Item ID Description Sold
1ASign. National Union Insurance Companies. Wood with blue lettering on metal. 8 3/4"x13". 3
2ABook. Badges of Extinction. by Brian Henham and Brian Sharp. Published in 1989. 21
3ASign. American Casualty Company. Wood with white lettering on blue plexiglass background. 11"x7 1/4". 3
4AFiremark - reproduction of Norwich Union. Gray pressed wood with green felt backing. 9 3/8"x7 3/8"5
5ASprinkler Head Ashtray. Front of ashtray says "Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co., Inc., Mount Vernon, New York."7
6ABook. The Romance of Firefighting. by Robert S. Holzman. Published 1956. 209 pages.8
7ABook. Hunnemans Amazing Fire Engines by Edward Tufts. Published 1995. 143 pages.23
8AAshtray. Heavy metal. 6 1/4" tall. Says "We are 20 in 40 and going like 60"8
9AHat. Red. FMCA 933
10ASign. Black background on metal. Notary Public. Bonded by American Casualty Company. Reading, Pennsylvania. 4 3/8"x9 7/8"15
11ASign. Heavy pressed board. The Monarch Insurance Company of Ohio with Lion. 13"x9 1/2" 16
12ABooklet. Llaughter at Lloyds. By H.M. Bateman.5
13APolicy. Lloyds of London. Assured: Milgram Food Stores, Incorporated. Date of Expiry: 10th June, 1958 N.L.S.T. 3 year policy commencing 10th June, 1955. Very good condition.Pass
14APamphlet. The St.Paul Communique. Winter 1991. 23 pages. Firemarks on front cover and 4 page article on firemarks inside. 4
15ALetter Opener. Bituminous Casualty, Rock Island, Illinois. Copper color.8
16APlaque. The Home Insurance Company of New York. 11 5/8" diameter. Genuine Burwood. 15
17APaperweight. Lucite 2 7/8" diameter with 3 small replica firemarks inside. 8
18APlaque. The Home Indemnity Co. New York. 11 1/2" diameter. Genuine Burwood. 15
19ACap. Central Insurance Companies. Beige. Pass
20ASign. This Farm Protected. Cappers Farmer Protective Service. Tin. 13 7/8"x8" Red, black and white eagle. Red background.8
21ASign. Trinity Universal Insurance Company. Dallas, Texas. Wood with black lucite front. 13 3/4"x7".3
22APolicy. Insurance Companies Combined Policy. 10 different insurance companies listed and the Amount each is listed. Insured: Empire Furniture and Bedding Company in Kansas City, Missouri. From 12th March, 1963 to 8th June, 1965. Issued by Lloyds Underwriters. 5
23A2 Hot plates. One shows FMCA - Cape Cod and the other shows American Fire Marks 1752-1870. one is excellent condition. other Amer. Fire Mark has cracked in front but does not go through to back.2
24A2 Paper Clips. Large. 2 3/8" x 1 7/8" Says "Think Bonds" "Think Profit" for ALL your Bonds. Aetna Life & Casualty. 1
25APamphlet. Fire Marks and Business Equipment of The Mutual Assurance Company. 51 pages. Published 1977.12
26BHeavy cloth policy holder. Inside says "We Insure Our Property With Bretl & Hamachek" "The Leading Insurance Agents of Algoma, Wisconsin". On the back shows the list of insurance companies represented. 3
27B2 Insurance Policies. 1. The Henrietta-Greenwood-Union Mutual Fire Ins. Co. issued for 1 1/4 years, expires at noon October 2nd, 1925. 2. Henrietta-Greenwood-Union Ins Co. but written entirely in Polish. Covers property in Richland, Wisconsin. Expires 5th Sedna, 1926. Pass
28CInk Blotter. Hartford Fire Insurance Company. 1810 - 1916. Agent Alfred Watson, White River Junction, Vt. 2
29CPolicy. Fire Association of Philadelphia. 3 year policy from 27th day of June, 1915 to 27th day of June, 1918. Covering property in Portsmouth, Ohio. 3
30CInk Blotter. Caledonian Insurance Co of Scotland. Thomas Hislop, Agent, Troy, N.Y. 2
31CPolicy. Hartford Fire Insurance Co. Policy #122 covering "fire" only for 3 years from 5 Nov 1869 to 5 Nov 1872. Great condition. 5
32DGlass Mug. 18th Annual Convention, Octo 4-7, 1990, Toledo/Van Wert.1
33EPaper Receipt. Lafayette Fire Insurance Co. Dated May 19th, 1883. covering household furniture from 22nd May, 1885 to 22nd May, 1886. 3
