Item Type Book Ref. No. Description Sold
1FMB21Philadelphia Contributionship. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Wood - Shield Shape. Lead Hands with Thumb Up.50
2FMB660Bath Sun Fire Office. Bath, England. 1776-1838. Copper. Excellent Condition. No Color.90
3Fire BucketNAFire Bucket. Leather is in good condition except one side of handle has come loose. A lot of the Red and Mustard Color Paint is missing280
4FMB753Birmingham Fire Office. Birmingham, England. 1804 - 1867. Copper. Excellent Condition. No Paint.110
5FMB1134 V-ASociete Nationale D Assurances Balkan Incendie et Transports. Sofia, Bulgaria. Tin. Rectangular. 13x8 7/8. Multicolored Crest with Raised Red Border and Gold Letters. Dark Green Background.140
6Auto TagNAFrankenmuth Mutual Auto Insurance Company. Frankenmuth, Michigan. Auto Tag with Extenders. 9 1/4x4 3/4.50
7Sign138.1Firemen's Underwriters Agency. Firemen's Insurance Company of Newark, N.J. Reverse Glass Sign with Wood Frame. 29 7/8x17 3/4 including Frame. 1 1/2 inch frame. Red with Gold Outline and Black Shading for "Firemen's, Underwriters, Capital $1,000,000." Rest of Lettering is Gold with Black Outline. Gold Folded Ribbon. White Background. Some of the Gold Ribbon on Left Side has flaked off. And the "C" in Capital has some missing color.85
8GrenadeNAAmber Glass Grenade. Empty. HNS Etched on both sides. 7 1/2 tall. No chips - just minor rough rim edges.115
9FMB1145British American Insurance Company. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Tin. Letter and Border Raised. Mint Condition105
10TBDUS-FH-1Farmers Mutual, Fire Relief Ass'n. Tinned Sheet Iron. 6 x 3 1/8. Portland, Oregon. 1904 - ca 1933. Made by "The Coshocton Sign & Novelty Co., Coshocton, O. Will be reviewed by the Auction Lot Verification Committee prior to Auction.300
10US-FH-1UndocumentedBack of Fire Mark.300
11FMB446Firemen's Insurance Company of New Orleans. New Orleans, Louisiana. 1874-1898. Cast Iron. Oval. Fire Hydrant with hose and FI Co Raised. Rare.1100
12FMB1196Prvni Ceska Vzajemna Pojistovna. Prague, Czechoslovakia. Enamel Coated Iron.30
13FMB889Royal Farmers Fire & General Life. London, England. 1843-1888. Zinc. 10 1/4x8 1/8. On wood board for protection.130
14Fire ToyNAMetal Toy. Reproduction Fire Pumper with Two Horses and Driver. 9 1/2 inches long.10
15FMB442Lumbermen's Insurance Company. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. Diamond Shape. 9x9. Issued about 1873. Evaluated and Determined to be Authentic by 2014 Verification Committee80
16FMB944Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Company, Limited. Liverpool, England. Copper. 10 3/4x8 5/8 No Color. Raised Design.40
17Sign70.1aCitizens Insurance Company of New Jersey. Reverse Glass Sign with Black Wood Frame. Silver Lettering and Company Emblem with Dark Blue Background. 19x11 1/8. Some small areas in wood frame where black paint is missing.35
18FMB549Sun Insurance Office. London, England. Copper. Circular 7 1/8x5 7/8. Raised Sun with 20 wavy rays. Gold on Dark Green Background. Split on upper right side. Looks to be done a long time ago.50
19FMB88VBFire Association of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. Oval. 11 1/2x7 1/2. Raised F.A. and Fire Hydrant. No Drainage Knob in Back. Issued in 1863. Very Smooth Casting. Evaluated by 2014 Verification Committee and Determined to be Authentic.100
20FMB315DETERMINED TO BE REPRODUCTION BY VERIFICATION COMMITTEE. United Firemen's Ins. Co., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (1860-1953). Cast Iron. Oval. 11 1/2x9. Raised U and F and Steam Engine at Center. Beveled Edge. No Sprue Mark.Pulled - Repro
