Item Type Book Ref. No. Description Sold
1Fire BucketNAOld Fire Bucket. Original Red Leather with M. Spalding. No. 2 Stenciled on Front in Black. Original Handle but duck tape repair on one side. 12 5/8 inches high without handles220
2FMBU195Eagle Insurance Company. Cincinnati, Ohio. Cast Iron. Oval. 11 7/8x7 7/8. Raised Eagle, Lettering and Border.1100
3FMNAMutuele Des Proprietaires, Sicietetares, coopertaires. France. Verviers. Excellent color, some rust on edges.50
4FMUS-WE-1Western Home Insurance Company. Sioux City, Iowa. Tin Fire Mark. 6 7/8x2 7/8. Original Gold on Lettering. 1885 - 1893. Discovered in Prescott, Iowa under some siding being replaced.1500
5Sign264New Jersey Insurance Company. Newark. Brass with Original Wood Frame. New Jersey State Seal, Lettering and Borders Etched Brass.50
6FMNIBRussian Insurance Society. St. Petersburg, Russia. Heavy Tin. Pycckoe Ctpaxoboe Ogwectbo 1867. 12x9 3/4.170
7Fire KegN/AHazeltons High Pressure Chemical Fire Keg. Amber. No Lid. 11 inches tall.180
8FM1195-V-A2Prvni Ceska. Vzajemna Pojistovna. Czechoslovakia Fire Mark. Enameled Iron on Steel.40
9FMBU1743X1Societe General D Assurances Ottomane. Istanbul, Turkey. 1906-1918. Tin. Bottom Panel of Mark only - top is missing. Removed from house in Larnaca, Cyprus.55
10FMBU153-V-AMutual Fire Insurance Company of Germantown and Vicinity. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Copper Variant of BU153. Evaluated by Auction Verification Committee.450
11GrenadeNAFire Grenade. Hayward Hand Fire Grenade. Amber Color. Patented Aug 8 1871. "2" Etched on Bottom. Original Lid. About 1/4 full. 6 3/4 inches tall.190
12FMBU873; W86ALicensed Victuallers Fire and Life Insurance Company. London, England. 1836 - 1857. Copper. Cluster of Grapes Raised on Convex Oval. Bottom Tag still on Mark but Sticking Up. Several holes in bottom of grape cluster. 11 7/8x9 7/895
13Auto TagNAPalatine Insurance. Auto Tag.30
14FMBU871; W87ENottinghamshire and Derbyshire Fire and Life Assurance Company. Nottingham, England. 1835-1869. Copper/Zinc. Words "Notts" and "Derby" are raised. No Crushing, End of garter is missing, which is very common. Hard mark to find.95
15FMBU1103Le Phenix Belge Societe Anonyme D Assurances et De Reassurances. Antwerp, Belgium. Zinc. Raised Phoenix, Lettering and Border. 10 7/8x9 1/4.120
16ShieldNAFire Shield. Chaplain JTFD. 6 1/4x4 1/2Pass
17FMBU708VA; W29FNorwich Union Fire Insurance Society. Norwich, England. 8x6 1/4. On wood backing since mark is very fragile. Several holes and tears. Tinned Iron. Condition Issues.Pass
18FM92Fire Association of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. Convex Type. Drainage Knob in Back. 10 3/4x7 1/2. 2 small holes at bottom of hydrant. Thin casting.90
19FMBU1150Western Assurance Company. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Tin. Arrowhead Shaped. Border and Lettering Raised.10 1/4x6 7/8. No Paint120
20Sign311.5Phoenix Assurance Company of London. Aluminum Sign with Wood Frame. Etched Black Lettering and Company Emblem.29 3/8x16 1/245
21Ledger MarkerNATravelers Insurance Company of Hartford, Conn. Life and Accident Insurance. Black Background with Silver Lettering. Nothing on Reverse Side.140
