Item Type Book Ref. No. Description Sold
1Fire BucketNALeather old fire bucket. Handle replaced years ago but actual handle in bottom of bucket. On front is a large "2" with letters going over the top. I can read ......AOAD.. Some of original orange and red colors exist. 250
2FM138Fire Department Insurance. Heavy Cast Iron. Oval. 11 5/8x7 3/4. Raised figure of old double decker hand pump in center. Pass
3FM276Clay Fire and Marine Insurance Company. Newport, Kentucky. Cast Iron. 8 1/4x4 1/2Pass
4SignNAOrient Insurance Company Reverse Glass Sign. Tiger and man sleeping in front of Temple. Glass has a crack in lower right side - it goes through very bottom right of gold and then through "A" in Insurance and "O" in Hartford. It is very difficult to see.200
5Fire HelmetNAFire Helmet. Wonderful condition. Shield attaches to a brass piece that has FD etched in it. Inside says Cairns and Brothers, Inc. Clifton, New Jersey. Very good condition. 125
6GrenadeNALight Green Glass Grenade. 3/4 full. Haywards Hand Fire Grenade etched in glass. Excellent Condition. 225
7FMUS-WB-1West Virginia Ins. Co. Wheeling, West Virginia. 1869-1874, failed. Tinned sheet iron. Rectangular. 7 3/4x3 11/16. 700
8FM534Sun Insurance Office, London. Lead. 7 1/8x7. Panel below has policy number 331612.150
9FM61Baltimore Equitable Society. Baltimore, Maryland. Heavy cast iron. 10 3/8x9 5/8.200
10Parade RibbonNAPurple Parade Ribbon. Fame No. 3. West Chester, PA. Lettering and old steam pumper in gold. 30
11FM829Manchester Fire Insurance Company. Manchester, England. Copper. 9 1/2x9 3/8. 120
12FM166Associated Firemens Insurance Company. Baltimore, Maryland. Cast Iron. Oval. 11 7/8x9 3/81800
13SignNAContinental Insurance Co. New York. Porcelain on Steel. Very Good Condition. Blue Lettering on White Background. 16x12. 55
14FMUS-BC-1Bucks County Contributionship, Langhorne, Pennsylvania. This mark was issued in 1973. Cast Iron. 7 5/8x10 3/4.35
15FM1013Legal Insurance Company, Limited. London. Tin. Shield shape. 7 1/8x9 1/4.25
16GrenadeNAGold Glass Grenade. HSN etched in glass. Half Full. Excellent Condition. Still has manufacturer sticker on 2 sides but faded.145
17FM231Home Insurance Company. New York. Tin. Oval. Repainted. Gold lettering on black background. 8 1/8x5 1/480
18FM618Royal Exchange Assurance. London, England. Heavy Lead. 9 1/8x7. Very top of above crown is off. Policy No. 145179 on bottom panel. 125
19FM370Ohio Insurance Company. Dayton, Ohio. Tin. Rectangular. 7 5/8x3 1/2.250
20Sign358.1The Standard Accident Insurance Company of Detroit, Michigan. Tin, self-framed. 20x24 blue background. Oval in center. Differs with sign book as background is blue not black. A few scratches but still good condition. 50
21FM151 VALitchfield Mutual Fire Insurance Company. Litchfield, Connecticut. Tin. Oval. 9 3/4x4 3/8. Gold lettering on black background. 1000
22FM224Continental of New York Firemark. 7" x 3.25" pressed sheet iron. Well used with traces of paint. No perforations.90
23FM549Sun Insurance Office. Copper mark mounted on hex framed wood panel. 11x11. Fair condition but interesting. 50
24FM699Norwich General Assurance Office. Norwich, England. Lead. 9 7/8x7 3/4. Policy No. 1887 on bottom panel. 500
25FM916Commercial Union Assurance Company. London. Tin. Oval. 9 7/8x8 3/4. No tears in mark but very worn. No color. 30
26SignUSF&G Sign. Reverse Glass. Black background with company emblem in off white. USF&G in large gold letters. Framed with original black wood frame. 19 3/8x13 1/2. Some scratches on right side of frame but none on sign. 40
27SignThis Agency at your Service. The World, Hartford, Conn. Fire and Marine Insurance Company. Pressed Wood. 12 1/2x18. 30
28FM286Hope Mutual Insurance Company, Saint Louis, Missouri. Zinc. Shield Shaped. Repainted. 6 3/4x6.350
