Item ID Description Sold
1AReproductions of 2 Insurance Applications framed and matted on 25 5/8"x21 1/8" picture frame. No glass front. Left is Abraham Lincoln Hartford Insurance app dated 1861 and right is General Robert E. Lee Hartford Insurance app dated 1859. pass
2BMutual Assurance Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. "Green Tree" Reproduction Firemark of BU38. 7 1/8"x10 3/16"25
3ASafeguard Insurance Company Plaque. Composite Board with Black Lucite on front. 13 1/8"x7 7/8"3
4BBirmingham Fire Office Reproduction of BU753. Determined to be Reproductin by Verification Committee last year. 11 1/8"x10"20
5BEssex insurance Society Reproduction Firemark. Heavy Metal. 6 1/4"x7 3/4"5
6DMutual Insurance Company Fire Mark-Squatty Green Tree- Reproduction of BU40. Determined to be a VERY GOOD Reproduction by Verification Committee.80
7AAlbany Insurance Company Insurance Policy. Standard Fire insurance Policy. February 19, 1907 to February 19, 1910. Very good condition - no tears or holes. 5
8AAtlas Insurance Company Insurance Policy. July 4, 1874 to August 4, 1874. (note - one month policy). No tears or holes but paper is yellowed. 6
9APhenix Trade Card. "We re all right-We re in the PHENIX. On back of card is a calendar for 1885. 7
10BEagle Insurance Company. Cincinnati, Ohio. Reproduction Fire Mark of BU195. Determined to be reproduction by Verification Committee. 11 7 16"x7 5/8"55
11BAssociated Firemens Insurance, Baltimore, Maryland. Reproduction Firemark of BU166. 11"x8 5/8"25
12BBaltimore Equitable, Baltimore, Maryland. Reproduction Fire Mark of BU61. Determined Reproduction by Verification Committee. 9 5/8"x9 1/8"15
13ABrass Key. Engraved on one side is "F D N Y" for Fire Department of New York. 10
14TLetter Opener. Compliments of The German Insurance Company. Freeport, Illinois12
15TAdvertising Metal and Ribbon. "Guest of Felton Fire Co. No. 5 State Firemens Convention Chester, PA. Sept.1913." On the Metal is a Fire Engine and "Fulton Fire Co No. 3" "Chester. PA. 1913"12
16TDubuque Fire & Marine Insurance company. 1883 - 1933. Fiftieth Anniversary. Paperweight or Plaque. Heavy Metal. 3"x4 1/8"15
17BGermantown Mutual Fire Reproduction Firemark of BU153. Cast Iron. 11 1/2"x8 1/4" Determined to be repro by Auction Verification Committee. 45
18CBaltimore Equitable Reproduction Fire Mark of BU57. Determinted to be Repro by Verification Committee last year. 10 3/8"x9 7/8"45
19APicture of the Underwriting Room at Lloyds, 1965. Very nice Wood frame and matting. 27"x32 3/4"25
20AHawkeye-Security Insurance Company Plaque. Hard Plastic. Grey. 10"x8"1
21AHolyoke Mutual Insurance Company Plaque. Wood with White insert. 9 3/4"x11 3/4"2
22ADeSoto Rural Fire Protection. Exp. July 1, 1976. 6 1/2"x3 1/2" Some rust at top. 2 extra holes drilled in past. pass
23ADe Soto Rural Fire. Exp. July 1, 1979. Blue. 6 1/2"x3 1/2".pass
24ADe Soto Rural Fire. Exp. July 1, 1980. Salmon. 6 1/2"x3 1/2"pass
25ADe Soto Rural Fire. Exp. July 1, 1981. Green Tin. 6 1/2"x3 1/2"pass
26ADe Soto Rural Fire. Orange sign. Exp. July 1, 1982. 3 1/2"x6 1/2"pass
27TFootprints of Assurance by Alwin E Bulau, First Edition30
28ABrass Presto Carbon tet extinguisher. 5 3/8"x1 1/2" pass
29IFramed Picture of The American Fireman. "Rushing to the Conflict" published by Currier & Ives. 22"x17" Note - there is no damage to the picture -it is just the camera shot showing spots. 35
30IFramed Picture of Boston Insurance Company appointment of Agent to represent them. Dated 1st day of October, 1907. 17"x21 1/2"5
31CMutual Assurance Company. Green Tree Fire Mark of BU38. Determined to be reproduction by Verification Committee. 12 1/4"x8 3/8"45
32SRuler. Kenton Insurance Company, Covington, KY. 1867-1891. This over 100 year old ruler would make a nice addition to Bulau#411. Good condition.11
33SAuto tag. Farmers Mutual Liability Co. 1925-1953. Enameled, 3 1/8 X 4 3/4 inches. Almost mint46
