Item Type Book Ref. No. Description Sold
1FMBU16Philadelphia Contributionship. Wood. Shield Shape. 8 1/2"x14 1/2" Four lead clasped hands mounted.1600
2FMBU53Insurance Co. of North America (INA) - Tin. Circular. Raised gold eagle on red center. Unissued, but some gilding on eagle, lettering & border faded. 6 in private collections reported in the 1981 American Fire Mark Rarity Guide.150
3FMBU69Hartford Fire Ins. Co. - Tin. Rectangular border and Hartford in gold on black ground. Unissued. Small mounting hole thru border near upper left corner. 1981 American Fire Mark Rarity Guide reported 2 in private collections.110
4FMBU216VAMilwaukee Mechanics Mut. Ins. Co. Tin. Unissued, but noticeable dark blemish near lower right corner. 1981 American Fire Mark Rarity Guide lists only 1 in a private collection.pass
5FMBU312United Firemens Ins. Co. Cast Iron. 11 1/8"x9 1/4" Wheels have 12 spokes. Gold paint still visible on some of lettering and part of fire engine. 600
6FMSim to BU1522La Fondiaria Fire Mark. Italian. Aluminum, Silver on Blue Background. 8 1/2"x 5 1/2"10
7SignNot in BookFire Association, Philadelphia. 29x24 with 2 1/2" wood and gold leaf frame. Shows antique hydrant against light green background300
8SignnaPeoples National Fire Ins. Co. Aluminum. 1909-1931. Sold to Baltimore American. Only known sign for this company. 33 x 19 1/2" with 2 3/4" wood frame. 215
9FMBU847Patriotic, Ireland. Tin. 7" diameter. Red Background and lettering with Gold sun.25
10LedgerQueen Insurance Company, Liverpool. Western Department, Chicago, Ills. Jos. M. Rogers, Manager150
11ToyCast iron miniature fire engine with horses and drivers. h.8 1/8" x l. 21" x w 6".150
12GrenadenaGlass Grenade. Amber, Diamond Company of Minneapolis 1889;. 7 1/4" high and 4 1/2" wide. No chips or cracks. Lip has rough edging. Cork in bottle, Monogrammed "HNS", no fluid in bottle.pass
13Glass GrenadeNAGlass Grenade. Blue quilted. Hardens Hand Fire Extinguisher Grende etched on glass. 5"x3", patented No. 2 August 8, 1871, August 11, 1888, 5" Tall, no fluid in bottle90
14FMBU228Farmers, York PA. Tin. 6 7/8"x 3 1/8"Black lettering on Gold background.pass
15FMBU85Fire Association of Philadelphia. Lead. 7 1/2x11"pass
16FMBU338X-2 AddendumFiremans Fund Ins. Co. Fire Mark. Aluminum, 7 3/4x4 7/8". Similar to BU338 but rectangular in shape. Issued by the Fund in 1970 for advertising purposes. Hydrant differs from 338X-1. Mint Condition - Unused. 10
17FMAddendum 1699-V-AStockholms Stads Brandforsakrings-Kontor. Stockholm, Sweden. 55
18FMBU1589 var.Standard Insurance Co, Ltd. Dunedin, New Zealand. Tin Mark - variant of 1589. Paint faded. Fair condition.105
19Ledger"Western Assurance Company Toronto, Canada Incorporated 1851". Tin. 160
20SignNAAmerican Union Insurance Co of New York Sign. 14 3/8"x12 1/4". Blonde Wood with copper plaque in center. pass
21FMBU442Lumbermens Insurance Co. Cast Iron. 9x9"repro
22FMBU315United Firemens Insurance Co. Cast iron,11 5/8" x 9" . Wheels have 8 spokes.repro
23FMBU90Fire Association of Philadelphia. Cast iron. Flat type. Hollow back. Drainage knob in back. 10 5/8" x 7 1/2".100
24FMBU93 Fire Association of Philadelphia, cast iron, convex, 7 1/2" x 10 3/4". 90
25FMBU91Fire Association of Philadelphia. Brass. 7 1/2x11 3/8"750
26Sign Aetna World Century Standard of N.Y., Hartford Connecticut. "This agency at your service." Black glass on wood backing, 15 3.4" x 11 3/4".35
27FMBU76"Hartford". Tin 3 1/8" x 6 7/8 ". Bent in some spots.pass
28FMBU93Fire Association of Philadelphia. 10 3/4"x 7 5/8" with 1 1/2 deep convex. Drain hole in back. Terrible paint job but good mark. repro