22Sign21.2American Insurance Company. Newark, New Jersey. 1872-1976. Reverse Glass with Wood Frame. 26 1/4x14 1/4 including frame. Gold Lettering with Black Background. Emblem in Gold, Red and Blue.Pass
23FMBU660; W16BBath Sun Fire Office. Bath, England. Copper. 7 1/2x8 3/4. Sun with 20 Wavy Rays.90
24FMEV82bVerenigle Landschaffliche Brandcasse Hannover. Hannover, Germany. Tin with Red House Paint. 10x7.80
25FMBU349North St. Louis Mutual Fire Insurance. Saint Louis, Missouri. Zinc. Oval. 5 3/8x7 3/8640
26SignNABritannic Assurance Co., Ltd. Glass Sign. Black Background with White Lettering. Original Metal Frame. 14x9 1/2.50
27Fire BucketNAEnglish Tall Cannonade Bucket. Black Paint over Pressed Wood. 20 inches tall x 6 inches diameter at bottom. Handle still in place. Some of the top of the bucket has broken off. Might be part of the Kit for a Ceremonial Artillery piece. Actual use was to carry the "shot."Pass
28FME64dFeuer-Versicherungs-Bank fir Dentschland zu Gotha. German. Tin. Circa 1879-1902.10 1/4x7 1/4. Damage to top left. Minor Damage to Bottom Right.Pass
29FMBU57Baltimore Equitable Society. Baltimore, Maryland. Cast Iron. Heavy Rolled Border and Raised Clasped Hands. 10 3/8x9 7/8. Wood Piece on Back for Hanging. Not Original to Piece.Reproduction
30FMBU916; W100ACommercial Union Assurance Company. London, England. Taken from Athens, Greece Building. Used Abroad in Greece. No Paint. Rusted. Tin. Oval.9 7/8x8 3/4. Worn.25
31SignNAZurich Insurance Company, Zurich, Switzerland. Reverse Glass Sign with Wood Frame. Gold Lettering with Black Background. 30x1655
32FM224Continental Insurance Company. New York, New York. Tin. House Paint. 7x3 3/8.Pass
33FMBU671; W20BSalop Fire Office. Shrewsbury, England. circa 1890. Copper. 7 3/4x7 3/8.180
34FMBU224Continental Insurance Company. New York, New York. Tin. 7x3 1/4.Pass
35Sign294.5Orient Insurance Company. Hartford, Connecticut. 1867-1956. Tin with Wood Frame. Gold with black outline. Maroon and black simulated wood grain background. 22 1/8x16 1/8 including frame.30
36FMBU905Prudential Assurance Company. London, England. Tin. No Color Remaining. 9x6.25
37FMBU1295La Confiance Compagnie D Assurances Contre L Incendie et Les Explosions. Paris, France. Tin. Rectangular. 10 7/8x8. Oval Center with Raised Figure. Raised Lettering.40
38Ledger MarkerNAAetna Ledger Marker. Insure with the Aetna. Hartford, Conn. Fire & Inland. 1819 Incorporated. Reverse Side has Net Aetna Assets. 67 $4,273,269.81.80
39FMBU1013; A99Legal Insurance Company. London, England. Tin. Shield Shape. Good condition, no crushing, no paint.70
40FMBU268Franklin Insurance Co. St. Louis, Missouri. 1855-1878. Zinc. Red House Paint. Hand Etched on Back 1861 S 14TH. 7 1/2x5 3/4Pass
41GrenadeNAFire Grenade. Green. The Imperial Fire Extinguisher Co., Ltd. Original Lid. 6 1/2 inches tall.130
42FMBU1132Societe National D Assurances Balkan Incendie et Transports. Sofia, Bulgaria. TIN. oVAL. 10X7 1/870
43Fire BadgeNAChicago Battalion Chief Badge. Hallmarked Blackington.Pass
44Fire HelmetNAFiremans Fund Fire Helmet. Hard Plastic. Manufactured by Parker Plastics Inc. Lower Lane Cal. 14 3/4 longx7 inches tall20