34SBook. Firemens Insurance Co. of Washington & Georgetown, in D.C. 100th Anniversary book of the company that issued Bulau 139. 28 pages; 1937; good condition.23
35HReproduction based on Bulau 77, Black w/Gold Lettering, 4 3/4 x 9 1/4, Mint Condition, Heavy Metalno show
36HRectangular 10" x 6 1/4", Blue w/white & drk blue lettering, picture of stone tower, mint condition30
37DThe American Insurance Business Pamphlet. 28 pages. Published 19702
38AFire Extinguisher. Metal. American LaFrance Water Type Fire Extinguisher. pass
39ABrass Fire Extinguisher. Kontrol Fire Extinguisher Company.pass
40BGuardian Assurance Company, London. Lead Reproduction Fire Mark of BU794 determined by Verification Committee. 8 1/2"x9 1/2"pass
41AHome Insurance Company Policy. 9th Dec,1872 to 9th Jan,1873. Very good condition - no tears or holes or stains. 10
42AHanover Fire Insurance Company Policy. 27th June, 1920 to 27th June, 1921. Very good condition. No tears, holes or stains. pass
43ANorth British and Mercantile Insurance Co. Insurance Policy. 18th November, 1872 to 18th December, 1872 (note - only one month). Small stain on top left and small hole on right. 10
44ALiverpool & London & Globe Insurance Company Policy. 6th December 1910 to 6th December 1911. Very good condition. No stains, tears or holes. 2
45ATravelers Insurance Company, Hartford, Connecticut. Insurance Policy. New York Standard Form Employers Liability and Workmens Compensation Policy. February 26, 1918-1919. 2
46AWashington Fire Insurance Co of New York Policy. 16th January 1872 to 16th January 1873. Policy #868. Very good condition. No tears, holes or stains. 10
47AContinental Insurance Company Policy. 14th October, 1890 to 14th October, 1893. Good condition. No tears or holes. Small amount of staining5
48AOtsego County Farmers Co-operative Fire Ins. Company Policy. 12th June 1894 to 12th June 1897. Very good condition. 4
49AAttleboro Mutual Fire Insurance Company Policy. 1st April 1887 to 1st April 1892. Very good condition. 10
50AMissouri State Life Insurance Company Certificate of Insurance. Includes a Register of change of Beneficiary on back. Dated May 9, 1928. Very good condition. pass
51ABook. As You Pass By. by Kenneth Holcomb Dunshee. Published 1952. Pictorial history of old New York City. Stamped in the inside cover is "Christmas Greetings. Distributed by Uniformed Firemens Assn., Howard P. Barry, Pres., through the courtesy of The Home Insurance Co., Harold V. Smith, Pres." Excellent Condition.15
52ANFPA Firemen Phamphlet. National Fire Protection Association, September 1948. 23 pages. Small rip on upper right.pass
53AWNYF (With New York Firemen) Pamphlet. January 1949. Article on Fire Marks inside. Very Good Condition. 3
54ABooklet. Twenty Fourth Annual Entertainment and Reception of the Uniformed Firemens Association of Greater New York. Madison Square Garden, January 11th, 1941. Very Good Condition. 22 pages. 2
55AFire Department, City of New York, Annual Report. 1938. 103 pages. 10
56T2 - Six inch rulers. One says Compliments of Springfield F&M Insurance Co. and the second says Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Co. of Springfield, Mass. Western Dept. Chicago, Ill. Celluloid material5
57TFarmers Mutual Automobile Ins. Co., Madison, Wis. Auto Tag13
58ABrass Megaphone/Horn. 18 1/2"x9"20
59TFarmers Union Ins Co, Denver Colorado, Auto Tag, good condition14
60TAdvertising Letter Opener. Iowa Hardware Mutual Insurance Company. Mason City, Iowa. 12
61EBlack Metal Security Box. J. A. Bowman & Company. Fire, Sprinkler, Leakage, Auto... Insurance. Rockford, Illinois3
62EPaperweight. Connecticut Fire Ins Co Building, Hartford. 5
63ETrade Card. Home Insurance Company, New York. 1880. January to June, 1880 only.3
64EInk Blotter. United States Fire Insurance Company, Western Department, Freeport, Illinois. At top left and right "1824" "1927" (Note to EH - a female agent in Illinois in 1927)5
65EAutomobile Rates Pamphlet. Effective April 1, 1927. 2
66EWinnebago Farmers Mutual Insurance Company Declaration, Charter and By-Laws. As amended January 1906. 16 pages. 3 1/2"x5 1/2"2
