Item Type Book Ref. No. Description Sold
1BeltNAParade Belt. BROOKLYN in middle with N. 5 on left and 1841 on right. Leather with painted white around edge and on Brooklyn. Encased in Frame 56"x7 1/8". Belt is approximately 41" long and 2" wide. No rips in leather - very good condition for its age. 125
1BeltNAAnother picture of Brooklyn Parade Belt. 125
2Fire AlarmNAGamewell Fire Alarm Station. #5625. Red Metal Fire Box in very good condition. No key. 60
3SignnaNorth British & Mercantile Ins. Co., Aluminum Sign w/ Wood Frame, 11 1/4 high x 26 1/2 widePass
4FM157City Insurance Company, Cincinnati, Ohio. Heavy cast iron. Covered with house paint. 3000
5FM816Alliance Assurance Company. London, England. W63B. Copper. Excellent condition. Much original gold showing. 100
6FM458Columbia Fire Insurance Company, Dayton, Ohio. Tin. Black on Silver Background. 650
7BadgeNAFiremans Badge. Binghampton Fire Department. 1 1/4x2.35
8FMUS-NA-1New Castle Mutual Insurance Company Fire Mark. Heavy Cast Iron. 8 7/8 x6 3/4230
9FM390 or 391Detroit Fire & Marine Insurance Company. Detroit, Michigan. 3 1/4x6 3/4. Tin. Raised letters and border. 1100
10SignFidelity and Guaranty Fire Corporation. Metal Sign in original wood frame. 20 1/4 wide x 12 1/4 high. 55
11FMBU864District Fire Office Fire Mark. Birmingham, England. Repainted. 7 3/840
12Sign15.11aAmerican Central Insurance Company brass sign, 14" w x 10" h, brass chain attached for hanging. Excellent condition.135
13Fire Grenade SetNAComplete Set of 6 Red Fire Grenades in Original Cloth Case. Red Comet FOR FIRE. All 6 grenades are full. 120
13Fire Grenade SetNAAnother picture of Fire Grenade Set120
14HelmetNAFire Helmet - Old. Ladder 1 S.F.D. Inside has metal that says "Cairns & Brothers Mfrs of Firemens Equipment." On the lining is a tag that says "Cairns Sanitary Cushion Lining Patented #1575251." Very good condition for age. 100
15SignNAOld Colony Insurance Company Sign. Reversed Glass with original wood frame. 23 1/2x 17 5/8.Pass
16FMBU1077Compagnie D Assurance D Anvers Securitas Societe Fire Mark. Antwerp, Belgium. Tin. 7 3/8 x 9 3/865
17FM92Fire Association of Philadelphia Fire Mark. Cast Iron. Drainage knob in back. 10 1/2x7 3/8. 200
18FM1704Societe Suisse Pour L Assurance Du Mobilier. Berne, Switzerland. Tin. Excellent Condition. Original Colors. 90-
19Salvage BagNA20" x 44" heavy linen bag believed to have been used as a salvage bag. 30
20FM774West of England Fire Ins. Co., Exeter, UK; tinned iron; much paint adhering; 7 3/8" x 9 1/2" Wright 48D Pass
21BadgeNAGuardian Arm Badge. Zinc. From the GRE Collection. Believe to be Circa 1920s. May have been made for display purposes. 3 1/2"x4 1/2" Pass
22BadgeNAFiremans Badge. Wellington Fire Brigade. 1 5/8x2.20
23FM624Royal Exchange Assurance Fire Mark. London, England. Lead. 6 1/8x7. Policy #186313Pass
24FM168Ohio Farmers Insurance Company Fire Mark. LeRoy, Ohio (now Westfield Center, Ohio) Tin. 6 3/8x 3 1/8. "Ohio" is arched over "Farmers." Border and Lettering are NOT raised. 160
25FMBU636Royal Exchange Assurance Fire Mark. London, England. Aluminum. 6 5/8 x 7 7/8. 65
26FM313United Firemens Insurance Company Fire Mark. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. 11 3/4x9 1/4.125
27FM1629Sagres Cia Seguros Luzo-Brazileira. Losbon, Portugal Fire Mark. Tin. Original colors. 7 3/16x9 11/16. 90
28Ledger MarkNAAetna Ins. Co. Hartford, Conn; Losses Paid in 61 Years - $51,000,000120
29FMUS299-X-13.75" x 6.75" painted tin mark for the Germania Fire Insurance Company of New York. Gold on black background. Patent date bottom left and manufacturer in small type in bottom right. Unused mark with some small scuffs and scratches from being kept in a desk drawer. A fairly rare mark. 850
30FM989National Union Fire Office, England, 8" x 17" Rectangle Tin Mark with Good ColorPass
31FM534Sun Insurance Company. London, England. Lead. Policy No. 343212. Excellent condition. Wright 3B150
