Item ID Description Sold
1AMutual Insurance Company Reproduction Fire Mark. "Historic Charleston Reproduction by John Wright" on back. 9 1/4" x 7 3/8" Very Heavy Metal. 17
2ACharleston Fire Insurance Company Reproduction Fire Mark of BU81. 7 1/2x9. Cast Metal. Historic Charleston Reproductions by John Wright. 30
3BAssociated Firemens Insurance, Baltimore, Maryland. Reproduction Fire Mark of BU166. Very Heavy Metal. Made by V/M 22-6. 11 1/2x9. 5
4BRoyal Insurance Company, Liverpool, England. Reproduction Fire Mark of BU891. Resin. On Back of Mark is large sticker with heading "Fire Mark -Royal Insurance company 1845-. Original Mark made of heavy tin or copper. Colors authentic." Made by Karl Wentsel Company. 9 1/2x11 3/4. Pass
5DPhiladelphia Convention Ribbon. 23rd Annual Convention to Bradford, PA. October 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 1902. Very good condition. 17
6DParade Ribbon/Muster Ribbon. Merrill Hose No. 2 Canandaigua, N.Y. at Syrcause 188550
7DConvention Badge. Ohio Fire Chiefs Convention, Aug 4-5-6, 1910. Toledo, Ohio. Very good condition. 16
8GFootprints of Assurance Book. By Alwin E. Bulau. Published 1953. The "bible" for Fire Mark collectors. Wrapping around the book to protect it. Pass
9MBurwood plaque for American Equitable Assurance Company of New York. 10" wide and 11+" tall. High relief seal and other details. Heavy.10
10JPaperweight. Sixty-Fifth Anniversary North American Accident Insurance Company 1886 - 1951 Keep Pace. Donated by P.Faber to FMCA. All Proceeds to FMCA1
11BDruggists Mutual Insurance Plaque. Heavy wood-like material. 10 3/4"x11 1/4". Made by Walter E. Lee Inc. 10
12CPicture. Framed print of Deluge Firehouse and Hunneman engine from Newton, New Hampshire. Displayed at Greenfield Village and the Henry Ford Museum. Done in pencil drawing,framed and matted. 20 1/8 x 18 5/8 60
13CPicture. The American Fireman, Always Ready. Print of Currier & Ives Lithograph. 22 1/8 x17 1/8.45
14OPresto Fire Extinguisher with original box and metal holder. Metal holder says Firex Corporation, St. Louis, Mo. Pat. 1.869,503, 1,962,695Pass
15OBlue Grenade. Small. 3 3/4 tall. Glass. No Markings. 30
16SHartford Accident and Indemnity Company Sign. 12" wide x 17" high. Glass on Wood. 10
17SNew Hampshire Insurance Group Plaque - Encased in wood. 10"x10"Pass
18SAmerican Fire and Casualty Company plaque. Orlando, Florida. Encased in wood. 10"x10"Pass
19LPrint. "Fish Street Hill" and Fire Brigade" depicting a parade of Royal Exchange Firemen. From "Old England" book. 7"x10" Not Framed but Mounted on Backing. Pass
20BPenn Fire Insurance Company of Philadelphia. Framed Trade Card showing Financials as of Jan. 1, 1874. Card is 9 3/8x4 1/2 while frame is 13 3/4x8 5/8. 16
21AFiremans Fund Insurance Co. Reproduction of Fire Mark. Cast Metal. 6 3/4x9 1/2. 50
22AInsurance Company of North America, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Reproduction of Fire Mark BU46. Cast Metal. Made by William Spencer, Rancocas Woods, N.J. 8x10 1/2. 20
23AAssociated Firemens Insurance, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Cut out Fireman. 8 x 7 1/2. Reproduction Fire Mark of BU191. Resin. Pass
24GBooklet. Firehouse Collectibles. By Mary Jane and Jame Piatti. An Illustrated Guide to Fire Department Memorabilia from the Colonial Era to the Present Day. Published 1979. No Show