29SignUnknownAetna Insurance Co., Hartford on right side. Company logo on left side. 29x24 with 2 1/2" wood and gold leaf frame. 200
30LedgerNational Fire Insurance Co. Hartford, Conn.130
31FMBU533Sun Insurance Office, London. Heavy Lead. 7 1/8x 6 7/8"290
32FMBU174Ohio Farmers. Tin. 3 3/8x6 3/8"11
33FMBU195Eagle Insurance Co., Cincinnati,Ohio. Cast Iron. 11 7/8x8"500
34FMBU103Aetna of Hartford Firemark. Tin. 6 3/4"x3 1/4". Gold lettering and border strip on black background. Excellent condition. 45
35Insig.420Hicksville Fire Department, Hicksville, L.I., N.Y. [1869 - ] Heavy aluminum. Maltese Cross form. 6 x 6 3/8. Silver border, lettering and designs raised. Red ground. Very good condition. This is not a fire mark, but, instead, a volunteer fire department members insignia intended to be attached to the front grille or bumper of a vehicle. 1981 American Fire Mark Rarity Guide lists only one specimen in a museum [Home Ins. Co., now at the New York City Fire Museum]. This item has never previously been offered in any FMCA auction.pass
36FMBU1756Victoria Insurance Company, Ltd. Tin Mark. Modern or Contemporary. Red, Blue and Gold with some paint missing. Good condition. 50
37BadgeBU573Union Assurance Society. London, England. Copper. Excellent Condition. This is a replica of the first waterman's badge of this company - issued by company. withdrawn
38FMBU687Phoenix Assurance Company, Ltd. London, England. Tin Mark. Red, Blue & Yellow Coloring. Lithograph Design & Lettering. Excellent Condition. pass
39PaperweightnaIron City Mutual Fire Insurance Co. (Pittsburgh). Glass Paperweight. Early. 3" diameter, rounded top with black lettering/designs on off-white background. Very good condition.80
40FMBU632Royal Exchange Assurance, London. Lead. 4x 8 3/4". 40
41FMBU263"City Ins. Co. Hartford",tin, 3 3/8 x 7 1/8450
42PaperweightnaGlass Paperweight. 4"x2 1/2" Rectangular. Red and Black Lettering. Black Eagle with Flag on White Background. Excellent Condition. 210
43FMBU947Liverpool & London & Globe Insurance Co. Tin. Modern Mark. 7 1/4x9 1/2"20
44FMBU967Reliance Marine Ins. Co., Liverpool, England. Tin Mark. Black and Gold. Excellent Condition. pass
46FM1013 Var.Legal Insurance Co. of London. London, England. Tin Mark. Modern variant of Bulau 1013. Mint Condition. pass
47FMBU989National Union Fire Office. Bedford, England. Tin Mark. Red with Yellow Lettering. Mint Condition. pass
48LanternnaFire Department Lantern. (Fire King). Dietz "Fire Department" lantern. Clear globe, nickel plated copper. "Patented August 27, 1907" stamped on shield. 165
49FMBU235X-1AddendumHome Insurance Co., New York. Tin Oval. 8 1/8"x5 1/4". Home issued this mark in 1953 for their 100th Anniversary. Identical to BU235.see lot 78
50PaperweightnaHome Insurance Co., 25 year service Medal. 2 1/4" silver medal encased in sterling banded, beveled crystal. Issued in April 1949 to Harry E. Heintz. Excellent Conditionpass
51Sign325Queen Ins. Co of America. Reverse Glass Sign. Same as Sign Book #325.2 with a 1 1/4" ornate wood and plaster frame. Some background flaking under "N" in "Queen" and under "Co." Good Condition. pass
52FMBU978The Licenses & General Insurance Company, Ltd. Tin Mark. Repainted Knight with Banner. 60
53FMEV98XNational Allgemeine Versicherung. Stettin, Germany. Enamel on Steel Mark. A Variant of 1375. Mint Condition. pass
54FMBU320United Firemens Insurance Co. Cast Iron. Oval. 11 x 9". Wheels have 12 spokes. Faint outline of policy number. 725
55FMBU 816, Wright 63B; Addis 63A-CAlliance Assurance Co., Ltd., London, U.K. [1824-1959] Copper. 9 1/8 x 9 1/8. Castle with round windows in oval. Below in panel the word ALLIANCE. All borders raised. Good condition with some gold paint visible. Left 1 of bottom panel reattached to this specimen.35
