Item ID Description Sold
1KRed Fire Engine with Ladder. American LaFrance Die-Cast Minature Model Toy of 1951 Fire Engine. Doors to Cab Open. 15 1/2 long x3 inches wide.31
2QRoyal Insurance Company, Liverpool, England. Reproduction Fire Mark of Bulau 891. Metal. Green and Red Background with Gold lettering. 10
3CHartford Fire Insurance Company Replica Fire Mark of Bulau 71. On back is printed in the mark - An authentic reproduction of the Hartford fire mark first issued circa 1840. Black background with Gold lettering. 9x4 3/4. 15
4FAtlas Assurance Company, London, England. Reproduction Fire Mark issued by the company only in the U.K. Circa 1920s to 1940s. 20
5CYorkshire Insurance Company Reproduction Fire Mark of Bulau 855. Metal. 9 3/8x7. 16
6BBelt Buckle - Brass. Americas Heros Fire Dept. New York. Old Steam Engine with four Firemen pulled by two horses.3 3/4x2 5/8.6
7BHandcrafted Box with Cross Stitch of Fire Pumper and F I Co. by LJ Hedges for FMCA Convention 1981, Philadelphia 1981 inside the box. 3 5/8x2 5/83
8LCigna Companies. Crystal Memento, made by Tiffany & Co., for work on Two Liberty Place move. Original Box. 4
9BPhoenix Insurance Company, Hartford, Conn. Stock Certificate #A 4617. Issued May 12, 1953. 40 shares. 6
10CSun Insurance Office. Reproduction Fire Mark of Bulau 556. Metal. 7 inches in diameter. Black background with red circular inset background. Gold lettering, border and Raised Sun. 13
11CFire Association of Philadelphia. Reproduction Fire Mark of Bulau 90. Lightweight Metal. 9 3/4x8.10
12CNew Castle Mutual Insurance Company Reproduction Fire Mark of Bulau XX. 6 1/4x8 1/8. Composite material. Handcrafted by Walter E. Lee Company. 20
13LCIGNA memento to recognize the merger between INA and Connecticut General on April 7, 1982. Heavy Metal. 2 1/4 diameter. Original box with small paper explaining. 3
14LBook. Catalogue of The Green Tree Collection. by Anthony Garvan and Carol Wojtowicz. Published by the Mutual Assurance Company, 1977. 164 pages. 40
15LBook. The Historical Collection of the Insurance Company of North America. Copyright 1945. 176 pages. Pass
16KPhiladelphia Contributionship Reproduction Fire Mark of Bulau 21. Metal. Made by William Spencer, Rancocas Woods, N.J. 10 3/8x9.16
17CMutual Assurance Company Reproduction Fire Mark of Bulau 40. (Squatty Green Tree). Composite Material. 7 5/8x7 7/8.22
18KAdrian Insurance Company. $1, $2, and $3 Notes (one of each) issued by company. According to an article included with these notes - In business in Michigan from 1834 to 1865 but they never issued an insurance policy. 35
19BFire Engine Cards with Envelopes and Post Cards. Post Cards are from the Hall of Flame, Phoenix, AZ and Cards is in the Original Box by Lynn Campbell, circa 1976 - reproductions from the mural "The Last Alarm"6
20DFire Mark/Sign Reproduction of Double Decker Hand Pumper on Firemens Insurance Company fire marks - Bulau 114 - 117. Metal painted black with gold and red on edge and raised pumper. 9 1/2x8 7/8. 15
21DEagle Hose Reproduction Fire Mark of I.N.A. Lightweight Metal. 11 1/4x8 3/8. On back of mark is Eagle Hose Co. Pass
22DAdvertising Paper Clip. Northwest Loan & Trust Co., Spokane, Wash. Bottom of Clip shows the Companies Represented including Hanover Fire, Michigan Fire & Marine, Norwich Union Fire, Casualty Company of America. 30
23DMAICo Auto Tag. Mounted on Wood. Silver around edge with Silver lettering. Blue background with red oval background. Insured by Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. Town of Herman. 15