25GPamphlet. Baltimore Fire Marks, A Short Introduction. Printed September 1989. 20 pages. 2
26AEagle Insurance Company. London, England. Reproduction Fire Mark of BU766. Brass. 40
27AUnited Firemens Ins. Co. Reproduction Fire Mark of BU320. Resin. 10 3/8x8 1/2Pass
28FJournal of Engine Co. 79, N.Y. Fire Department. From Saturday, Aug. 13th 1932 to Monday, October 31st 1932. 500 pages. Wonderful condition. Just like the one in auction last year. 25
28FAnother picture of the Journal pages. 25
29ESign. Agents for The London & Lancashire Insurance Co. Ltd. Fire - Accident - Marine. Solid Brass. Very heavy for its size. 15 1/4x10 5/817.50
30IFiremans Fund Key Holder. 1 3/4x1 1/8 with original box. 1
31MHistorical account of NY Fire Department- 1900-1975. 234 pages of text and illustrations. By Gus Johnson. Nice shape with original dust jacket. Pass
32MOld Cabinet Card showing British Fireman in his full uniform. 4" x 6.5". Very clear.25
33NPrinting Block: Auto Owners Insurance Company: 11/16" square to supplement your auto tag from the same company5
34NMedal: Michigan Mutual Liability Company: 13/16" medal with same logo as auto tag 5
35NKey Ring: Madison County Mutual Automobile Ins. Co.: Nice companion piece with same layout as your auto tag from the same company.3
36OValiant Hose No. 2 Sign. Ever Alert. Wood. 23 1/4x9 1/4. Made by Yorkraft, Inc. York, Pennsylvania. Pass
37OPyrene Fire Extinguisher. Hand-held. Copper. 14 1/2 long. Serial/Registration #T722400. 4
38ELloyds of London Insurance Policy for J.A. Mall Grain Company. Date of Expiry: 2nd July, 1964. Folded in picture. 16 1/2" long when unfolded. 2
39HBooklet. So You Want To Be A Supervisor! by Elton Reeves. 133 pages. Copyright 1982. Pass
40HBooklet. Historical Sketch Aetna Life & Casualty. April, 1974. 9 pages. Pass
41HBook. Personnel Management. By Michael J. Jucius. Published 1975. 544 pages. Pass
42IAlliance Mutual 10x4 Heavy Metal SignPass
43OFDNY Baseball Cap. Fire Department of New York City. Navy. 1
44IParade Ribbon Atlantic Fire Co. No2 June 11, 1889 Parade16
45IAuto Tag American Farmers Insurance Co. Lake Elmo Minn25
46IInk Blotters (2). One is Traders and Mechanics Mutual Insurance. Second is Vermont Mutual Fire Insurance Company. 2
47IInk Blotters (2). One is: Minneapolis fire and Marine Insurance Company. Second one is: The Granite State Fire Insurance Company.2
48GBooklet. Insurance Company Automobile Tags by Robert Shea and Albert Wills. Copyright 1988. 44 pages. 3
49AFidelity Associates Plaque. Oval. Resin. 8 1/2x6 1/4. Made by Walter E. Lee, Inc. 15
50AWashington County Fire Plaque. Resin. 11 3/4x8 3/4. 5
51RBook-The Historical Collection of the Insurance Company of North America (1945 Edition) Excellent Condition40
52HRate Book. Aetna Life Insurance Company 1955. Also in book are small booklets for 1)Non-Participating Whole Life Paid-Up at 85 June 1, 1955 2)Memo to Aetna Life Agents dated November 28, 1955 re. Juvenile 21 Special Life Ages 11 to 15 3)Booklet Supplemental Ten Year Term Insurance Agreement 1955 4)Typed Page showing Non-Participating Special 25 Payment Life 25th Year Cash Values. Pass
53HBook. Principles of Insurance. By Mehr and Cammack. Published in 1980. 771 pages. 3
54HBook. The Managerial Mind. Science and Theory in Policy Decisions. Published 1977. 701 pages. Pass
