Item ID Description Sold
1AIndemnity Ins. Co. of North America sign (pressed board probably). 16 3/4 x 13 3/4"pass
2AINA Playing Cards. 54 cards (with 2 jokers) in Blue. 52 cards (including joker marked as 3 diamonds) in Black.pass
3AINA Lighter. Has lifetime guarantee--mail-in for $.50. (wonder if company is still in business)1
4AThe Andover Companies Plate. 10 3/4" diameter. On back is marked Wilton Columbia "RWP". 3
5AAuto Tag. Farm Bureau Mutual - Kansas. pass
6ABook. An Evolving Concern. Technology, Safety and The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company, 1866 - 1991. Still in wrapping.pass
7AOld Fire Marks Pamphlet. By W. Emmert Swigart. Published in April, 1946. 15 pages. 6
8AFranklin & Fires Pamphlet. Published in 1906 by The Philadelphia Contributionship for the Insurance of Houses from Loss by Fire. Reprinted 1922. 3
9ABook. A History of the Salem Fire Department. By Edward Tufts. Still in wrapping.8
10ABook. The New England Agency Mutuals. 1879 - 1979. By William N. Woodland. Still in wrapping.pass
11BReproduction Firemark - It is made of a composite material and is a copy of the Norwich Union fire mark, Bulau 706. It measures 8-1/4" hi. x 7-1/2" wide.5
12CGolf Balls. 4 packages of 3 balls each. Marked with AETNA logo on each ball. Never been used. 10
13CLapel Pins. 25 Various ones2
14C3 Aetna Life and Casualty Black Glass Ashtrays. Each 4 3/4 x 6 3/4"2
15C3 Tennis Balls with AETNA logo on each ball. pass
16CAetna Life & Casualty with a Mirror on reverse side.pass
17CBook. Hit Me - I Need the Money, the Politics of Auto Insurance Reform by Marjorie Berte. Published 1991. pass
18CPamphlet. At the Sign of the Hand-in-Hand. 48 pages. 2nd Edition published in 1935.2
19CAETNA Rate Book for Life Insurance. 1958. 2
20CBook. Inside the Family-Held Insurance Agency by Milton Stern. Published by the Insurance Foundation of PIA in 1987.pass
21CBook. Underwriting Principles and Practices. by Robert Holtom. Published 1973. 714 pages.2
22CBook. Automating Your Agency - State of the Turbulent Art. By Dr. Ronald Anderson. Published 1982. 265 pages.pass
23FKey Chain with picture of Indian girl. Marked "We SWAMPUM with WAMPUM"1
24FPawtucket Mutual Fire Insurance Co. 1848-1948. Paperweight.10
25FLumbermens Letter Opener. 75th Anniversary, 1895-1970. pass
26FNew York Central Mutual Fire Ins. Co. Letter Opener and Ruler. 5
27FGrain Dealers Mutual Pocket Knife. 2
28DSign. The Manhattan Fire and Marine Insurance Co. Pressed Board. 12"x11 3/4"10
29EPlaque. St. Paul Fire and Marine Ins. Co. Pressed Wood. 11"x9 3/4" pass
30ECobalt Blue Ashtray. Central Fire Insurance Co. of Baltimore, Holliday and Fayette Sts. Plaza 4415 engraved in bottom. 5"x3 1/4"3
31EMug. 18th Annual Convention FMCA, Oct.4-7, 1990 Toledo/Van Wert. 1
32ELighter. Lucite with Hartford Stag in middle. On bottom of lighter (inside) engraved "Hartford Fire Insurance Company"6
33EMinature Fire Bucket. Vigili T Fire Company #3 1817 painted on front. Appears to be silverplate. 2 5/8" high x 1 7/8" diameter. 5
34ERailroad stake - made of metal. 6" long. The Second Annual USF&G Express, Greenbrier - October 7, 1984.6
35EEgg - hand painted on front with 1794 and clasped hands painted on back FMCA Meeting 9.21-23,1989. To Landon and Charlean with thanks. 1
36EAshtray.Sterling Silver. 5 1/8" dia. Engraved "Cravens,Dargan& Company" "1904-Fifth Anniversary-1954" "Price K. Johnson" "The Camden Fire Ins Assoc"5
37EDish with gold trim. 5" diameter. Engraved "FandG Life Headquarters Dedicated 1990."1
38ELetter Opener. Brass. 9" long. Fire Association of Philadelphia 1817 on one side and Golden Anniversary Trezevant & Cochran, General Agents Dallas 1876 - 1926. 100