56FMB965The Employers Liability Insurance Corporation, Ltd. Tin Mark. Repainted. Red Lettering and Black Background. Good Condition. 95
57Sign171.3Hartford Fire Insurance Company. Reverse Glass/Paper Sign. 21 1/8x15 1/8" (3/4" wood frame). Sign is pictured in Sign Book on Page 62. Heavy Outer background flaking. Fair Condition. 70
58FMBU40Mutual Insurance Company for Insuring Houses. Cast Iron. Squatty Oval. 8 3/8"x8 1/8" Raised green tree and flat back. pass
59FM891Royal Insurance Company. Liverpool, England. Copper. 10x12. Shield and Royal gold on green background. pass
60FM1263La Mutuelle du Mans Societe. France. Tin. 9 1/2x6 1/2". Gold lettering on black background. Oval in red with "A.I.M". 55
61FMBU906The Prudential Assurance Co. London, England. Tin Mark. Fair Condition. Lacking Detail and Paint. 90
62FMBU38Mutual Insurance Co for Insuring Houses. Cast Iron, Oval. 12 1/4x8 1/4".Raised Green Tree and Hollow Back. Repainted Green. 825
63FMBU 753; Wright 42C; Addis 42B(ii)-CBirmingham Fire Office Co., Birmingham, U.K. [1805-1867] Copper. 11 1/8 x 10 .Fireman in uniform facing right and holding an axe, standing in front of a manual fire engine with large spoked wheels. Below on a curved panel the word BIRMINGHAM in block lettering. Excellent condition with some gold paint visible.225
64SignnaGerman American Ins. Co., Framed, Colored, Litho of Burning of Barnums Museum, July 13, 1865. 10x12" (1 1/2" ornate wood frame). Excellent Condition. Circa: Pre WWI250
65FMSim to BU1506Riunione Adriatica Di Sicurta. Trieste, Italy. Poor Condition. Lacking Paint. Tears and Holed. Brass Mark. Much older than 1506 105
66FMBU1338Westfalische Provincial Feuer-Sozietat. Enamel on Steel. Mint Condition. withdrawn
67FM681BU684Phoenix Assurance Company. Copper. 9 1/8x7 1/4" Figure of phoenix and "Protection" raised on oval with panel below. Convexed oval.pass
68FMBU 725; Wright 30F; Addis 30E(v)-CBritish Fire Office, London, U.K. [1799-1843] Copper. Round. Diameter 8. Lion facing left with paw on a shield bearing the Union Jack, all raised on a convexed center, surrounded by an offset band bearing the word BRITISH at its widest part near the bottom. Good condition with some red and gold paint visible,but with pieces missing from border at 12:00, 3:00, 7:00 and 10:00 where this specimen was affixed to a building.75
69FM157City Insurance Company. Cincinnati, Ohio. Rowing Machine. Heavy cast iron. 13x9 1/2. Gold paint still on lettering. Heavy house paint. 3600
70SignnaAmerican Central Insurance Co. Reversed Glass Sign. 13 1/2x19 1/2" (1" gold wood frame). Company Name and "Incorporated 1853" in gold, on black background. Excellent Condition. 73
71FMBU626Royal Exchange Assurance. London, England. Lead. 6 1/8x7 1/8". Raised Royal Exchange and Crown on convexed pear. Policy 200755. 95
72FMBU 866; Wright 83A; Addis 84B(i)-CDistrict (Birmingham) Fire Insurance Co., Birmingham, U.K. [1834-1864] Thin copper. 10 x 10 1/8. Raised arms of the City of Birmingham surrounded by garter with raised border and buckle which bears the word BIRMINGHAM. Below on a label with a raised border is the word DISTRICT. Fair condition; cleaned many years ago; pieces of border and other portions missing. [Wright 83A; Addis 84B(i)-c].pass
73FMBU1612/POL-VA-12 Polish Fire Marks. Silesia Bielsko, Good condition, some chipping; Vesta Poznan, Not listed in Bulau. Vesta Poznan, Good condition, some chipping. Both marks are Pre-World War II. 100