21Sign191Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Black Background with Silver Lettering. Company Shield on bottom Left in Gold, Red, Blue and White. 2 3/8 inch Original Wood Frame Painted Black. Total Size with Frame 30 1/4x18 1/4. Glass is Cracked on top right side but all glass is there.65
22Auto TagNAState Automobile Insurance Assn. Auto Badge.20
23Sign7.2Agricultural Insurance Company. Watertown, N.Y. 1853-1972. Reverse Glass Sign with Wood Frame. 27 1/4x15 1/4 including Frame. 2 inch Frame. Black with Gold Shaded Lettering for all - except Organized 1853 is Black Lettering. White Background. Sections of the White Background has Flaked Off in 5 places.45
24FMB5Philadelphia Contributionship. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Wood Back in Shield Shape. Four Lead Clasped Hands. Thumb Up. 15.25x8.50 Originally part of the INA Collection. Old Inventory Tag on Back.1400
25FMB84-V-AFire Association of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. Oval. 11 5/8x7 3/4. Raised F.A. and Fire Hydrant. Flat Back. Heavy. Circa 1820. Casting is not smooth.Pass
26FMNAPojistila Slovan. Czechoslovakia. Tin. White on Blue Background. Mint. Mark Not Documented.35
27FM1029Guardian Eastern Insurance company. London, England. Tin Fire Mark. Bullet Hole top left side. 9 1/4x8 1/4. Arab on a Camel. No Color.65
28Sign142.7 VarFranklin Fire Insurance Company. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 1829-1948. Porcelain enameled on steel. 20x14. White Lettering on Green Background. Thin White Border.200
29FMB1643Franco Romana Societate Anonima de Asigurari Generale. Bucharest, Rumania. Tin. Rectangular. Original Colors.40
30FMB86Fire Association of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. Hollow Back. 11 5/8x7 5/8. No Drainage Knob on Back.120
31Ledger MarkerNAWestern Assurance Company. Toronto, Canada. Ledger Marker. No Writing on the Back55
32FMNAZuerich Kosmos. Austria. Enamel Coated Iron. Gray Parallelogram. Not Documented.40
33FMB535Sun Insurance Office. London, England. Heavy Lead. 7 1/8x6 7/8. 16 Rays alternating straight and wavy. Policy #355304 on bottom panel. Pulled by Auction Chair
34FMEV144MUnion and Rhine Insurance Company. Berlin, Germany. circa 1950-1960. Enamel Coated Iron. Slightly Convexed. Yellow Background with Slightly Raised Black LetteringPass
35GrenadeNAGrenade. Cobalt Blue. Harden Star Hand Grenade, Fire Extinguisher and Star etched on Grenade. 3/4 full. No chips or cracks.150
36Auto/Bumper EmblemNAHartford Steam Boiler Insurance Company. Auto Tag. Aluminum Oval with Mounting Flange. 5x3 1/4. Company Name in Red Painted Band. Steam Locomotive in Center. Well Used Condition. Very Rare Tag.30
37FMB376 X1Saint Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company. St. Paul, Minnesota. Rectangular. Tinned Sheet Iron. 3x6 3/4140
38FMB1077Compagnie D'Assurance D'Anvers Securitas Societe Anonyme. Antwerp, Belgium. Tin. Oval. Mint Condition.60
39FMB552Sun Insurance Office. London, England. Tin. 6 1/8 diameter. Good Condition.100
40Ledger MarkerNAFidelity and Casualty Co. Ledger Marker. Back side has Calendar for 1891.100
41SignNAGerman American Insurance Company New York. 1872-1917. Slightly Raised Gold Lettering and Gold Edge on Bright Red Background. Heavy Tin. 24x9 1/8. No Frame. Sign has Vertical Crease on Left Sign. Has Extra Holes in Sign that is not original to sign. Small tear at top left and bottom left of the "New"Pass
42FMB1600-V-AMigdal Insurance Company. Jerusalem, Israel. Tin. Rectangular.60
43FM86Fire Association of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. Medium convex type. Hollow Back. 11 1/2x7 3/8 NO Drainage Knob in Back.130
44FMB555Sun Insurance Office. London, England. Tin. Circular. 7 inches diameter. 16 rays - alternating straight and wavy. Lettering, Sun and Border raised and Gold. Black and Red Background.75