24DFarm Bureau Auto Tag. Mounted on wood plaque. Silver Background with Lettering in silver. Red and Blue also as background. Tag is 3 3/8 diameter.8
25DHarleysville Mutual Casualty Auto Tag. Mounted on Wood. Silver lettering on black background. Tag is 4 1/2x4.15
26JBook. Footprints of Assurance. by Alvin Bulau. Published 1952. 319 pages. The "bible" for fire mark collectors. 18
27AEver-Ready Fire Extinguisher. Dry Powder Form. Made by the Boston Chemical Co. Never Opened. 7
28DNiagara Fire Insurance Co. New York. Small Sign. Brass. 7 7/8x3 7/8. Black background with Brass Colored Lettering and Border. 25
29SCentral Fire Insurance Co. of Baltimore. Cobalt Blue Ashtray. 12
30DOur National Calamity of Fire, Flood and Tornado. Book. by Logan Marshall. Copyright 1913. 320 pages. Pass
31LBiography of a Business. 1792 - 1942. Insurance Company of North America. Book. by Marquis James. Copyright 1942. 431 pages. 7
32TAuto Tag. Economy Auto Insurance. Freeport, Ills. 20
33HUnited Firemens Insurance Company. Reproduction Fire Mark of Bulau 313 or 314. Heavy Cast Iron. 11 3/4x9.Pass
34BAmerican Fire Marks, Modern - Spurious - Reproductons. by Albert Wills 1974. Softcover Book. 56 pages. 20
35TAuto Tag. State Automobile Insurance. Des Moines. 30
36BOunces of Prevention. Franklin & Fires. Pamphlet. Published 1976. 29 pages. 10
37BProudly We Say. The Hanover Fire Insurance Company, 1852 - 1952. Book. Published 1952. 83 pages. 25
38KBook. The San Francisco Earthquate. Copyright 1971.316 pages. 10
39KShur-Stop - Automatic Fireman on the Wall. Holder for Grenade. With original advertising plate. 3
40NHartford Fire Ins. Co Advertising Ruler and Paper Cutter. Losses Paid $110,000,000. Orange with Black Lettering. 9
41NPaperweight. Picture of Bell House of First Ladies Seminary, Betheleham, Pa. I.N.A. Copper Eagle Fire Mark on Building over Doorway5
42NPaperweight. The American Fire, Philadelphia. Eagle in Middle. Lettering and Eagle etched in White. Taller than most Paperweights. Some nicks on glass. 20
43NPaperweight. Northern Assurance Company Fire Life in Red and Black Etched Lettering.20
44BPocket Account Book. Insurance Company of North America. 1905 and 1906 Calendars inside. Pass
45KA Fire In The House. By Brian Wright. Pamphlet. A dramatic account of the fire which destroyed the Houses of Parliament in October 1834. 12 pages. 5
46KThe Cumberland Mutual Fire Insurance Company. 1844 - 1969. Pamphlet. 48 pages. 3
47KUnited States Firemen Photo - in a gold frame. 15
48KThe Great Boston Fire - 1872. Soft-covered book. 55 pages. 2
49TAuto Tag. National Automobile Club. Copper. 30
50KHeavy Metal Paperweight. NY and Fire Helmet with VF in middle surrounded by fire hose. 3 3/4 wide. 20
51KBook. The Romance of Firefighting. by Robert Holzman. published 1956. 209 pages. over 300 pictures. Pass
52KBook. Orange County Firemen In-Service. Orange County, New York. Published June 6, 1976. 172 pages. 2
53KGood Luck Wall Hanging. Heavy Metal. Horseshoe witih Eagle on top. Good Luck in the middle with Hands shaking. 5
54KAuto Badge - Tag. La Mutuelle du Mans. Incendie. 9
55KAuto Badge - Tag. Standard Protection Company Insurance. 8
56KBook. Reception on the Occasion of the Formation of the United Americas Insurance Company. New York. December 4, 1978. Put together by Duncanson & Holt, Inc. the Reinsurance Manager for the new reinsurance market. Pass
57KBook. As You Pass By. by Kenneth Dunshee. History of Manhattan with lots and lots of pictures. published 1952. 278 pages 7
58KManhattan Fire and Marine Insurance Company. Insurance Plaque. Composite Cherry Color Wood. 12 1/4x11 3/4. 8