34EPaper Receipt. The Phenix Insurance Company. Dated Dec 21st, 1875. Covering for one year from 21st December 1875 to 21st December 1876.1
35EPaper ledger receipt of insurance agency, Benedit and Benedict. Stamped "paid" "Apr 30 1901" Pass
36EAdministrators Bond. American Surety Company of New York. Dated 17th day of July, 1959.Pass
37FBrass Paper Holder. Small. 5 1/2"x3 3/4". National Life Insurance Company, Montpelier, Vermont. 7
38F2 Prudential Needle Threaders. Metal. 3
39FPaperweight. Germantown Mutual Insurance Co., Wisconsins Oldest Fire Mutual. 3 3/4" square. Glass with leather"?" on top2
40FPaperweight. Firemark replica. The Philadelphia Contributionship. 2 3/4"x 1 3/4"5
41FState Farm Mutual Deck of Cards. 1922 -1997. Never Used. 4
42FPaperweight. Leedom, Miller & Noyes Co. INSURANCE. Tel. Brdy. 4780. Milwaukee, Wis. Mirror on reverse side. 10
43FKey Chain. Lucite with replica firemark inside. 2
44FPoster - Royal Insurance Christmas Poster, Reprint of Norman Rockwell 1922 illustration. Pass
45FLetter Opener. Brass. AETNA5
46FLetter Opener. Brass. Sun Insurance Company of New York. 10
47FLetter Opener. Metal. National Fire Insurance Co. of Hartford. 7
48FPoster. The Insurance Society of Philadelphia and Insurance Row. Circa 1901. Fire Marks pictured on outside edges of poster. Pass
49FAsh Tray. Continental Insurance Soldier depicted. 7 1/4" diameter. Made by Syracuse China. 2
50FPamphlet. Fire Marks by John Vince. 32 pages. Published in 1973 in U.K.11
51FPamphlet. Fire Marks, A Short INtroduction. Particular reference to Royal Exchange Assurance, 10 pages9
52FTrade Card. Rockford Insurance Company of Illinois. Back of card shows Twenty-ninth Annual Statement, January 1, 1896 Assets of $1,033,755 and Liabilities of $956,720. 15
53FAdvertising Piece. The National of Detroit. "Time is Money" "How Much is Yours Worth?" Advertisement for Accident and Health Policy. 1
54IBest Insurance Guide with Key Ratings showing financial information on ins. cos. from 1919 to 1924. 1924 Edition. All proceeds to FMCA3
55ISmall plate. 1908 Waterous Steam Pump. Plate number 8385. Original art by Robert J. Banks. 4" diameter. All Proceeds to FMCA5
56IAetna Insurance Company embossing seal. All proceeds go to FMCA2
57JSmall Sign. Representing American Motorists Insurance Company.2
58JSign. Agency. General American Life Insurance Company. Saint Louis, Missouri. 19"x7"5
59KPamphlet. Firefighting Museum of the Home Insurance Company. Stain on front. Pictures of the Home Insurance collection. All proceeds to FMCA2
60GAuto tag. Lincoln Mutual Casualty Insurance Company. Detroit. 1925-1997. 3" X 1 7/8" Mint condition.90
61GAuto tag. Maryland Motor Car Ins. Co., Balt. 1910-1925. 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" Unique, company only wrote fire & theft. Condition fair - good. For the serious collector. 30
62GHere's your chance to have in one volume all the United States fire marks from the three Addenda and over forty additions since Addendum III. Includes updated information not found elsewhere.59
63GPamphlet. Xerox copy. Report of Committee on the Financial Condition of the New Orleans Mutual Insurance Association. It seems the former directors resigned leaving the finances under suspicion.5
64NSmall plate. 4" diameter. 1897-1997. A Century of Professionalism. With black suede holder that says The Chartered Insurance Institute, Centenary Dinner, Guildhall, London. 12 March 1997.5
65NBook. The New England Agency Mutuals 1879-1979. by William Woodland. Unopened - still in wrap. 15
66NFire Engine Liquor Decanter. Empty. Ezra Brooks Bourbon Whiskey. 10
67PLetter Opener. Compliments of Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. 3
68PLetter Opener. Physicians Casualty Assn. Omaha, Nebraska. 3
69LModern reissue of original fire mark BU 233. Insured - Home - New York. 12
