Item Type Book Ref. No. Description Sold
1Sign357.5Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Company. Springfield, Massachusetts. 1849-1961. Tin. Red Automobile Insurance Lettering on Gold Ribbon. Company Name in White Lettering. Black Background. 9 1/8x13 inches.30
2FMB411Kenton Insurance Company. Covington, Kentucky. 1867-1891. Very Rare. Repainted. 6 5/8x4 5/8600
3Fire BucketNAFire Bucket with Handle. H.A.W. Brush Hill 2. 1881. Beautiful Dark Green Bucket with Red Top and Yellow Lettering. 600
4FMB186Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Company. Springfield, Massachusetts. Tin. Gold with Black Lettering. 6 1/2x3 1/4.225
5Fire Truck ToyNAFire Truck Pulled by Three Horses. Cast Iron. Vintage. 31 inches long. 10
6Sign281.1 Var.Northwestern National Insurance Company. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Reverse Glass Sign with Brass Plate. Wood Frame. Indented Brass Lettering. Simulated Wood Grain Background in Maroon. 23 1/8x17 1/4 including frame.50
7Auto TagNAIroquois Insurance Company Auto Tag- Indian chief with painted headdress. 3 5/8” x 2 ½”. As issued….a fairly scarce grill emblem.65
8FMB57Baltimore Equitable Society. Baltimore, Maryland. Cast Iron. Heavy Rolled Border and Gold Raised Clasped Hands. Repainted.Reproduction
9FMB US-HA-2Hawkeye Insurance Company. . Des Moines, Iowa. 1865-1910. Tinned Sheet Iron. 6 7/8x3 1/4. Gold Letters on Black Background. Note: the red in the picture is not on the mark. 650
10FMB774West of England Fire and Life Insurance Company. Exeter, England. 1807-1894. Tin. 7 3/8x9 1/4. Very good condition.125
11GrenadeNAGrenade. Glass is Turquoise with Pattern. "Harden's Hand Fire Extinguisher" Etched on Glass. Reverse Side Says "Patented No. 1 Aug 8 1871 - Aug 14 1883." About 3/5ths Full. Lip has one Chip. 70
12FMB84V-AFire Association of Philadelphia. Philadelphia. Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. 11 3/8x7 1/2. Flat Back. Raised F.A. and Fire Hydrant. Repainted but NOT in Original Colors. Reviewed by Auction Verification Committee and determined to be Authentic but definitely repainted.75
13FMNAZemstro Insurance of Karzan District. Russia. Tin. Oval Shaped with Four Holes one on each side. One Hole Chipped on the Left. Rooster in the Middle, a Hole Below Crown and Hole Under and Slightly to the Right of the "O". A Hole between M.B. Chips of Gold Painted on Back. Brown Slightly Shining Finish on Front. 7x9 1/4. Pass
14FMB550Sun Insurance Office. London, England. Copper. 7 1/8x5 3/4. Gold Sun on Dark Green Background. 130
15FMB800Guardian Assurance Company. London, England. Tin. 8 7/8x10 3/8. Six pointed Star. No Color. Mark Used in China120
16FMUS-SE-1Sandusky Insurance Company. Sandusky, Ohio. In business from 1851 to 1893. "Just discovered in June of 2016 & given the Bulau number US-SE1 by the identification committee of the FMCA""This mark was found on the inside of a barn in a rural area of Ohio & was being used on the inside of a cabinet in the barn to cover a crack on the outside wall of the barn".This company had a rough history which can be verified with a minimum of researchThis mark measures 6 3/4 inches long by 31/4 inches wide & is tinIt has a small amount of original black paint remaining. Raised border as well as raised letters. Four holes for mounting as well as an extra hole where it was nailed to the wall Front & reverse have surface rust, but mark is as solid as they come.1250
17Auto TagNAState Farm Mutual Auto Ins. Co. Bloomington, Ill. Washington State Farm Bureau. 25
18Auto TagNAMaine Mutual Auto Tag. Auburn, Maine. 1931-1937. Assets and Liabilities Assumed by Farm Bureau Mutual Ins. Co, Concord, NH. Aluminum. Very Good Condition. Full Color. Rare.85
