Item Type Book Ref. No. Description Sold
1Fire HelmetNABack of Helmet. The French Second Republic was a Short-lived Republican Government of France between the 1848 Revolution and the 1851 Coup by Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte which Initiated the Second Empire75
1Fire HelmetNABottom/Inside of Helmet. This Helmet May have been used during the French Second Republic. 75
1Fire HelmetNAFireman's Parade Helmet. Brass. Believed to be French Helmet (sapeur pompiers). Circa mid 1800's . 75
1Fire HelmetNABetter Picture of the Front of Helmet75
1Fire HelmetNAHelmet Front Top Picture75
1Fire HelmetNAFront of Helmet The RF is a Possible Indication of the French Second Republic. 75
1Fire HelmetNAPicture of the Bottom Front of the Helmet. It moves up and down75
2FMB312United Firemen's Insurance Company. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. 1875. Raised Lettering and Old Model Steam Fire Engine in High Relief. Wheels have 12 Spokes. Repainted. 365
3Sign301.4bPennsylvania Fire Insurance Company. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 1825 - 1959. Reverse Glass,Brass Plate,Wood Frame. 13 1/2 x 19. Olive Green Background. Gold Lettering with Silver Lettering at top and bottom. Partial Loss on Left and Right Side. Also Left of P and Right of E.40
4FMB914 VARCommercial Union Assurance Company. London, England. Enameled Iron. Not in Bulau or Wright Books. Appears to be Previously Unrecorded Mark. 7 1/2 inches in Diameter. Border, Lettering and Raised. Flag with Union Jack in Center Heavily Convexed. Damage to Right and Left Side by the Holes. Also Damage to Right Side of Flag. (Very Rare). 200
5Fire BeltNADauntless Fire Belt. White Leather with a Scalloped Red Leather Edging. Iron Buckle. DAUNTLESS is spelled out in White Letters on a Red Background Insert200
5Fire BeltNADauntless Front of Belt. Number 1 appears on a Background of a Hook and Ladder on a Red Insert. The belt is Dirty and Faded as well as Cracked. The Belt Loop although Threaded onto Belt does not appear to belong with it. 200
5Fire BeltNADauntless Belt - Back Side. Condition Fair. 41.5 inches long by 2.75 inches wide. Acquired by the Green Tree Collection in 1933. 200
6Fire ClackerNAFire Clacker. Very good condition. But I could not get it to turn and "clack." 8 x6 1/2 with handle. 45
7FMW48BWest of England Fire and Life Insurance Company. London, England. Exeter, England. 1807 - 1894. Copper. West of England at Top and Exeter at Bottom Have Raised Letters. King Alfred wearing a Cloak is in the Middle and the Area is Convexed. 9 1/4x 7 3/8. Much Original Gilding Remains on Mark. Not in Bulau300
8FMB1084VAL Union Belge Societe Anonyme DAssurances Contre L Incendie. Brussels, Belgium. ZINC Oval 9 1/4x7 1/4. Similar in Size to B1084 but slightly different design and is quite thick. Border and Lettering Raised. Hands and Arrows Raised. House Paint. One of the Earliest Marks for this Insurance Company. Not in Bulau200
9FMB166Associated Firemen's Insurance Company. Cast Iron. Raised Border. Fireman with Trumpet, Holding Burning Brand, in High Relief. Issued about 1848. Repainted. 910
10FMBUS-FE-1Farmers Mutual Insurance Co. Cando, North Dakota. Tinned Sheet Iron. 6 7/8x 4 5/8. Rectangular. Black background. Border and Lettering in Silver. Discovered in 1993. Write up in 4th Quarterly 1993 Newsletter. Only one known to be in existence. 550
11FMB1239Alexandria Insurance Company Societe Anonyme Egyptienne. (Alexandria Ins. Co). Alexandria, Egypt. 1928 - Enamel Coated Iron. 6x9. Yellow Design and Lettering on Blue Background. 110
12Sign386.2The Travelers Insurance Company Sign. Hartford, Connecticut. Brass with Original Wood Frame. 25 1/2x15 5/8. Etched Black Script with Company Emblem of Hartford Tower, lower left. Some of the Black is gone. Manufacturer is George Rutledge. Sign issued 1923-1935. On back of sign is Memorandum from Travelers explaining how they determined date issued. 50