39E2 - St. Paul "fat angel" matches (empty). USF&G key chain. Estimated to be late 1970s1
40EHartford paperweight. 3 1/4" x 2 1/8" Brass. Hartford stag with "The Hartford County Mutual Fire Insurance Company"22
41EUnited States Fidelity and Guaranty Seal. Incorporated 1896. 6 5/8" high. Heavy Iron.6
42EUSFandG Book Marker. 4 1/2" Copper Color.2
43EIndependent Insurance Company Limited Commerical Vehicle. Yellow Van. Metal 3 1/2" long. 3
44EPewter Plate. 5 7/8" diameter. USFandG Birmingham Educational Meeting 1987.pass
45ERound Copper Holder. 4 1/8" Trezevant and Cochran, Dallas, 1876 - 1951. On back says "Made in England by Henry Jenkins & Sons, Birmingham for 75th Anniversary."7
46EEagle Star and British Dominions Insurance Co. Metal Statue of an Eagle. 3" high. P.C. Owen on bottom. 25
47EFMCA 92 Etched in the Glass Mug. 6" high. 3
48EThe St. Paul, 10 Year Anniversary Recognition. January 19, 1976. Wood with Brass insert. 3"x 1 1/4"pass
49ESolid Wood Block. 5"x3"x1". 75th Anniversary, USFandG, Cannon-Treweek Agy., Inc., April 15, 1988.pass
50ESmall plate or cup holder. 3 7/8" diameter. Metal. 1897 - 1997. A Century of Professionalism. pass
51EU of F Key Chain. 1
52EMatch Safe. Copper 2 1/2"x1 3/4x3/4". "Stockman Insurance" "Complete Service" "Marston Bldg. - Ranger".15
53EUSF&G Key Chainpass
54EU F Miniature Firemark reproduction 2.5"x3.5"pass
55EBrass Belt Buckle Texas Facilities Reinsurance Corporation 1836-198612
56EMiniature rifle TJ Life 7.5"pass
57GBlack Flower Pot and saucer. Lincoln National "90 years and growing. 4.5" dia.pass
58AInsurance Company Automobile Tags book. Robert M. Shea, CPCU and Albert E. Wills.3
59AAddendum to Footprints of Assurance by Firemark Circle of the Americas, Volume 3. 3 books.20
60APerpetual Calendar 1971-1980. The Home Insurance Company. 17" x 28".pass
61HLetter Opener. National Fire Insurance Co. of Hartford. 22
62HLetter Opener. Home Mutual Ins. Assn., Des Moines, Iowa, J. J. Rowe, Secy.2
63HLetter Opener. Miss Betsy W. Spencer Insurance, 745 Euclid Avenue, Syracuse, N. Y. Preferred Accident Ins. Co., Founded 1885.3
64HLetter Opener. Vermont Mutual Fire INsurance Co., Montpelier, Vt. 12
65HThe Continental Insurance Companies Key Chain. pass
66HSmall Sign. Agency of Newark Fire Insurance Company, Organized 1810. 4 5/8"x 8"5
67HFiremans Fund Insurance Company Wood Ruler. pass
68HSmall Sign. Agency, The Connecticut Fire Insurance Company of Hartford. Black on Copper. 5"x10"9
69HAuto Tag. Insured in the Northwestern Underwriters. Service, Strength, Safety. Faded. pass
70HRuler. Historic Flags of our Country. Compliments of Casualty Insurance Company of California. 2
71HState Fire and Casualty Co. Ruler. 123 E. N. 79th St. - Miami 38, Fla. Tel. PLaza 4-7525pass
72HRuler. E. Baker - Insurance & Real Estate, Phone 9222, 328 Adams Bldg. Port Arthur, Texas. pass
73HMiniature Fire Mark with Hooks. 5
74HPocket Knife. On one side "Chester M. Cloud, Metropolitan Agent, Automobile Dept." On other side "Home Insurance Co. N.Y. The Standard Accident Ins. Co., 63 Maiden Lane, N.Y. City."5
75HPaper Weight. The Home Insurance Company New York, HOME 1853 - 1913 pass
76HTip Tray. Metal with Copper color in front. Compliments of Fire Association of Philadelphia F&M., Reliance, Victory Insurance Cos. F.M. Avery, Mgr.30
77HPaperweight, 100th Anniversary 1874-1974 Ada, Ohio. Northwestern Ohio Volunteer Firemens Assn. Marble, 2"x2"pass
78HHome Insurance Company. Letter Case with Sterling Collapsible Cup inside. Leatherpass
79HAetna Letter Opener/Ruler. Aetna Insurance Co., Cash Capital $5,000,0003