19FMB682??Phoenix Assurance Company. London, England. Copper. Repainted. 9 3/4x8 7/8. Raised Phoenix Emblem and Lettering40
20FMB663 General Insurance Company of Ireland. Dublin. Ireland. 1770-1824. Lead. Raised Phoenix within a Rectangle with Raised Borders. Policy 2036 on Panel Below. Good Condition. 2000
21FMB469-X-2Shawnee Fire Insurance Company fire mark- painted tin. Topeka, Kansas. 1892-1910. 7” X 3 Ό”. This mark variety just discovered in 2014. Scarce.1050
22LanternNAGlobe Lantern. Round Bail, Clear Glass. Used by both Fire Fighting or Railroad. 350
23FMB891Royal Insurance Company. Liverpool, England. Copper. 11 5/8x9 3/4. Some damage to edges. No color. Pass
24FMB1621 Var.Companhia de Securos Tagus Sociedade. Lisbon, Portugal. Tin. 7 1/4x9 7/8.Black Center Red Background. Raised Gold Lettering.30
25FMB93Fire Association of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. Extremely Convex. Drainage Knob in Back. Issued about 1870. 7 1/2x10 7/8. Some small amounts of original gold remain. 100
26FMB616; W10FRoyal Exchange Assurance. London, England. Lead. Raised Royal Exchange on Convexed Oval. Open Crown Above. Policy No. 106230.100
27Fire Pin NAFireman's Pin. Brass. Two Pieces Connected. Top one says "Passaic Steam Fire Eng. Co. No. 1. TO". Bottom of Pin says "Waalkill Eng. Co. No. 6. Oct 12., 1893" Middle has Steam Engine. Extremely Good Condition for its age.20
28FMB88VBFire Association of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. Slightly Convex. Raised F.A. and Fire Hydrant. 11 1/4x7 1/8. No Drainage Knob. Hollow Back. Determined to be authentic by Auction Verification Committee. 100
29Sign389.1Union Casualty and Surety Company. St. Louis, Missouri. 1893 - 1903. Paper with Original Wood Frame. Multicolored Lithograph. 26 3/4x20 3/4. Heavy. Gold lettering for Place Glass Insurance, Cash Capital $250,000 and St. Louis. Black or Blue Insurance Company Lettering. Picture of Broken Window. Very interesting, colorful sign.150
30FMB1087La Belgique Societe. Brussels, Belgium. Tin. 9x6 5/8. Pale Blue Background with Gold Raised Lettering, Oval and Portion of Crown. Remainder of Crown is Red.35
31FMB632Royal Exchange Assurance. London, England. Lead. 8 7/8x4 1/4. Issued about 1835. Raised Royal Exchange and Border and Crown. Some Original Paint or Repainted a long time ago. 45
32FMB40Mutual Assurance Company. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. Known as the "Squatty Green Tree". Raised Green Tree and Flat Back. 700
33FMB246Phenix Insurance Company. New York, New York. 1853-1897. Tin. Raised Border and Raised Lettering - "Phenix Brooklyn, N.Y." 7x3 1/4205
34FM & Auto TagB176Ohio Farmers Insurance Company. Leroy, Ohio. Now Westfield Insurance. Brass Hexagonal. 2 ½” x2 ½”. Used on both Dwellings and Autos according to Bulau.60
35Sign133.8Fidelity-Phenix Fire Insurance Co. of New York. New York, New York. 1910-1959. Porcelain Enameled on Steel. White Lettering on Blue Background. Some damage to edges. 13x1850
36FMBUS-MH-1Mennonite Mutual Fire Insurance Company. Newton, Kansas. Tin. 1880-1937. Newly Documented Fire Mark. See Addendum Page in 2016-1 Signevierist. Discovered in basement of FMCA member during last year's "show and tell" at the Philadelphia Convention. Only one known to exist at this time.2400
37GrenadeNADark Blue Grenade. Empty. 90
38FMB543Sun Insurance Office. London, England. Lead. 6 5/8x6 3/8. Panel below has Policy number 532135110
39Ledger MarkerNAAetna Ledger Marker. One side says Net Assets AETNA '67 $4,273,269.81. Reverse side says Insure with the AETNA. Hartford Conn. Fire & Inland 1819. Dark Brown with Gold Lettering. Some loss of paint and lettering on top of front and bottom of back. Pass
40FMB276Clay Fire and Marine Insurance Company. Newport, Kentucky. 1856-1879. Cast Iron. Rare. Odd Shape. 8 1/4x4 5/8. Raised Lettering and Border. 750
