Item Type Book Ref. No. Description Sold
1SignNAFire Engine Sign. Framed. 16 5/8"x14 1/8". Main Street Elisabeth, New Jersey. Copyright by New York Graphic Society. Very good condition. 10
2Muffin BellAntique Muffin Bell. Brass with Wood handle. Very good condition. 8 1/2" long. 260
3FM312United Firemens Insurance Company. Cast Iron. 9 3/8"x11 1/8"525
4FM166Pulled from Auction to be reviewed by Verification Committee. Will be in next year's auction, if real, or silent auction, if reproduction. repro - pulled
5FM157City Insurance Company. Cincinnati, Ohio. Heavy cast iron. 3700
6FM1709 VariantHelvetia Feuer Switzerland. Tin. 5 3/4"x10". 25
7FM100-V-AAetna Insurance. Hartford. Tin 2 7/8"x 61/2". Mint Condition. pass
8FM61Baltimore Equitable Society. Baltimore, Maryland. Aluminum 9 5/8" x 9 1/4".repro - pulled
9SignNASign. Wood Engine 6. 30 3/8" x 5 1/2".50
10ShieldForeman Shield. Beige with dark brown lettering.300
11FM57Baltimore Equitable Society. Baltimore, Maryland. Cast Iron. 10 3/8"x9 7/8"repro - pulled
12FM84VAFire Association of Philadelphia. Cast Iron. 11 1/2"x7 3/4"125
13SignThe American Fireman Sign. "Facing the Enemy". Reprint of Currier & Ives. Framed. 17 1/4x 21 3/4". 40
14FM543Sun Insurance Office. London, England. Lead. 6 3/4"x6 3/8". Policy number 543536.250
15FM855Yorkshire Insurance Company. York, England. Copper. 7.125 x 9.5230
16FM86Fire Association of Philadelphia. Cast Iron. Oval. 7 3/8"x 11 5/8". Green paint on mark. No drainage knob in back. pass
17FM623Royal Exchange Assurance. London, England. 6 1/4" x 7".Policy No. 188926. 120
18Fire ExtinguisherRed Comet Glass Fire Extinguisher/Sprinkler - still has liquid inside. "The Original Fire Extinguisher"pass
19ShieldNAFireman Helmet Shield. Washington 20 375
20FM1350 VarBerlinische Feuer - Germany. Enameled Iron. 4 1/2"x5 3/4". Mint Condition. 25
21FM244Phoenix Insurance - Brooklyn. Brass Horseshoe Fire Mark. 3 1/2"x3 7/8". Mint Condition. 690
22SignHudson Casualty Insurance Company. Jersey City, N.J. Colbalt Blue Background. 17 3/8"x9 3/8"120
23FM731Essex Insurance. Colchester, England. Copper 8 1/4" x 6 1/2".repro - pulled
24FM611Royal Exchange Assurance. Lead. 9 1/4"x7". Policy No. 139504300
25FM246Phenix Insurance Company. Brooklyn, New York. 6 15/16" x 3 5/16". Excellent Condition.140
26FM219Rock River Mutual Fire Insurance, Rockford, Illinois. Tin. Rectangular. 7 3/4"x3 3/4".Repainted long ago. Very rare. 1700
27FMWiener Allianz. Versicherungs - Aktiengesellschaft. 15
28FM944Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Company, Ltd. Liverpool, England. Copper. 8 11/16" x 10 7/8". $65-200
29FM682Phoenix Assurance Company. London. Copper. 100
30FM229Home Insurance Company. New York. Tin. 3 1/8"x6 1/4". Few Scratches. Excellent Condition. pass
31FM245 VariantWestfalische Feuer-Sozietat. Germany. Enameled Iron Mark. 10 1/2"x6 1/4". Mint Condition. 50
32HelmetNAMetal Fire Helmet. Good condition with partial liner.75
33FM816Alliance Assurance Company. London, England. W63B. Copper. Some house paint. 9"x9"pass
34FM40Squatty Greentree. Cast iron oval 8 9/16" x 8 1/4". SOLD AS IS PER ALVCpass
35FM715Item added at auction. Norwich Union - Copper. 125
36SignPorcelain Sign. The Home Insurance Company, New York. Blue background with White lettering.39
37SignNARocky Mountain Fire Insurance Company. Great Falls, Montana. 12" x 18".40
38FMUS--BD-1Buckeye Union Fire Insurance Co. Columbus, Ohio. Triangular. Issued in 1953 in limited quantity as part of 25th anniversary of company75
39FM1387-X-1Providentia Frankfurter. Germany. Tin Mark. Painted Black. 2 Corners missing. 9 1/2"x 6 1/2". pass
40SignNorthwestern Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Minneapolis, Minn. Sign. 17"x10" Black background. pass
41FM442Lumbermans Insurance Company. Cast Iron. 9" x 9"Pass
42FM228Farmers Insurance. Pennsylvania. Tin Mark 3 1/4"x 6 3/4". Excellent Condition. pass
