Item Type Book Ref. No. Description Sold
1FM171Ohio Farmers. Leroy, Ohio. Heavy Tin. Rectangular. 6 3/4"x3 1/4"165
2FM88VA or VBFire Association of Philadelphia. Flat Back. No drainage knob on back. 7 3/8"x11 1/2"95
3FM726British Fire Office. London, England. Copper. Circular. 8" diameter70
4SignTBDYorkshire Insurance Company, York, England. Brown Metal Sign framed in a wood frame. Brown on sign matches the wood finish of frame. Very good condition. 19 5/8"x27 5/8"35
5Sprinkler HeadsN/A7 Antique Sprinkler Heads mounted on an old barn board. 40
6FM891Royal Insurance. Liverpool, England. Copper. 10 1/8"x12". Some original paint remaining. 50
7FM864District Fire Office, Birmingham, England. Copper. Some original paint. 7 1/2" circular. pass
8FM549Sun Insurance Office, London. Copper. 20 rays, wavy. 5 7/8"x7 1/4" Has old tear on top right. pass
9SignTBDStar Insurance Company, New York. Metal Sign. 22 7/8"x28 7/8" Old Wood Frame painted black. Some chipping of tin but in very good condition considering its age. 75
10FM989National Union Fire Office, Bedford, England. Heavy Tin. Red with Yellow Lettering. 12"x8"25
11FM944Liverpool & London & Globe 1836. Copper. Repainted or Original Paint? 10 7/8"x8 7/8"70
12FM531Sun Insurance Company. London, England. Lead. Policy number 84381 in bottom panel. 7"x5 3/4"130
13FM313United Firemen Insurance Co., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 11 7/8"x9 1/4". Repainted.80
14FM257Phoenix Insurance, Hartford, Connecticut. Heavy Tin. 3 1/4"x6 7/8"90
15SignN/AExcelsior Engine Company Framed Picture 7 1/4"x10 1/8" Showing dates of Regular Meetings for 1862-3. On dark brown paper. (no staining - that is the sunlight)35
16FM624Royal Exchange Assurance, London, England. Lead. Policy number 193902 on bottom panel. 7 1/8"x6 1/8"90
17SignN/AExcelsior Engine Company, No. IV. Regular Monthly Meetings -1859. Wood Frame White paper. (some staining) 12"x8 1/4"30
18FMBU1084x1L Union Belge Societe, Brussels, Belgium. Vereeniging Union. Zinc. 9 1/4"x7 1/4". House paint on mark30
19FM93Fire Association of Philadelphia. Cast Iron. Extremely Convex. Drainage knob in back. 7 1/2"x10 7/8"90
20FM153Germantown Mutual Fire. Cast Iron. Repainted or Original Paint? Owner feels it is original; I think it is repainted. 11 1/2"x8 1/8"pass
21FM762County Fire Office, London. County Firemark in a 3 dimensional wood frame (painted black on outside and gold on inside. Marked "Fire Office Ltd" on bottom of frame in gold lettering. Nice presentation.50
22SignNAAgency of the City of New York Ins Company, porcelain sign, 20x14pass
23FMB1191El Iris Compania De Seguros Mutuos Contra Incendios, Habana Cuba; Iron, Oval, Convex; Red, black and blue on white background.130
24Fireman RattleAntique Wood Firemans Rattle. Very good condition. Nice patina. 10"x8"105
25Fireman LedgerHand written Book of the Fire Department of the City of New York., Engine Co. #40. Record of every call from April 12, 1913 to July 14, 1913. signed by E. Mustard, Captain. Very good condition. 8"x14"x1 1/2" wide.70
26FM76Hartford Insurance Company Fire Mark. "Hartford" Tin 3 1/8"x6 7/8" Bent in some spots75
27cartagNAThe Union Automobile Indemnity Association. 1920-1993. Three inches tall. Appears to be an older and never seen before tag. Great Condition40
28EmblemNAMint, copper grill emblem from the Farmers Automobile Inter-Insurance Exchange. 4.5 inches across and 2.25 inches tall. has hole in bottom middle (as made) for a bolt or the small holes on each side for wire to attach to the grill of the car. This dates to the late 1920s and is in fabulous condition. Note the tag has the design stamped into it and the copper is cut out on the top around the rays of the sun. Very scarce tag from anold company that is still around. 50
29OtherNAOld linen salvage bag. Measures 18 inches by 45 inches with name M. H. Ogilsbie stencilled on front. Soiled and stained (has not been cleaned)with signs of contemporary repairs. Believe this dates to Civil War era or before. 50
30FM847Patriotic Assurance Company Ltd, Dublin, Ireland. Tin. Circular 7" diameter. 20
31Rain Gauge LampRain Gauge that measures rain - made into a lamp. Metal base. Taylor Instrument Company, Rochester, N.Y. Patent Pending. pass
32FM353Springfield Fire Insurance Co., Springfield, Ohio. 3 3/4x7 3/4. Damaged. 260