80HLetter Opener. Auld & Bay, Inc. Insurance, Opposite Post Office, Alliance, O. Preferred Accident Insurance Co, Founded 1885. 3
81HLetter Opener. American Mutual Liabilty Insurance Company Boston, 1887 - 1937. Brass. Art Deco style on both sides. 15
82HFire Mark, Reproduction. Insured HOME New York. Tin. Oval. 7 7/8" 5 1/4"6
83HLetter Opener. Insure with The Ocean. Accident and Guarantee Corporation, Ltd. Brass. 3
84HPaper Weight or Small Sign. Academy Insurance Group, Inc. 1 3/4x 4 7/8" Heavy Metal (maybe brass). pass
85HHawkeye-Security 50 Years Insurance. Tip Tray. Oval, Plexiglass. 8 1/8"x6"pass
86HBook. Dictionary of Insurance Terms. Published Janaury, 1949. 74 pages.pass
87HCalendar and Thermometer. I. Davenport & Co. - All Kinds of Insurance. Philadelphia Pennsylvania. April 1932 showing on Calendar. pass
88HGreen Ashtray. Lincoln Fire & Casualty; Lincoln Income Life Ins. Co., Louisville, Kentucky.pass
89HPaperweight. Southern States Mutual Life Insurance Company. Charleston West Virginia. 12
90HLetter Opener and Ruler. Frank G. Taylor, Insurance for Every Need. Salem, Ill. Phone 738. pass
91HPaperweight. Aetna Life Insurance Co. New Building Campaign, 1929. Hartford Connecticut. On reverse side is "Awarded to B. A. Mellander..."5
92HMiniature Fire Mark. Star. Heavy Metal. 1
93HAshtray. British General. Life Fire Accident. 1904 - 1925. 1
94HLetter Opener. Alice M. Conkling Insurance. Franklin, Nebraska.2
95HFiremans Fund Marble Paperweight. 5
96HSign. International Indemnity Company. 8 5/8"x 11 1/4" Gold painted on brown woodboard.3
97HMaryland Casualty Company Advertising Mirror/Paperweight. 40th Anniversary 1898 - 1938. On reverse side "Hollis Realty Co. Phone No. 2"pass
98HCoaster. Milbank Mutual 1978pass
99HEconomy Fire and Casualty Co. Desk Top Item. 1
100IDesk top item. Black lucite with The Continental Insurance Companies and Continental Soldier inside. 2 1/2"x3 1/4"3
101IFramed fire mark Assicurazioni Generali Venezia. Reproduction - cardboard.2
102IPrudential Needle Threader1
103IInsurance Company of the State of Illinois STOCK CERTIFICATE. Ten Shares. Issued 25th day of April, 1911. 8
104IRockford Insurance Company Policy. June 5 1890 to June 5 1893.10
105IRoyal Insurance Company Paper Holder. 1845 to 1945. Brass. 12
106IInk Blotter. The Jawbone, December 1927. Samson Auto Insurance Assn. Freeport, Illinois. 1
107IAutomobile Record Book. Compliments of The Kansas Casualty and Surety Company. Inside -last page- has Calendar of year 1918. Very good condition - no writing on inside.pass
108ISamson Automobile Insurance Rates, effective March 1 1926. Good condition -some water stains on back and front. Opens up and shows the fire & theft rates, Collision rates, & Liability & prop. damage rates for all the makes of automobiles -e.g. Ajax3
109IPaper Clip. Hardware Mutual Insurance Company of Minnesota, Hardware Indemnity Insurance Company of Minnesota. 5
110IGerman American Ins. Co., New York Advertising Mirror. On right side, outside material has come apart due to age. Mirror on reverse side.pass
111IGlens Falls Insurance Company Note Pad. 100th Anniversary, 1849 - 1949. pass
112INational of Detroit Advertising Piece for Accident and Health Policy. Pamphlet "Time is Money" "How Much is Yours Worth" Front, back and inside. pass
113IPamphlet for Auto Ins., Samson Auto Insurance Assn. "Why You Should Have Liability and Property Damage Insurance" Front, back and inside pages. Back page says "Big Verdicts the General Rule" "Verdicts for $2500 to $5000 for broken limbs are common 1