74FMbu 875; Wright 88A; Addis 90A(iv)-CNorthern Assurance Co., London, U. K. [1836-1968] - Copper. Rectangular. 6 x 9 . The Arms of Scotland: Lion and ornate inner border upon a shield surmounted by a crown. Above the shield is the word NORTHERN and below it is the date 1836; all surrounded by a raised border. Very good to excellent condition with some red paint visible.200
75FMBU261-V-BPhoenix of Hartford. Tin. 6 3/4x3 1/4" Silver Lettering and Border Stripe on Black Background. Very Good Condition. (better than example pictured in "Addendum" volume. Believe fairly rare. 350
76FMBU615Royal Exchange Assurance. Heavy Lead. 7 x 9 3/4". Raised Royal Exchange on convexed oval with open crown above. Panel below with policy #97298. 9 1/2 x 7 3/4"325
77FMBU 797; Addis 57D(v)-TIGuardian Assurance Co., Ltd., London, U.K. [1821 1968] - Tinned iron. 8 3/16 x 9 3/16. Athene in gold with a red robe draped over both arms, standing among white clouds holding a spear in her right hand and an olive branch in her left hand, with a shield on her left side bearing the head of Medusa. Below, on an integral label, the word GUARDIAN in gold lettering; all on a black ground surrounded by a thin raised red border. Near mint a beautiful mark!pass
78FMBU235-X-1Home Insurance Co., New York, N.Y. Tin. Oval. 8 1/8x5 Narrow rolled edge and heavily raised gold Insured Home New York on black background. This mark is a reissue of BU235 in 1953. 10
79FM136Fire Department Co. Cincinnati, Ohio. Cast Iron. 7 1/2x6. Wheels have 8 spokes. Some gold fleck around edge and on hand pump. 4600
80Sign116.1aThe Employers Liability Assurance Corp., Ltd. Reverse Glass/Brass Plate Sign. 13 3/8x 24 3/8" (7/8" wood frame). Gold Brass Plate Company Name and "Of London". Maroon wood grain background. Same description as Sign Book #114.1 170
81FMBU 682; Wright 23K; Addis 23E(i)B-CPhoenix Assurance Co., London, U.K. [1782-1984] Copper. 8 7/8 x 9 . Phoenix emerging from flames of a burning pyre within an oval with raised border. Below, on a panel with a raised border, the word PHOENIX. Fair to good condition; nailing lugs at top of mark missing; cleaned many years ago.pass
82GrenadeNARed Comet Grenade. (fire extinguisher). Instruction sticker perfect. Fluid intact. 5
83FM509Mutual Fire Ins. Co of Germantown. Cast Iron. 11 3/8x8"60
84FM294Washington Mutual Fire Insurance Assoc. Louisville, Ky. Tin. Oval. No bends or rust holes.Many shallow "gouge" marks on front surface. Gold paint but maybe repainted. 5 7/8x3 7/8"1025
85FMBU 778; Wright 50A; Addis 50A(i)-CAtlas Assurance Co., London, U.K. [1808-1959] Copper. Rectangular. 6 x 10 . Atlas kneeling on a plinth with a robe draped over his right shoulder and on one knee supporting a globe with lines of latitude and longitude on it. Around the globe is a banner upon which is the word ATLAS. All within a vertical rectangle with raised borders. Poor condition; some gold paint visible; holed and missing pieces from borders and all four corners. This lot has been donated to FMCA. All proceeds from the sale of this lot will benefit FMCA25
86ClocknaElectric Clock (Universal). Insurance by The Hartford. Glass face, painted? Brass Frame. 15 1/2x15 1/2. Good to Fair Condition. Runs Great. Made by the Display Sign Corp., Whitestone, New York.pass
87SignnaThe Home Insurance Company. New York. Tin Sign. pass
88FM607London Assurance. London, England. Tin. 11 5/8x9 15/16" pass