45Auto TagN/AAuto Tag/Badge. Standard Protection Company Insurance. 3 5/8x4 1/810
46FMBU21Philadelphia Contributionship for Insurance of Houses. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Wood, shield shape. lead hands. Issued in 1935 for advertising purposes. Taken from house on 8008 Rugby Street, Philadelphia.80
47HelmetNAFire Helmet. Westpoint Loughran. Manufactured by Cairns.80
48FMBU1522 VarLa Fondiaria, Compagnia Italiana di Assicurazioni Contro LIncendio. Florence, Italy. Tin. Silver Lettering on Dark Blue Background. 8 1/2x5 1/2.Pass
49FMBU310United Firemens Insurance Company. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. 11 3/4x9 1/8.210
50Sign215.2 VARMaryland Casualty Company. Aluminum with Black Wood Frame. 26 1/2x14 1/2.Black and Red Lettering on Silver Background.35
51FMBU166Associated Firemans Insurance Company. Baltimore, Maryland. Cast Iron. Oval. 11 7/8x9 3/8Reproduction
52FMBU442Lumbermans Insurance Company. Phildelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. Diamond Shape. L I Co in Center. 3 lbs. 1 oz. 9x9.90
53FMBU1085 VAA. G. Bruxelles. Compagnie Belge d Assurances Generales. Brussels, Belgium. Tin. 11 3/8x8 1/8.10
54Sign201.7The Liverpool and London and Glove Insurance Company, Limited. Porcelain Enameled on Steel. Red Background with White Lettering. 18x1090
55Fire BoxNAGamewell Fire Box No. 214. Red on Front and Back. FIRE in Red on Both Sides with White Background. 16 3/4 high x 12 1/2 wide x 6 depth. No Key.75
56FMBU85Fire Association of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Lead. Oval. Hollow Back. ALVC cannot determine authenticity. 7 1/4x10 5/8.Pass
57CardNAFiremans Ball. Dance Card. Inside card on right is the invitation for the Jan. 20, 1911 Ball. On inside left side is a rhyme asking to come to the Ball to help pay for the new fire engine.Pass
58FMBU778; A3L iiAtlas Assurance Company. London, England. Rectangular. Raised figure of Atland supporting a Globe. Raised Border. 10 3/4x6 5/8. Some damage at bottom left and small hole above head.25
59Auto TagNAPrudential Auto Tag.35
60FMBU307Laclede Mutual Fire and Marine Insurance. Saint Louis, Missouri. Heavy Zinc. Oval. 1/2 inch piece missing by nail hole.105
61FMBU785-X-1North British Insurance Company. London, England. Versichert bei. North British. gegrundet 1809. Heavy Tin. 7 3/16x5 1/8. Used in Austria..130
62SignNAScottish Union & National Insurance Company. Porcelain on Enameled Steel. Slightly Convex. Made in England by xxxhal Enamel Co, Ltd New York.75
63FMBU608; W-9ILondon Assurance, London, England. Heavy Tin. 11 5/8x10. Convexed Seated Figure of Britannia. Gold Lettering Raised.30
64FMBU40Mutual Assurance Company for Insuring Houses. Fire Mark. Cast Iron. Squatty Oval. 8 1/2x8 1/4. Repainted.. ALVC cannot determine authenticity since they cannot see the iron due to the repainting.Pass
65Fire BucketNAOld Leather Fire Bucket. No Lettering on Outside. Original Handle but has Pulled Out on One Side. Misshaped from Years of Use. 11 inches high.Pass
66SignNALondon, Edinburgh & Glasgow Assurance Company. Brass Sign with Black Etched Lettering. Solid Wood Back. 15 3/8x9 1/4.60