59KCooper Insurance Company. Dayton, O. Insurance policy. Three years expiration of February 20, 1906. Fire and Lightning for Ridgeway Residence of M G Combs. Ridgeway, Ohio. 10
60KLiverpool and London and Globe Insurance Company. Standard Fire Insurance Policy. Three year policy that expired January 28, 1928. Covered Household Furniture at Borough of Brooklyn, City of New York. Very good condition - no rips 7
61KBond. Jacob Van Buskirk and Jerminma Van Buskirk of Bergen, New Jersey are bound to the Hackensack Exempt Firemens Relief Association for $6000. Five years from July 8, 1916 to July 8, 1921. Rip on inside of bond. 5
62KContinental Insurance Company Safety Fund Policy. Covering the dwelling in Port Fermis N.Y. for loss or damage by Fire. Three year policy from October 14 1884 to October 14, 1887. Very Good Condition. No rips. 5
63GHome Insurance Company, New York. Trade Card. On reverse side is calendar from July 1878 to December 1878. Shows Cash Capital of $3,000,000 and Total Assets of $6,180,873.16. Very good condition. 2
64GFarmers Insurance Co. Installment Note No. 23840. 3rd Reminder notice to Ben Henry Redekin, Esq. that the installment premium on the Policy was due on first day of March 1874. The Paper is dated May 1, 1874 from Freeport, Ill. Very good condition. 2
65GRockford Farmers District Mutual Tornado Insurance Co., Rockford, Illinois Policy. Covering the property of M.W. Smith in Amboy, Illinois from noon on the 13th day of April 1929 for five years against Loss or Damage by Windstorms, Cyclones or Tornadoes. Very good condition. No rips or stains. Blue policy jacket included. 4
66GA History of the Fire Mark. by General Fire Mark Co. 4 pages. small pamphlet. 8
67IFirefighting Museum of the Home Insurance Company booklet. Very good condition. 4
68NBadge. Wells Corner Fire Dept. State of Maine. Badge Pin. 18
69KOld Fire Marks Booklet. by W. Emmert Swigart. Printed April, 1946. 15 pages. 7
70KSign. Authorized Dealer Automatic FIREX Sentinel Fire Extinguisher. Lightweight Tin Sign 4 7/8x7 7/8. Red Background with Silver Lettering and Border. Pass
71KBook. Sun Fire Office - the Early Days of the Sun Fire Office. by Edward Baumer. published 1910 - London. 71 pages. 16
72KFiremarks and Fire Memorabilia at Phillips. Catalogue of the Auction on April 10th, 1979. 38 pages - including some pictures of the LotsPass
73DSign. Orient Insurance Co. of Hartford, Conn. Wood self-framed sign. 15 7/8x5 7/8. Company emblem in green and yellow and black colors, reminder is gold lettering outlined in black. 30
74MPhiladelphia Contributionship Miniature Fire Mark with original box and paper explanation of mark.15
75EThe Firemans Wife. Limited Edition. 1983. Certificate of Authenticity included. Original Cameo Pitcher of imported Bisque Porcelain. Issued by the Mount Hope Estate and Winery. 1983 10
76KSilver Spray Automatic Fire Extinguisher Holder. Manufactured by Red Comet. Pass
77ASigns of Insurance. by Edward Tufts and Lynne Leopold-Sharp. Book of Insurance Signs. Published 1991. 148 pages. 25
78PReproduction Fire Mark of Bulau 46 - Insurance Company of North America. Copper. Oval. 11x8 3/4. Eagle rising from cloud. On back of mark says "Facsimile of Fire Mark issued in 1805 by Insurance Company of North America. Founded 1792." Pass
79KRoyal Insurance Company. Ink Blotter. Pass
80DMiniature Fire Mark. Insurance Company of North America Reproduction of Bulau 51. 2 3/4x2. Pass
81NBadge. City of Mount Vernon N.Y. Fire Department. Number 1140 engraved at top. Badge Pin. 40
82DMaryland Casualty Company Small Paperweight. 2 3/8 diameter. Pass
83DMiniature Fire Mark of Philadelphia Contributionship Bulau Marks 20 and 21. Metal. 2 3/4x1 3/4. Wilton etched on back. 3