114IHome Insurance Comp., New York, 1879 Trade Card. On back of card is calendar for January - June, 1879.4
115IThe American Insurance Company, Newark, N.J. Ink Blotter. F.X. Newcomer Co, Dixon, ILpass
116IGreat Central Mutual Insurance Co. Paperweight.2
117IContinental Casualty Company, Shop and Yard Time Book. Inside cover has 1927 Calender. Back cover has 1928 Calendar. Very good condition. No writing inside booklet. 2
118IForest City Insurance Company Policy. July 19 1896 to July 19 1901.10
119IAetna Life and Aetna Casualty and Surety Advertising Mirror. Very good condition. Mirror on reverse side5
120JMaryland Casualty Co. Paperweight. Round 4 1/2" diameter. Mirror on reverse side. Mfg by Green Duck Co., Chicago. VG Condition.1
121JAetna Paperweight. Round 4 1/2" diameter. Mirror on back. Mfg by Cruver Mfg. Co., Chicago. VG Condition. 3
122JLondon Assurance Co. Paper Clip. VG Condition. 20
123JLetter Opener. Sun Ins. Office of London. Metal. "Western Department, Chicago" "1710-1913" on one side. Indian Chief and Shield on other side. Fair Condition. 5
124JUS Mint Ben Franklin Firefighters Silver Medal. Round 1 oz. Silver Medal issued by US Mint in 1992/93. Front shows Portrait of Franklin and a Fire Helmet. Reverse shows firefighter on a ladder rescuing a child. Excellent Condition - in original box. pass
125KHand made Antique Firemanpass
126KStatuette. Fireman with child and lantern7
127KStatuette. Fireman and Civil War Soldier7
128KStatuette. Fireman with dog and hydrant helmut5
129KPair of fire boots -- opens to fire tools5
130KOriginal Cameo Water Pitcher. "The Firemans Wife"pass
131KOriginal Cameo Water Pitcher. "The Firemans Family"pass
132KSmokey the bear with red helmutpass
133KFrench Poodle Fire Dog5
134KMug. White with gold trim. Antique fire engine on mug.2
135KFiremens mug. Currier & Ives. 4
136KDalmation with fire helmutpass
137KSilver "Chicago Fire Dept" Shot Measure10
138KPaperweight. 6 miniature firemarks inside. 11
139KPaperweight. 3 Miniature fire marks inside.10
140LAmerican Fire Marks Book. The Insurance Company of North America Collection. Published 1933. 133 pages.20
141MBU40 Squatty Green Tree. Reproduction Firemark. Mutual Assurance Co. 8 1/8"x8 3/8". (determined to be a reproduction at 2006 Auction by ALVC. Pulled from auction and resold this year as repro.)52
142NLititz Mutual Insurance Company Plate. 6 7/8"2
143N1983 Calendar Medallion Paperweight. Automobile theme. By Marcel Jovine.5
144NNorth American Life and Casualty Company. Calendar. 3 1/2x6 1/2 Desk Top Item.pass
145NThe Franklin Life Insurance Company, Springfield, Illinois. Tip Tray. 2
146MBulau 117 Reproduction Firemark. Firemen Insurance Co., Baltimore. 12 1/2"x14 1/8". Repaired in back. (determined to be a reproduction firemark by the ALVC in the 2006 auction -- so pulled from auction). 25
147O2 Paper items. One is a Receipt from the Home Insurance Co. dated September 20,1892. The other is a note on The Home Insurance Company New York paper. pass
148OPaper Receipt. From the Continental Insurance Co. Dated December 18, 1885. pass
149OPaper Receipt. The Phenix Insurance Company, Dated Jan 2, 1886. pass
150OPaper Receipt from the Lafayette Fire Insurance Co. Dated Dec. 22nd 1882. pass
151PJim Beam Whiskey Bottle. Honorable Order of Blue Goose Commemorative Bottle,1971. Mint Condition. Front and back of decanter shown in picture. Est. Value $100 20
152Q3 Post Cards from the Friendship Fire Engine Company in Alexandria, Virginia. pass
153QTravelers 1964/65 Worlds Fair 33 1/3 RPM record in slipcase. "The Triumph of Man". pass
154QThe Home Insurance Company, Men of Vision During 125 Years. By Robert H. Tullis, President. Pamphlet, 25 pages. Published in 1978pass