55IAuto Tag. This Car Protected By Inter-State Automobile. Milwaukee. 2 3/4 round15
56IPaperweight/Mirror. The American National Fire Insurance Company Columbus, Ohio. Twenty-Fifth Anniversary 1914 o o 1939. Mirror on other side. Excellent condition.50
57M4.5" x 9" brass elevator inspection plate for the General Accident Fire and Life Assurance Corp., Ltd. These were hung on elevators to advertise the company much like a fire mark was hung on a house.5
58IKnife Sharpener. National Security Fire Insurance Co. Omaha Neb. On Front "Keep Your Knife Sharp and Go After Business for..." On back is flat surface to sharpen knife. Does not appear to have been used much - no scratches. Excellent condition.10
59IAuto Tag. Grange Insurance Service. 4 1/2x3 1/425
60AFire Association of Philadelphia. Cut out of FA Fire Mark. Aluminum. Made by Sexton, USA18
61APlaque/sign of Pumper. Heavy metal. 9 1/2" x 8 7/8". Back says The Artcaster Harleysville, PA FM 15Pass
62RBook-As you Pass By (1952 Edition) Excellent Condition5
63FBooklet. FIRE The Second Avenue Story. New York Telephone: Trial and Triumph. Published 1975. 49 pages. 3
64RBook-Sign of Insurance, Excellent Condition17
65RCompany Plaque 9"x12" Nord-Deutsche Und Hamburg-Bremer, Plastic, Excellent ConditionPass
66RAuto Tag (1974) Tokio Marine & Fire, Excellent Condition w/1 small hole40
67DFlourtown Fire Company Plaque. Composite Board. 7 3/4x10 7/8. Pass
68RFire Mark Replica of BU1182, Butterfield & Swire, Shanghai, China, Good Condition, Damaged CornerPass
69F5 Small Booklets encased in plastic (open at top for review). Published by John Hancock Life Insurance Company (pub. date in ().) Each are about 15-17 pages. 5 7/8x4 1/2 Biography of each person. Very good condition for all. This auction lot consists of: Alexander Hamilton (1922), Daniel Webster (1923), Patrick Henry (1924), John Marshall (1925), Andrew Jackson (1926). 5
70F5 Booklets Published by John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company. Biography of each person. Very good condition since protected in cover but open at top for review. Each booklet is about 15-17 pages. 5 7/8x4 3/8. Auction lots are: (with publish dates in parentheses) Alexander Hamilton (1922), James Madison (1922), John Adams (1923), Daniel Webster (1923), Patrick Henry (1924). 5
71GBooklet. The Anatomy of an Agent or Would you want your Daughter to Marry One? by Albert Gerecht. Copyright 1970. 43 pages. 5
72ASun Insurance Company. Reproduction Fire Mark of BU550. Heavy Aluminum. 5 1/2"x7" oval. 95
73ANorthern Assurance Company, London, England. Reproduction Fire Mark of BU876. Resin. Made by Walter E. Lee, Inc. 9"x6 5/8"Pass
74APennsylvania Ins. Co. Reproduction Fire Mark. Cast Metal. 7 1/2"x 4 1/2"10
75ASun Insurance, London 1710. Reproduction Fire Mark. Resin. Made by Walter E. Lee, Inc. 6 3/4" oval.Pass
76AFiremans Fund Ins. Co. Reproduction Fire Mark. Cast Metal. 7 7/8x4 1/210
77AUFIC Reproduction Fire Mark. Heavy Cast Metal. 7 1/2"x10 7/8"Pass
78MLarge Burwood wall plaque for the North River Insurance Co of NY. About 14" tall by 12" wide. Felt and hanger on back.Letters and emblem are raised.17
79M8.5" x 6" cabinet card photo of a "running team". These firemen would compete with others in foot races pulling their hose reel. Card has some corner and edge damage but image is clear and complete. Marked on back- Peru, Indiana- 1904. All firemen have a "4" on their smock. Pretty rare image.15