32FM83Fire Association of Philadelphia Fire Mark. Cast Iron. 11 3/8x7 5/8. Hollow Back. 105
33FMNAPuerto Rico Fire and Casualty Company. Modern Fire Mark issued by the company. Cast Iron. 11 3/8x8 5/8.60
34BadgeNAFiremans Hat Badge. Phila.S F E No 1. Pottstown, PA 2 1/8x2 1/8.25
35FM442Lumbermans Insurance Company. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. Diamond Shape. 8 3/4 x 8 3/4repro - pulled
36FM700Norwich General Assurance Office. Norwich, England. Wright28A. Lead. Policy No. 2597. Excellent Condition. 550
37FM546Sun Insurance Office, Lead Mark in Good Condition, Policy #765575 with copy of policy record200
38FM246Phoenix Insurance Fire Mark, Tin, 7" x 3 1/4", excellent condition with some scratches, excellent condition325
39FMUS-CD-2Concordia Milwauke; Tin Rectangular 6 7/8 x 3 1/2, black lettering on silver75
40FMBU1264L Union Compagnie D Assurances, France. Tin. 9 3/4x6 5/8. 55
41SignNAAETNA Sign. Metal Front on original wood frame. 18 1/4 x 23. Heavy. 10
42FMBU720Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society. Norwich, England. Tin. 10 1/2x8 1/2.45
43SignNABedford General Insurance Company Limited Sign. Glass. From the GRE collection - probably never issued so looks new. 12" diameter No Show
44FM1600VBMigdal Insurance Company, Jerusalem. 5 1/2 x 9 1/2. Porcelain on sheet steel. Painted. 140
45FM38Green Tree; Iron; 12 1/4 x 8 3/8; Includes written verification by Al WillsPass
46FM947Liverpool & London & Globe Insurance Company Fire Mark. Liverpool, England. Tin. 9 5/8x7 1/4. On back of Mark is a taped card that identifies the Fire Mark and says "From the collection of Morton T. Werner March 5, 1989." 40
47FM320United Firemens Insurance Company Fire Mark. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. 11x9. Mark has crack from top to bottom right side. It goes through but has been glued for long time. 50
48FM632Royal Exchange Assurance Fire Mark. London, England. Lead. Missing Crown at top. 7 x 4. 25
49SignThe Potomac Insurance Company Metal Sign. In original wood frame. 19 1/2 wide x 13 1/2 tall. 60
50FM398Cooper Fire Insurance Company, Dayton, Ohio. Tin Fire Mark. Black with gold lettering;raised border. 325
51Sign290.1Old Guard Fire & Storm Insurance embossed tin sign, 20" w x 9" h, very good condition.30
52FM888Royal Farmers and General Fire , Life Insurance Company. London, England. Copper. Good condition. 110
53Sign142.2eReverse Glass sign for Franklin Fire Insurance Co. of Philadelphia. 17.5" x 27.5" including original wood frame. Paint and glass are nice. Original sheet of cardboard on back stencilled Denzi & Phillips- Glass Signs- NY". Similar sign shown on page 54 of sign book.150
54FM61Baltimore Equitable Society, Baltimore, MD; cast iron; Policy No. 280 in raised numerals on reverse; measures 10 3/8" wide X 9 3/4" high; near mint with full original paintrepro - pulled
55FM667Salop Fire Office. Shrewsbury, England. Lead. Policy No. 2465. Excellent condition. Wright 20A. 375
56SignNAThe Northern Assurance Company Limited. Sign. Painted Tin Front with Tin Backing. Circa 1920s. From the GRE Collection. Very good condition. 15 1/2"x11 1/2"No Show
57FM778Atlas Assurance Co., London, UK; copper; piece missing from lower left corner; 6 5/8" x 10 11/16" Wright 50A60
58Fire Extinguisher SetNABadgers Fire Extinguisher Co Charges. Complete set and in original red painted pine box. 6 bottles with liquid and 6 Soda Charge containers. Circa 1880 Boston, Mass. 205
59Ledger MarkerNAAndes Ins. Co. Cincinnati, OH; Brown with Gold Letter, Excellent Condition90
60FM618Royal Exchange Assurance. London, England. Lead. Policy No. 127886. Excellent condition. Wright 10E. 190
61FMUS-RA-13.25" x 6.75" painted tin mark for the Republic of New York. Gold letters with a black background. Overall nice shape with some fairly light scratching and some slight bending on the right side. If used outdoors, it was well protected. Fairly scarce mark.650
62HelmetNAFiremans Fund Helmet. Red metal helmet. Very good condition. Large Size. A few metal chips on back of helmet. 100