67EPlate. Cincinnati Financial Center, February 1973. White with Gold Trim. 9 1/8" diameter. pass
68G8.75" x 7.5" heavy duty table hot pad which shows 18th century London on fire with the various insurance company fire brigades responding. The picture is very detailed and is on a hard board with a cork backing. About 3/8\" thick. I believe these were made from the 1950s to late 1970s. Very nice and solid. Designed to place on your table and the lay a hot pan or plate on it. Picture has several different insurance company fire brigades rushing to the fire. mint and unused condition. 8
69G3.5" x 5.5" advertising sheet put out by the Gleason & Bailey Mfg. Company of New York City. The company was founded in 1840 and I believe this ad dates to the at least 1870s. Nice cut of old hand or horse drawn hose reel and pumper. Touts the advantages to having a local fire department and how it saves on fire insurance rates. This is not a magazine or newspaper ad but rather a very small handbill that would be distributed by the company. There is a hole at the top left which is where a string held a pad of these together. Back side is blank.16
70GState Farm Insurance tag emblem made during WW II when metal was scarce. This topper was made of a composite material that many folks think contained soy bean hulls. These are very rare and in fact there are several accounts of pigs eating them. 4.5 inches wide and 4.5 inches tall. Unused but is discolored in patches. Have not tried to clean.25
71G3 inch grill or tag emblem for Goodville Mutual Casualty Company. Mint condition enamel on stamped brass. Threaded stud on reverse for mounting.10
72GAluminum Auto-Owners tag emblem. Measures 3.75 inches across and 4.5" high. Never used condition.16
73DBook. The Historical Collection of the Insurance Company of North America. By M.J. McCosker. Published 1945. 176 pages. 25
74DHand in Hand Book. The story of The Hand in Hand Fire & Life Insurance Society, 1696 - 199615
75DBook. Technology, Safety and The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company, 1866-1991. Still in plastic cover. 4
76AAmercan La France Fire Aparatus. Extracts from Operators Manual, Types 12 and 75. Phamplet. 156 pages. Reprinted 1971. 5
77ANiagara Fire Insurance Company Policy. 28th October 1872 to 27th November 1872. Very good condition. No stains, tears or holes. 7
78AHartford Fire Insurance Policy. August 27, 1887 to August 27, 1890. Good condition. 7
79ABond from Lodi Trust Company. June 24, 1918 to June 24, 1920. Good condition except for one tear on inside middle. pass
80ASpringfield Fire and Marine Insurance Company Policy. Policy #697. 26th December 1874 to 26th January 1875. Good condition except for some stain on inside. 6
81ALiverpool and London and Globe Insurance Co., Ltd. Insurance Policy. Standard Fire Policy. 28th March, 1922 to 28th March, 1925.Very Good Condition. 2
82ARoyal Indemnity Company Insurance Policy. Residence Burglary, Theft and Larceny Policy. Nov. 16, 1911 to Nov. 16, 1912. Very good condition. 2
83ABook, Soft Cover. F.D.N.Y. - In The Bravest Tradition. by George S. Tufte. Published 1984. A pictorial report on firefighting. 244 pages. Excellent condition. 18
84F5 Pens. Old one from Ohio National Life, Prudential Re with a piece of rock as the tip, Zurich, Mennonite Mutual and Pennsylvania Insurance Co.pass
85FPaper Holder. The National Fire Group, 50th Anniversary 1888-1938. Brass. 4 3/8"x7 1/4"3
86FLetter Opener. "Insure with the Prudential" On back is "Claims paid over $17,000,000" Brass? very ornate.5
87FLetter Opener. Peter Speerstra Agency. Phone 9281. Lowell, Mich. Unusual handle.5
88DAuto Tag. State Farm Mutual Auto, Bloomington, Ill.pass
89DAshtray advertising Harding & Harding, Geneva, IL. Livestock Insurance Importing and Exporting. pass
90MCapitol County Mutual, Ft Worth TX, Metal Oval Company Sign, "CCM" logo in outline of Texas, Gold letters on black background10
