR-Fyter Company. Long Cylinder. Brass with Plate. 17 1/2 long x 3 1/2. Metal Plate has come loose - needs to be reglued. 5
88ERed Glass Grenade - empty with small hole in bottom - with metal holder. No company manufacturer on holder. 5 1/2x5 1/2 with grenade in holderPass
89ESpanner Wrench. Used by firemen to connect/disconnect the fire hose couplings. Heavy metal. 3
90Z1902 Continental Fire Insurance Calendar. 8 1/4x9 3/4 with scene of General Stark and Battle of Bennington, Vermont. Complete pad of months. Some edge roughness (111 years old). 11
91ZFire Collage, Composition fire theme photo frame. 6x7. 8
92ZHarpers Magazine Bound Volume. From June - November, 1877. 952 pages with a 14 page article, The Life of a NY Fireman. Heavily illustrated throughout. Great firefighting illustrations. 15
93ZAegon Miniature Home Office Building. Made by Delft Blue in Holland. Given to Aegon employees in 1995. 5.5 inches widex4 inches diameter x2 inches high. Pass
94ZWirt Wilson and Company - Insurance, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Painted Brass Paper Clip. Approximately 2 1/2 inches square. Spring is still strong. Back is blank. Nice Patina.15
95ZGerman American Insurance Co. New York, New York. Aluminum Paper Clip. Dates to before 1917 when the Company became the Great American. German American Building is shown on the back. 2 1/2 x 2 1/4. Spring is still strong. 12
96EHartford Fire Insurance Co. Envelope. Dated July 21, 1867. 2
97W5 Items. Westchester Fire Ins. Ink Blotter, State Surety Company Notary Public unused Sticker, Country Companies unused sticker, Time is Money advertising piece, Samson Auto Insurance Assn. Advertising piece on why you should have Liability and Property Insurance. 2
98WRockford Insurance Company Policy. Covers Wind-storms, Cyclones or Tornadoes only. May 18, 1897 to May 18, 1900. No rips, tears or stains. 3
99WJ.M.Wilson Corporation Plate. 10 1/2 inch diameter. Pass
100AThe Home Insurance Company New York Paperweight. Brass. In middle says 1853 -Home - 1913. 2 7/8 inches diameter. 22
101AHamilton County Mutual Fire Insurance Co. Paperweight. Established 1858, 12th and Walnut Sts., Cincinnati, Ohio. Round. Copper Color Metal with Green Felt on Back. 25
102HGoodville Mutual Casualty Co., Goodville, PA. Auto Tag. Auto Badge. 2 3/4 in diameter for Tag/Badge and 4 3/4 inches long with original attachment. 10
103HThe Home Insurance Company, New York. Advertising Piece. Protective Leather Cover with Drinking Cup that Expands. 18
104HMaryland Casualty metal paperweight. 2 1/4 diameter. 40th Anniversary 1898 - 1938 on front, Hollis Realty Co. Phone No. 2 on back. 7
105HLetter Opener. Brass. 6 inch ruler also. Frank G. Taylor - Insurance for Every Need - Phone 738 - Salem, ILL engraved on Letter Opener. Nothing on reverse side.4
106YZurich Authorized Representative Sign. Pass
107HNorthwestern Underwriters Auto Tag. Auto Badge. 2 3/4 inch diameter. Color is faded. 20
108HI Davenport & Co. Advertising. Below Name says All Kinds of Insurance. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. No. 475. Below that is a Calendar for 1932 starting with April (Jan, Feb and March are missing). To the right is a thermometer. 7 1/8x5 1/4. Heavy Cardboard with Pebbled Stone Look on Front. 2
109GBrass Firemens Nozzle. 12 inches long. 2 1/8 inch diameter at big end. No markings on Nozzle.12
110GPhiladelphia Contributionship for the Insurance of Houses from Loss by Fire. 1996 Annual Report to Policyholders. Pamphlet. 28 pages. Pass
111GThirty Years on the Line Book. by Leo Stapleton. Signed by Author. Published in 1983. Book about fire fighting in the City of Boston from the 1950s to the 1980s. 279 pages. 6
112BU.S.F & G Shield Shaped Plaque. Wood. 11x12 1/4.12
113BHome Insurance Company New York Plaque. Pressed Wood. 11 3/4 diameter10
114UClevelands Silsby Steamer Picture with Black Frame. 6 1/2x 8 5/8.Pass
115DDSign. Commercial Mutual Accident Company of Philadelphia. Tin. Dark Blue Background with Cream Letering. Manufactured by Sentenne & Green. 13 3/8x9 5/8. No Frame. Lightweight. 8
116DDM F Di Co. Reproduction Fire Mark. Red Fire Helmet with Gold Shield and Gold Lettering on Black Composite Material. 30
117DDCommercial Union. Hand in Hand Society. 1997. Decorative Plate. Fired on back of plate is: Designed exclusively for Commercial Union by Tiffany & Co. Limited Edition. 10 5/8 diameter. Gold Lettering and Edge with Cobalt Blue on Sides of Plate and Hand in Hand Fire Mark in Center in Light Blue. No damage to plate. Pass
118DDG. El Scourtis General Insurances S.A. Plate. Back has "Hand-Made by Icarosrhodes Greece" fired on plate. No damage to plate. 12 inch diameter. Plate has gold lettering with red and blue flowers with light green leaves on rim. Some Greek Letters in Gold in Middle. Pass