41Sign55.1Capital Insurance Company. Des Moines, Iowa 1884-1909. Tin. Black Lettering with Silver Background. 16x25 1/2. Some scratches where Silver is gone. 55
42FMB1191El Iris Compania de Seguros Mutuos Contra Incendio. Havana, Cuba. Iron. Convexed. 10 3/8x7 3/4150
43FMB103Aetna Insurance Company. Hartford, Connecticut. Tin. 6 1/2x3 1/4.Black Background with Gold Lettering and Border. Some black smears on Gold but that is pretty common for this mark. 75
44FMB117Fireman's Insurance Company. Baltimore, Maryland. 1825-1904. Cast Iron. 13x14 1/2. 11 pounds, 7 ounces. Old Double-decker Hand Pump and F.I. Co. in High Relief. Wheels have Six Spokes. Loop at Top is Fluted. 525
45FMB794Guardian Assurance Company. London, England. Copper. Figure of Athene, Guardian Lettering and Border Raised. 8 1/2x9 1/4.40
46GrenadeNAGrenade. Clear Glass 3/4 Full. Descours & Co. Fire Watcher. Hand Fire Grenade & Automatic Extincteur. 63 Queen Victoria St., London Sticker in Very Good Condition. 5 inches tall.430
47FMB1079Compagnie de Bruxelles Societe. Brussels, Belgium. Tin. 11 1/8x9. Raised Figure and Lettering. Originally Gold on Black Background. However, some of black and some of gold is gone and now the silver tin shows in many spots. 10
48Auto TagNAFarm Bureau Mutual Ins. Co., Inc. Manhattan, Kansas. Auto Tag. KANSAS in center with Yellow Sunflower around it. 35
49FMNAPuerto Rico Fire and Casualty Company. Established 1965. Oval. Metal. Original Paint. Modern Mark Issued by Insurance Company. 11 1/2x8 3/4.40
50Sign388.2Union Assurance Society, Limited. London, England. 1881 - 1961. Reverse Glass. Original Wood Frame. 19 1/8x13 1/8. Lettering and Company Emblem in Gold. Black background. Pass
51Fire PinsNAEnterprise "2" Little Falls Fire Department Pins Mounted on Wood Board. 30
52FMB847-X-1Patriotic Assurance Company. Dublin, Ireland. Tin. 7 inches in diameter. Raised Sun and Red Lettering. Has Green Lettering that is not raised. 65
53FMB517Hand-in-Hand Fire and Life Insurance Society. London, England. 1696-1905. Lead. Depicting Two Clasped Hands beneath Open Crown. Stamped at the Bottom are Numbers: 91458. Mounted on Wood Board. Circa 1800. 8 1/2x8. Pass
54FMB314United Firemen's Insurance Company. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. Raised U.F. and Old Model Steam Fire Engine. Wheels have 8 Spokes. Policy Number 12759. Policy Panel has been Repainted. 80
55Sign29.1Atlas Assurance Company Limited. London, England. Brass with Wood Frame. 26 1/2 x 14 1/2. Slightly Raised Etched Brass Gold Lettering and Gold Company Emblem. Black Background. Manufacturer: George Rutledge Co. on back. Old Damage to Frame at top above "Established 1808" Some scuff marks on frame.Pass
56Ledger MarkerNAAndes Insurance Company. Ledger Marker. Cincinnati, Ohio. One side says "$1,000,000 ANDES Cincinnati. Other Side says Insure with the ANDES. Very Good Condition. Company went out of business because of the Chicago fire.70
57FMB876Northern Assurance Company. London, England. Copper. 6 3/4x9 1/2. Raised Shield and Lettering. Pass
58Sign240 Var.Millers National Insurance Company. Chicago, Illinois. Tin with Wood Frame. Black Background with Wood Frame. Heavy. Etched Gold Lettering with Red, White and Blue Shield, Dark Red and Green Background behind Company Name. 32 7/8x20. Manufacturer: George Rutledge Co. 70
59FMB?Phildelphia Contributionship for the Insurance of Houses. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Wood with shield shape in lead. Four clasped hands, thumbs up. Board has beveled edges. 14 3/4x10 1/2/ Bottom hand has come loose from rest of lead hands. Loose Board. No Policy Number. Reviewed in 2011 by Auction Verification Committee and Determined to be Authentic. Exact Bulau Number cannot be determined since there is no policy number showing.Pass