33FM85Fire Association of Philadelphia. Lead. 7 1/2"x11" Poor Condition. 300
34FM216VAMilwaukee Mechanics Mutual Ins. Co. Tin. Unissued but noticeable dark blemish near lower right corner. 1981 American Fire Mark Rarity Guide lists only 1 in a private collection130
35FM228Farmers, York PA tin. 6 7/8"x3 1/8". Black lettering on Gold background70
36FM61Baltimore Equitable Society. Baltimore, Maryland. Heavy Cast Iron. Modern mark issued 1927.#31 cast in to back of hands. 9 7/8x10 3/8210
37PhotoN/A4.25" x 6.5" Cabinet Card. Photograph of the Chief of the Lambertville, NJ Fire Department. Dates from 1880s and shows the Chief in uniform with his helmet and a large trumpet on a table beside him.pass
38FM555Sun Insurance Co., Tin, Very Good Condition, Circular, 7", gold on red background170
39FMEV53bFeuer-Versicherungs-Verein, Schneverdingen. Yellow Enamel on Iron, Purple Lettering, 6 1/2 x 5 1/4, Excellent condition15
40SignNAScottish Union & National Ins Co, Porcelain, Company logo in gold & letters in black, 20 x 14, Excellent shapepass
41FM315United Firemens Insurance, Philadelphia. Cast Iron. Oval. 8 7/8"x11 3/8" Note policy number 5975 160
42FM889Royal Farmers and General Fire, Life and Hail-Storm Ins. Co. London, England. Zinc. 8 1/8x10 1/4125
43Grave MarkerNAQ.F.D. No.2. Bronze Firemen Grave Marker. 6" diameter. 30" tall with holders on back to place flag. Mfg. by Balch Bros. West Co. - Syracuse, N.Y. pass
44FM117Firemans Insurance Company. Baltimore, Maryland. Cast Iron. Tab on Back. Smallest type of mark of this company. Issued 1835. 12 15/16x14 1/2withdrawn
45FMB290New England, Hartford; tin-excellent condition, 99% paint, minor dings and scrapes, rare1000
46FMB905Prudential, tin, good condition, no paint, very little damage other than nail holes, light surface rust front and back.30
47FMB1377V/E123Schlesische Feuerversichrungs Gesellschaft, Germany; Enamaled Iron, very good condition, chipped enamel lower right corner35
48FMsim to BU1522La Fondiaria, Italian. Aluminum. Mint Condition. 10
49FM719Norwich Union Ins Co, Copper, England,Gold letters with red background, Slightyly Worn, Fairly Good Condition35
50FM737Kent Fire Insurance Company. Maidstone, England. Copper. 6 1/2x7 3/4305
51SignNewark Fire Insurance Company, Newark, N.J. Gold frame with Gold insert and Gold lettering. 23"x16 3/4" Very good condition. 20
52BookNAFootprints of Assurance Presentation Copy. These were limited to 500 copies which were nicer than the standard version- had a slip case, plastic type protective cover and gilt page edges on all sides. Also a page for the author and publisher to sign and number as a limited edition. Quite rare. This copy is not signed.pass
53FM90Fire Association mark- BU #90. Mark was damaged as it was being removed from the structure. The top nail was attached more strongly to the building and the top above the hydrant was broken when prying started. Bulau says it is a rare mark- circa 1865pass
54FM866District Fire Office, Birmingham, England. Copper. 35
55FM879Northern Insurance Company. London, England. Tin. "Northern" at top; "18" "36" at bottom.60
56FMB49Insurance Company Of North America, tin-very good condition, 80% paint, Bend upper left corner between "A.D." and "Insurance", and lower right corner.1400
57FMB761W45BCounty Copper, Good condition, traces of gilt, no crushing, upper corners missing at nail holes, two stress cracks from stamping30
58FM21Philadelphia Contributionship. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Wood, Shield shape. Modern type mark issued by company in 1935 for advertising purposes. 10 1/8x15. From house at 8008 Rugby Street, Philadelphia.pass
59SignPacific Fire Insurance Company etched metal Sign with wood frame. Very good condition. 22 1/2"x12 3/8"30
60Sign3412St Paul Ins CO, Reverse Glass, Wood Frame, Some discoloration, Good condition. 30 1/2x20 1/2pass
61FM687Phoenix of London, Lithographed Tin, Brightly colored with red, yellow, blue and white, Nice condition130
62FM69Hartford Insurance Company, Hartford, Connecticut. Tin. 2 1/4x6 1/2150
63FMEV82ILandschaftliche - Hannover. 7x9 5/835
64FMWI-BA-1Barbados Fire Insurance Co. (1880). Barbados, West Indies. Copper. Odd shaped. Seal of the Island of Barbados - Poseidon (Neptune) riding a chariot across the sea. 8 1/2 X 9 1/2. 120