43SignLondon & Lancashire Insurance Co. Ltd. Sign. Hartford, Connecticut. 12"x16" Good condition.pass
44FM13The Philadelphia Contributionship for the Insurance of Houses From Loss by Fire. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 15 3/8" x 11 5/8". 200
45HelmetNABlack and red fireman helmet60
46FM989National Unon Fire Office, Bedfor, England. Rectangular. Red background with yellow lettering. 12"x8"$30
47FM315United Firemens Insurance Co., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. 11 1/2"x8 3/4"150
48FMUS-FB-1Franklin, Indianapolis. Tin. Rectangular. Repainted long ago. 6 7/8"x3 3/4"900
49FM88VBFire Association of Philadelphia. Cast Iron. Oval. 11 1/2"x7 3/8". Excellent condition. No drainage knob in back. 50
50FM195Eagle Insurance Company. Cincinnati, Ohio. Cast Iron Oval. 11 7/16" x 7 3/4".repro - pulled
51FM749Imperial Fire Insurance Company. London, England. Tin 7 3/4" x 8".75
52SignHome Fire and Marine Company of California. Picture of the Golden Gate. 12 1/2"x22 3/4" Good condition. 100
53FMAU-WC-1Weiner Stadtische. Austria. Aluminum Modern Mark. 5 3/4"x4 3/4". Mint Condition. pass
54FM872 VariantLegal and General Assurance. Tin Mark. 9 1/4"x 8 1/4" Excellent Condition. 60
55FM68American Fire Insurance Company. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 6 7/8" x 3 5/16". Excellent Condition.400
56ShieldNAFireman Helmet Shield. Metal. New York Front. 8 1/16" x 6 1/4". 35
57FM103Aetna Insurance Co., Hartford, Connecticut. Tin. Rectangular. 6 1/2"x3 1/4"70
58FM847Patriotic Insurance Co. Dublin, Ireland. Tin. 7" circular.70
59FM708Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society, Ltd. Norwich, England. Copper. 7" x 8 3/4".pass
60FM153-VCGermantown Mutual Fire 1843. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. Oblong 11 7/16" x 8 1/8". 2 Holes. Issued in 1926. repro - pulled
61FM85Fire Association of Philadelphia. Lead. Oval. 7 9/16"x11 1/8". 600
62FM364-V-BGerman Insurance Company. Freeport, Ill. Tin. Excellent condition. All original paint. 180
63FM753Birmingham Fire Office. England. Copper 11 1/4" x 10". Excellent Condition.repro - pulled
64FM778Atlas Assurance Company. London. Copper. Fair Condition. 50
65FM795Guardian Assurance Company, Ltd. London, England. Copper 8 1/2" x 9".repro - pulled
66FM712Norwich Union Fire Insurance, Ltd. Norwich, England. Heavy Tin. 7 3/4" x 9 1/2".70
67FM897Royal Insurance Company. Liverpool, England. Tin. 6 7/8" x 2.290
68LedgerAetna ledger marker, fair 95
69PhotoNAPhoto. 1890 New York Fire Department. Frame is 11 1/2" x 9 3/4".50
70FM93Fire Association of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast iron. Oval. 10 7/8" x 7 5/8".120
71FM172Ohio Farmers. Heavy Tin. LeRoy, Ohio. Rectangular. 6 3/4" x 3 1.4". 85
72GrenadeGlass Grenade. Amber. Diamonds. "HNS" in script on side. Very good condition. 7 3/4" tall. 160
73FM1084 Var.L Union Belge Society. Vereeniging - Union. Brussels, Belgium. earlier Lead variant of B1084. 7 1/8"x9 1/8" Rare. 170
74FM888Royal Farmers and General Fire, Life and Hail-Storm Insurance Company. London, England. Copper 8 1/8" x 10 1/4"160
75Fire Bucket1842 Fire Bucket, Fine Condition. 12 3/8" tall. Diameters 6 and 7.5375
76FM398Cooper Fire Insurance Company. Dayton, Ohio. 6 7/8" x 3 3/16". Excellent condition.175
77FM174Ohio Farmers Insurance Co. Tin Rectangular. Mark is in a lucite "frame." Mark is 6 3/8"x3 3/8". With lucite casing, it is 7x4. On back, says "This is an original fire mark issued about 1920." 15
78FM258Phoenix Insurance Company, Hartford, Connecticut. Tin, Rectangular. Approx 8.375 x 4.25. Repainted long ago. Rare.250
79FM748Imperial Fire Insurance. London, England. W40C. Copper. Repainted, Excellent Condition. 8 1/4\"x8\". 240
80FM257The Phoenix Insurance company. Hartford, Connecticut. 6 7/8" x 3 1/4". Excellent Condition.125