91DLloyds Fire Policy. October 20, 1959 to October 20, 1962. pass
92DStory of the Norwich Fire Marks Pamphlet. 37 pages. Published 19947
93DAmerican Fire Marks Book. Published by The Insurance Company of North America, 1933. 25
94JSigns of Insurance Book by Edward Tufts and Lynne Leopold-Sharp. Published 1991. Signed by both authors. 25
95ABlack and White Photograph of Fire Engine with Fireman. No date or location given. Taped to hard cardboard so information might be on back. 9
96ACollection of papers from the 15th FMCA Convention - San Francisco. 2
97ACitizens Mutual Auto, Howell, Michigan. Advertising Mirror on back side. 3 1/4" diameter5
98AMaryland Casualty Advertising paperweight. Small size. 2 1/4" diameter. Very good condition.8
99AIndiana Lumbermans Mutual Advertising Mirror. 3 1/4" diameter. 4
100AMaryland Casualty Company. Advertising Mirror. 3 1/4" diameter. 59th Annual Convention N.A.I.A. Los Angeles, Cal. October 3-5, 1955.6
101GTown and Village Insurance Service tag in mint condition in original bag with original nut and bolt. 5.5 inches across and 4 inches tall. Painted aluminum which has the design stamped into it. Nice!pass
102G5.25 x 7.5 book: History of the Great Fire of Boston by Colonel R. H. Conwell. Published in 1872 book is 312 pages of accounts and illustrations of this fire. Very detailed account of fire and the book is dedicated to Chicago as they were the first major city to send aid. They had their own fire the next year.60
103GOval aluminum sign offering a $500.00 reward for information leading to the arrest or conviction of arsonists. 4 inches X 6 inches. Issued by the Mutual Fire Prevention Bureau of Chicago. Unused, nice shape. pass
104G3.5 inch cast metal fire hydrant paperweight. It is to scale and has the name Mueller cast into the back. Not magnetic. Appears to be bronze on the bottom.25
105G9 x 11 inch book entitled, Fire Engines- Firefighters by Paul C. Ditzel. Book chronicles American fire fighting since colonial days. Loaded with illustrations of early memorabilia. 256 pages of illustrations and text. Book is very nice- dust jacket a little rough.pass
106KFranklin collectors plate with fire scene, mint conditionpass
107KFranklin collectors plate with fire scene, mint conditionpass
108KReproduction Salop Fire Mark, Blue background, 3 shrew heads in gold, good condition22
109KColorful Plaque, Green background, Gold edge, Red fire engine, good conditionpass
110EPhiladelphia Fire Marks Booklet. By Albert Wills, Robert Shea and Ed Tufts. Covers the fire marks of the 13 companies of Philadelphia8
111EAmerican Fire Mark Rarity Guide. By Edward Tufts. 26 pages. 13
112EFire Marks of Hartford, CT. By Bob Shea, Tom Tye and Al Wills. 5
113EInsurance Company Automobile Tags Booklet. by Robert Shea and Albert Wills. Published 1988. 44 pages.4
114EBook. Le Targhe Incendio in Italia. Published 1997 by Vito Platania. 252 pages. Fire Insurance Plates in Italy. 30
115EAddenda to Footprints of Assurance, Volumes I, II and III. 35
116LGeneral Accident Assurance Corporation Sign. Inspects This Elevator.10
117LOhio Farmers Auto Tag. LeRoy (now Westfield Center) Ohio. 20
118LHouse Tag. Castlewood Fire Dept. 12. 7
119LFarmers Auto Insurance Tag. California. 22
120LHighland Park member. 6 fire tags. 1935, 1940, 1948, 1949, 1950, 1977. pass
121LNorthwestern Fire Marine Assurance 1949 50th Anniversary Bras Paper Pad Holder. Note - only the Paper Holder is for sale in this lot. pass
122LNorthern London 1936 100th Anniversary brass ash tray. Note - only the ashtry in the picture is for sale in this lot.pass
123LPaperweight. 22nd Annual Convention. SFA Phila. October 1901. 115
124LGreat American Ins. Co. NY Paperweight. 10
125LSpring Garden Township 1935. Fire Tag. 18
126LLiberty Auto Tag. Indianapolis, Indiana. 10
127LVeteran Assoc New York Badge. 90
128LWisconsin Auto Tag. Oval. Gray. 15
129LFarm Bureau Auto Tag. 15
130LOsterud Ins., Rochester, Minn. Tag.28
999JEnd of the Silent Auction ListTBD