65FM916Commercial Union Assurance Company, London, England. Tin. Oval. 8 3/4x9 7/865
66FM168Ohio Farmers Insurance Co., LeRoy (now Westfield Center), Ohio. 3 3/15x6 7/16. Tin. From house of AA Wildmen, Rt. 40 near Jefferson on 3/26/1936. 350
67Auto TagGrange Auto Tag. 10
68FMEG-HA-1Misr Insurance Company Societe Anonime Arabe. Cairo, Egypt (1934). Brass. Mosque within an oval frame. 6 1/8 X 10 1/8 Oval. 11 1/2 to spike. 115
69FMB875/W88BNorthern, copper, very good condtion, some paint and gilt left, no crushing, very little damage other then a few dings.115
70NANAMini Max refill Tin Box. Held soda for extinguisher. Great graphics. Good condition. Rare. 30
71FMBU947Liverpool & London & Globe. Tin. 20
72Sign94.3Reverse Glass, "Continental Underwriters of New York", Sliver & Black, Some discoloration in red background, 18 x 1450
73LedgerNAAetna 1819, dark brown, metal70
74FM347North St. Louis Mutual. st. Louis, Missouri. 5 3/8x7 3/8. Oval zinc. 13 oz.600
75FM306Laclede Mutual Fire and Marine. St. Louis, Missouri. Zinc. 9 oz. 5 6/16x7 11/16. 670
76FM753VBBirmingham Fire Office, Birmingham, England. Copper. 11 3/16x10 1/8. 30
77FMEV113 OProvinzial - Feuer. German. 6 1/2x9 3/8.30
78FMCY-GA-1The General Insurance Co. of Cyprus, Ltd.. Nicosia, Cyprus (1951) Oval. Aluminum. 11 3/16 X 9. Gold Neptune rising out of the sea with horses, trident and fish. 100
79FM1502Assicurazioni Ins Co, Italy, Tin, Red with Gold lettering, Gold Lion in Center, Excellent Condition45
80FM364Tin, German Insurance Co., Freeport IL, including a policy100
81FM384Teutonia Insurance, Dayton, Ohio. Tin. 3 5/8x6 7/8. 125
82SignNorth British and Mercantile Reverse Glass Sign. "Established 1809" on left, "Entered U.S. 1866" on right. 37" longx20 1/2" high. Glass has crack from top to bottom starting at the "H" on top and going through the C" at the bottom. 30
83FMB1699VStockholms Stads Brandforsakringskontor, Sweden; Stamped brass/bronze - new condition100
84FMB1207Hasicska Vzajemna Pojistovna V Brne, Czechoslovakia, Enamled iron, Good condition. Chipped enamel right edge and bottom.40
85FMB1001Central Insurance Company, Ltd., Birmingham, tin, fair condition, no paint, surface rust on front, bends at top and bottom, some distortion.30
86OtherNAFramed Newspaper Cover "The Graphic", dated Ocotber 28, 1871; Large picture of fireman rescuing woman on ladder, beautifully framed, 15 1/4 x 20"40
87FMB1055-V-ATiroler Landes Brandschaden Versicherungs Anstalt, Austria, enameled iron, excellent condition.20
88FMB1603Filipinas Compania De Seguros. Manila, Philippine Islands. Iron, Circular, slightly convexed, Red back ground, Excellent condtion85
89FM552Sun Insurance Office, Blue and Gold, some scratches, zinc, good condition150
90FM1441Panellinios from Greece, Tin, Blue on Cream background, Raised Lettering, Mint Condition20
91SignJ/25-50Albany Insurance Company, Albany, New York. Tin Sign. 19 7/8x11 7/8. Some of the black overlay on front is chipped off. 40
92HelmetNABrass Fire Helmet. "NSW" "FB" on front of helmet. (New South Wales - Fire Brigade). Inside leather has been replaced. Mfg Rider & Bell Makers. Size 7 1/4. 215
93FMAddis #125A-TIWarden Insurance Co., Ltd., Great Britain, tin, excellent condition, 100% paint, no damage other than nail holes.105
94SignJ/125-175Boston Insurance Company Reverse Glass Sign. Very good condition. At top says "Incorporated 1873". At bottom says "Capital $3,000,000" 23 1/2x17 1/280
95GrenadeNALight Blue Glass Grenade. Star. Very good condition. Slight chipping at top. Empty. 50
96GrenadeNACobalt Blue Glass Grenade. New York Fire Extinguisher Hay Ward Hand Grenade. 3/4 full. Excellent condition. 130
97CalendarNAQueen Ins. Co. of America, perpetual calendar, brass, 18"x12", large red cards with printed months, days and dates, good condition50
98FMAU-KB-2Zurich-Kosmos Versicherungs-Gesellschaft, Austria; enamel coated iron25
99FMB1067VAnglo Elementar Verscherungs Aktien Gesellschaft, Austria25
100FMB1526-V-ASocieta Cattolica Di Assicurazione, Italy; stamped sheet iron, very good condition, minor scrapes and dings.35
101FMB1013Legal Insurance Co of London, Copper, Good condition, no paint, no damage, does not appear to be stamped.pass
999NANAEnd of the Auction ListTBD