29Sign357.6Springfield Fire & Marine Sign. "Hail Insurance on Growing Crops" "Rain Insurance" Tin with celluloid and chain. 9x6. Mint Condition. Note - white spots on left side is from photo - there is no damage to sign. 75
30FM305Laclede Mutual Fire and Marine Insurance Company. Saint Louis, Missouri. Zinc. Oval. 7.98"x.77" Nice mark. Both mounting holes enlarged, building. Small bit of mark missing at right mounting hole. From appearances, both probably occurred during removal from a structure. 450
31FM101Aetna Insurance Company. Hartford, Connecticut. Heavy Tin. Rectangular. 7 1/4x3 7/8.200
32Ledger MarkerNAFiremens Mutual Insurance Co. Ledger Marker. Gold lettering on black background. Very faded in some sections. Back side shows name and address of Insurance Company. Then "Scrip Dividends Annually which have Never been Less than Fifty Per Cent of Premiums Paid." Then "Directors" and list of 15 directors. Writing is vertical on back side.160
33FM314United Firemens Insurance Company. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. Oval. 12x9 5/16250
34FM272Security Insurance Company. New York, New York. Rectangular. 6 7/8"x3 1/8" Tin. Original paint - never on a building. No Show
35FM951Britannia Fire Insurance Company. London, England. Copper. 9x8 3/4. Figure of Britannia with lion behind her. Note - the bottom panel is missing. 35
36FM27Mutual Assurance Company for Insurance Homes. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Wood. Shield Shape. Green tree of cast lead. Pass
37FM93Fire Association mark- 7 5/8" x 11" with drain knob on back. Very convex. House paint on front and surface rust on back. No rust through.160
38Sign194.1Invincible Policies Limited, London. Multicolored Scene. Automobile at left in beam of Search Light. At least 7 colors. 9 1/2"x20". Good Condition30
39FM414-V-CWatertown Fire Insurance Company, Watertown, New York. Tin. This is a previously unreported varient of BU414. It has been given the 414-V-C code by B. Shea (with assist from Ed S) and will be added to the Addendum. 900
40FM1063-X-1Donau Allgemeine Versicherungs Aktien Gesellschaft. Vienna, Austria. Plastic. 7 3/8x5 1/8. Blue with White lettering. 20
41FM1371Magdeburger Feuerversicherungs - Gesellschaft. Magdeburg, Germany. Iron. 7x4 5/8. Slightly Convex. Red (faded) Background with White Lettering. 10
42FMUS-MG-1Mercer County Mutual Fire Insurance Co. New Jersey. Oval. Brass. 8 1/2x5 3/4.Pass
43FM97Aetna Insurance Company. Hartford, Connecticut. Heavy Tin. Repainted. 9 3/4x4 1/2200
44FM292Firemens Insurance Company. Dayton, Ohio. Tin. Rectangular. Very worn. 7x3 3/8150
45FM660Bath Sun Fire Office. Bath, England. Copper. 8 3/4x7 7/8100
46FM227Williamsburgh City Fire Insurance Company. Brooklyn, New York. Tin. Rectangular. 6 5/8x3 3/16. Gold letters on Black Background. Only mark issued by this Company. 1853-1916. 250
47FM296American Insurance Company. Chicago, Illinois. Heavy Tin. Rectangular. 6 3/4x3 1/4. 220
48GrenadeNATurquoise Grenade. Hardens Hand Fire Extinguisher. Patented No. 1. Aug. 8, 1871 - Aug. 14, 1888. Very good condition. Just some rim chips at lip. 75
49Ledger MarkerNAAetna Insurance Company Ledger Marker. Bright color. Nothing on other side. No Show
50FM235-X-2Home Insurance Company. New York, New York. Tin. Oval. 8 1/8x5 1/4. Heavily raised gold on black background. Variant of the 1870 mark. 40
51FM78Hartford Fire Insurance Company. Hartford, Connecticut. Tin. Very solid mark. Red house paint on front. Very light rust on back. 220
52FM63Providence Washington Insurance Company. Providence, Rhode Island. Tin. Rectangular. 7x4. Lithographed light blue board and lettering. Dark blue background. Mark used in Latin America. 230
53LedgerNAAetna Life Insurance Company "Ledger Marker" Nothing written on back. 9 7/8x2 1/2Pass
54FM729Suffolk and General Country Amicable Insurance Office. Bury and Ipswich, England. Lead. Rectangular. 10 5/8x4 3/4.400