13FMB88VBFire Association of Philadelphia. Philadelphia. Cast Iron. 11 1/2x7 3/8. Repainted on Front. No Drainage Knob in Back. 85
14GrenadeNAHarden Hand Grenade Fire Extinguisher. Turquoise. STAR on Front. Concrete Stopper still there. Never Used. 3/4 full. 50
15FMB851; W75AScottish Union Insurance Company. Edinburgh, Scotland. 1824 - 1878. Copper. 7 7/8x6 3/4. Raised Border, Lion and Lettering. No Color. 250
16FMB855; 77BYorkshire Insurance Company. York, England. Copper. Borders, Gold Minster on Panel with Yorkshire above and 1824 on panel below are all Raised. Minor Damage to bottom right on panel. 9 1.2x7 1/4. ALSO INCLUDED is a Yorkshire Standard Dwelling Fire policy. Policy period was December 1, 1928 to December 1, 1929 covering the personal effects of a home in Lexington, Kentucky. 75
17FMB381State Insurance Company. Hannibal, Missouri. 1865-1873. Zinc. 7 7/8x5 3/4. Border, Missouri Seal and Lettering Raised. Rare.400
18Fire Wood EngravingNAThis is a 1872 wood engraving of the Great Boston Fire 15 inches x 10 inches on a 20 1/2 inch x 15 3/4 inch backing and protective cover with Authenticity paper. 45
18Fire Wood EngravingNABack of Boston Fire Wood Engraving with Authenticity. 45
19FMB1666VALa Prevision Espanola Compania de Seguros. Seville, Spain. Tin. 4 1/8x6 1/4. Black Background with Gold Lettering and Thin Border. Red and Gold Spanish Flag. 30
20FMB888Royal Farmers and General Fire, Life Hail Storm Insurance Company. London. 1843-1888. Copper. Sheaf of Wheat, Lettering and Border all Raised. 10 1/8x8 1/8125
21Auto TagNAState Farm Insurance war-time tag emblem made of a composite material that is like Masonite. Rarest of the generic State Farm tags45
22FMB75-V-AHartford Fire Insurance Company, Hartford, CT (1810 - ) Brown tinned sheet iron. Rectangular. 6 13/16 x 3. Border and lettering gold on black background. Addendum description says, Three known at this time. Near Mint. 450
23Fire BucketNAJ. March Fire Bucket. Hand Sewn Leather Fire Bucket Initially Painted Black, then Decorated and Labeled with Gold Paint. Wood Rims Under the Leather Reinforce the Bucket. Pass
23Fire BucketNALeather Handle Attached with Iron Loops. Painted at Top of the Bucket is the Head of a Man with Flowing Hair Behind What Appears to be a Chariot Drawn by Two SA Horses. Pass
23Fire BucketNAAbove the Head of the Man is No 1 which is Faintly Legible. Pass
23Fire BucketNACirca 1775. Design Resembles the Neptune Company's Hats from 1805. March does not appear in Philadelphia City Directories or Census Records at This time. He probably was not Affiliated with the Company and Simply Acquired the Bucket and Painted his Name. Pass
23Fire BucketNAJ March Fire Bucket. 11 3/8 x 8 5/8. More Pictures. Pass
23Fire BucketNAMore Pictures. Neptune Fire Company was Formed in 1774. in 1805 They Ordered that a Figure of the Sea God nd His Horses appear on the Front of the Hats. The Company Never Owned an Engine and Relied Heavily on Buckets in Fighting Fires. By 1816 the Hand-Hand Fire Company was Inactive and Neptune Began to use their Engine. in 1825 the Neptune, the Fame and the Hand-in-Hand Fire Companies all Merged, retaining the Name and Charter of the Hand-in-Hand. . From the Green Tree Collection. Pass
24Sign49.1Cambridge Mutual Fire Insurance Company. Tin Sign. 14x20 1/16. Black Background with Gold Banner on Diagonal. Gold Lettering. No Frame. 35
25FMB116Firemen's Insurance Company. Baltimore, Maryland. Cast Iron. 14 1/813 1/4. Double Decker Hand Pump and F.I. Co in high relief. Wheels have 6 Spokes. Loop at top is plain and round. Issued about 1855. Determined by to Authentic by Verification Committee in 2016. 900
26FMB688; W24BNewcastle-Upon-Tyne Fire Office. Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England. 1783 - 1859. Lead. 7 1/2 x 7 5/8. Border and Arms of the City Raised with Panel Below Bearing Policy #1028. City Arms Consist of Three Towers Each with Three Turrets. 800