67FM535; W3A1Sun Insurance Office. London, England. 7 1/8x7. Lead. Repainted. Sixteen Rays. Panel below has Policy number 370779.65
68FMBU331New York Central Insurance Company. Union Springs, New York. 1863-1880. Tin. Rectangular. 9 7/8x3 3/4.Pass
69Auto TagN/AAuto Tag/Badge. This Car Protected. Cappers National Protective Service. Thieves Beware. 3 1/8x3 1/815
70FMBU555; A3ISun Insurance Office. London, England. Tin. Circular. Some color, no damage or crushing.95
71FMFR-LA-1Paris, France. Le Centre Mutuel. Societe D Assurances Contre L Incendie. Fondee en 1853. Tin. 11 7/8x8 1/4. Mounted on thick piece of wood.55
72FMBU1671-V-ALa Polar Sociedad. Bilbao, Spain. Tin. Mark is 7 7/8x7 3/8.80
73FMBU1086La Belgique Societe Anonyme Compagnie D Assurances. Brussels, Belgium. Zinc. 9 1/8x6 1/2.60
74Fireman BeltNATerryville Fire Department Belt. Lettering in White. Black Shiny Belt with Dark Burgurdy Edge and Background for the Lettering. 42 inches long.25
75FMBU636-V-A; A10HRoyal Exchange Assurance. London, England. Aluminum. Raised Lettering and Building. 7 1/2x7.Pass
76FMUS-MF-1Merchants and Bankers Mutual Fire Insurance Company. Des Moines, Iowa. Tin. 7 x3. White Background with Black Lettering.2000
77Sign391.1Union Fire Insurance Company, Limited. Paris, France. Porcelain Enameled on Steel. Dark Blue Background with White Lettering and Border. 18x12.65
78Ledger MarkerNAAndes Ledger Marker. Black Background. Both Sides have Lettering. Other Side Says Insure With the Andes.110
79Sign45.1California Insurance Company. San Francisco, California. Reverse Glass with Wood Frame. Gold Lettering with Black Background. Bear Facing Left.60
80FMBU715; W29Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society. Norwich, England. Copper. 10x 8. Tear in bottom right over letters O and N.35
81FMBU88VCFire Association of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. Green House Paint on Mark. Top of mark chipped when removed from home. 7 3/8x11 1/2. No Drainage Knob. Convex75
82FMNAWiener Stadtische Versicherung. Vienna, Austria. Aluminum. 6x4 7/8. Silver Background with Red. Flat.Pass
83Fireman PinNABadge. Orange Vol. Fire Assn. Conn. Hoseman.Pass
84BadgeNAGuardian Arm Badge. Zinc. Heavy for its size. From the GRE Collection. Circa 1920s. May have been made for display purposes. 3 1/2x4 1/2.55
85FM1689 var.Mare Nostrum Sociedad Anonima de Seguros y Reaseguros. Palma De Mallorca. Balearic Islands, Spain. Aluminum 6x4 3/8.50
86FMBU382State Mutual Fire and Marine Insurance Company. Hannibal, Missouri. 1865-1873. Zinc. Slightly enlarged nail hole where it was taken off building.250
87FMBU720;Addis-29P-TiNorwich Union Fire Insurance Society. Norwich, England. Tin.. 10 5/8x8 5/8.Pass
88Auto TagN/AAuto Tag/Badge. Wisconsin Automobile Insurance Company. Moncor, Wis. 5x 2 7/815
89Sign290.1Old Guard Mutual Fire & Storm Insurance Company of Lancaster. Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 1896-1946. Tin. Black Background with Slightly Raised Gold Lettering. 19 7/8x9 1/8.No Show
90GrenadeNAFire Grenade. Amber Color. HNS engraved on two sides. Diamonds engraved. Rim chips. Empty. 7 1/2 inches tall.130
91FMUSMG-1Mercer County Mutual Fire Insurnace Company. Oval. 5 3/4x8 3/8. Tin.75