155QThe Home Insurance Co., "Christmas Greeting 1970" 33 1/3 RPM record. Includes Salvation Army Band Music. pass
156QThe Home Insurance Co., Rain Insurance Manual. 3 pages. Edition 1961.pass
157QThe Home Insurance Co. "Certificate of Weather Observers" 1937. Page torn on lower left corner, nothing missing. pass
158QBrochure "Firefighting Museum of The Home Insurance Co" with original mailing envelope. About 16 pages. 10
159QHome Insurance Co., 1971 Annual Review. pass
160QHome Insurance 1972 Annual Review. pass
161QHome Insurance 1973 Annual Review. pass
162QHome Insurance Co, 1974 Annual Review. pass
163QAlexander Howden Pamphlet "150 Years of Shipping & Insurance" about 20 pages. 5
164QAlexander Howden "150 Years of Shipping & Insurance" Pamphlet. about 20 pages. pass
165QContinental Insurance Co. "1776-1976 Our Nations Heritage" booklet; collection of 16 reproductions of paintings in company collection. pass
166HAetna Laminated with penny, nickel, dime and quarter from 1964. Frank L. Eblen is etched on front. 12
167HThe Hartford Book Ends. 12
168HPennsylvania Hose Co. "21" Heavy Metal Pin. 2 x 1 3/8". 150
169HNational Mutual Casualty Company, Madison, Wisconsin. Auto Tag. 21
170HWhat are they? Toothpicks?? Believe made from Celluloid. One says "Imperial Fire Insurance Co of London, England" and other says "H.E. Darling Insurance, 55 Kilby St. Boston"20
171HCountry Mutual Advertising Rooster. 3 1/4" tall. Pewter-color metal. On outside of base says "Country Mutual" "25th Anniversary" "Casualty Co" "1927 - 1952"5
172HNew York Central Mutual Company, Fire Insurance Company. Paperweight with Mirror on back. Hard plastic material.3
173HFarm Bureau Auto Tag. No color remaining. pass
174HState Farm Mutual Auto Ins. Co. California County Farm Bureaus. Auto Tag. Faded color.25
175HPaperweight. The American Druggists Fire Ins. Co. Capital, Surplus and Reserves over $2,000,000. Mirror on reverse side.6
176JAuto Tag. Harleysville Mutual. Aluminum. 4 1/4x 4 5/8" including mounting tab. Excl. Condition. 2
177JPaperweight. Washington Life Ins. Co. of NY. 4 1/8x 2 5/8" Bronze & Metal with Knob in Center for Lifting. Mfg. by John Becker, Boston. Fair Condition. 10
178JPaperweight. Maryland Casualty Co. Round 2 1/2" diameter. Metal. Picture shows front and back of paperweight. Excellent Condition. 2
179JChina Cup & Saucer. Firemens Fund Ins. Co. White with Red and Gray Bands on Both. Cup has Logo of Fireman and Child. Mfg by Syracuse China Co. Excellent Condition. pass
180JAuto Tag. Iroquois Ins. (Danville, IL). Brass, Indian Chief in head dress with some original color remaining. Center hole has been soldered Fair Condition.6
181HCommittee Ribbon. Annual Convention Texas Firemens Assn. Cleburn, May 11th to 13th 1904. Ribbon has tears in middle due to age.pass
182HGoodville Mutual Casualty Co, Goodville, PA Auto Tag. pass
183HAA Auto Tag. #6B54445 etched on bottom. 15
184HCelluloid Ruler. Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Co. of Springfield, Mass. 10
185HUnited States Automobile Association. Auto Tag. 25
186RNorwich Union Fire Ins. Society. Norwich, England. Reproduction Fire Mark of Bulau 720. Tin. Excellent Condition. pass
187ESoda Acid Bottle. Clear glass with original top. Empty. "Acid Line" etched on outside of bottle. 6" to top of bottle (excluding top) and 2" wide. pass
188TCGU Insurance Plaque. Wood frame with velvet and metal. 10 1/4x13 1/4". Mint.pass
189HState Auto Insurance Mutual Co. Auto Tag. Faded. 15
190HCitizens Hose Company, No. 1, Wernersville, Pa. Red Award Ribbon. 6