27FMNAEuropeia Seguros Fire Mark. 3 1/4x2 7/8. Tin. Silver and Blue Background with Black Lettering except for E and S in Silver. 15
28FMB934VA' 10JNorth British & Mercantile, London, England. Issued for use in the USA. Tinned sheet iron, 6 3/4 X 3 1/4. Very rare. Original colors. Some fraying at edges. Ex-Al Wills mark, which he noted came from Northern Illinois and is one of only two known to exist (See Addendum) 250
29Sign174.1Hawkeye Casualty Company. Des Moines, Iowa. 1923 - 1950. Wood. 24x12. Natural Wood Grain Background. Gold Lettering and Company Emblem. Gold and Black Woman Standing with Staff and Shield of Red and White Stripes.50
30Parade TorchNAFireman Parade Torch. Complete with Original Burner, Original Wadding and Screen Intact. Circa 19th Century. 22 1/2 long. 40
31FMB623; W10JRoyal Exchange Assurance, London, England. Lead. 7.25 x6.125 inches. Showing Royal Exchange Building and Crown Above It. Rimmed Edge. Policy Panel with Number 172872 below. Traces of Original Gold. Circa 1800-1810. This Mark is Pictured in Wright Book as 10JPass
32FMB1270Compagnie Du Soleil Society Anonyme D’Assurances A Primes Fixes Contre l’Incendie, La Foudre Et Les Explosions De Toute Nature. (Sun Fire, Lightning and Explosions Ins. Co.) Paris, France, 1829 - Copper. 7 ½” X 5 7/8” Raised border and background black with gold raised sun and lettering Pass
33Sign391 VarUnion Fire Insurance Company. Paris, France. In US 1910 - 1931. Aluminum with Wood frame. 28 1/2 x 18. Sign near perfect. Outside edges of frame have scuffing. 40
34Auto TagNAAuto Owners Protective Exchange. Kankakee, Illinois. 1918-1925 Changed Name to Auto Owners Underwriters. Aluminum. 3 7/16x1 3/4. 25
35Fireman BadgeNAPassaic Fire Department Uniform Badge. Number 58. Nice Detail around Border. 30
36FMB94Fire Association of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Tin. Rectangle. Fire Mark. 5 15/16x7 7/8. Extremely Rare. Issued about 1875. 1000
37FMB88VA or VBFire Association of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. 3 lbs. 5.5 ozs. 7.395 x 11.545 inches. Heavy Brown House Paint. Determined to be Authentic by 2016 Verification Committee. 75
38FMB778Atlas Assurance Company. London. Copper. Very Raised Figure of Atlas supporting Convexed Globe. Raised Border. 10 7/8x6 1/2.30
39FMB847-X-1Patriotic Assce. Co. Ltd. Guaranteed by Sun of London. Founded 1710. Tin. 7 inch diameter.Pass
40Auto TagNALa Concorde Assurances. Paris, France. Auto Tag. Pass
41FME90HMannheimer Versicherungsgesellschaft. (Mannheim Insurance Company). Mannheim, Germany. City of Mannheim Coat of Arms. Enameled Iron. 4 x 4.Circa 1953 -1965. 20
42FMB463Capital Fire Insurance Company of Des Moines, Des Moines, IA (1884-1909) Tin. Rectangular. 6 7/8” x 3 5/16”. Border and lettering black on gold background. Rare. Near Mint with discoloration on left side. 700
43FMB38Back of Green Tree755
43FMB38Mutual Assurance Company. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From the Green Tree Collection. Circa 1808 to 1824 Cast Iron. 12.50 x 8.938 inches. Hollow Back. Entire Front is Painted Green. A 3cm Sprue Mark appears on the Back at the Left Side of the Tree Trunk -see picture of back. Good Condition. Rare.755
44FMB1653VARossia Insurance Company of St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg, Russia. 1881 - 1918. Brass. 9 1/2 inch diameter. Raised Eight Pointed Star in Ivory with Black Lettering on Navy Blue Background. Rossia in Gold on Black Banner. 130
45Sign179.12bHome Insurance Company. New York, New York. 1853 - 1973 in NY. Paper with Wood Frame. Printing is Black or Shades of Black. 27 1/2 x 22 1/2. Some Foxing - paper turned brown. Couple of tears below United States and across Principal States and Towns. 25
46FMB83Fire Association of Philadelphia. Cast Iron. Flat Back. Oval. 11 1/2x8. First Mark issued by this company. 175