55FM1535 Var.Previdente Cia de Seguros Maritomos E Terrestres. Milan, Italy. Tin. 30
56SignNAAetna Insurance Co., Hartford, Conn. Reverse Glass Sign. Black background with Gold lettering and picture with Aetna shield on left side. Scratches around "ance" and "Con" 18 1/2x30 1/275
57FM243Phenix Insurance Company. Brooklyn, New York. Brass. 3 5/8x3 7/8. Phenix raised. Horseshoe inverted. Very thin brass. Pass
58SignNAUnusual Insurance Agency Sign in shape of an arrow. McInturf Ins. Agency, Mendota, Ill. Circa 1940s. 27 1/4"x5 7/8" Yellow with black lettering. 25
59FM53Insurance Company of North America. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Tin. Circular. 6 3/4 diameter. The marks were made between 1929 and 1932 for INAs Far East operation and then given to Chinese policyholders. When the Japanese gained control of Hong Kong in 1942, the marks that were left were stored with the Swiss Consul. After the war, they were taken from storage and sent to the INA Archives in Philadelphia. 65
60FM399Cooper Fire Insurance Company. Dayton, Ohio. Tin. Small Rectangular. 5 3/8x2 3/16150
61Ledger MarkerNAAetna of Hartford Ledger Marker and paper cutter. 1819 incorporated. Lists Assets at $4,273,260.81. Good Condition50
62FMBU 564, W4EUnion Assurance Society a/k/a The Union Fire Office, London, England. Copper. 6 3/4" x 9 7/16". Four clasped hands, "A.D 1714" at top and "UNION" at bottom all raised. Issued c. 1835-c. 1865. Some traces of gold and red paint remaining. 85
63SignReverse Glass sign for the City Insurance Company of New York. Approximately 15" x 21" including frame. Nice shape- Gold letters on black background.Pass
64Muffin BellNABrass Muffin Bell with Wood handle. The inside of the Bell has broken off so the two brass pieces do not stay together. Just needs to be braised by someone. 50
65FM103Aetna Insurance Company, Hartford, Connecticut. Tin. Rectangular. 6 5/8x3 1/4. Lettering "Aetna of Hartford" and border in gold with black background. 105
66FM347North St. Louis Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Saint Louis, Missouri9. Zinc. Oval. 7 5/8x5 5/8450
67FM432Aurora Fire and Marine Insurance Company, Cincinnati, Ohio. Heavy Tin. 6 3/4x3 1/4" Repainted on Front. 600
68FM989National Union Fire Office, Bedford, England. Metal, rectangular 8 1/2"x12" Almost mint. red with yellow lettering. Small scratch at bottom right. 50
69FM321/322City Mutual Insurance Company. Saint Louis, Missouri. Zinc. Oval. 8x5 3/4.525
70SignTBDITEM PULLED FROM AUCTION. NO BIDS ACCEPTED. American Insurance Company. Reverse Painting on Glass. 12"x24" museum quality sign. Original Cardboard Backing showing painting manufactured by Goodman Company of New York. The only change from its original condition is a new frame. No Show
71FM632; W#10K; A#46ERoyal Exchange Assurance. London, England. 4x8 7/8. Top is detached but with the mark. 50
72FM891Royal Insurance Co., Ltd. Copper, 10 1/4x12. Ornate shield with border, design and lettering raised. No color. Attached to a wood board backing in same shape as mark. 60
73FM69Hartford Fire Insurance Company, Hartford, Connecticut. Tin, Border and Hartford in Gold. 6 1/2x2 1/4. 100
74FM74Hartford Fire Insurance Company. Hartford, Connecticut. Tin. Rectangular. 7 7/8x3 7/8. Raised border. Gold lettering on black background. 45
75FMNAPortugal Previdente, Campanhia de Sgeuros. Tin. 8 1/4"x8 1/4". Documented on page 160 of Chapas, Heraldries of the Insurance Companies by Vitor Alegria and Jose Pousinho Henriques. The company was founded in 1907 in Lisbon, Portugal. No Show
76SignNAFulton Insurance Sign. Wood frame with Circular insert. 17 1/4x 17 1/4. 65
77FM525Hand-in-Hand Fire and Life Insurance Society, London, England. Lead. 8 5/8x8. Policy #103825600
78SignNAFidelity-Phenix Fire Insurance Co. of New York. Porcelain on Steel. White Lettering on Blue Background. 13x18Pass