60FMB1681Covadonga Sociedad Anonima. Madrid, Spain. Tin. 11x8 3/4. Raised Gold Cross, Lettering and Border. Originally from Max Klein Collection. 105
61FMB224Continental Insurance Company, New York, NY fire mark- Painted tin 3 1/4” x 7”. Very nice, unused condition.Pass
62Fire BucketNAEnterprise Fire Club Bucket. circa 1780-1800. Leather. 13 1/4 x 8 1/4. Hand-sewn leather fire bucket belonging to Thomas Needham. Bucket's beehive shape indicates that it predates the founding of the Enterprise Fire Club in 1810, and was probably repainted by Needham when he joined the group. Seller indicates that it was professionally restored in the past - but unknown when. See pictures 1 - 6 below. 7000
62Fire BucketPicture #17000
62Fire bucketPicture #27000
62Fire BucketPicture #37000
62Fire BucketPicture #47000
62Fire BucketPicture #57000
62Fire BucketPicture #67000
63Sign94.3bContinental Insurance Company. New York, New York. Reverse Glass with Brass Plate and Original Wood Frame. 21 3/8x13 3/8. Indented Brass Lettering. Raised Multi-colored Emblem of Continental Soldier. Maroon Simulated Wood Grain Background. 105
64FMB229Home Insurance Company. New York, New York. Tin. 6 3/8x3 1/8. Extremely good condition. First type mark of this company. Issued 1853. 100
65FME64OGothaer Feuer Versicherungsbank. Gotha Mutual Fire Insurance Bank. Koln, Germany. Aluminum. Orange with Cream Lettering. 7 7/8x4. Mark used outside of Bavaria. Circa 1952-1966. 15
66FMB777Atlas Assurance Company. London, England. 6 1/2x10 7/8. Copper. Raised figure of Atlas supporting very convex globe. No border. 75
67Sign29 Var. Atlas Assurance Fire Agency. Porcelain enameled on steel. 15x8. Dark Blue with White around Company Lettering. Brown Atlas holding Globe. Gray Background. Very good condition. Bottom right says Wiltag & Co ltd, London.80
68FMB21Philadelphia Contributionship. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Wood in a Shield Shape. Four Lead Clasped Hands with Thumb Up. "1752" at bottom - Date Company Began. Used around 1935 for Advertising Purposes. 55
69Fire Truck ToyNAToy Truck. Hubley Fire Truck. circa 1950's. See second picture of under side of truck. 40
69Fire Truck ToyNAHubley Fire Truck. Underside. Picture number 2. 40
70FMB68American Fire Insurance Company. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 1810-1906. Tin. Black Lettering on Gold Background. 7x3 1/4.215
71FMB573Union Assurance Society. London, England. 1714 - 1907. Copper. Oval. Heavy Raised Border. Scene of Burning Building, Four Clasped Hands and Union No. 1 Raised. Replica of the First Waterman's Badge for this Company. 50
72FMB228Farmers Fire Insurance Company. York, Pennsylvania. Tin. 6 7/8x3 1/4.Black Lettering and Border on Gold Background. Pass
73FMB1371; E88IMagdeburger Feuerversicherungs-Gesellschaft. Magedeburg Fire Insurance. Hannover, Germany. Enameled Iron over Steel. 7 1/8x4 3/4. Founding Year 1844 Under Eagle. Mark Used Primarily Outside Barvaria but also in Franconia. Circa 1933-1945. Signed Boos & Hahn, Ortenberg-Baden. 20
74Auto TagNASeguros. Ultra Marina. Auto Badge/Tag. 3 7/8x2 1/8.10
75Sign171.12Hartford Fire Insurance. Hartford, Connecticut. Aluminum, Unframed. 18x12. Etched Black Lettering and Company Emblem of Stag.40
76FMB607London Assurance. London, England. Heavy Tin. 11 5/8x10.Raised Lettering. Convex Center in Red with Raised Figure.20
77FMB175 varOhio Farmers Insurance Company. Leroy, Ohio (now Westfield, Ohio). Fire Mark in Lucite Covering. Back says Original Fire Mark issued about 1920. 10
78Auto TagNAIllinois Farm Bureau Auto Tag- Grill emblem. Painted brass- some of paint has worn off. About 3 Ύ” x 3 Ύ”.50