47Auto TagNATown and Village Insurance Service. Auto Tag/Badge. 30
48FMUS-BD-1Buckeye Union F.I. Co. 1938 - 1965. Metal. 5 1/4 inch triangle. Issued in 1953 as part of the 25th Anniversary of the Company40
49FMB632; 10KRoyal Exchange Assurance. London. Lead. 8 1/2x4. Raised Border and Royal Exchange. Closed Crown at Top. Issued about 1835.50
50FMB1603 Var.Filipinas Compania de Seguros. Manila, Philippine Islands. Enamel Coated Brass. Circular. 5 1/4 diameter. Slightly Convex. Portrait of Woman laid on top of mark. Pass
51FMB85Fire Association of Philadelphia. Lead. Raised F. A. and Fire Hydrant. Hollow Back. 1857. Determined to be Authentic by the Auction Verification Committee. 350
52FMB666;W20ASalop Fire Office, Shrewsbury, England. 1780-1890. Lead. 7.5 x 7 inches. Circa 1790. Arms of the City of Shrewbury- Three Leopard Heads Raised in High Relief on Circular Panel. Policy Number 517 on Panel Below. Original Gilding. Excellent Condition. This Mark is Pictured in Wright Book as 20A. Pass
53Fire BadgeNANice Fireman’s Badge- Laurel S.F.E. Co. (Steam Fire Engine Company). YFD - believed to be York, Pa. Fire Department. Very nice condition front and back with slight tarnish as shown in photo. Badge number 1. 55
54FMB965Employers Liability Assurance Corporation Limited. London, England. Tin. 10 x 8 3/4. Raised Border and Lettering. Center Design of Britannia with Shield is Highly Raised. Green Background with Red or Black Lettering and Red Center Design. Original Colors. Excellent Example of Rarely Seen Mark. Not in Wright. Pass
55Sign6 Var. Aetna Insurance Company. Hartford, Connecticut. 23 5/8 x 19 5/8. Brass with Original Wood Frame Behind It. Aetna Company Emblem and Listing of Aetna Company Names are Gold and Raised. Gold Border is Slightly Raised. Brass Background. 20
56FMB47VBInsurance Company of North America. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. 11 x8 3/8. Back Says Facsimile of Ins. Co. of N.A. Fire Mark. Issued in 1830. Issued by INA to Agents years ago. 40
57FMB771; W48GWest of England Fire and Life Insurance Company. Exeter, England. 1807-1894. Copper. King Alfred Wearing a Cloak Holds a Scepter and Sword., Figure is Cut Out, with West of England Raised in Panels Below. Superb Condition Showing Muted Original Colors. 250
58FMB1704Societe Suisse Pour L'Assurance Du Mobilier. Berne Switzerland. Tin. 10' X 7". Raised gold phoenix with red and white shield and gold initials on black background. Raised border. 55
59FMUS-SE1Sandusky Insurance Company. Sandusky, Ohio. 1851-1893. Tin. Last of the 5 marks discovered in 2016. Pass
60SignNANew York Underwriters Insurance Company. Solid Wood Back with Laminated Sign on Front. 15 1/4x26 1/4. Black Paint is missing on Border of 4 sides. 40
61FMB739; W38DGlobe Insurance Company. London, England. 1803-1864. (merged with the Liverpool and London Fire in 1864. Then merged to become the Liverpool and London and Globe. Eventually became the Royal-Liverpool Groups. Tin. Extremely Convex Globe. Globe Lettering is Raised. 7 1/8x7 7/880
62Fire BucketNAS. Hatch Fire Bucket. One Bucket - picture is of the Front and Back. Hand-Sewn Leather Fire Bucket. Black Interior with Green Exterior and Gold Band Painted Around the Top. Pass
62Fire BucketNAS HATCH painted on a gold banner across the front. Below, near the base are printed in gold No. 4 and 1829. Pass
62Fire BucketNAInitials J.R.T., which are probably those of the tanner, are embossed in the leather twice on the front and once on the bottom. Pass
62Fire BucketNABottom of Bucket. Circa 1770. 10.75 inches high x 9.50 inches wide. Pass
62Fire BucketNAS. Hatch Leather Bucket. Stylistically, this bucket dates to the mid-eighteenth century and was probably repainted by Hatch in 1829. From the Green Tree Collection. Pass