92FMBU1055X1Tiroler Landes Brandschaden. Innsbruck, Austria. Iron. Triangular. Red Lettering and Figure on White Background. 5 1/4x9 5/825
93Sign70.1 VAR.Citizens Insurance Company of New Jersey. Reverse Glass with Wood Frame painted Silver. 19 1/8x13 1/8. Silver Lettering with Black Background on outside and Dark Blue in Middle.100
94Ledger MarkerNANational Fire Insurance Co. Hartford, Conn. Ledger Marker. Nothing on Reverse Side.100
95FMBU891Royal Insurance Company. Liverpool, England. Copper. 9 7/8x1255
96FMBU1349; EV97BaNassauische Brand Versicherungs Anstalt. Wiesbaden, Germany. Iron. Convexed. 6 1/8x9 1/4.45
97FMBU38Mutual Assurance Company for Insuring Houses from Loss by Fire. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Known as the "Green Tree". Cast Iron. Repainted. ALVC cannot determine authenticity due to repainting. Need to look at iron. 12 1/4x8 3/8.Pass
98Sign195 VarJefferson Fire Insurance Company. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 1855-1917. Tin. No Frame. Burgandy Lettering - Etched. 22x7 3/4Pass
99FMBU207Queen City Insurance Company. Cincinnati, Ohio. 1851-1870. Tin. Round. Raised Border. 8 inch diameter. Mark has been repainted with Black Flat Paint and Gold for Lettering and Steam Fire Engine.2200
100FMBU1282Le Nord Compagnie Anonyme D Assurance et de Protection. Paris, France. Tin. 10 1/8x7 1/4. No Paint Remaining.20
101FMBU469-X-2Shawnee Fire Insurance Co. Topeka, Kansas. Tin. 1892-1910. 7X3 3/4. Will be added to Addendum.650
102FME-82L: BU1341 var.Landschaftliche Brandkasse Hannover . Hannover, Germany. Iron. Slightly Convexed. circa 1928-193535
103SignNASterling Insurance Comany. Cobleskill, New York. Sign on Old Piece of Tree. Very Different.45
104Sign258.1New Amsterdam Casualty Company. Surety - Casualty. Brass with Wood Frame. 28 3/8x16 3/8 including frame. No Brass Chain on back. Etched Black Lettering.65
105FMBU103Aetna Insurance Company. Hartford, Connecticut. Tin. Small Loss of Color, no Bends or Damage.50
106FMBU1441Panellinios Asphalistiki Heteria. Piraeus, Greece. Tin. Raised Blue Lettering on Cream Background. 9 3/4x6 5/8Pass
107FMBU687; A230 T1Phoenix Assurance Company. London, England. Tin. Lithographed design and lettering. Brightly colored. 9 1/4x7 7/8.120
108SignNABeautiful Reverse Glass Sign. Black Backgroun with Gold Edges, Fire Helmet with Hatchets at Top (some damage to Helmet), Old Fire Engine in Middle, and Number 5 with Ladder on Bottom. Framed with very nice quality Wood Frame. On back are spots for hinges and latch. Must have been a door front at one time.40
109FMBU1542IL Duomo Societa Anoonima Di Assicura. Milan, Italy. Tin. Dark Background with Creme Lettering and Silver Castle. 9 3/4x6 5/8.50
110FMBU93Fire Association of Philadelphia. Philadelphia. Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. Extremely Convex. Drain Knob on back. House Paint on top. Major Water Damage on Bottom caused mark to corrode away. 10 7/8x7 3/8. Issued about 1870.25
111Grenades and CaseNAGrenades. Original Case with 5 Red Comet Fire Extinguishers Grenades in Case. Each is Still Full. No Advertising on Case.30