79FMB376-X-1Saint Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company. St. Paul, Minnesota. Tin. Gold Raised Lettering on Black Background. 6 3/4x3.200
80RattleNAWatchman's Rattle. Used by both Fire and Police to Sound an Alarm. 80
81FMB442Lumbermen's Insurance Company. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. Diamond Shape. Border Represents Four Logs Overlapping at Ends. Monogram is L. I. Co. in Center. Issued about 1873. 9 1/4x9 1/4. Reviewed by Auction Verification Committee and determined to be Authentic. 130
82FMB717Commercial Union Assurance Company. London, England. Tin. Oval. 9 7/8x8 3/4. Very Rusty. Raised lettering and Design. 15
83Sign281.4 varNorthwestern National Sign.. Brass. 11 3/4 diameter. Black background with raised lettering in brass. 5 holes in middle area. One larger, two very small and two middle size. Two very tiny holes at top (10 and 2 on a clock) probably for hanging.25
84FMB543; W3CSun Insurance Office. London, England. Lead fire mark- Wright variety 3C- Policy #611272 . Dates to between 1790 and 1795. Nail holes have been filled with lead and mark has been re-painted. 6 ½” x 6 7/8”150
85FMNAGreen Tree - modern issue. On original board. 60
86Fire NozzleNAAmerican La France Two Man Nozzle. Etched on Nozzle "Patented July 1919" Heavy. 18 inches long. Leather Handles are in very good condition.85
87FMB712 Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society. Norwich, England. Heavy Tin. 10x8. Rusty. Some Original Paint remains. Pass
88Auto TagNACapper's National Protective Service. Auto Tag. Topeka, Kansas. 15
89FME53B Feuer-Versicherungs-Verein. (Schneverdingen Mutual Fire Insurance Association. Iron Slightly Convex. 6 1/2x5 1/4. Circa 1953-1958.5
90FMB258Phoenix Insurance Company. Hartford, Connecticut. Tin. 8 3/8x4 3/8. Rare. Lettering Raised and in Gold. Border Raised. Background is Black. Gold Lettering in very good shape - Some of black background gone and metal remains. 250
91Sign240.2Millers National Insurance Company. Chicago. Fire Windstorm Automobile. Aluminum with Wood Frame. 23 1/4x17 1/4. Etched Black Lettering and Company Emblem. Manufacturer: George Rutledge Co on back. 50
92FMB927London and Lancashire Insurance Company. London, England. Tin. Shield Shape. 9 1/4x8 1/2. No Color. Pass
93FMB1349Var/E97BaNassauische Brand Versicherungs Anstalt. Wiesbaden, Germany. Iron. 6 1/4x9 3/8. Convexed. White Background. Royal Blue Lettering and Crest Background with Yellow Outline and Figure in the Crest.30
94FMB61Baltimore Equitable Society. Baltimore, Maryland. Heavy Cast Iron. Rectangular. Raised Gold Clasped Hands and "1794". Black Background. 70
95Sign347.1Security Fire Insurance Company. Davenport, Iowa. 1883-1950. Etched Tin with Wood Frame. Heavy. 27 1/4x18 3/8. Dark Blue "Security" in Arc. Silver "Fire" and "Ins. Co." on Dark Blue Rectangles. Two Gold Keys Crossed on Dark Blue Sphere. Dark Blue "Davenport, Iowa" in Wave. Silver Background with Linear Detail.50
96Auto Tag & Bullet PencilNAAuto Tag and Bullet Pencil for Allied Insurance. Bullet pencil: Allied Mutual Auto[mobile] Association, Des Moines, Iowa, 1929-1940, reorganized as the Allied Mutual Casualty Company, the name on the auto tag. Tag dates are 1940-1960, when the name was changed to Allied Mutual Insurance Company. Nice companion pieces for the auto tag collector. 30
97Fire PinNAFire Pin. Compliments of Engine Co. 6, Middletown, N.Y. Nov. 6, 1894. Gold Color. 2 1/4x1 5/8. Raised Steam Engine in Middle of Pin. 15
98FMB847Patriotic Assurance Company. Dublin, Ireland. Circular. 7 inch diameter. Patriotic Lettering Raised in Red. Pass
99FMB1699-V-BStockholms Stads Brandforsakrings-Kontor. Stockholm, Sweden. Bronze. Modern Mark issued by Company to Policy Holders. Phoenix arising out of the ashes and flames.55
100SignNARetailers Fire Insurance of Oklahoma. Tin Sign. 1910 - 1940.20