79FMUS-MA-2Mutual Assurance - Society of Virginia. On back of mark says "18th Cent. Hdwe" "Bicentennial Casting of 200" Metal. Oval. 10x8 1/465
80FM142Knox County Mutual Insurance Company. Mount Vernon, Ohio. Tin. Rectangular. 7x3 1/2. 400
81FM320United Firemens Insurance Company, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania. Heavy Cast Iron. 11x9 1/8Pass-Reproduction
82SignNAHartford Fire Insurance Company. Tin Oval. Emblem of staf in field in front of mountains i nvarious shades of brown. 2 1/8" simulated wood frame. Some rust and discoloration. Fair condition. 25
83Parade RibbonNAParade Ribbon. Member pin. m Fire Co. No. 1. Everett, PA. State Firemens Assoc, Philadelphia. October 1-4, 1901. Some damage on bottom right side. 10
84FM91Fire Association of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Brass. Oval. 11 3/8x7 3/8. No drainage knob. Repainted. Policy No. 28119 repainted on bottom. 500
85FM257Phoenix Insurance Company. Hartford, Connecticut. Tin. Very good mark with most of the gilt remaining on the letters. Small amount of black background paint remains on front. Light surfact rust on front and back. No bends or missing bits. 150
86Fire HelmetNAOk. Fire Helmet. Small helmet. Black with brass shield and top. Some scratches and dents on both sides of helmet. Has a lions head on both sides 1 inch in diameter. Probably German or Austrian.75
87SignLithographed sheet iron sign for the London and Lancashire Insurance Company. Nice graphics. 18" x 22" plus wooden frame.Pass
88FM258Phoenix Insurance Company, Hartford, Connecticut. Tin. Rectangular. 8 1/4x4 1/4. RepaintedPass
89FM263City Fire Insurance Company of Hartford. Hartford, Connecticut. Heavy Tin. Border and Lettering raised. Repainted. 7 1/4x3 3/8300
90Sign274.10North British & Mercantile Insurance Company. Aluminum with Black Frame. 11 1/4"x26 1/2". 1 1/2" frame. Etched black lettering flanking company emblem. Fire Insurance and All Kindred Lines in red. Excellent Condition. Pass
91FM457Columbia Fire Insurance Company. Dayton, Ohio. Tin. Rectangular. 6 7/8x3 1/4. Border and Columbia - Dayton, O raised. 200
92SignNAHomeland Insurance Company of America. Fire Insurance and All Kindred Lines. Tin Sign with Black Wood Frame. 30
93FM21Philadelphia Contributionship, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Wood. Shield Shape. 15x10. Four lead clasped hands with thumb up. 1752 in lead. Issued by this company about 1935 for advertising purposes. 145
94FM2Phildelphia Contributionship for the Insurance of Houses. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Wood with shield shape in lead. Four clasped hands, thumbs up. Board has beveled edges. 14 3/4x10 1/2/ Bottom hand has come loose from rest of lead hands. Pass
95FM207Queen City Insurance Company. Cincinnati, Ohio. Tin. Round. 7 7/8. Repainted. Pass
96Ledger MarkerNAAndes Insurance Company Ledger Marker. Reverse side says "Cash Capital $1,000,000"50
97FM108Aetna Insurance Company. Hartford, Connecticut. Tin. Rectangular. 6 7/8x3. Black on Silver Background. 225
98Fire ExtinguisherNABlue Jay Fire Extinguisher Dry Compound. Full. Black with ornate stenciling on front. At bottom says "Price $2.00" Pass
99FM720Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society. Norwich, England. Tin. 8 3/4x10 1/2. 50
100FMEvenden 64RGothaer Feuer Versicherungsbank Auf Gegenseitigkeit. Gotha, German. 10
101GrenadeNAHardens Hand Grenade. Blue. "Star" No liquid. 6 3/4. Small chips at lip. 50
102FM76Hartford Fire Insurance Company, Hartford, Connecticut. Tin. 6 9/16"x3" Hartford and Border is black on a gold background. 150
103FM84-V-AFire Association of Philadelphia. Philadelphia,Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. 115/8x7 7/8. 95