119DDRoyal-Globe is There. Feb. 7, 1904. Paper Magazine Advertisement depicts a major fire that gutted over 70 blocks in the heart of Baltimore. Ad is 13 3/8x10 on cardboard and sealed for protection. 3
120EOld Fire Marks Pamphlet. by W. Emmert Swigart. 15 pages. Published in April, 1946. 10
121CCAllied Insurance NASCAR Racing Car. New in Box. Car is about 8 inches long by 3 inches wide. Box is 9 3/4x4 3/4. Dale, Jr. on front of car. 6
122ECharter and ByLaws for the Monmouth Mutual Fire Insurance Company. Monmouth, Maine. Dated 1952. Paper opens up and last page is application for policy to cover fire - dated June 21, 1853. 3
123EDaniel Boone, Great American Pioneer. Booklet. Published by John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company. Published 1923. 6x4 1/2. 3
124EJohn Hancock, Great American Patriot. Booklet. Published by John Hancock Insurance Company in 1927. 4 1/2x6.3
125EBenjamin Franklin Booklet. 6/4 1/2. John Hancock Life Insurance Company Published 1938.5
126KFarm Bureau Mutual Ins. Co. Inc. Auto Tag - Auto Badge. Kansas in bold letters in middle with sunflower pedals around it. 38
127KINA - Insurance by North America. Playing Cards. Original Box included. 2
128KAn Evolving Concern - Technology, Safety and The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company. 1866 - 1991. Book. Never been opened - still has protective cover over book so do not know when published or how many pages. 8
129GHardback Book. Still Flying and Nailed to the Mast. The First Hundred Years of the Firemans Fund Insurance Company. by William Bronson. Published 1963. 192 pages. 8
130AFire Mark Coasters. 6 different British Fire Marks - one on each coaster. Coaster is 4 5/8x3 1/8. Original Box that says With Compliments of Brian Sharp Insurance. 8
131QPearl Assurance Company Plaque. Burwood. 7
132QBook. Men against Fire. The Story of the National Fire Protection Association. 1896 - 1971. By Percy Bugbee. Published 1971. 188 pages. Pass
133GLaw Fire Insurance Society, Chancery-Land, London. Policy with Envelope for same policy number. Fire policy on dwelling. Policy period is 5th day of August 1858 to 29th day of September 1859. No rips or stains. 6
134GAnchor Insurance Company. Fire Policy. London, England. Covering the policy period from Midsummer 1857 to Midsummer 1858. (wow I would love to see an insurance company use those dates today - the legal department would sure have trouble at the time of a claim.) No tears or stains.10
135THome Insurance Company. Reproduction Fire Mark. Wood Back with Oval Material that says Insurance Home Companies. 9 1/2x6 5/810
136TPlaque. Fire Helmet in center with F.D. 9 on shield. Bottom says Security 1879. Pressed Wood. 6 1/4x6 5/87
137GAmerican Fire Marks. Soft-bound Book. The Insurance Company of North America Collection. Published 1933. 133 pages. Slight Damage on Lower Binding of Booklet. 15
138EAttleboro Mutual fire Insurance Company. Farm Insurance Policy covering the Dwelling, Furniture, Barns and Hay. Covers Fire and Lightning. April 1, 1908 to April 1, 1913. No rips, tears or stains. 2
139ENiagara Fire Insurance Company. Policy. Covering Loss or Damage by Fire from March 1, 1863 to March 1, 1866. Damage to inside first page of policy. A small section is missing. 3
140ERoyal Insurance Company Policy. Automobile Policy. Covering a 1911 Henry 714 Runabout from May 22, 1911 to May 22, 1912. No rips or stains. 2
141VLumbermans Insurance Company. Reproduction Fire Mark of B442. Cast Iron. 9x9.10
142EFire Extinguisher. Copper. 23 1/2 inches tall. Front says, First Aid, W. D. Allen Mfg. Co., Chicago, U.S.A. Plus Directions for Charging. Nothing on back. 10
143EFire Extinguisher. Metal. 23 1/2 tall. Rough Rider Model DS., American-LaFrance and Foamite Corporation on front along with directions to charge. Original Hose and Nozzle still attached. 25
144NAetna Life & Casualty Advertising Mirror. See the Problem-Solver on the other side. The reverse side is a mirror. 3 1/4 inch diameter. Pass
145MHome Mutual Insurance Co. of Pennsylvania. Glass Paperweight. 100th Anniversary, 1882 - 1982. Appears to be a sticker on black background inside a glass paperweight. 2
146ETwo Glass Acid Bottles. Each are 6 inches high x 2 inches wide. Both have Acid Line etched on bottle. Left one is clear with no damage. Right one has two spots of damage on rim lip. Pass
147LDonegal and Conoy Mutual Fire Ins. Co. Marietta, PA. Letter Opener. Brass. Nothing on back. 4
148IAlexander Howden. 150 Years of Shipping & Insurance. Booklet. Written in 1977 by Alexander Howden Group Limited, London. 22 pages 4
149IHome Insurance Company. Annual Review/1971. To Home Producers and Members of The Home Staff. 16 page Pamphlet. Pass
150JUnited States Fidelity and Guaranty Company. Birmingham Educational Meeting 1987 Tip Tray. Pewter? 5 3/4 diameter. 5
151DDNo More Items in Silent Auction. Bid Higher