45Auto TagNAState Farm Mutual Auto Ins. Co. Bloomington, Ill. Auto Badge.Pass
46FMB398Cooper Fire Insurance Company. Dayton, Ohio. 1867-1911. 6 7/8x3 1/8House Paint.90
47FMB1619Companhia de Seguros Tranquilidade Portuense. Porto, Portugal. Tin. Oval. Raised Ivory Figure with Raised Gold Lettering on Black Background. 6 3/4x8.50
48FMB947Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Company. Liverpool, England. Tin. 9 3/4x7 1/2. Raised Globe with Company Name and Raised Lettering. Black or Red Background with Gold Lettering.25
49FMGrenadeStar Harden Hand Grenade. Turquoise. Still 2/3rd full. No Chips or Cracks except very minor rim chips.70
50Sign179.1Home Insurance Company. New York, New York. 1853 - 1973. Reverse Glass Sign with original wide Wood Frame. Total Sign is 34 1/2x24 1/2. Black Background with Gold Lettering. Great Condition.100
51FMB210St. Louis Mutual Fire and Marine Insurance Company. Saint Louis, Missouri. 1851-1901. Zinc. Odd Shape. 7x4.275
52FMB1567Mauritius Fire Insurance Company. Mauritius. (Island in the Indian Ocean). 1855-1955, when it merged with the Colonial Fire Ins. Co., Ltd. to form the Swan Ins. Co. in Mauritius. Tinned Sheet Iron. Odd Shape. Large Size. 10 1/8x11 11/16. Emblem, Company Name and Ornamentation Raised. Four Nail Holes. Entire Front Painted Black.250
53FMB1431Anatoli Anonymos Helliniki Asphalis-Tiki Heteria. Athens. Greece. Tin. Rectangular. Rusty but Solid Condition.40
54Auto TagNALa Mercantilandina cia de Seguros Auto Tag. Enameled Iron on Steel. 2 7/8x1 7/835
55FMB268Franklin Insurance Company. Saint Louis, Missouri. 1855-1878. Zinc. 7 1/2x6. Raised Lettering and Border. Red House Paint.375
56FMB891Royal Insurance Company. Liverpool, England. Copper 10x12. Ornate Shield, Liver Bird and Lettering Raised. Original Painting.65
57Sign141.2Sign. Frankford Mutual Fire Insurance Company. Philadelphia. Solid Wood with Brass Sign on Top. Black Lettering for all except FIRE is in Red Lettering. 12 7/8x10 1/2.35
58FMNAWechselseitige Graz. Enamel Coated Iron. Flat. Modern Issue. Austria.25
59FMB381 or 382State Insurance Company, incorrectly identified in Bulau as State Mutual Fire and Marine Insurance Company. Hannibal, Missouri, 1865-1873. Zinc. Oval. 7/99x5/8. 13.902 ounces170
60FMB556Sun Insurance Office. London, England. (Londres). Tin. Used Overseas. Mint Condition.45
61Fire BucketNAFire Bucket. Red Coloring on Bucket is very worn. The leather is in good shape including the handle - just worn.11 1/2 inches tall - not including the handle.130
62FMB92Fire Association of Philadelphia. Philadelphia. Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. 10 7/8x7 5/8. Drainage Knob in Back. House Paint. Rare.150
63FMUnlistedGosstrakh (State Insurance Department U.S.S.R.) Moscow, Russia. 1921 - 1992Tin. Rectangular. 10 1/2x5 1/4.160
64FMB622?Royal Exchange Assurance. London, England. Heavy Lead. 8 inch tall - missing crown. Left portion of policy missing. Rest of Policy No is 8182. Circa late 18th Century or early 19th Century.15
65FME25NConcordia Feuer-Versicherung-Gesellschaft a.g., Hannover, Germany. Enamel coated iron. Mint Condition. 7 7/8x5 1/2. Dark Blue Background, White Lettering and Border. Blue Crossed Horse Heads Emblem on White Background.35
66Bumper/Grill EmblemNARepublic Auto Insurance Co. of Detroit. White and Blue Porcelain Enamel Showing Eagle with Capitol Building in Background. 5 x 3 1/2. Grill Mount. Early Tag in Well Used Condition. Most of Porcelain Intact.Pass
67FMB546Sun Insurance Office. London, England. Lead. Sun with 16 rays. Policy Number 733463. Policy Issued in 1802 for this FM. 6 5/8x6 3/8 Repainted in Original Colors. On Board.150