104FM1079Compagnie De Bruxelles Societe Anonyme Pour LAssurance A Primes. Brussels, Belgium. Tin. Raised gold on black background. A lot of the black is no longer there. Looks better in person than from the picture because of the flaking. 11 1/8x9Pass
105FM381State Mutual Fire and Marine Insurance Company. Hannibal, Missouri. Zinc. Oval. 7 7/8x5 3/4500
106Parade RibbonNAParade Ribbon. Delegate 58th Annual Convention. Pennsylvania State Firemens Association. Philadelphia, PA. October 4-5-6-7, 1937. Brass top and brass medal attached (on brass are etched items such as nozzle, pumper, helmet, hydrant.) 15
107FM862; Wright80B;Addis80AProtector Fire Insurance Company. London, England. 1825-1835. Copper. Very solid mark. minor crushing. No paint. No bits missing. 115
108FM210St. Louis Mutual Fire and Marine Insurance Company. Saint Louis, Missouri. Zinc. Odd Shape. 7x4335
109FM228Farmers of York Pennsylvania fire mark. Painted sheet iron and mounted on a small board. Overall nice condition. Measures 3 1/8" x 7".100
110GrenadesNAFire Control Kit. by AutoFYRstop. Original case with 6 full fire extinguisher clear grenades. The stickers are original and complete. See both pictures for open and shut case. Note - can not ship. If absentee bidder interested, contact Auction Chair regarding delivery)80
110GrenadesNAPicture number 280
111FM398Cooper Fire Insurance Company. Dayton, Ohio. Tin. Rectangular. 6 3/4x3 1/8. 175
112FM411Kenton Insurance Company, Covington, Kentucky. Tin. 6 5/8x4 5/8. Repainted on Front. Pass
113Sign78.1Columbia Fire Underwriters Agency. Brass. The Columbia Fire Underwriters Agency, Omaha, Nebraska of the National Fire Insurance Co. Hartford. Black and Brass Borders. Good Condition 23"x12"Pass
114FM551Sun Insurance Office, Limited. London, England. Copper. Circular. 7 1/4. 150
115FMUS-PB-1Peoria M&F Ins. Co. Peoria, Illinois. Tin. Rectangular. 7 7/8x3 7/8. Repainted. 700
116FM90VAFire Association of Philadelphia. Cast Iron. Repainted. On back - sprue mark and drainage knob.7 5/8x10 7 3/4200
117FM847Patriotic Assurance Company, Limited. Dublin, Ireland. Circular. 7 1/8". Tin. No Show
118FM247Agricultural Insurance Company. Watertown, New York. Tin. Rectangular. 9 1/2x2 3/8280
119SignThe Hartford Fire Insurance Co. Fire Insurance in large letters. Tin with company emblem. Stag in upper left. Jenkinson Realty Co., bellevue, PA. Yellow background with black lettering. Excellent condition. 15x30. 20
120FM229Home Insurance Company, New York. Tin. 6 3/8x3 1/8. First Mark of this company. Pass
121Ledger MarkerNANational Fire Insurance Company Ledger Marker. 85
122FM429Union Fire Insurance Company. Nashville, Tennessee. Heavy Cast Iron. Odd Shape. Center is concave with Hydrant and U F I Co raised. Repainted. 10 1/4x7Pass/Reproduction
123FMW#88A; A#90ANorthern Assurance Company. London, England. Copper. Solid mark with one stress crack from the stamping. Very small bits missing at each lower corner. Established in Aberdeen Scotland under the name of North of England Fire and Life Assurance Company. 70
124Fire HelmetnFiremans Fund Fire Helmet. Hard Red Plastic. Gold lettering on the shield. Pass
125FM38Mutual Assurance Company for Insuring Houses. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. Oval. 12 1/4x8 3/8. Raised Green Tree and Flat Back $800
126FM1264L Union Compagnie DAssurances Contre LIncendie. Paris, France. Tin. Rectangular. 9 3/4x6 5/8. Blue Center oval with gold figures and lettering. 45
127GrenadeNACobalt Blue Grenade. Cylinder. Full. Minimax Patent Applied for. 30
128FM340 -V-AIndiana Central Ins. Co. Lafayette, Indiana. Tin sheet iron. Rectangular. Repainted. 5 3/4x3 1/8625
129FM1523La Fondiaria. Italy. 5 1/2x8 1/2 Tin. Blue Background, Silver Letters20