101FMB235-X-2Home Insurance Company, New York, New York. Aluminum. 8x5 1/4. Black Background with Gold Lettering and Narrow Gold Border.18
102Sign69 VarCitizens Insurance Company of Missouri. St. Louis, Missouri. 1837 - 1929. Tin with Glass over sign, Heavy Wood Frame original to sign. 17 7/8x23 7/8. Grey Raised Lettering except Organized 1837 and St. Louis is in black. Dark Grey Like Clouds Behind Company Lettering. Very Good Condition for Age. 35
103FMNot ListedUltramarina Sociedade Anonima De Responsibiladade. Lisbon, Portugal Tin. 5 7/8x4. Modern Mark. Similar to B1623. 15
104FMUS-BC-1Bucks County Contributionship. Langhome, Pennsylvania. Mark issued in 1973. Cast Iron. 10 5/8 x 7 5/8. Letter on back from Al Wills dated 10-20-74. He states that the total amount of marks issued by this company at this time is 119.60
105FMB594Friendly Insurance Society of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland. 1720-1847. Lead. Two Clasped Hands in Rectangle. Panel with Policy 12459 Below. Good Condition. 5 1/2x5. Circle 1800's. This Mark is identical to B594, but is a second mark with the same policy number. 1500
106FMEV144MUnion and Rhine Insurance Company. Berlin, Germany. circa 1950-1960. Enamel Coated Iron. Slightly Convexed. Yellow Background with Slightly Raised Black LetteringPass
107FMB1677VAMutua General de Seguros. Barcelona, Spain. Tin. 9 1/4x9 7/8. Black Background. Red Raised Lettering. Gold Raised Border with Lower Center Medallion in Gold with Black lettering and people.Pass
108Sign15.12 VarAmerican Central Insurance Company. St. Louis, MO. 1870-1965. Aluminum, unframed. 19 7/8x12. Unframed. Indented Etched Black Lettering and Company Emblem. 50
109FMB113Pennsylvania Fire Insurance Company. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Brass. 7x4. Lettering Raised Slightly. Black Background. Listed in Bulau but later research shows that his is a sign. See article in 2010-1 issue of The Signevierist. Available on FMCA website under "News"150
110Auto TagNAStandard Protection Company Insurance. Auto Tag. 7
111FMB86Fire Association of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Fire Mark. Cast Iron. Hollow Back. 11 5/8x7 1/2.Pass
112FMB51Insurance Company of North America. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Copper. Eagle Rising from Cloud. "I.N.A." and Date "1792". Design, Lettering and Numbers Raised. Issued in 1920 for Advertising.60
113FMB555Sun Insurance Office. London, England. Tin. 7 inches in diameter. Raised Sun in Gold on Red Background. Raised Gold Lettering on Maroon Background and Raised Gold Border.Pass
114FME14CBauerliche Brandversicherung Verein,. Rural Mutual Fire Insurance Association. Elberfeld, Germany. Enameled Iron over Steel. Green and Mustard Color with Black Lettering. 7 7/8x5 7/8. Pass
115Sign181.2Homeland Insurance Company of America. New York, New York. 1927 - 1957. Aluminum with White Wood Frame. Etched Green Lettering and Home. Red Etched Lettering at bottom of sign and info on owner of home is Author of "Home Sweet Home." 19 1/2x13 1/2. 40
116FMB660Bath Sun Fire Office. Bath, England. 1776-1838. Copper. Sun with 20 wavy rays. 8 5/8x7 3/8. Very good condition.110
117Fire PinNAPassaic City Fire Department Fire Pin. Co. 1. 1 3/4x1 3/4 Square. Old Steam Engine in the Middle of Pin.25
118FMB1441Panellinios Asphalistiki Heteria. Piraeus, Greece. Tin. 9 3/4x6 5/8. Cream Background with Blue Raised Lettering and Ornamental Border.Pass
119Sign282.1 VAR.Northwestern Underwriters Agency. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Reverse Glass with Brass Plate and Wood Frame. 9 1/2 x 17 1/2 inches. Indented Brass Lettering, Company Emblem. Gold Phoenix rising from Flames with Red Ring with Gold "Absolutely Conflagration Proof". Burgandy Background45