84DMiniature Fire Mark Reproduction of Fire Association of Philadelphia Mark. Metal. 2 3/4x1 7/8. On back is etched EMG 404 14Pass
85DLiverpool & London & Globe Ins. Co., Ltd. Ink Blotter. Calvin Barnes Insurance Agency, Elkhorn, Wis. Pass
86SU.S.F.&G Baltimore, Maryland. Sign. Wood. Company Emblem at bottom. All Wood Tones except for Blue circle with Company Name and Blue/Red/White Shield in Middle. 9
87DGoodville Mutual Casualty Co. Goodville, PA. Auto Tag. Mounted on Wood - but can be removed. 7
88DInk Blotter. Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company. Milwaukee, Wis. 1916 on front with calendar for all twelve months. Pass
89GAetna Life Ash Tray. William Huston, General Agent, Rockford, Illinois. Black Glass with picture of teh Home Office in Hartford. 4 3/4x6 1/21
90FPaperweight. Great American Insurance Company. New York. Picture of building on front. 4 1/4x2 1/22
91FDetroit Fire and Marine Insurance Company Advertising Mirror. 75th Anniversary 1866 - 1941. Pass
92FRoyal Globe Insurance Paperweight. 1 7/8x2 7/8. Granite base with Royal Globe shield in red with black background and gold around it. 4
93FAustin Mutual Insurance Company Lightweight Lucite Coaster. 100th Anniversary. 1896 - 1996. Pass
94FState Farm Fire and Casualty Co. Paperweight. Oval Metal with Fire Engine and Company Name on Heavy Marble Base21
95FAmerican National Fire Insurance Company, Columbus, Ohio. Advertising Mirror. Twenty-fifth Anniversary 1914 - 1939. Minor damage at bottom left. 3
96FMillville Mutual Insurance Co. 1980 Glass or Mug Coaster. Pass
97FPrudential Insurance Company Paperweight. Heavy metal. On reverse side says Commemorating the Establishment of the Western Home Office...Los Angeles, California 1948.2
98CLorillard Fire Insurance Company. New York, New York. Reproduction Fire Mark of Bulau 211. 9 1/2x6 3/4. Lightweight Metal. On back is William Spencer, Rancocas Woods, N.J. 10
99CCamden Fire Insurance Association Reproduction Plaque. Fudicium Pariumaut Lexterra. A.D. 1841. Lightweight Composite - Made by The Fire Barn. Milford, NH. They were owned by General Accident. 10
100CUnion Fire Insurance Co. Nashville, Tennessee. Reproduction Fire Mark of BU329. 9x6 1/4. On back is engraved The Artcaster Harleysville, PA 19438. 10
101CLondon & Lancashire Reproduction Fire Mark of Bulau 922. Heavy Metal. 8 3/4x8.Pass
102BCalendar for 1972. Heavy cardboard with 2 months per page. Each page has an English fire mark and fire apparatus on the page. Printed & published by Edward Fox and Son, the printers of Stratford-upon Avon, England. 15 3/4x11 1/2. Pass
103KReliance Insurance Company Reproduction Fire Mark. Plastic. Produced by KCS Industries, Milwaukee, Wis. 10 1/2x7 3/8.7
104KSign. Tornado North British & Mercantile Insurance Company. Reverse Glass Sign. 6x12.18
105IState Farm Mutual Auto Ins. Co. Auto Badge Tag. 25
106ILloyds of London Fire Policy. Covering the Empire Furniture and Bedding Company from 12th day of March 1963 to 8th day of June 1965. 83% of the full coverage with Firemans Fund Insurance being the Warranty Company. Very good condition. No rips or stains. 8
107DHartford Fire Insurance Company Small Sign. Original Salemens Sample used for Agents to order the larger sign. Reverse Glass. 11 7/8x8 3/8.25
108DInk Blotter - Small. Liverpool & London & Globe Ins. Co. 8 inch ruler at top with saying "A Good Insurance Rule - Never Be Without A Policy." Pass
109DFireMaster Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher. Made by Hickok Enterprises, Chicago, Ill. Full. 18 inches long. 10