63SignNACedarburg Mutual Fire Insurance Company embossed tin sign. 20"x9"h. Bright red and yellow. Three extremely minor blemishes - otherwise mint condition. 25
64FM715Norwich Union Fire Insurance Soceity., Norwich, England. Copper. Good condition. 100
65SignNAMonongahela Ins. Co. Pittsburg, PA; Aluminum Sign 22" Long x 9" High, Black Letters without Frame30
66FM872Legal and General Assurance Society, Ltd., London, UK; tin; no paint. 8 5/8"x8 1/4"190
67FM47VA/47VBInsurance Company of North America, Cast Iron, Facsimile by INA Company copy of 1830 Firemark, Excellent Conditon50
68FM847Patriotic 7" Tin Round with Orginal Colors From Ireland40
69Fire ExtinguisherNAMinimax Fire Extinguisher. Cone Shaped. Metal with red paint. 28 1/2" from top to bottom. 8" diameter at bottom. 25
70FM683Phoenix Assurance Company. London, England. Copper. Original Colour - retouched in parts. Very good condition. 110
71FMBU 3815.75" tall zinc mark for the State Mutual Fire and Marine Insurance Company. As you can see, the right edge was broken while being removed. A fairly scarce mark in any condition.120
72FM944Liverpool & London & Globe Ins. Co., Ltd., Liverpool, UK; copper; dark with much paint adhering; 8 3/4" x 10 3/4" Wright 105B40
73HatnaFiremans Hat. Navy Blue hat with Eng. Co. 1 H.F.D. Badge on front. Very good condition except scratch on lip of hat. 25
74FM187Springfield Fire Insurance Company. Tin. 4 holes. Black letters on gold background. 2 3/8x6 3/4. 500
75FM552 VARSun Fire Office, Ltd., London, UK; tinned iron [BU 552 is composed of zinc]; has some traces of gold paint; Diameter is 6 1/4" Wright 3F Pass
76GrenadeNAFire Grenade. The Imperial Fire Extinguisher Co., Green Glass with top. Some liquid still inside. 125
77Fire BucketNAFire Bucket. Handle is missing. Yellow paint with grey paint inside. Believe to be British or French. 11 3/8 tall x 10 7/8 across at top, 6 1/2 across bottom. 75
78N/AGenuine Ohio Farmers Fire Mark encased in lucite. On the back is a card from the Westfield Companies indicating it is an original mark from the 1920s and is similar to the first mark used in 1861. About 4" x 7". Pass
79FMB-1023Pearl Assurance Co. - London England, Fire Mark, Tin, 8"x5", No Paint Mounted on Oak Board, Fair Condition40
80AdvertisementNACoventry Climax Engines, Coventry, England. Advertisement from Fortune, 1941. "Problems of Britains War Time Fire Fighting." Matted but not framed. 17 3/4x13 7/8 - outside of matt. Pass
81FM103Aetna Of Hartford - Tin Fire Mark - Never Issued - VG to Excellent Condition155
82Cannonade BucketNAIreland Tall Cannonade Bucket used to store ordinance. Black paint over pressed wood. 20" tall x 6" diameter at bottom. Handle still in place. Some of the top of the bucket has broken off. Pass
83FMUS-MG-1Mercer Mutual, New Jersey,8 7/8" x 5 3/4" Brass Oval with Raised Rolled Edge and Raised Letters, Excellant Condition200
84Fire ExtinguisherNAFire Extinguisher. Cylinder. 21 1/2" tall x 2" diameter. Orange with writing on all sides but difficult to read in many places. Pass
85SignnaNational Union Ins Co. - Pittsburg, PA, Tin sign 9 1/2 x 14, Covered by Plastic Black Background Silver Lettering, Excelent Condition30
86FMB-1697VariantAsia Assurance Co. Singapore Fire Mark, 2 1/2" Circular, Not in Bulau, Variant of Bulau 1697, Metal Alloy, Excellent Condition with a little missing paint220
87AxeNARed Handled Parade Axe. Wood painted red and Metal painted gold and black. 32" tall 125
88GrenadeNAFire Grenade. Amber - diamond style. HNS engraved on front and back (lightly)150
89Fire ExtinguishernaBrown Glass Fire Extinguisher Container. 9 3/4" tall x 2 1/2. 50
90Fm682Phoenix of London, Copper - Raised Gold Phoenix on Oval - Original Paint, Good Condition, Never Issued100
91FMB229Home Ins. Co. New York, Fire Mark, Tin, 6 3/8x 3 1/8, Excellent Condition with some scratches130