191SFramed, Repro of Print showing the Phoenix Fire Office, County Fire Office & Westchester Fire Office Brigades racing to a London Fire. Original Print issued 1808. 9 5/8"x12 5/8" (1/2" wood frame) VG Condition.pass
192SColor Litho of Fire Helmet, Trumpet, etc. Untitled. 16 3/4x7 5/8" (3/4 wood frame) Good condition. pass
193SRepro Print showing foreman and members of Fire Brigade of Sun Fire Office, circa 1808. Framed. VG Condition. 9 5/8x12 5/8" (1/2" wood frame). pass
194SBlack & White Litho showing 2 scenes of the Armory Fire in the Tower of London on October 30, 1841. 14"x17 1/4" (1/2" wood frame). Good condition. pass
195KBrass Pen Stand. Fire Helmet with Pen Holder. 20
196KPaperweight - raised oval with British fire hero. Etched glass on outside and etching inside of fireman carrying child - at bottom says "saved"pass
197KPaperweight. The Pioneer Insurance Co., organized 1856. Home office, Greenville, N.Y.pass
198KPaperweight. raised oval. Jackson National Life. Pewter base. 6
199KPaperweight. Home Mutual Insurance Co. of Pennsylvania. 1882 - 1982. 100th Anniversary. pass
200KPaperweight. Talbot, Bird & Co., Inc.; Marine Insurance Specialists Since 1910.pass
201KPaperweight or desk top item. "Homecoming 1981" "Columbus, Ohio" Blue-green color. 3
202TShelby Mutual Plaque. Wood with metal insert. 12 x 8" good condition.pass
203TKemper National Ins. Companies Plaque. Wood with carved lettering. 16x8"pass
204TOhio Casualty Group Plaque. Wood carved lettering. 11 3/4 x9"5
205TWestern Surety Co. Plaque. Wood carved lettering. 12 1/4 x8"pass
206TAmerican States Insurance Plaque. Wood with brass. 12 x 9"pass
207TRanger Insurance Plaque. Composite backing. Silver lettering. 10x8"pass
208THolyoke Mutual Ins. Co. Plaque. Wood. White insert. 11 3/4x9 3/4". Mint2
209TDodson Insurance Group Plaque. Wood backing. Brass insert. Weighs almost 5 lbs. Mint. pass
210TInsurance by The Hartford Sign. Wood backing. White glass. Excellent. Picture of stag. 15
211TThe andover Companies Plate. 1828. Pewter. Beautiful. Mint. pass
212TCappers Farmer Protective Service Sign. Tin. Red, Black and White. Good condition.10
213UHistorical Collection of Insurance Company of North America Book. 1792-1967. 211 pages. Published 1967.pass
214UAutomatic Sprinkler Head. Grinnell Quartzoid/Mather-Platt. Made in England. 1966. Rated 175 deg.F.pass
215UAutomatic Sprinkler Head. Globe D Sagveall. Chrome plated decorative pendent spray head. 1957. rated 160 deg. F. pass
216UAutomatic Sprinkler Head. cSc pendent residential spray sprinkler. date of manufacture 1983. Rated 145 deg.F.pass
217UAutomatic Sprinkler Head. Grinnell durospeed. Chrome plated pendent sprinkler. Manufactured 1978. Rated 165 deg. F.pass
218UAutomatic Sprinkler Head. Grinnell Durospeed In-rack sprinkler with special deflector and protective guard. Manufactured 1974. rated 165 deg. F.pass
219UAutomatic Sprinkler Head. Rockwood D corroded sprinkler taken from plating plant. pass
220UAutomatic Sprinkler Head. Grinnell Durospeed side wall sprinkler head. manufactured 1975. rated 165 deg. F. pass
221UCollege Park Vol. Fire Department Metal Plaque. Oval. 8 3/4x11"20
222UReproduction Fire Mark of Bulau 5. Philadelphia Contributionship. Metal. 7 1/2x11"20
223UFootprints of Assurance Book. By Alwin Bulau. 1953. 1st Edition55
224UBook. Fire Protection Handbook. Thirteenth Edition, 1969. by the National Fire Protection Associaton. Book is 3" thick.pass
225U3 Framed Pictures-Antique Fire Engines. 6 3/4x8 3/4 ea. 1.Baltimore Chemical Fire Eng.; New York Veteran Firemens Eng.; Poughkeepsie Phoenix Hose #1pass