80EBook. Still Flying And Nailed To The Mast. The First Hundred Years Of The Firemans Fund Insurance Company. By William Bronson. Copyright 1962. 191 pages. Pass
81ILetter Opener. One side says "Guarantors Liability Indemnity Co." with ornate building. In very small letters "Full Paid Capital $500,000" On other side "Head Office 713 Chestnut Str. Philadelphia PA"3
82QBook - Footprints Of Assurance - Excellent Condition - No Dust Jacket12
83QBook - Signs Of Insurance - Excellent Condition - Never Used15
84QBronze Calendar Pad Holder - Liverpool & London & Globe Ins. Co., Ltd. - 100th Anniversary, 1936 (Mfg. Bastian Bros.) - 6.5 x 9 in. - VGCPass
85GBooklet. Risk Management Practices in the Fire Service. Published by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, United States Fire Administration in December 1996. 146 pages. No pictures. Very good condition. No tears or stains. Pass
86KPaper Items. (3) The Phenix Insurance Company. 3 Paid Receipts dated December 21st 1876, December 21st 1887, December 21st 1881. 3
87OBond. Obligor is Fred and Esther Dawson and Hackensack Coal and Lumber Company is Obligee. Issued: September 16, 1919 Due: September 16, 1922. Interest 6%. Excellent condition.15
88OTrustees of the Nevada Christian University - Warranty Deed - real estate in Missouri. Filed for record 21st Day of December 1889. 5
89KPaper Items. (2). 1. Lafayette Fire Insurance Co. Receipt dated May 20th 1880. 2. Paid Receipt for policy for 1 yr from 1 June 18823
90KPaper Items. (3) 1. Paid receipt dated May 31, 1901. 2. Paid receipt dated May 15, 1906. 3. Paid receipt May 15, 1906. Pass
91BSign. The Big "I" hand punched on tin. Frame is barn board. Signed by Tom Drye, Billings, Mont, dated 2-12-76. 26 3/8x 32 3/4Pass
92AYorkshire Fire/Life, Established 1824. Reproduction Fire Mark of BU854. Resin. 11 3/8"x9 1/2"Pass
93AHome Mutual Insurance Co., Saint Louis, Missouri. Reproduction Fire Mark of BU162. Resin. 9 1/4x6 5/8. Made by William Spencer, Rancocas Woods, N.J.10
94FUniformed Firemens Association, Fire Department City of New York. Twenty Eighth Annual Entertainment and Reception Take Away. January 13th 1945. All pages are in very good condition except back cover is torn. 2
95GBook. Hundreds of Hunnemans. By Edward R. Tufts. Published 1978. 160 pages. Lots of black and white pictures of Hunneman fire engines. 45
96GCatalog of Insurance Company Advertising Signs from 1800 - 1940. Published by the FMCA 1983. 62 pages. 4
97HBook. The Annals of The American Academy of Political and Social Science, Risk and Its Treatment: Changing Societal Consequences. Volume 443, May 1979. 201 pages. Pass
98QBronze Letter Holder - The Fidelity Mutual Life Ins. Co. (Philadelphia, Pa.) - Home Office Bldg. Embossed On Front - 6 inches Wide - Excellent Cond.Pass
99MHeavy Bronze desk calendar/ pen holder made for the 150th Anniversary of the Phoenix Fire Insurance Co. in 1932. Very ornate with early 1700s fire apparatus and a 1930 firetruck depicted. Eagle rising from flames and dates. Really nice item.27
100ADe Soto Rural Fire Protection Assn. 32 Years of Service. De Soto, MO. Metal Plaque. Exp. July 1, 1982. 6 1/4x3 3/8. Light weight Tin. 5