130FM762;Wright45F; Addis46ECounty Fire Office. London, England. Excellent mark. Full paint. Several small surface rust areas on front. Unused. Note - there were a small number of these unused marks found during the demolition of a building in the early 90s. The story is that a vault of the company was un-earthed - it has been buried since WW2. Pass
131Fire Alarm BoxNARed Gamewell Fire Alarm Box. Original. Very heavy. 75
132FMEV 9AFAllianz Insurance Company. Circa 1956-1960. Hier Schutzt. 20
133FM290New England Fire and Marine Insurance. Hartford, Connecticut. Tin. Rectangular. 9x4 1/4. Very good condition. 410
134FM947Liverpool & London & Globe. Tin. Raised Globe. Black with gold lettering. Red oval surrounds gold globe. 9 1/4x7 1/2. Appears uncirculated. Very good condition. 45
135Ledger MarkerNAInsure with the Triumph Ledger Marker. Lettering in gold with black background. On reverse side - Triumph in the middle with $500,000 on the left side and Cincinnati on the right. Lettering is faded but easy to read up close. 60
136HatNATop Hat. Eagle decal with US coat of arms on front. 13 1/4x11 7/8 diameter at bottom of hat. 6 3/4 high. Made by Cairns. Black stiff leather. No damage inside. 2 inch white scratch on backside of hat. No damage to decal. 30
137SignNATravelers Insurance Company, Hartford, Connecticut. Brass Sign. Black etched lettering, border and Knight with Shield in black also. 17 3/4x11 7/8. Front of sign has some of the brass faded. 55
138FM669Salop Fire Office. Shrewsbury, England. Lead. 7 3/8x7. Repainted in original colors. Policy No. 5839 on bottom panel. 410
139SignNAHartford Insurance Company Brass Sign. 19 7/8x15. Red lettering and black picture of the stag engraved on the brass. Very good condition. 140
140Parade RibbonNAPhila. S.F.E Co. No. 1. October 19, 1912. At bottom is brass pendant with picture of Fire Station. 10
141FM113The Pennsylvania Fire Insurance Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Brass. Rectangular. 7x4.See article in the January 2010 Signvierst for more information. Pass
142SignNAContinental Insurance Companies Sign. White background. Tan frame. Continental soldier with blue and white uniform 18 1/2x14 1/2 plus 1 3/4 frame. Mint Condition. Beautiful. Pass
143FM553Sun Insurance Office, Limited. London, England. Tin. Rectangular. 4 7/8x3 3/4. Gold on black background. 200
144FMEV 141VThuringia Insurance Company. Hannover and Munich. circa 1952-1966. 10
145SignNARochester American Insurance Company Sign. 21 3/8"x15 1/4" Tin with original wood frame. 20
146FM545Sun Insurance Company. London, England. Lead. 6 5/8x5 3/4. Sun with 16 rays. Painted gold. Panel below has policy No. 6496. Damaged mark. Panel is detached from Mark - held together with wire and trimmed down from 6 to 4 numbers 30
147GrenadeNARed Comet Red Grenade with holder designed for this grenade. Full. Note - can not be shipped. If absentee bidder is interested, contact auction chair regarding delivery. 15
148FM714Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society. Norwich, England. Brass. Original painting but damaged. The panel below with "Norwich Union" is missing and the top finial is missing. Still beautiful mark. 9 1/8x 9 7/8. 30
149FM230Home Insurance Company. New York, New York. Tin, Rectangular. 6 1/8x3 1/4. Some original gold still on mark. Rarest mark of this company. 290
150SignNAProvidence Washington Insurance Company of Providence, R.I. Tin sign. 17 1/2x23 3/4.65
151SignNAOld Colony Insurance Company. Boston, Mass. Reverse Glass Sign with original wood frame. 17 5/8x23 5/8.Pass
152Perpetual CalendarNANewark Insurance Company. Royal Liverpool Insurance Group. Perpetual Calendar. Brass. 21x13.10
153SignNARoyal Insurance Company. "Leading Fire Co. Of The World." Reverse Glass Sign. 21 5/8x29 1/2.55
154SignNAFire Association of Philadelphia. Tin Sign with original wood frame. 30 1/4x18 3/8.50
155Ledger MarkerNAAetna Ledger Marker. Brown with Gold Lettering. Insure with the Aetna; Hartford, Conn. Fire and Inland. 1819. 50