68FMB1203 V-A1Slavia Vzajemna Pojistovaci Banka. Prague, Czechoslovakia. (Now Czech Republic). Iron. Convexed. 6 3/8x4 7/8. Dark Blue Background with Slightly Raised White Lettering.20
69FMB47 V-BInsurance Company of North America. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Heavy Cast Iron. Oval. Reissue by INA of B47 issued in 1830.35
70FMB800Guardian Assurance Company. London, England. Tin. 8 7/8x10 3/8. Six pointed Star. No Color. Mark Used in China.140
71FMB747Imperial Fire Insurance Company. London, England. 1803-1902. Copper. Crown, Border and Lettering Raised. Original Colors180
72FMB1287L'Aigle Compagnie Anonyme D'Assurances a Primes Fixes Contre L'Incendie. Paris, France. Brass. Rectangular. Raised Gold Eagle and Lettering on Back Background. 10x8.95
73GrenadeNAHaywards Hand Fire Grenade. Amber. 3/4 full. Original top. Not chips or cracks. ON back is SF Hayward 407 Broadway N.Y.200
74FMB814Alliance Assurance Company. London, England. Copper. Castle on Oval. Excellent. All Original Colors.260
75FMB317United Firemen's Insurance Company. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. 11 1/2x8 7/8 Oval.200
76Fire BadgeNAFire Badge. Orange, Connecticut. Vol. Fire Assn. Hoseman at the Top Right. 2 1/2x2.25
77Royal DoultonNARoyal Doulton Fireman Mug with Original Box.50
78SignNAAlbingia Versicherungen. Hamburg, Germany. Enamel Coated Iron. Black Lettering and Emblem with White Background. 12 3/8x9.25
79Auto TagNAFarm Bureau Insurance Auto Badge. 3 x 4 1/410
80FMB847Patriotic Assurance Company. Dublin, Ireland. Circular. 7 inch diameter. Patriotic Raised on scroll across face of sun. Sun is Gold. Raised Border.25
81Plaque - looks like FMNAPuerto Rico Fire and Casualty Co. San Juan, Puerto Rico. Established 1965. Non-ferrous Metallic Composition. Oval. 8 15/16x11 9/16. At Center, Raised Vignette of Hydrant and Hose, Similar to One Found on 19th Century Fire Association of Philadelphia Marks, Flanked by a Raised P on the Upper Left and a Raised R on the Upper Right. Original Paint.65
82FMB1127British Guiana and Trinidad Mutual Fire Insurance Company. Georgetown, British Guiana. Aluminum. Circular. 7 inch diameter. Raised Borders, Lettering and Design. Four Nail Holes and One Larger Hole at 3 o'clock. No Paint150
83FMB683Phoenix Assurance Company. London, England. Copper. 8 3/8x7 1/4.Some Original Gold Color Remain. Spear and point missing. Edges of Panel missing.20
84GrenadeNAHarden Hand Grenade Fire Extinguisher. Turquoise. Empty. Diamond Design. Back says Patented No, 1. Aug. 3, 1871 August 14, 1883. Minor rim chips at top.75
85FMB103Aetna Insurance Company. Hartford, Connecticut. Tin. 6 5/8x3 3/8.Lettering and Border Gold on Black Background. Issued about 1860.90
86FMB1137VAOrel Societe Bulgare DAssurances Generales. Sofia, Bulgaria. Tin. Rectangular. 8 1/4x12 1/8. Raised Lettering, Design and Border.85
87Sign289.4 VAROld Colony Insurance Company of Boston, Mass. 1906 - 1966. Aluminum. 20x14 Silver Background with Dark Blue Lettering.30
88FMB1001Central Insurance Company. Birmingham, England. Tin. Circular. Convex. Good Condition. Repainted.85
89MedallionNAMedallion/Paper Weight. The North River Ins. Co. Bronze. 100th Anniversary. 4 inch diameter. Reverse Side has dates of "1822-1922".35
90FMB717Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society. Norwich, England. Copper. Lettering, Wreath and Border all Raised. Excellent. Much Original Color.40
91BadgeNAFireman Badge. Wells Corner Fire Dept. State of Maine.20
92Sign201.5Liverpool & London & Globe insurance Co. Porcelain Enameled Iron Sign. Liverpool, England. In US from 1864 - 1975. 20x14. Black Lettering and Border on White Background.40