110DSign. Merchants National Fire Ins. Co. Chicago, U.S.A. Fire Marine Automobile. Reverse Glass. 13 3/8x11 1/2. Original veneer frame. Damage to veneer on top and right side of frame. Scratches on left side of frame. Some minor damage to reverse glass mainly below the M in Marine. 10
111ONorwich Union Fire Insurance Society Limited Sign/Plaque. Made from Heavy Composite Wood. 13x11 3/4.15
112OCherokee Insurance Sign. Wood veneer frame with Black Glass and Cherokee Indian in middle inside Indian Head shape. 12 3/4x10 3/410
113OMonarch Insurance Company of Ohio Sign/Plaque. Composite Wood with Gold Lettering the Gold Insignia. 12 3/4x9 5/817
114OHome Insurance Company Reproduction Fire Mark of Bulau 235. Tin. 7 7/8x5 1/8.20
115OSmall Sign. America Fore First American Fire Insurance Company of New York. Lightweight Metal. Gold color. 8 7/8x5.3
116OSign. Northern Insurance Company of New York. Burlwood. 14x11.8
117RAmerican Home Fire Assurance Company, New York. Similar to Sign #20.1 except smaller in size. Brass with Wood frame. 18 1/2x9 1/2. Etched Brass Lettering and View of Mt. Vernon but difficult to read from a distance so picture might not be too clear. Company in existence from 1928 - 1954. Then operated as American Home Assurance Company after 1954. 5
118RUnited States Fire Insurance Company of New York Sign. Wood frame with glass over cardboard sign. 21x14 1/2.16
119RInsurance Company of North America Plaque. Composite wood with Four different fire marks and a hand pumper on the front. 18x11 7/8.16
120REagle Star & British Dominions Insurance Company, Limited Sign. Lightweight Tin. 16 7/8x10 7/8. Silver color background with Red lettering and eagle. Company in existence from 1918 to 1937. 5
121RBankers Indemnity Insurance Company, Newark, New Jersey. Sign. Thin Brass. Complete Sign? or Partial Sign? Company emblem in middle bottom showing warrier with spear guarding the vault. 22 3/4x8 1/4. Company in existence from 1925 - 1957. 4
122RManhattan Mutual Automobile Casualty Company, Inc. New York Sign. Lightweight Metal. Silver with Black Lettering. 8 7/8x14 7/88
123RGlobe Indemnity Company, New York. Sign. Tin with Celluloid. 14 1/8x11 1/4. Round Globe. Green background with Gold Lettering and Gold border to simulate frame. Company in existence from 1911 to 1979. 10
124RAmerican Live Stock Insurance Company Plaque. Geneva, Illinois. Black material with Silver Lettering and Indian on a Horse. 9 5/8x8 1/8.3
125RAccident and Casualty Insurance Company Sign. Pressed Wood. Oval. 15 inch diameter. Black outside border with red background inside. Yellow oval and A and C in Yellow with black lined for emphasis. 5
126KAtlas Assurance Company Fire Policy. Covering the furniture household and personal effects of Charles White of Lyndewoods House in West Hartford, Commercial Clerk. Policy expires at four o clock in the aftenoon of 25th day of March, 1911. Very good condition. No rips.2
127KEast Whiteland Vol. Fire Assoc. Dedication - Housing May 13, 1978. Yellow Ceramic Mug.Pass
128KGlass Mug. Independence Fire Co. 1st Anniversary 1974. Blooming Grove, N.Y. Pass
129FUtica Fire Letter Opener. 80 Years 1903 - 1983 engraved on front. With original box. 6
130KLarge Auto Tag - Badge. P.T.H. #5 Fire Department. 9 7/8x3 3/43
131KSign. Warden. Heavy Tin. Mostly Gold background with Brown. 9 7/8x7 3/84
132KBrass plated door plate. Vessel Insurance Policy. Bottom says 1st Class Cabin. Insured Fully Sleep Well. Lloyds of London. 9 3/4x3 5/811
133KSmall Brass Nozzle. 5 7/8 inches long. 4
134KLarge Brass Nozzle. 10 3/8 inches long. Etched on Nozzle is New York Belting & Packing Co., Ltd. 5