62Fire BucketNAS. Hatch Other Side. The Sides are more rounded and diameter wider than those of the late 18th century. By the nineteenth century, many were fastened with rivets. Pass
63FMB1389 Var; E99BNorddeutsche Feuer-Versicherungs-Gesellschaft (North German Fire Ins. Co.) Hamburg, Germany, 1868 - 1907 Tinned sheet iron. 9 3/8” X 6 5/8”. Raised border and background black with raised gold lettering 100
64FMB234 or B235Home Insurance Company. New York, New York. Tin. 5 1/8x8. Repainted recently. Border and Lettering Slighly raised75
65Auto TagNAState Farm Mutual Auto Ins. Co. Auto Badge. Kansas State Farm Bureau. 20
66Sign370 VarStuyvesant Insurance Company. New York, New York. 1851 - 1978. Reverse Glass with Wood Frame. 19 3/4 x 10 3/4. Some Paint Loss to Figure of Peter Stuyvesant. 37
67FMB313United Firemen's Insurance Company. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. Wheels have Eight Spokes. Bevel Edge. Repainted Black and Gold. 1860. No Policy Number. Determined to be Authentic by Verification Committee.140
68FMBWI-BA-1Barbados Fire Insurance Company, Barbados, West Indies (1880, merged with Economic Ins. Co., Ltd.) Copper. Odd shaped. 8 7/16 x 9 .Dark green background with raised red border. Emblem gold and red Poseidon (Neptune) riding a chariot across the sea [Seal of the Island of Barbados]. BARBADOS in gold lettering on dark green panel at bottom. Near Mint with minor paint losses. 275
69FMB517; W2AHand-in-Hand Fire and Life Insurance Society. London, England. 1696-1905. Lead. Pair of Clasped Hands with Loose Cuffs. Open Crown on Top. Policy #92707 on Bottom Panel. Circa 1785. 8 x 8 1/2. 600
70Sign325.1 VARQueen Insurance Company. New York, New York. 1891-1971. Tin with Wood Frame. 22 1/2 x 16 1/2 including Frame. (Original Frame is 1 1/2 inches) Black Background with Gold Lettering. "Q" in Queen has elongated tail. 50
71Fire KegNAHazelton's High Pressure Chemical Fire Keg. Amber. 11 inches high. About 5 1/2 inches at Widest Part. Barrel shape. 125
72FMB CY-GA-1The General Insurance Co. of Cyprus, Ltd. Island of Cyprus. 11 1/8x9. Aluminum. Blue and Red Background. Gold Lettering, Figure and Border. Rolled Border. 50
73FMB566; W4FUnion Assurance Society. London, England. Circa 1865 - 1907. Copper. 9 5/8x7 1/4. Border, Four Clasped Hands and Lettering Raised. No Color. 160
74Sign21.2bAmerican Insurance Company. 1872-1976. Newark, New Jersey until 1976. Reverse Glass. Black Background with Gold Letters. Dirt or Residue on Glass needs to be cleaned by first letter in American and N in NJ. Slight loss to Gold Letter in second A in American. 40
75FMB724; W30CBritish Fire Office. London, England. 1799 - 1843. Copper. 8 inches Diameter. Tail Up. Some Original Gold Gilding Remains. Raised Lettering and Border. Slightly Convexed Center of Mark. 150
76FMB268Franklin Insurance Company. Saint Louis, Missouri. 1855-1878. Zinc. 7 1/2x 5 11/16. Red House Paint on Front. 300
77Sign171.5Hartford Fire Insurance Company Sign. Oval. Tin. Office Advertising Sign. Company Emblem of Stag in Field in Front of Mountains. 20 inches x 24 inches with descriptive information on back/ side in good original condition. Simulated Wood Self-Frame. 45
77Sign171.5Back of Hartford Sign showing Descriptive Information on Back Side. 45
78FMB803; W59ANational Assurance Company of Ireland. Dublin, Ireland. 1822 - 1904. Heavy Tin. 8 1/2x9 3/8. Raised Inner Border and Shamrock. Raised Lettering and Outer Border. Slightly Convex. 1822-1904. 400
79FMB1756Victoria Insurance Company. Melbourne, Australia. Copper. Shield Shape. 8 1/2x9. Original Paint - some is missing. 55
80Fire BeltNAClose Up Picture of the Front. There are Two Belt Loops. The Buckle is Pewter with a Brass A Raised on It. The Fastener Resembles a Coil of Hose300
80Fire BeltNAPicture of ACTIVE back of belt. There is a Brass Hook at One End and a Loop on Both to Catch it. The Leather is Cracking and Pieces are Missing. Condition. Fair. 39.5 inches long x 2.875 inches wide. 300