226U3 Framed Pictures. 6 3/4x8 3/4". New England Ladder Truck; Boston Engine 38; Chicago Fire Patrol No. 3.pass
227U3 Framed Pictures. 6 3/4x8 3/4" San Francisco First Fire Engine; The Mother Lode "Papeete"; New York Howard Engine 34. pass
228U3 Framed Pictures. 6 3/4x8 3/4". Philadelphia Hurricane 13; Cleveland Silsby Steamer; New Bedford Novelty No. 8. pass
229VMaryland Casualty Company Judicial Bond Underwriting Chart. Dated April 1958. 1
230WInsignia Brownville, N.Y. Fire Department: Volunteer fire dept. member insignia intended to be attached to a metal pole or rod for display in front of the members property. Aluminum. Maltese Cross form. 6 1/8 x 6 1/8. Unpainted. Like new condition; almost mint. Brownville, population 1,099, is located in Upstate N.Y. in Jefferson County, 4 miles Northeast of Watertown.25
231WBook The British Fire Mark 1680-1879: Book - Wright, The British Fire Mark 1680-1879 [Woodhead-Faulkner Cambridge 1982]: Excellent, well regarded and invaluable reference tool for British, Scottish and Irish fire marks produced before 1880. Good condition; front and back of dust jacket scratched.30
232WInsignia Weedsport, N.Y. Fire Department: Volunteer fire dept. member insignia intended to be attached to front of building. Heavy zinc. Maltese Cross form. 6 x 6 . Gold border and lettering raised. Red ground. Excellent condition. Weedsport, population 1,952, is located in Upstate N.Y. in Cayuga County, 20 miles West of Syracuse.pass
233WPlaque United Fire & Casualty: Insurance company plaque given out to company agents. Metallic or ceramic composition. 7 x 7 . Raised company logo, lettering and border in gold with UNITED above logo and FIRE & CASUALTY 1946 below it. Blue ground. Near mint condition. A beautiful plaque!pass
234XStock Certificate. Germania Fire Insurance Company. New York. 20 shares issued May 25, 1914. 9
235XStock Certificate. Franklin Fire Insurance Company of Philadelphia. 16 shares dated September 14, 1935. pass
236XStock Certificate. Harmonia Fire Insurance Company. Buffalo, New York. 10 shares issued November 15, 1928. pass
237XInk Blotter. Sun Insurance Office. 5
238XLetter Opener. Brass. Donegal and Conoy Mutual Fire Ins. Co., Marietta, PA. pass
239XAmerican Fire Marks Pamphlet. Inside is an Identification Chart of INAs Fire Mark Collection as shown on their wall. 10 pages. Not dated. Very good condition. pass
240XSpinning Wheel Antiques Magazine. October 1963. Cover has fire marks and there is an article on fire marks (with more pictures) inside. Very good condition. No torn pages.9
241XPaper Receipt dated Nov. 4th, 1869. United Firemens Insurance Company, Philadelphia. 9
242RBook. Signs of Insurance. Mint condition. By Edward Tufts15
243RBook. Signs of Insurance. Mint Condition. by Edward Tufts. 20
244RDecoupage copy of New Hampshire Fire Insurance policy #1 on wood backing. excellent condition. pass
245RPlaque. Phoenix Assurance Co. of New York. Excellent condition. Plastic. Bright multi-colored. pass
246RSign. Nord-Deutsche, Hamburg, Germany. Metal, Steel. Blue and White Sign. Excellent Condition. pass
247RFire Mark Replica. Insurance Company of North America. Cast Iron. Excellent condition. pass
248BSign. CGU Insurance. 13 x 7 1/2" Wood frame.pass
249CBook. Insurance Principles and Practices. 5th Edition. By Riegel and Miller. Published 1966. 867 pages.2
250YPamphlet. The Story of the Norwich Fire Marks. Printed 1994. 37 pages. ALL proceeds for this item to FMCA.3
251YPamphlet. Fire Marks and Business Equipment of The Mutual Assurance Company. Reprinted from Catalogue of The Green Tree Collection, 1977. 51 pages. ALL proceeds from this item to FMCA3