70HBook. The British Fire Mark Book 1680-1879. By Brian Wright. Published in 1982. 40
71HGlass Paperweight. Prudential Insurance Co. of America. Rectangular 25
72HGlass Paperweight. The Prudential Insurance Co. of America. Oval. 10
73PPaper Weight. Presented by The Washington Life Insurance Co. of New York. Very ornate on reverse side. 7
74APin. Arizona Ironwood with FMCA logo on it. 5
75ASun Insurance Brass Money Clip. 10
76AMighty Grip with Queen City Indemnity Company advertising. 1
77ABolo necktie with Arizona Ironwood and FMCA inside. 5
78MBook. Signs of Insurance by Edward Tufts and L.A. Leopold-Sharp15
79MFigure of fireman with horn. 9 1/4" tall.130
80MPaperweight. Star.3
81CMillers National Insurance Co., Chicago Compass. 3 5/8" diameter. Pass
82MToy Fire Engine5
83OFire Mark Reproduction of BU60. Baltimore Equitable Society. Cast Iron. Clasped Hands. 7 7/8"x4"60
84MPaperweight. Home Insurance Company. New York. 25 years of service. January 20, 194710
85MIce Bucket. 13" tall. Diameter: 5 1/2" on bottom, 8 1/2" on top. Good condition.39
86MPaperweight. North River Insurance - 100 year anniversary. 1822-1922. 4" diameter20
87MPaperweight. Home Insurance35
88FCards. Illinois Casualty Company deck of cards. 1
89FRate Book. Northland Mutual Life Company. Rating tables. July, 1936. Pass
90FPaper Clip. Very large. Pioneer Insurance Fleet, Rockford, Illinois. Approx 5.5 x 43
91FTransamerica Insurance Group Walnut Coin Holder. 6 commerative coins with letter from VicePresident of Sales dated March 19, 1973. 1
92FPin. National Association of Insurance Agents. 1
93FRibbon. Champions Fire Running Team, Kearney, Nebraska. 1887. in a frame for protection15
94FClipboard. Glen Falls Insurance Company. 1849-1949. Brass. Pass
95AFiremans Fund Golf Tees. 1
96FPaper Weight. Maryland Casualty Company. Very good condition. Pass
97FLetter Opener. Standard Mutual, October 19, 1992. Pewter Handle with Stainless Blade. 5
98FLetter Opener. Sun Insurance Office of London. Western Department, Chicago. 1710 - 1910. 11
99FLetter Opener and Ruler. Chapman Agency for Aetna Life. Main 418 Freeport, Ill. telephone number. Appears to be plastic material. Pass
100FLead Pencil. Bituminous Casualty Corporation. 1917 - 1942. 4
101AAuto Tag. Automobile Protective and Information Bureau, Chicago. This Car Protected 1923-45
102APatch. Atlanta Fire.1
103APin. FMCA lapel pin. 6
104A5 Fire Engine Paper Coaster. All in good condition. Pass
105AAuto Tag. State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance. 5
106A4 envelopes. 18th Annual Convention. Fire Mark Circle of the Americas, Toledo Ohio. October 4-7, 19904
107APostcards with envelopes. 3 from FMCA for 16th Convention 1988. 1 from Mobile Fire Department, 1 from Winder Fire Department, 1 from Roswell Fire Museum -all dated October 1988. Glenn Hartley Cachets. Note - all envelopes have 20.5 cent stamp with 1900s Fire Engine.6
108AAuto Tag. Insured in Harleysville Mutual Casualty Company. Oval. 15
109ARuler. MFA Insurance. Says - This Golden Ruler will only begin to measure our appreciation for your patronage.Pass
110FPaper Weight. Providence Washington Insurance Company. 175th Anniversary. 1799 - 1974. 4
111FPaper Clip. Dubuque Fire and Marine Insurance Co.15
112FGlass Ashtray. The Central Companies. Centrennial. 1876 - 1976. Heavy glass. 6 x 6 inches1
113FInk Blotter. Modernize Your Fire Insurance. George C. Smith & Son, Freeport, Illinois. Pass
114FInk Blotter. The Jawbone. June 1927. 2
115FInk Blotter. Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Company, Springfield, Massachusetts. Calendar for 1953. Pass
116FArticle. Fire Marks in Philadelphia. by Lynne Leopold-Sharp. 4 pages. 1
117FHartford Steam Boiler 1976 Vacation Schedule. 8 3/4x10 3/4" that opens to 26 1/2"x21" One side has reproduction lithograph of HSB sign. Other has HSB signs at top and calendar for 1976 at bottom.10