80Fire BeltNAFire Belt. Black Leather Fire Belt Trimmed with a White Scalloped Leather Edge. ACTIVE is Spelled out in White Letters on a Red Leather Insert in the Center of the Belt300
81Ledger MarkerNANational Fire Insurance Company, Hartford, CT [now a CNA company]). Tinned sheet iron. 12 5/8” x 3”. Vanilla/off white background. Near bottom: James Nichols, Pres’t. and E.G. Richards, Sec’y. At bottom: The Kellogg & Bulkeley Co. Lith. Hartford, Conn. Very Good to Fine with minor paint losses. 110
82Sign274.10North British and Mercantile Insurance Company. Sign. London, England. In U.S. 1866-1963. Aluminum with Wood Frame. 1 6/8 inch frame. Etched Black Lettering at Top and Red Lettering at Bottom and Red Company Emblem. Aluminum Background. 30
83FMB720Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society. Norwich, England. Tin. 8 3/4 x 10/ 5/8. Seated Figure of Justice, Lettering and the Design are Raised. 35
84FMB90VAFire Association of Philadelphia. Cast Iron. Has Long Grass. Drainage Knob in Back. Flat Back. 11 1/4x7 5/8.Verified by Auction Verification Committee to be Authentic and is a 90VA. 180
85FMB772; W48FWest of England Fire and Life Insurance Company. Exeter, England. 1807 - 1894. Copper. Oval. 9 1/2x7 3/4. Convex. Standing Figure, West of England and Border Raised. Original Colors. 150
86FMB779; W50AAtlas Assurance Company. London, England. Copper. No Border. 11x6 5/8. Damage on three of four edges - probably when they removed the mark from its home. 35
87FMB314United Firemen's Insurance Company. Philadelphia. Cast Iron. Wheels have 8 spokes. 12 x 9 1/4. Beveled Edges. Circa 1872. Determined by Verification Committee in 2016 to be Authentic. 95
88Fire LithoNAProtector Fire Company Hand Colored Paper Lithograph. 8 1/2x11 7/8. Circa 1848. Protector Hose Company's Hose Carrier and Four of Its Firemen Dressed in Black Pants, Red Shirts and Black Helmets. Black Shields on Their Chests Bear the Inscription: Protector 2. From the Green Tree Collection. 150
89FMB1497Assicurazione Generali Societa Anonima (General Insurance Company) Thieste, Italy, 1831- A mark used in Greece. Zinc. 12 3/8 X 9 1/16. Raised border and background black. Lettering and date in gold 80
90Auto TagNAAllied Mutual Casualty Company. Auto Badge. Des Moines, Pass
91Sign145.1General Accident Fire and Life Assurance Corporation. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In US 1906 - 1981. Reverse Glass. Royal Blue Background with Gold Lettering. No Damage. 50
92FMB555Sun Insurance Office. London, England. Tin. 7 inches diameter. 50
93Auto TagNAUnited States Army. Auto Tag/Badge, Insured Automobile Association. 55
94FMB457Columbia Fire Insurance Company. Dayton, Ohio. Tin. Raised Border and Lettering. 3 1/4x 7 inches. Chipping House Paint. Circa 1890. 300
95FMB1446Astir Anonymos Asphalistiki Heteria Pyros, Zoes Ke Aty. Athens, Greece. Tin. 6 3/4x9 3/4 Raised Border, Lettering and Circle in Blue, Yellow Star and Background. Original Colors. Circa 1931 or later. Pass
96FMW45BCounty Fire Office. London, England. 1807-1906. Rare Mark. ZINC. Not in Bulau. 8 1/2x6 1/2. Not the Usual Copper Mark but the Very Rare Zinc Variant. Faded Original Colors. Excellent Condition. Not in Bulau.200
97Fireman PinNAFireman Pin. Gold Colored. Top says Passaic N.J. Bottom has Picture of Fire Engine with 1892 above. Says Passaicito Dikeman Hose 3. Very Good Condition.15
98Sign364 VarState Automobile Insurance Association. Sign. Tin. Circa 1957-1985. Hung on Diagonal. Two Sided Sign. One Side Says X Marks the Spot. Drive Safely. Company name at bottom. Other side says X Marks the Spot. THINK. Company name at bottom. 20 x 2030
99FM1086VALa Belgique Societe Anonyme Compagnie D'Assurances. Brussels, Belgium. Zinc. Lettering, Crown and Border Raised. 11 x 9. Lots of House Paint. 25
100Auto TagNAFarmers Automobile Inter-Insurance Exchange stamped brass with T Model style car. New old stock- Pristine, never used condition50