135KFire Alarm with original box. Made in British Hong Kong. Gives off an Ear-Shattering Blast When Fire Strikes. No Wires Needed...Works on a Flashlight Battery. Box is 4x2 7/8Pass
136KMichigan Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Detroit, Mich. Perpetual Calendar. Silver Background with Black Letter and Red Days and Months. 17 7/8x11 3/47
137KTwo Glass 3 Gallon Size Bottles. 5 inches high. Etched on bottom of both is Pat. Febr 19th 1835 - Improved - March 29th 1897. 4
138KSpanner Wrench used by firemen to connect/disconnect the couplings where lengths of fire hose are joined. Heavy Metal 4
139KSpanner Wrench. Used by firemen. The firehose had lugs which protruded from the couplings. The wrench would be used to slide over the lugs to provide leverage to loosen or tighten the couplings. After a fire they had to be taken apart to roll them up and dry them out. Heavy Metal ...9 1/2 inches long. Pass
140NThermometer. Advertising for Donegal and Conoy Mutual Fire Insurance Co., Marietta, PA. Fire, Lightning, Storm, Automobile INSURANCE. Still keeps accurate temperature. Covering is broken above M and O of Automobile and cracked slightly too. Not noticable from a few feet away. 10
141DFarmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company. Annual Meeting Postal Card for meeting for the year 1888 - to be held on January 3rd, 1888. 1
142NBadge. Aberdeen Fire Department. Badge Pin. 25
143NBadge. Admit to Fire Line 000 Board of Public Safety, Louisville. Badge Pin. 66
144KFire Department City of New York General Expenses. Rented from the Brush Electric Elluminating Co. of N.Y.for 30 days at $.60 per day one Electric Lamp. November 1st to November 30th, 1894. Very interesting formal paperwork done for a rental compared to today. On same paper as an Insurance Policy. 1
145KAttleboro Mutual Fire Insurance Company policy. Covers the frame barn in Seekonk, Mass on the road from A.N. Midberys to Henry B. Wests. From first of June, 1890 to first of June, 1895. Good condition. No rips. Small staining in two places when policy is open. 1
146KWorkmens Furniture Fire Insurance Society 60th Anniversary 1872 -1932. Arbeiter Mobiliar Feuer-Bersicherung. Advertising piece. Very colorful on front. 8 3/8x5 5/8 when folded; 8 3/8x17 when opened. Inside is a place for names, addresses and telephone numbers. Plus monthly calendar for 1932. (January is missing) Very good condition except for January calendar sheet. 2
147KMansfield Mutual Fire Insurance Co. Mansfield, Ohio. Notice of Assessment to members. Small folded paper dated Sept. 4, 1901 to Mr. Fred Elliot stating Note No. 10313 amount to $2.00 is due from date of this notice. Inside the folded paper is a list of all losses paid from Sept. 1, 1900 to Sept. 1, 1901 and information to explain Assessment No. 27 and how the members are charged. Very good condition. 2
148KRoyal Insurance Company Limited Insurance Policy. Private Motor Car policy commencement 10th April 1914 and expiry 10th April 1915. Issued to Arthur John Oakshott in Birkenhead, Cheshire to cover his 1913 Lanchester for $1000. Very good condition. No tears.6
149KContinental Insurance Company Certificate No 7894. States that Georgo Van Koleecle is entitled to Five Dollars of the invested profits of the Company. Embossed in red with 1866 and dated at bottom July 12th 1866. 10
150KAdvertising Envelope. Susquehanna Mutual Protection Live Stock Insurance Company. Home Office, Sunbury, Pa. 1
151SUnited States Fidelity and Guaranty Company - 1896 Sign. Wood with USF&G Ship Steering Wheeland Eagle with Shield in Metal in the Middle. 11