101BSign done in needlepoint. Hand Made. "Your Independent Insurance Agent serves you first." Framed in red. 18 3/8 x 15. Pass
102OInsulator. Turquoise glass. Etched on front is "City Fire Alarm." 125
103OPrint - Cardboard - not framed. Amsterdam. A view of the Stad House and the Engines for extinguishing Fire at Vue de la Maison de Ville. Published 12th May 1794. 11
104MCast Iron horse-drawn fire engine. 21" long by 8" high. Nice detail. Very heavy painted, cast iron toy repro. Nice condition.12
105SGulf Guaranty Insurance Company Plaque. Brass inlay. Pass
106SMichigan Mutual Insurance Company Plaque. Encased in Wood. Pass
107M10" square Pekin (Illinois) Insurance sign made of heavy plexiglass.Pass
108MAdvertising pocket knife from the Home Insurance Co. of New York. Has knife blade and fold out scissors. Hammered finish on both sides with lettering on one side. 3" when closed. 16
109ONiagara Fire Insurance Company Policy. Safety Fund Policy expires January 3, 1887. Excellent condition. 7
110OContinental Insurance Company Policy. Standard Fire Policy - Expires November 5, 1898. Excellent Condition. 5
111PDeck of Cards. Says Great Southwest Insurance Company, Atlanta, GA 404 320-4200 on box. Donated by H. Girdlestone. All proceeds to FMCA. 1
112PBests Special Report - San Francisco Losses and Settlements of the 243 institutions involved in the Conflagration of April 18-21, 1906. 63 pages. 8x4" Copyright 1907 by Alfred M. Best Company. Donated by H. Girdlestone - all proceeds to FMCA20
113PBests Insurance Guide - 1930 Annual Edition. 604 pages. 8 3/8x4 1/2. Donated by H. Girdlestone. All proceeds to the FMCA. 6
114PBest Insurance Guide with Key Ratings. 1940 Annual Edition. 110 pages. 8 1/2x4 1/4. Donated by H. Girdlestone. All proceeds to the FMCA. 3
115PPaperweight. Fire Line Pass - Board of Fire Commissioners. Phoenix Society - San Francisco. Donated by H. Girdlestone. All proceeds to FMCA20
116PSun Alliance 1710 Ribbon or Bookmark. On back says Call the Freephone hotline 0800 22 1710. Donated by Howard Girdlestone - all proceeds to FMCA16
117PNational Association of Credit Men. Booklet. Report of Special Committee on Settlements made by Fire Insurance Companies in connection with the San Francisco Disaster. 15 pages. Dated May 15, 1907. Reprint. Donated by H. Girdlestone. All proceeds to the FMCA5
118SFiremans Fund Insurance Companies Plaque. Encased in wood. 10"x6 3/4"Pass
119SMaryland Casualty Insurance Company, representing The Maryland, an American General Company. Plaque. Encased in wood. Very small chip at right top. 10"x10"Pass
120M15.5" x 20" office plaque for INA. Real wood frame with heavy, non-metal fire mark replica and name.Pass
121SAmerican States Insurance Company Plaque. Wood with inlay. No Show
122DLondon Guarantee and Accident Co., Ltd. Elevator Tag. 17
123DThuringa Insurance Company 1901 Calendar. Erfurt, Germany. 10 3/4x13 3/4. 17.50
124ONew York Life Insurance Envelope dated Mar 26, 1891. 2
125OInsurance Company of North America Paper Envelope. Dated Aug 19 1893. 3
126OSpringfield Fire Co. 1920. Metal Plaque/Sign. 10 7/8"x10 7/8"5
127OBrass Nozzle. Old. 13 1/4" long. Heavy. 10
128OMaryland Life Insurance Company Almanac. 1898. 46 pages. Very good condition. 5
129SGulf Guaranty Insurance Company Wood Plaque. No Show
130SLiberty National Fire Insurance Company. Vesta Insurance Corporation. Wood Plaque. No Show