101Sign78Columbia Fire Underwriters Agency. Omaha - National Fire Insurance Company. Brass with Chain in Back. No Frame. 23x1225
102FMB442Lumberman's Insurance Company. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. Diamond Shape. Border Represents Four Logs Overlapping at Ends. L I Co in Center. Issued about 1873. 115
103Sign160.2Great American Insurance Company. New York, New York. 1917 - 1976 in New York. Reverse Glass. Dark Brown Background. Gold Lettering. 13 x 19. No Damage. 35
104FMB917; W100ACommercial Union Assurance Company. London, England. Tin. Oval Shape. 9 7/8xx 8 5/8. Raised Design of a Salamander in Flames. Red, Gold and Green. Black Background with Raised Gold Lettering. Restored by Commercial Artist using authentic original colors. 45
105Auto TagNAMotor Union Ins. Co. Ltd. MUI. 3 x1 7/8. Pass
106FMB435National Fire Insurance Company. Hartford, CT. (Now a CNA Company). Aluminum. Rectangular. 7x3 3/4. Used in South America. Spanish wording and border raised. Background black. Rare. Very Fine to Excellent.Pass
107FMB932VANorth British and Mercantile Insurance Company. London, England. Tin. Rectangular. 9 7/8x7. Lettering, Border and Two Shields Raised. Not in Bulau. Not in Wright. Pass
108FMB1663-V-ALa Union y El Fenix Espanal Compania. De Seguris Reunidas. Madrid, Spain. Tin. Black and Red Background. Gold Lettering, Emblem and Raised Oval Separating Red and Black Background. 9 1/2x6 7/8.50
109Sign24,.3 Var.American Surety Company of New York. New York. 1884-1963. Porcelain Enameled on Steel. White Lettering on Dark Blue Background and Dark Blue Lettering on White Background in Middle. Difference 10x15. Only Difference between 24.3 in Sign Book is Capital and Surplus over $6,000,000. Very Good Condition. Only Minor Chipping of Porcelain at Bottom - below Surplus 110
110FMB1344; E127CaSchleswig Holsteinische Landesbrandkasse. Kiel, Germany. Iron. Slightly Convexed. 9 3/4x7.45
111Auto TagNAInter-State Automobile Inter-Insurance Exchange. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 1920-1930 Reinsured by Underwriters Casualty Company. Aluminum. 3 inch diameter. 18
112Sign409.2bWestchester Fire Insurance Company. New York, New York. Aluminum Background with Wood Frame. 26 x 14. Etched Black Letters. Sign needs to be cleaned. 30
113FMW3FSun Fire Office. London, England. Tin. Sun with Sixteen Rays, Alternating Straight and Wavy. The Sun and the Rays are Raised. Circa 1816-1839. Covered with House Paint which has Protected the Mark from Corroding Away. Mounted on a Chamfered Circular Piece of Wood. Mark is 6 1/8 inches diameter. 7 1/2 inches including the Wood. Not in BulauPass
114FMB1625 VARArgus Companhia de Seguros. Porto, Portugal. Tin. Triangular. 3 1/8 inches on each triangular side and 3 1/2 inches on bottom side. Black Background with Gold Lettering and Red inner triangle. 10
115Ledger MarkerNAAetna Ledger Marker. Dark Brown with Gold Lettering. '67 Net Assets $4,273,269. 70
116FMB891Royal Insurance Company. Liverpool, England. 12 x10 1/8. Copper. 40
117FMB1077Compagnie D'Assurance D'Anvers Securitas Societe Anonyme. Antwerp, Belgium. Tin. Raised Figure and Lettering in Gold on Black Background. Rolled Border. 9 3/8x7 3/8.25
118SignNANational Forsikring Agentur. Ialle Brancher. Enameled Iron, Very Convex. Bright Red Background with White Lettering and Border. Some of the Enameled Iron missing on bottom and edges. 75
119FMB175Ohio Farmers Insurance Company. (now Westfield Insurance). Ohio. Tin. 6 1/2x3 1/2.7
120Fireman PinNAFireman's Pin. The N.J. State Exempt Firemens Assn. Life Member. Gold Color with some Red and White Background. Pumper in Middle. 10
121FMW23IPhoenix Assurance Company. London. Tin. circa 1820- 1840. Phoenix Emerging from the Flames of a Burning Pyre. Thin Raised Border. Damages to Edges. Not in Bulau40