93Auto Tag/FMB419Northwestern National Insurance Co., Auto Tag. 3 inch Brass Disc with Raised Letters and Design. Used with Nice Patina. Back has "honeycomb" Coloration from an Early Radiator Mounting.Pass
94FMB923London and Lancashire Insurance Company, Limited. London, England. Copper. Border Design Raised. No Color. Damaged Edge.50
95FMB1532La Vittoria Compania Di Assicurazioni Generali. Milan, Italy. Tin Rectangular. Dark Green Background with Gold Lettering, Border and Figure.15
96Auto TagNAFarm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. Auto Tag. 3 1/2 in diameter. Aluminum. Excellent Condition.5
97FMB680Phoenix Assurance Company. London, England. Copper. Some Policy Numbers Visible. Distressed. Spear at Angle and Point Missing.Pass
98FMB1421; E114FDeutscher Bauerndienst Allgemeine. Berlin, Charlottenburg, Germany. Iron. Shield Shape. Enamel Coated Iron. Slightly Convexed. Yellow and Black with Yellow Border. Excellent.55
99FMB989National Union Fire Office. Bedford, England. 1894-`1907. Rectangular. Red Background with Yellow Lettering and Emblem. Tin. 12x8.45
100FM71VAHartford Fire Ins. Co. Chartered 1810. Fire Mark issued by Insurance Company in 2010 to celebrate 200 year anniversary.Tin Designed to be like mark issued circa 1840.35
101FMB1346; EV73AHessische Brandversicherungs Anstalt. Kassel, Germany. Enamel Coated Iron. Slightly Convexed. 8 5/8x5 1/2. White Background with Black Lettering. Emblem is Blue, Red, White and Yellow.25
102FMB221Continental Insurance Company. New York, New York. Tin. Gold Border and Lettering on Black Background. Mint Condition.160
103FME150JaWestfalische Provinzial Feuersocietaet. Munster, Germany. Enamel Coated Iron. Rectangular. 9 1/2x6 1/4 White Background with Black Lettering. Crest is Multi-colored. Some of the Iron Worn off Edges.30
104FMB228Farmers Fire Insurance Company. York, Pennsylvania. Tin. Mint Condition.80
105Auto TagNAMutual Service Insurance Companies. Auto Badge. Insurance Co-op. Tin. 5 1/4x3 1/210
106FMEV14CBauerliche Brandversicherung Verein auf Gegenseitigkeit. Rural Mutual Fire Association. Enamel Coated Iron. Black Lettering with Green and Yellow Background. Circa 1948 - 1969.15
107FMB53Insurance Company of North America. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Tin. Circular. 6 3/4 diameter. Modern Mark used in Far East. Chinese Script.20
108FMB1603 VARFilipinas Compania de Seguros. Manila, Philippine Islands. Enamel Coated Brass. 5 1/2 diameter. Woman's Portrait is Raised. Undocumented Variant.75
109BadgeNARockford Fire Dept. Badge.Pass
110FMB547Sun Insurance Office. London, England. Lead. Policy No. 791707. No Color.160
111FMB-AU-WC1 VARWiener Stadlische Wechselseitige Versicherungsanstalt. Vienna, Austria. Modern Aluminum Mark of Bulau Addendum AU-WC-1.10
112Bumper/Grill EmblemNAState Farm Mutual Auto Insurance Company - Michigan State Farm Bureau. Auto Tag. 3x4 1/4. Painted Brass Disc Used between 1927 and 1933. Original Paint. Used but very Nice Shape.Pass
113FMB1512 Var.Riunione Adriatica di Sicurta. Trieste, Italy. Tin. 9 7/8x6 5/8. Dark Blue Background with Raised Cream Lettering and Border.30
114Sign171.3Hartford Fire Insurance Company. Hartford, Connecticut. Reverse Glass with Wood Frame. Brown and Gold Lithograph of Stag in Field. Gold Background. Below Lithograph is Dark Blue Background with Gold Lettering. Major Damage to Bottom 1/3 of sign.Pass
115FMB1207Hasicska Vzajemna Pojistovna v Bren. Brne, Czechoslovakia. Enamel Coated Iron Fire Mark. Convexed. 7x5 1/8.(dimensons in Bulau are incorrect). Convexed. Red Background. Center Decoration and White Lettering Slightly Raised.20
116FMB313United Fireman's Insurance Company. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 11 7/8x9 1/4.Rauised UF and Steam Engine. Bevel Edge.110