81HelmetFiremen Helmet. All red with white #1 shield. Poor condition. 150
82SignAgency Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Co, porcelain. good conditionpass
83FM770West of England Fire and Life Insurance Company. Exeter, England. Copper. 7 1/4" x 9 1/8".225
84FM230Home Insurance Company, New York. Tin Rectangular. approx 6.25 x 3.25 Repainted long ago. Second type and rarest mark of this company.240
85FM1614Companhia de Seguros Douro Sociedade Anonima de Responsabildade Limitada. Porto, Portugal. Octagonal.190
86FM878The Northern Assurance Company, Limited. London, England. 7" x 9 3/8".pass
87FMUS-RC-1Richmond Ins. Co. Indiana. Tin. Rectangular. 6 9/16"x3 1/4" Repainted long ago. Note from Bob Shea: A new company and new mark. Will be US-RC-1 in a future addendum. 2300
88FM607London Assurance. London England. 9 7/8" x 11 5/8". pass
89FM715Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society. Norwich, England. Copper. pass
90FM367-x-2German Insurance Company. Freeport, IL. 3 13/16" square.430
91FMBU909Queen Insurance. Liverpool, England. W99A. Copper. Excellent condition. House paint but original colors visible underneath. 8 3/4\"x8 5/8\". Rare. 80
92SignNAList of Regular Meeting of the Excelsior Engine Company IV 1861. Frame is 7 7/8" x 10 1/8". Heavy cardboard card. Not a reproduction. 40
93GrenadeGlass Grenade. Blue. Star. Hardens Hand Grenade. Rough edges around lid. Good condition. 10 3/4" tall. pass
94FME153KWurtembergian Mutual. Tin. 1902-1913. Good Condition. Repainted. 150
95FM866District Fire Office. Birmingham. Copper. Fair Condition. Probably cleaned long ago. pass
96FMUS-HC-1Home Mutual Indianapolis. Tin. Rectangular. Repainted long ago. 5 5/8"x2 7/8"1700
97FM208Indiana Fire Insurance Company, Indianapolis Indiana. Tin Rectangular approx 5.75 x 3 Very rare. Repainted long ago.1700
98FM97Aetna Insurance Company, Hartford, Connecticut. Heavy Tin. Rectangular. Approx. 9.5 x 4.5. Repainted long ago.290
99FM360-V-AGermania Cin.Ti. Tin. Rectangular. Repainted long ago. 7 1/4"x3 1/4". Note from Bob Shea: A new variant which will be B360-V-A in a future addendum.1700
100N/AList of regular meetings of the Excelsior Engine Company IV. 1858. Frame 10 1/8 " x 12 5/8". Heavy cardboard card. Not a reproduction. 100
101FM1336Feuersozietat der provinz Brandenburg. Berlin, Germany. Iron. Excellent Condition. No Chips.105
102FM74Hartford Fire Insurance Company. Tin. 3 3/4"x7 7 7/8". 4 Holds. Gold letters on black background. pass
103FM862Protector Fire Insurance. London, England. W80A. Copper. Damage to panel ends. Some original color. 9 5/8"x8 3/4" 70
104FM1080 VarCompagne D Assurance De L Escaut Societe. Anvers, Belgium. Assurance - L Escaut. Earlier Lead varient of B1080. Some original gilging. 9 1/4"x7". Rare. 180
105FM896Royal Insurance Company. Liverpool, England. Copper, W95E. Repainted. Excellent condition. 9 1/4"x12 1/8". 65
106FM1367 Colonia Kolnische Feuer. Cologne, Germany. Iron. 50
107FM726British Fire Office. London, England. W30FR. Copper. Much original color. Small damage to top edge. 8 1/2" diameter. 70
108FM947Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Company. Liverpool, England. Tin. With Makers name. Mint condition. 7 1/4"x9 1/4"pass
109FM38Mutual Assurance Co. (Green Tree). 12 1/4x8 1/4. Raised Green Tree and Hollow Back. Per ALVC, sold "as is" pass
110FM1756Victoria Insurance, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Copper. Mint Condition. 8"x8 1/2" 130
111FM889Royal Farmers and General Fire. London, England. Zinc. W92B. Traces of original green color. Minor damage to lower right corner. 8 1/8"x10 1/4". 180
112FM584Westminster Fire Office. London, England. W5D. Copper. Some damage to lower right corner. Small damage to top edge. 8 1/2" diameter. 50
113FM681Phoenix Assurance Company. London, England. W23G. Copper. Spear point missing. 7 3/8"x9 3/8"pass