89FMBU 944; Wright 105B; Addis 112B-CLiverpool and London and Globe Insurance Co., Liverpool, U.K. [1864-1919] Thin copper. 8 13/16 x 8 7/8. Liver bird facing left and torse, dragons wing and torse with a globe above, partially surrounded by a wide band containing the words LIVERPOOL & LONDON & GLOBE. Whats there is in fair condition with much red paint visible. However, approximately 2 from the lower part of this specimen is missing. This lot has been donated to FMCA. All proceeds from the sale of this lot will benefit FMCA20
90FMBU 774; Wright 48D; Addis 48D(i)-TIWest of England Fire and Life Insurance Co., Exeter, U.K. [1807-1894] Tinned iron. 7 3/16 x 9 3/8. King Alfred the Great standing with his left hand on a shield, bearing a dragon, and holding a spear in his right hand; all in a convexed oval with a large curved label above containing the words WEST OF ENGLAND. Below, on a rectangular label, appears the word EXETER. Poor condition; holed and rusted. This lot has been donated to FMCA. All proceeds from the sale of this lot will benefit FMCA.20
91GrenadeNAHarden Hand Grenade. Blue Glass with Star. Still has stopper. Instruction sticker 2/3rds gone. Wire holder still there. Has fluid but some evaporation. withdrawn
92FM60 var.Baltimore Equitable Society. Baltimore, Maryland. Cast Iron. Clasped Hands. 7 7/8" long. No hole at top but 2 holes on mark. repro
93FM681Phoenix Assurance Company. London, England. Copper. 7 1/8x9 7/8" Spear at angle. Repainted. 90
94FM847-X-1Patriotic Assce. Co. Ltd. Dublin, Ireland. Tin. 30
95FM1526Societa Cattolica di Assicurazione. Verona, Italy. Tin. Gold lettering on peacock blue background. 15
96FMEV144NUnion Und Rhein. Union and Rhein Insurance Co. Versicherung. Germany. 10
97FMBU376-X-1St. Paul Fire & Marine. St. Paul, Minnesota. Tin. St. Paul Fire and Marine. Tin. 6 3/4x2 15/16 St. Paul Fire & Marine and Border raised. Rusty. 130
98FMEV14CBauerliche Brandversicherung Verein Auf Gegenseitigkeit. Rural Mutual Fire Ins. Assoc. 10
99FMBU719Norwich Union Fire Insurance Co., Norwich, England. Copper. pass
100FM?OSA. Offentiiche Versicherungen Sachsen-Anhalt. German. Not in Evenden Book. Green Enamel background. 10
101FMFM483Pitman Fire Patrol. Pitman, New Jersey. Alloy Castin. Shield shape. 5 5/8 to 5 3/4. Border and PFP Protection raised. According to Bulau, plates in hands of members only. Not a fire markpass
102FM107VAAetna Insurance Company. Hartford, Connecticut. Heavy Tin. Rectangular. 6 1/2x2 5/8" Border and Aetna Raised. Gray background. No color. 475
103FMBU231Home Insurance Company, New York, New York. Tin. Oval. 8 1/8x 5 3/16" "Home" "NY" and "Insurance" raised and gold color. Background - no color.175
104FMBU669Salop Fire Office, Shrewsbury, England. Lead. 7 1/8x7 1/2". Policy Number "11483" on bottom of mark. Very good condition. 425
105FMBU121Hartford County Mutual Fire Insurance. Hartford, Connecticut. Tin. Convexed Oval. 9 3/4x3 15/16" Gold "Insured Mutual Hartford" on black background. 525
106FMBU381State Mutual Fire and Marine Insurance. Hannibal, Missouri. Zinc. Oval. 7 7/8x5 5/8" Border, State Mutual and Missouri State Seal Raised. No color.535
107FMUS-PB-1Peoria Marine and Fire Insurance Company, Peoria, Illinois. Tin 7 7/8"x3 7/8" Border and Peoria M&F. Ins. Co. raised. No color. See Signevierist article by C. Buerger in 3-2007 issue. 675
108FMBU1103VALe Phenix Belge Societe. Antwerp, Belgium. Zinc. 8 7/8x9 7/8" Borders, Phoenix and Lettering raised. No color except remaining house paint. SOLD AS BOTH SET WITH 108.2 AND INDIVIDUALLY -- WHICHEVER IS HIGHER. (Mark on left of picture).140
108FMBU1103Le Phenix Belge Societe. Antwerp, Belgium. Zinc. 9 1/8x10 3/4". Zinc. Borders, phoenix and lettering raised. No color except house paint. Damaged on 3 corners. SOLD AS SET WITH 108.1 AND AS AN INDIVIDUAL MARK -- WHICHEVER IS HIGHER. (mark on right side of picture)100