118FArticle "Marks of Fire." Supplement to Fire Mark Journal-Bulletin, Autumn 1993. By David Griffiths. 10 pages. 1
119FInsurance History of Rockford, Illinois. 2 pages typed. 3
120FArticle and front page of The Antique Trader. May 27, 1981. Insurance Company Advertising Signs. By Morton Werner. 1
121FArticle and front page of Antique Trader. May 15, 1991. Fire Insurance Signs. By Howard Girdlestone. 2
122FPamphlet L istituzione assicurative in Ungheria. Published Trieste 1992. 20 pages. Written entirely in Italian. Many pictures of fire marks. Pass
123FAdvertisement. The British Fire Mark 1680-1879. 2 pages. 1
124FContinental Casualty Company. Train Service Time Book. Inside covers have calendars for 1923 and 1924. Pass
125FPamphlet. National Leaflet. Published by the National Casualty Company. Detroit, Michigan. July, 1917. 6 pages. Pass
126FPamphlet. A History of the Fire Mark. by General Fire Mark Co., G. Max Skinner. 4 pages. 2
127FArticle. The Story of the Fire Mark in America. By W. Emmert Swigart. 4 pages. 1
128FArticle on Blotters. December 11, 1980. 4 pages typed. Pass
129FInk Blotter. Aetna Insurance Co, Hartford, Conn., Western Branch, Chicago, Illinois. 2
130FArticle from Professional Agent entitled "A Natural Conversation Piece. July, 1983. Article on Fire Marks. 8 pages. 1
131QItalian Fire Mark, La Fondiaria. Aluminum. Similar to B1522. Mint. 8 1/2"x5 1/2". Pass
132RLaw Union Fire & Life Ins. Co., London. Policy No. 75104. Dated 24 June 1874. 5
133RAccident Ins. Co., London. Policy No. 153512 dated 17 December, 1897. 5
134RRoyal Exchange Assurance Co., London. Bristol Branch. Policy No. 1301648. Dated 12 April, 1894. 5
135RRoyal Exchange Assurance Co., London. Policy No. 1151030. Dated 15 May, 1891. 7
136RRoyal Exchange Assurance Co., London. Policy No. 1151040. Dated 15 May, 1891. 7
137RA framed print titled "A Wearer of Doggetts Coat and Badge," showing an 18th Century Doggetts waterman in his uniform and silver arm badge. Thomas Doggett, an Irish comedian and joint manager of the Drury Lane Theatre in London, provided in his will dated 10th September 1721, for a prize of a coat and silver badge to be rowed for annually by six watermen within a year of completing their apprenticeships. The badge represented Liberty. Print is 4"x6"12
138RFramed Print titled "Torch-Light Procession of Fireman At New York," showing a parade of 19th Century firemen carrying torches and pulling an early fire pumper at night in New York. Minimal brown spots around edge. Print is 6 1/2"x4". 11
139SAuto Tag. State Automobile Insurance Assn. Indianapolis, Ind. 26
140SAuto Tag. Insured in Harleysville Mutual Casualty Company. 10
141SFire Association of Philadelphia. Reproduction Fire Mark. Back has "VM 22-2" 11 1/4"x7 1/8"20
142SHope Mutual, St. Louis. Reproduction Fire Mark. 8 3/8"x9 1/4"20
143SLorillard, New York. Reproduction Fire Mark. 9 1/4"x6 5/8"15
144SGermantown Mutual Fire, 1843. Reproduction Fire Mark. 10 5/8"x7 7/16"15
145sDe Soto Rural Fire. 24 years of service. De Soto, MO. Exp. July 1, 1974. Red. 6 3/8"x3 3/8"10
146SDe Soto Rural Fire Protection. De Soto, Mo. Exp. July 1, 1978. 28 years of service. White. 6 3/8"x3 3/8"5
147SDe Soto Rural Fire Protection Assn. De Soto, Mo. 25th Anniversary. Exp. July 1, 1975. Silver. 6 3/8"x3 3/8". Rusty. 5
148SDe Soto Rural Fire Protection Assn. De Soto, Mo. 27 years of service. Exp. July 1, 1977. 6 3/8"x3 3/8". Yellow. 5
149SEssex Insurance Society. Reproduction Firemark. Heavy Metal. 8 1/8"x6 1/2"16
150SNewspaper Advertisement from The Illustrated London News dated June 19,1886. "Put out the fire before it gets a good hold, and thus save life and property." 19
151SAdvertising Fan. M-F-A Insurance. Very good condition. 12 5/8"x6 3/4"Pass
152SCappers Farmer Protectective Service, division of Cappers Natonal Protective Service Association. Topeka, Kansas. "Thieves Beware." Tin. 13 3/4"x8"15