92FMB-1003Car & General Ins. Co. - London England, Fire Mark, Tin, 6 1/2" x 7 7/8", No Paint Mounted on Oak Board, Small Hole in Center, Poor Condition80
93FM608London Assurance - England, Heavy Tin Fire Mark with Good Color and in Good Shape30
94FMB-228Farmers York, P.A. Fire Mark, Tin 6 3/8" x 3 1/8" Excellent Condition with 1 damaged nail hole170
95FMEV-141VThuringia - German Enameled Iron 7" x 4 3/4" Fire Mark, Blue Background White Letters40
96FM21Philadelphia Contributionship for the Insurance of Houses, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Wood. Shield Shape. Issued in 1935 for advertising purposes. 15"x10 1/16". Came from Grandparents - George S. Robbins of Rose Lane, Haverford, PA who were Contributorship policy holders (by way of Uncle O. Robbins). Excellent Condition. Pass
97BookNA"Catalog of the Green Tree Collection" 1977 hardback. Included are pictures and descriptions of the marks of the Mutual Assurance Co. A must reference for the serious collector.40
98FMBU891Royal Insurance Co., LTD; Copper without ColorPass
99FMEV82JLandschaftliche Brandkasse, Hanover Germany; Enameled Iron 6 1/8" x 8 7/8", Red Background with White Horse & Letters, Chip on Left Nail Hole15
100FMBU358Michigan State Insurance Company, Adrian, Michigan. Tin. 3x7 1/2. Raised letters and border. 1600
101FMBU475X1State Insurance Co of Des Moines. Tin. 12 11/16x6 3/8. 4 holes. Gold letters on black background. 560
102Printing PlatesNALitho Printing Plates. Reverse image of fire marks on engraved plates. Set of 5 plates. 50
103FM825Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire & Country Fire Office. London, England. 7 1/8x9 3/4. Copper. Raised lettering and heraldics. 200
104FM1054VATroler Landes Brandschaden Versicherungs Anstalt. Innsbruck, Austria. Porcelain on Sheet steel. Painted. 5 1/8"X9 1/2" Dished Back. LOT ITEM IS ON FAR LEFT SIDE. 20
105fm1055VATroler Landes Brandschaden Versicherungs Anstalt, Innsbruck, Austria. 5 1/4"x9 1/2" Flat Back. Porcelain on sheet steel, painted. ITEM IS TOP MARK IN PICTURE ONLY.20
106FM1054Troler Landes Brandschaden Versicherungs Anstalt. Innsbruck, Austria. 4 1/4"x7 1/8". Dished Back. Porcelain on sheet steel, painted. LOT ITEM IS ONLY MARK ON FAR RIGHT SIDE. 30
107FM1055VBTroler Landes Brandschaden Versicherungs Anstalt. Insbruck, Austria. 5 1/2"x8 5/8". Dished Back. Porcelain on Sheet Steel, Painted. LOT ITEM IS ONLY ONE AT BOTTOM - MIDDLE. 30
108BookNAWright, "The British Fire Mark 1680-1879" [Woodhead-Faulkner Cambridge 1982]; a solid copy of this invaluable book about 17th, 18th and 19th Century fire marks issued by companies in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland; very clean and complete with dust jacket40
109FM221Continental Insurance Company. New York, New York. 2 3/4x6 7/8. Tin. 4 holes. Gold letters on black background. 275
110FM573Union Assurance Society. London, England. Brass.Watermans Badge. Union #1.Reissued by Insurance Company as a copy of the first badge issued by Union Assurance. Good Condition, Some Dents50
111FMBU1614Companhia de Seguros Fidelidade Fire Mark. Lisbon, Portugal. Tin. 8 5/8 x 5 3/4. 50
112Ledger MarkerNAAmazon Insurance Company of Cincinnati Ledger Marker. 3 x 14. Sheet metal painted. 240
113RattleNAWood Rattle. Patent Nov. 27 1866 embossed in side. 1 3/4x6 9/16. 130
114BadgeNATown of Norwell Church Hill FD Hat Badge. 2 1/4" Threaded stud on back. 30
115SignnaThe Travelers Insurance Company Elevator Inspection "Sign" - Inspected by - Hartford, Conn. Tin. 8x3 1/2. Damaged20
116Fire ExtinguishernaPyrofite Fluid Fire Extinguisher glass container. Manufactured by C.J. Cross Mfg. Co. Inc. New York. 11" tall x 2/12" round. Paper Label in excellent condition. 40
117FMBU761County Fire Office. London, England. Copper. 8 3/8x6 1/2. Some original gold still on mark. 30
118FMUS-KA-1There was a "M. Kirsch" agency, Chillicothe, Ohio, listed in the 1881 and 1888 issues of the Insurance Year Book. "Insured in the Michael Kirsch Agency." Tin. Rectangular. Black with Silver Lettering. Pass