117FMB899Royal Insurance Company. Liverpool, England. Heavy Tin. Shield Shape. Very Good. Faded Original Red Color.60
118FMB1441Panellinios Asphalistiki Heteria. Piraeus, Greece. Tin. Rectangular. Mint Condition.Pass
119FMB90??Fire Association of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. Bottom missing.10
120FMB1677VAMutua General de Seguros. Barcelona, Spain. Tin. Rectangular. 9 7/8x9 1/4. Raised Red Lettering with Gold and Black Medallion. Raised Gold Border. Black Background.15
121Sign398.2bUSF&G Sign. United State Fidelity and Guaranty Company 1896. Reverse Glass Sign. Black Background with White Lettering, Red Shield and Gold USF&G Lettering. Original Wood Frame. 19 1/2x13 1/240
122FMB916Commercial Union Assurance Company. London, England. Tin. Oval. Excellent Condition. All Original Colors.160
123FMB761County Fire Office. London, England. 1807-1906. Copper. Good Condition 8 9/16x6 5/8.50
124FMB720Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society. Norwich, England. Tin. 10 5/8x8 5/8Pass
125Sign73.1City Mutual Fire Insurance Co., Incorporated 1886. Lebanon, PA. Tin Sign. Cream background with Dark Blue lettering. 19 7/8x13 3/4. At some point, sign had been slightly bent and color is gone. Look at Y in City and I in Insurance.15
126FM & Auto TagB176Ohio Farmers Insurance Company. Leroy, Ohio. Now Westfield Insurance. Brass Hexagonal. 2 1/2x2 1/2. Used on both Dwellings and Autos.45
127FME150PWestphalian Provincial Fire Society. Munster, Germany. Enamel Coated Iron. Discolored on Top and Bottom. Rusty Edges.15
128FMB758Caledonian Insurance Company. Edinburgh, Scotland. Tin. Mint Condition.80
129FMB608London Assurance. London, England. Tin. Mint Condition. Convex. 11 5/8x10.25
130Auto/Bumper EmblemNARoyal Arcanum Fraternal Benefit Society Auto Tag. Boston, Massachusetts.25
131Sign338.1Royal Indemnity Company, New York, New York. 1910 - 1980. Reverse Glass/Brass Place/Wood Frame. 15 1/4x17 3 1/8. Indented Brass. Reddish-brown simulated wood grain background. 1 inch wood frame. Some damage to frame on bottom left underside. Minor glass scratch over C on Company.60
132FMB1466-V-BElso Magyar Altalanos Biztosito Tarsasag. Budapest, Hungary. Aluminum. Rectangular. Original Colors with Rust Stains.20
133FMB1013Var.Legal Insurance Company. London, England. Tin. Shield Shape. Original Colors.40
134Sign395.4United Firemen's Insurance Company of Philadelphia. Aluminum with Wood Frame. 19 5/8x13 5/8 including frame. 1 inch frame. Etched Black Lettering and Company Emblem. Aluminum Background.80
135FMB174Ohio Farmers Insurance Company. Le Roy (Now Westfield), Ohio. Tin. Mint Condition.15
136FMB1614Companhia de Seguros Fidelidade. Lisbon, Portugal. Aluminum. Raised Lettering and Dog in Gold on Blue Background.45
137Sign147German Alliance Insurance Company. New York. 1897 - 1917. Aluminum with Original Wood Frame. 26 3/8x18 1/4 including the 2 3/8 wood frame. Wide Silver Edge with Silver Raised Lettering. Red Background in Middle behind Lettering.35
138Sign372 VAR.Sun Insurance Office. London, England. Drive With The Sun Behind You. Porcelain Enameled on Steel. 30x20. Yellow and White Background. Black or Grey Lettering. Old Auto in Black and Grey. Has been in the outdoor elements so some damage to front of sign.55
139Sign16.3AAmerican Eagle Fire Insurance Company. New York, New York. 1915-1956. Porcelain enameled on steel Sign. 15 x 14 1/2. Black Spread Eagle on Banner of Map of US. White Background. 8 holes.35
140Fireman CoatNAOld Fireman's Coat. Circa 1940's or 1950's??? On back is Painted "Monell Eng". Very Good Condition.20
141FME9R B1426 VarAllianz und Stuttgarter Verein. Berlin, Germany. Tin. Repainted Wrong Colors.15
142Auto TagNAFarm Bureau Insurance Auto Badge.5