120B338-X-2Fireman' s Fund Ins. Co. Fire Mark. Aluminum, 7 3/4x4 7/8". Similar to BU338 but rectangular in shape. Issued by the Fund in 1970 for advertising purposes. Hydrant differs from 338X-1.40
121FMB1700 VarStadernas Allmanna Brandstodsbolag. Stockholm, Sweden. Bronze. 8x8 3/8. Raised Lettering. Candle Holder added later - not by the company. . 25
122FMB761County Fire Office. London, England. 1807-1906. Copper. 8 1/2x6 5/8.Figure of Britannia and Lettering Raised. Some original Gold remains. Some damage to edges, especially left side near top edge and bottom.20
123Sign15.3American Central Insurance Company. St. Louis, Missouri. 1870-1965. Reverse Glass with Black Wood Frame. Gold "American Central" Insurance Co" "Incorporated 1853" and Company Emblem. Thin Gold Border around edge. 21 1/2x15 1/2. Striking Black and Gold. 2 Inch Frame. Frame might be a replacement since it is in Perfect Condition. But Matches Well.80
124Auto TagNAAuto Tag. Farm Bureau. Quality Insurance. Some Fading from Use. Pass
125FMB680.Phoenix Assurance Company. London, England. Copper. 8 5/8x7 1/8. Spear and Point Missing. Panel below is Bent. Two holes in mark. Old crack on right side of mark at 2 o'clock.Pass
126FMBUS-MG-1Mercer County Mutual Fire Insurance Co., New Jersey. Brass. 5 3/4x8 3/8 Raised Lettering. Top of Mark is discolored.100
127FMB1614Companhia de Seguros Fidelidade. Lisbon, Portugal. Lightweight Tin. 8 3/4x5 7/8. Dark Blue Background with Raised Gold Lettering and Dog.25
128Sign158 var. Granite State Fire Insurance Company. Portsmouth, New Hampshire. 1885-1959. Heavy Tin. Raised Lettering and Picture. Gold Leaf Redone?. No Frame. 15 1/8x23 3/4. 30
129FMB636Royal Exchange Assurance. London, England. Aluminum. 6 3/8x7 3/8. Raised Lettering, Raised Royal Exchange and Raised Rope Design and Edge. No Color. Pass
130Sign242.1 Milwaukee Mechanics' Insurance Company. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 1885-1951. Reverse Glass with Wood Frame. Silver Shading into Gold for part of Lettering, Gold for rest of Company Name. Blue Shading for Oval with Silver Lettering. 31 1/2x23 3/8. Brown Background. Glass Damage to Top Left of Sign. Pass
131FMB384Teutonia Insurance Company. Dayton, Ohio. 1865-1918. Heavy Tin. Border and Lettering are Raised. Issued about 1870. 7x3 1/4.120
132FMB989National Union Society. Bedford, England. Tin. 12x8. Tin. Red Background with Yellow Lettering and Center Design. Border Raised. Pass
133FMB771West of England Fire and Life Insurance. Exeter, England. 1807-1894. Copper. Portion of the Fire Mark that has the Standing Figure but without the Head. On Back says "113 St. Georges St. S.E.1. Removed 20/3/69. 10
134FMB967Reliance Marine Insurance Company. Liverpool, England. Tin. 8 1/4x9 1/4. Dark Green Background. Anchor and Company Name in Gold. 5
135FMB864District Fire Office. Birmingham, England. 1834-1864. Copper. 7 1/2 diameter. Some damage on edges. Mark is slightly bowed from age. 25
136FMB1381/E141QDie Versicherungs Gesellschaft Thuringia . Erfurt, Germany. Iron. Convexed. 7 1/8x5 1/8. Yellow Background with Black Lettering and Emblem. Weathered.15
137FMB947Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Company. Liverpool, England. Tin. 9 1/2x7 3/8Pass
138Sign241.1Milwaukee Automobile Insurance Company, Limited. Mutual. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 1916 - 1955. Name Changed in 1955. Aluminum. Unframed. 17 7/8x12. Black Background. Etched Raised Lettering. Etched Red Radiator with Company Name. Damage on Left Side of Sign in Three places - top, middle and bottom.25
139FME64RGothaer Feuer Versicherungsbank. Gotha Mutual Fire Insurance Bank. Koln, Germany. Aluminum. 5 1/4x4.Pass
140Auto TagNAState Farm Mutual Auto Ins. Co. Auto Tag. Bloomington, Ill.30