112FMBU624; W10JRoyal Exchange Assurance. London, England. Lead. 7 1/8x6 1/4. Raised Royal Exchange on Convexed Pear. Panel Below with Policy #186313 Circa 1801.Pass
113FMBU US KA1Insured in the Michael Kirsch Agency. Fire Mark. Tin. 7x3 3/8.80
114FM1703Societe Suisse Pour L Assurance du Mobilier. Berne, Switzerland. Tin. Rectangular. 9 7/8x7 1/4. Cream Background with Red and Black Design and Lettering.95
115Sign409.2Westchester Fire Insurance Co. of New York. Established 1837. Tin with Wood Frame. Glass covering Sign - not reverse glass. Gold Lettering. Simulated Wood Grain Background. 12 1/4x28.100
116FMBU762; W45FCounty Fire Office. London, England. 1807-1906. Copper. 9 5/8x6 5/8. No holes.45
117FMBU761; W45BCounty Fire Office. London, England. Copper. Rectangular. 8 1/2x6 1/2.Figure of Britannia extremely raised.. Damaged. Poor Condition.20
118Auto TagNAState Auto Insurance Mutual Assn. Auto Tag. Copper.50
119FMBU1077Compagnie D Assurance D Assurance D Anvers Securitas Societe Anonyme. Antwerp, Belgium. Tin. Oval. 9 3/8x7 5/8.30
120Sign323 Var.Quaker City Underwriters. Alumunum with Wood Frame. Etched Black Lettering with Red etched Company Emblem. 25 5/8x10 5/8. Some white "drops" on front of sign.40
121FMBU1364; EV113PcProvinzial Feuerversicherungs Anstalt der Rheinprovinz. Dusseldorf, Germany. Iron. Convexed. 9 3/8x6 1/4.35
122FMEV64SGothaer Feuer Versicherungsbank Auf Gegenseitigkeit. Gotha, Germany. Aluminum. Bright Blue Background with Silver Lettering. 5 1/4x4Pass
123Sign171.8aHartford Fire Insurance Co. Sign. Tin. Yellow Background with Black Slightly Raised Lettering and Emblem. 19 5/8x1135
124GrenadeNAFire Grenade. Turquoise Color. Star. Harden Hand Grenade Fire Extinguisher. Empty. Original Lid. Damage at Top of Grenade -- Cracked and Reglued a long time ago. 7 inches tall.40
125FMBU947Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Company. London. England. Tin. 9 3 /4x7 3/8Pass
126FMEV14CBauerlidhe Brandverfidherung. Germany. 1948-1969.Pass
127PaperweightNAWashington Life Insurance Co. of New York Paperweight. Very Heavy for its size. Very ornate on reverse side. 4 1/4x2 7/8.55
128Sign126 Var.The Farmers Fire Insurance Company. York, Pennsylvania. Tin. Grey with Black Lettering. Sign is Warped/Wavy. 11 7/8x17 7/810
129Auto TagN/AAuto Tag./Badge. Farmers Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. Madison, Wisconsin. 4 1/4x4 5/820
130FMBU847Patriotic Assurance Company. Dublin, Ireland. Tin. Circular. Burgandy Background withth Gold Sun and Red Lettering. 7 inches in diameter.Pass
131FMBU90Fire Association of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. Oval. Flat. Hollow Back. Major Damage to Bottom of Mark and Sides of Mark. Current Measurements are 9 3/4 x7 1/4.5
132FMBU235Home Insurance Company. New York, New York. Tin. 8 1/8x5 1/4. Oval. Gold Lettering on Black Background.1950s issue by company30
133FMBU1677Mutua General de Seguros. Barcelona, Spain. Tin. 9 7/8x9 1/420
134Auto TagN/AAuto Tag/Badge. Insured in Harleysville Mutual Casualty Company. 3 1/8x3 1/235
135Sign324.2aQueen Insurance Company. Liverpool, England. 1857-1891. Brass with Wood Frame. Etched Brass Lettering with Dark Red Background. 27 1/4x12 1/450