122FMB1119Companhia Americana De seguros (American Insurance Company) Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1918- Tinned sheet iron. 7 15/16” X 5 13/16”. Blue background with gold crest, border and lettering. Flat black lettering at bottom 85
123Sign70.1aCitizens Insurance Company of New Jersey. 1929-1972. Reverse Glass with Wood Frame. Silver Lettering with Dark Blue Background. Original Frame. 19x1135
124FMB364German Insurance Company, Freeport, IL (1865-1906) Tin. Rectangular. 6 15/16” x 2 ½”. Border and lettering black on silver background. Issued about 1865. Excellent. 130
125FMB257Phoenix Insurance Company. Hartford. Tin. Issued about 1860. 6 7/8x3 1/4. Rust - especially at bottom of mark. Original Gold Paint remains.60
126FMB847Patriotic Assurance Company. Dublin, Ireland. Tin. 7 inches in diameter. Patriotic Raised on scroll across Sun. Gold Sun. Raised Border. Pass
127Sign182.1Homestead Fire Insurance Company. Baltimore, Maryland. 1922 - 1948. Reverse Glass with Wood Frame. 21 1/2 x 13 1/2. Gold Letters on Maroon Background. Slight amount of background deterioration. 30
128FMNATranquilidade Fire Insurance Company. Lisbon, Portugal. Seguro de Fogo (Insurance of Fire)7 1/4 diameter. Lightweight Tin. Silver Background with Royal Blue Lettering, Border and Design. Modern issue by insurance carrier.10
129FMB761County Fire Office. London, England. 1807-1906. First Mark of this company. Copper. Rectangular. Damage to Bottom and Left Side of Mark plus a little to Right Side. 6 1/2 x 8 1/2.Pass
130Sign205.Var.London Assurance. London, England. Reverse Glass with Wood Frame. 25 x 22 3/4, including 2 1/2 inch frame. Gold and White Background (except Gold is mostly gone) Replice of Old Fire Mark. Seated Figure of Brittania with Harp and Shield on Shore, Ship in Background. Note - Gold Background and some of the White Background need to be redone and then it is a very nice sign. Can be taken out of frame from back. Pass
131FFBUS-NA-1New Castle Mutual Insurance Company. Heavy Cast Iron. Oval. Repainted. 8 3/4x6 1/2. Lettering around outside with pumper in the middle. Issued by company in 1949130
132FMB758Caledonian Insurance Company. Edinburgh, Scotland. Tin. Lettering, Border and Thistle Raised. 7 x 8.70
133FMB1346/EV73Hessische Brandversicherungs Anstalt. (Hessian Fire Insurance). Kassel, Germany. Enameled Iron. Slightly Convexed. 5 1/2x8 5/8. 50
134FM797Guardian Assurance Company. London. Tin. 9 1/4x8 1/4. Red Border. Athene is in Gold, Silver and Red. Lettering and Figure is Raised. Pass
135Sign131.1Fidelity and Deposit Company of Maryland. Sign. Tin with original Cardboard Backing. 19 1/4 x 13 1/4. Black Lettering. Company Emblem in Center with gold F.D. on Red Sphere. Slightly Beveled Edge. No Frame. 32
136FME14CBauerliche Brandversicherung Verein Auf Gegenseitigkeit. (Rural Mutual Fire Insurance Association.) Circa 1948 - 1969. Enameled Iron. Black Lettering on Green and Yellow Background. Slightly Convex. 7 7/8x5 7/8.10
137SignNASeaboard Surety Company. Original Numbered Print of a Painting by Gloria Judson of the Company Logo. Number 21/40. Circular 24 1/4 inches. It was Prepared to Commemorate the 50th Birthday of the Company, which occurred on November 23, 1977. 17
138FM967Reliance Marine Insurance Company. Liverpool, England. Tin. 9 1/4x8 1/4. Border, Design and Lettering Raised and in Gold. Anchor Cream Colored. Black Background - might be Dark Green. 10
139Sign171.9 Var.Hartford First Insurance Company Sign. Brass. Self Brass Border, No Frame. 16 x 16. Scratches on Brass. 25
140FMB712 Norwich Union Fire Office. Norwich, England. Heavy Tin. 9 7/8 x 8. Seated Figure of Justice Facing LEFT Holding Scales. Justice, Lettering and Wreath are Raised Damage to Mark at Top and Bottom Left to Center Pass
141FMB607London Assurance. London. Heavy Tin. 11 5/8 x 1-. Convexed Center with Seated figure of Britannia. Raised Lettering, and Figure of Brittania. 20