114FM891 Var.Royal Insurance Company. Liverpool, England. Copper. W95B. One of Liver birds wing longer. some original red color. Excellent condition. 10"x12".65
115FM864District Fire Office. Birmingham, England. W83E. Copper. Excellent condition. Repainted. 7 1/2" diameter. 80
116FM903Liverpool and London Fire. Liverpool, England. W96A. Copper. Original red color. Torn mtg. holes. 8 3/4"x9 11/16". 60
117FM549 var.Sun Fire Office. London, England. Copper. Rare blue variant of B549. Original colors. Previously undocumented (not even in Roy Addis book) 7 1/4"x5 3/4".300
118FM797Guardian Assurance Company. London, England. Tin. Mint condition. 8 1/8"x9 1/4"40
119FM331New York Central Ins. Co., Union Springs, New York. Tin. 9 7/8"x3 5/8"250
120FME85BLippische Landes-Brandversicherungsanstalt. Lippian State Fire Insurance. Produced for the Institute in 1986. 25
121FM632Royal Exchange Assurance. London, England. Lead. W10K. Excellent condition. 4"x8 7/8". 65
122FM519Hand-in-Hand Fire Insurance Society. London, England. Lead. 8"x8 9/16". Policy #101277. 900
123FM317United Firemens of Philadelphia. 8 3/16"x11 3/8" Cast Iron. Policy #8709 or 8703. From 912 Shackamaxon Street, Philadelphia. 275
124FM257 V-APhoenix of Hartford. Tin. Rectangular. Approx 6.875 x 3 .25 Repainted long ago.120
125N/A2 sided Framed Policy receipt in French . Dated 8 Aviul 1761. 75
126FM905The Prudential Assurance Co., Ltd. London, England. Tin. 6"x9"pass
127FMUS-CF-1Central Ins. Co., Springfield, Missouri. Tin. 6 3/8"x4 1/4". 1550
128FM231Home Insurance Company. Tin. Oval. 8 1/8"x5 3/16"pass
129FM5Philadelphia Contributionship. Wood shield with lead hands. 11 1/16"x15 5/8" board. 8 1/8"x8 3/4" hands. Policy 2143. 4 square nails in hands, 2 mounting holes, no bevel on board. From William Hammerstein, Secane, Pennsylvania. Per ALVC, old board, but not original.2100
130FM1079Compagnie De Bruxelles Society. Brussels, Belgium. Tin. 9"x11 1/8".pass
131FM235-X-1Home Insurance Co., New York. Tin. Oval. 5 1/4"x8 1/8". Gold raised letters and border on black background. 1953 reissue by the Company. 30
132PaperweightAmazon Fire Insurance Co. of Cincinnati Glass Paperweight. 19th Century. Good condition. 80
133SignFrankford Mutual Fire Insurance Company. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Brass on Wood frame. 12 7/8"x10 1/4" pass
134FM210St. Louis Mutual Fire & Marine Co. St. Louis, Missouri. Zinc. 7"x14". 440
135FM116Firemens Insurance of Baltimore. Baltimore, Maryland. Cast Iron. 13 1/8"x14". Plain loop at top. Large horizontal sprue in center. repro - pulled
136FM761County Fire Office. London, England. Copper. 6 1/2"x8 3/8"pass
137FM1268L Union De Paris 1828. Paris, France. Tin. 10 1/2"x7 1/8" Rusty. 20
138FM224Continental Ins. Co. of NY. Tin. 3 5/16"x7". Mark found 1967 on 2 story farm house on Rt.20 East of Angola, IN.pass
139FM1029Guardian Eastern Ins. Co. London, England. Tin. 8 1/8"x9 1/4". Rusty. 60
140Property MarkBronze Shield Property Mark. 7 1/4"x6" Heavy Metal. 25
141SignLondon & Lancashire Insurance Company Limited. 13 1/8"x7 7/8"pass
142FM160Home Mutual Ins. Co. St. Louis, MO. 4 3/4"x 6 1/2". Zinc. 4 holes. Crack through top right corner hole. 300
143FMCH-SA-1Sincere Ins. & Investments Ltd. Hong Kong, China. 6 1/2"x6 3/4"95
144FM1677 var.Mutua General de Sequros Incendios. Barcelona, Spain. Tin. 9 7/8"x9 1/8" 50
145FM534Sun Insurance Office. London, England. Lead. Policy No. 264528225
146FM1492Assicurazioni Generali Societa. Venezia, Italy. Tin. 7 11/16"x10"80
147FM763County Fire Office, London. Copper. 9 3/4"x11"120
148FME64SGothaer Feuer (Gotha Mutal Fire Insurance). 3 15/16"x5 3/16"10
149FM713Norwich Union Fire. Norwich, England. Heavy Tin. 7 15/16"x10" Damage at top and middle. pass
150FM758Caledonian Insurance Co., Edinburgh, Scotland. Enameled Iron. 8"x6 7/8" (7 1/2" at bottom)270
151FMEnd of Auction. 1,000,000